Chapter 713: Forcing the Enemy to Retreat

    Chapter 713: Forcing the Enemy to Retreat

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    At the instant the Abyss Longsword appeared before Fang Xingjian, one of the white bone short swords behind him shattered into pieces.

    Then at the next moment, a stream of Infiltrating Void sword intent gushed into the Abyss Longsword.

    'The true profoundness behind the Infiltrating Void's ability to penetrate space and pass through spatial gaps is gravity...'

    Waves of comprehension flashed in Fang Xingjian's heart. At the next moment, the Infiltrating Void sword intent had already merged completely with the Abyss Longsword.

    The Hell's White Bone Armor had outstanding defenses in addition to possessing the ability to control space, which a tier five Divine level expert would have. In the past, when the First Prince performed this, Fang Xingjian utilized his full power but was still unable to break through that thin layer of space. It was because that thin layer contained a long and arduous distance.

    Additionally, when the Hell's White Bone Armor turned into the Abyss Longsword, it also possessed hints of aura of space or rather, gravity.

    When the Infiltrating Void sword intents gushed in with the Abyss Longsword containing Fang Xingjian's sword intents, it finally explosively unleashed a power like never before.

    The Celestial Eradication Sword Formation changed once again, and all the power was channeled into the Abyss Longsword in Fang Xingjian's hand.

    The Fifth Prince looked at this scene in great surprise. Beside him, Alexander's expression also turned solemn. At this moment, he could feel an intense threat coming from Fang Xingjian.

    "Alexander, do you really think that I've lost to you?

    "Before the start of the battle, I already sensed where my opportunity in winning lies. Could it be that you didn't sense it through Sudden Inspiration?"

    Alexander's countenance became heavy. At the next moment, he saw that the Abyss longsword was raised high up while exuding endless gravitational waves. Under the pull of gravity, the surrounding space emitted ineffable waves, just like the ripples that seethed on the surface of water.

    "With a sword in hand, I can slash the heavens and the earth."

    Sword intents shot out in all directions together with Fang Xingjian's will. Under everyone's surprised, terrified, nervous, and unexpected gaze, the Abyss Longsword came down, turning into a series of phantom images and dissipating in space.

    Gravity was the bending of the mass of an object over time and space.

    The moment Fang Xingjian's Infiltrating Void sword intents carried a little of the profoundness of gravity, the Infernal Hell Diagram right before him no longer seemed to be inexplicable.

    When the Abyss Longsword dissipated, it had already passed through the deranged space.

    At the next moment, stacking layers of sword light burst forth on the Fifth Prince's body, and over half of his martial will was instantly shattered. However, before he was about to be killed, he was unleashed from the Divine Country by Alexander.

    "Fang Xingjian!" Alexander was finally not as nonchalant as before. Fury appeared in his eyes with hints of disbelief. "To think that you managed to break the Infernal Hell Diagram..."

    Fang Xingjian's sword finger moved about, and countless sword intents transmitted out from space. Brilliant sword lights burst out on Alexander's body.

    The sword light and the martial will on the surface of Alexander's body clashed together. However, at the next moment, it pierced through martial will and slashed Alexander's body.

    Currently, Fang Xingjian's Infiltrating Void had already reached a whole new level. It no longer penetrated through spatial gaps and instead transmitted through space. Almost all means of defense would lose their effects when confronted with his Infiltrating Void sword intents, and one could only choose to fight them with their physical body.

    Alexander's body instantly trembled, and a myriad of sword light burst out from his body.

    His countenance changed drastically, as if finding it hard to believe that Fang Xingjian could attack him or even hurt the insides of his body.

    Chaos Witch's expression was stunned. "How can there be such sword technique in this world?!"

    Celine exclaimed, "This is no longer considered sword arts. He has surpassed sword arts."

    A golden light flashed, and violent power blasted Fang Xingjian's body. However, they still could not stop the Infiltrating Void sword intents from bursting constantly in Alexander's body.

    This was especially so when under the Celestial Eradication Sword's reinforcement, the destructive prowess of the sword techniques was in no way weaker than his fist arts.

    The people on the ground were completely astonished by this scene. No one had expected that Fang Xingjian's sword arts could still advance further and even break out from space's restriction.

    With a furious bellow, Alexander's figure flashed. At the next moment, everyone had returned to the real world together with him, leaving Fang Xingjian in the Divine Country.

    The Fifth Prince had been sent out by him previously and was currently so weak that he could not even compare with a level 29 Conferred Knight. Seeing Alexander's appearance, he asked anxiously, "Father, what's the matter?"

    Alexander's countenance was grim, and his heart continued to seethe. 'Fang Xingjian's progress is too fast. Right now, I can only keep him in the Divine Country.' Thinking of the various treasures he had in the Divine Country, his heart could not help but ache.

