Chapter 707: Duel

    Chapter 707: Duel

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    The explosive prowess that Tian Yi unleashed caused even the Fifth Prince to be on tenterhooks.

    The Fifth Prince only knew that True Lord Qingshan had imparted a martial art technique to Tian Yi. Since then, Tian Yi had gone into deep slumber. The Fifth Prince had no idea what Tian Yi had learned.

    This explosive force caused Tian Yi's martial will to turn into layers of white flames, burning ceaselessly on the Fifth Prince's body. Even his head was enveloped in a layer of white flames, making his hair seem like it was burning up in flames.

    "Give me your power. I'll kill him."

    A surge of information came in and stunned the Fifth Prince for a short moment. He felt as if his own powers were also being absorbed by the white flames. Giving it some thought, he eventually chose not to resist. 'Let's see what level Tian Yi has reached and if he can kill Fang Xingjian.'

    In an instant, their powers joined as one. As if a bucket of fuel had been poured over them, there was a loud bang as the white flames on the Fifth Prince's body burned fiercely, and his eyes were covered in white light. His body swelled up, and strong, violent powers continued to seethe to and fro through his body.

    The Fist Emperor stared at Fang Xingjian while the injuries throughout his body were slowly recovering. However, he realized that Fang Xingjian was only looking at the Fifth Prince with his arms folded across his chest. Fang Xingjian did not show any signs of movement.

    'What's the matter? He's just watching as Tian Yi awakens and not taking the initiative to attack first?'

    However, the Fist Emperor's intent was only to fend off Fang Xingjian and help Tian Yi to really awaken. Since Fang Xingjian was not moving, he would not rush to attack either.

    Moreover, in the few moves earlier, he had already been brutally bashed up by Fang Xingjian. He had a clear understanding of Fang Xingjian's great power and knew that if he were to fight alone, he was not a match for Fang Xingjian even if he had the nanotechnology armor.

    In a short moment, the Fifth Prince's will had hidden deep in his mind as he handed over all of his powers and his physical body over to Tian Yi's control. White light continued to be absorbed and unleashed through his eyes.

    Tian Yi looked toward Fang Xingjian like a god looking down at a mortal and said, "You're not going to launch a sneak attack on me?" Right now, in his mind, due to the influence of the Stalwart Eidolon Conviction, he had completely forgotten about Fang Xingjian once again. He only remembered that he must defeat Fang Xingjian. Otherwise, he would feel extremely bad.

    With his arms folded across his chest, Fang Xingjian said slowly, "Killing you after you've shown your full power is more interesting. And it doesn't make a difference to me as to whether an ant has grown wings or not.

    "But what are you? A fake persona created by ether particles?"

    Tian Yi shook his head. "Ignorant. If you had started to flee when I was awakening, you would still have hope to survive. Now..."

    "Firefly Explosion!"

    With a flash, Tian Yi appeared behind Fang Xingjian, and all the power in his body was gathered onto one point of his fist. It flashed with a weak glow that was like that of a firefly, but it contained a terrifying penetrating power.

    Although Tian Yi had not attained any realm and only cultivated the power of the martial will, he had power that was comparable to a martial will that belonged to a tier two Divine level expert. With the addition of the Fifth Prince's tier one Divine level power and the nanotechnology armor's tier three Divine level power, and then condensing all of these powers onto a point that was the size of a firefly, how terrifying would the prowess be?

    His fist smashed down on Fang Xingjian's sword finger. Accompanied by a deafening kacha sound, a noise which was as if a huge building had collapsed rang out from Fang Xingjian's index finger. A hint of a crack had appeared on Fang Xingjian's index finger.

    Tian Yi also let out a stifled snort and backed off for ten meters. A bloody hole had been slashed onto his fist by Fang Xingjian's sword intent.

    This was the first time that Fang Xingjian had gotten injured since the fight started. Although it was a crack that took only a short instant to recover, it still brought surprise to his eyes.

    The nanotechnology armor, Tian Yi, and that Firefly Explosion... The things that took Fang Xingjian by surprise kept coming one after another.

    At the same instant when he sent Tian Yi flying with a single tap, Fang Xingjian had kicked backward with one of his legs, and a violent power lashed out onto space. It sent out layers of ripples that were like shock waves, sending the Fist Emperor, who had wanted to launch a sneak attack, flying away. The Fist Emperor's body burst out with layers of blood mist, and a huge hole had even appeared on his stomach. If it was not because of the nanotechnology armor's protection, he would already have died from that kick earlier.

    However, the Fist Emperor had just been dealt with serious injuries when Tian Yi appeared before him, grabbing out toward him.

    "Electrifying Seize!"

    It could be Tian Yi's habit that as he performed each move, his martial will would carry the name of his move.

    In this grab, his martial will seemed to have form layers of stacking electricity that were extremely fast. This grab that was like thunderbolt and lightning tore up the Fist Emperor's wound on his stomach, causing the Fist Emperor to cry out agonizing as he quickly retreated.

    "Tian Yi, are you crazy?!"

    Tian Yi looked coldly at the Fist Emperor and said, "Just I alone will be sufficient to kill him. I'll kill whoever dares to try and help me."

    The Fist Emperor's face flushed red, but when Tian Yi glanced at him with a gaze filled with white light, he did not do anything. Tian Yi now had his own power in addition to that of the Fifth Prince and the nanotechnology equipment. Furthermore, he also had that martial technique which no one knew the name that he had learned from True Lord Qingshan. This allowed Tian Yi's powers to far surpass that of the Fist Emperor's.

    Tian Yi turned his head, looked at Fang Xingjian, and said, "Alright, there isn't going to be anyone else meddling now. You can go all out as well. Don't disappoint me.

    "I've been invincible for far, far too long...

    "It's really too lonely..."

    The existence of the Stalwart Eidolon Conviction had clearly given Tian Yi the cognition and persistence of one who was the number one in the world, regardless of what kind of situation he was up against.

    Hearing Tian Yi's words, Fang Xingjian's countenance became a little grim. For Tian Yi to be able to say something like this, it must be because he had something backing him up.

    With a sigh, Tian Yi charged up once again. The burning white flames that enveloped his body seemed to have come alive. Working together with Tian Yi's body, they were transmitted onto Fang Xingjian's body at light speed as Tian Yi launched moves one after another.

    "Ghostly Axe Hack!" As his hand came chopping down, it was as if supernatural beings had descended onto the world.

    "Electrifying Seize!" Tearing out with his hand, it was as if lightning had appeared across the sky.

    "Meteor Pierce!" Tapping out with a single finger, it was as if a meteor had pierced through the sun.

    "Firefly Explosion!" His booming punch brought along a power that could destroy cities and wipe out countries.

    Myriad of finger shadows, fist winds, scratching claws encompassed toward Fang Xingjian. Each of the moves were performed with a great level of mastery. It was as if the extremity of the using the fist, claws, and fingers had completely brought out of the limits of the power of a tier three Divine level expert.

    Fang Xingjian faced him head on without showing any signs of weakness. His sword finger brought up a myriad of sword shadows, pressing down on Tian Yi. His Infiltrating Void sword, Light Pursuit sword, All-Conquering sword, and Instant sword brought up a myriad of sword shadows, exploding on Tian Yi's body.

    The fist that was like a firefly's light landed on Fang Xingjian's shoulder, and the Infiltrating Void sword exploded in Tian Yi's body.

    The meteor-like finger force exploded on Fang Xingjian's head, and the Light Pursuit's sword intent enveloped Tian Yi's entire body.

    Claw shadows and hand chops continued to strike out and tear at Fang Xingjian's four limbs, chest, and stomach, while streams of blood trails exploded on Tian Yi's physical body.

    There were no defense in their fight. Both of them were attacking each other's body wildly.

    In less than a second, violent powers distorted space, and the area within a range of 1,000 meters was enveloped in darkness. It was as if the whole world had entered a state of chaos, and neither Fang Xingjian nor Tian Yi were able to see, hear, or sense anything anymore.

    Everyone was overwhelmed and greatly astonished as they looked at the battlefield in the sky. They watched as the darkness in the sky continued to extend out, as if the world's end was coming.

    All the people in the academy looked at the anomaly in the sky, worried for Fang Xingjian's life.

    However, amidst this darkness, Tian Yi laughed maniacally. "Excellent, excellent, excellent. I've underestimated you."

    "This is your full power?" Fang Xingjian's martial will came channeling out, "Invincible for too long? I've overestimated you. You're just trash."
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