    'Damn it, if I go back now, I can only fight it out with him. But that would put me at a disadvantage for the upcoming evil god ritual.'

    With the Mage Association watching covetously, Alexander was unwilling to deplete his power at this moment.

    He had planned on relying on his advantage of being a tier five Divine level expert to suppress Fang Xingjian in the Divine Country, not expecting that Fang Xingjian's sword arts would allow him to break through the restrictions of space. Right now, he felt that Fang Xingjian seemed like a ferocious beast trapped in a cage, wanting to overturn his Divine Country where he kept many precious treasures belonging to the Krieg royal family.

    'But it's still fine. As long as he's in the Divine Country, he won't be able to come out. After the evil god ritual is over...' Thinking of this, the killing intent in Alexander's eyes seemed to have become material.

    "Don't worry. He has been trapped by me in the Divine Country. Without me allowing it, it's impossible for him to get out."

    Hearing that, the Fifth Prince heaved a sigh of relief, "That's good..."

    Simultaneously, in the Divine Country, Fang Xingjian's palms kept transforming. The two white bone short swords along with the Thunder Calamity and Abyss had formed a circle.

    Under the seething gravity, the circle formed by the four swords became increasingly smaller and rounder. The center of the sword ring even had lightning seething in it.

    'The Infiltrating Void sword intent can not only allow the sword intent to penetrate through space. It should also be able to...'

    In an instant, the spinning circle turned into a space passageway, passing through the Divine Country and heading toward the sky of the Great Western Region.

    With a soft swoosh, Fang Xingjian instantly passed through the sword circle and appeared before Alexander. Looking at the stunned father and son pair, Fang Xingjian flicked his finger, and the Infiltrating Void sword intents exploded out from the Fifth Prince's body.

    "How dare you!"

    Alexander bellowed furiously. Watching as half of the Fifth Prince's martial will was once again shattered and on the verge of death, Alexander finally kept away the Fifth Prince's will remnants in the Divine Country. By this time, the Fifth Prince was already so weak that he could not even compare to a level 20 Conferred Knight.

    Fang Xingjian's gaze was cold, and he did not say a word, once again slashing out at Alexander.

    "You can save him one or two times, but will you be able to save him forever?"

    Alexander snorted coldly, and his golden will turned into an area of fiery hell, attacking with an Overturned Hell. He had even integrated the tier five Divine level expert's ability to control space within this attack, and under the layers of deranged space, its prowess multiplied by ten times.

    However, faced with Fang Xingjian's Infiltrating Void sword which had broke through its limits once again, the changes to space were already meaningless. It was because his Infiltrating Void sword intents could transmit through space, almost being able to penetrate through any kind of attacks or defense.


    The power of the Overturned Hell smashed into Fang Xingjian without any restraints, causing his Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique to have two cracks on it.

    Simultaneously, Fang Xingjian's Infiltrating Void sword intents exploded on Alexander's chest, leaving a sword mark on it.

    However, regardless of whether it was Fang Xingjian or Alexander, neither of them showed any intentions to back off.

    Alexander unleashed another Overturned Hell while Fang Xingjian once again sent out a myriad of explosive sword intents.

    The space was distorted, and sword intents flashed crazily. The two of them could not be bothered with the injuries on their bodies, once again attacking their opponents wildly.

    There seemed to be a myriad of explosive thunderbolts in void space, sweeping out the entire Great Western Region's sky to the extent that there were no more clouds in the sky.

    After seven consecutive exchanges, all the space in the sky became disordered, and the entire atmospheric layer was sliced into fragments.

    Fang Xingjian's whole body was fragmented and covered in cracks like he was a cracked gemstone. Alexander was also covered in sword marks. Having been struck by sword intents from both inside and out, he looked just like an old and broken puppet.

    Their bodies were no longer purely flesh and blood but conjured physiques that were products of the integration of the will and the physical body. They would not bleed from injuries but simply continue shattering.

    After seven attacks, Alexander took a long look at Fang Xingjian. Without saying a word, he disappeared with a flash of golden light.

    Alexander-The Empire's King, the number one person in the Empire for several decades, and the current strongest expert in the Ancient Path of Hell-was forced to retreat by Fang Xingjian.

    At this moment, it was completely silent on the ground. Everyone looked at the figure in the sky like they had lost their voices, witnessing this historical scene.

    Four beams of sword light circled around Fang Xingjian, and sword Qis soared up into the sky, as if wanting to sweep through the world.

    Philip mumbled, "Godlike sword arts... This is really godlike sword arts..."

    "Father... has been forced to retreat as well?" The Fourth Prince said in disbelief. "From today onward, Fang Xingjian is really amongst the top twenty or even top ten experts in the world. Suppressing over others, having unrivalled sword arts of the generation..."

    Very soon, as if attached with wings, the news of how Fang Xingjian and Alexander had exchanged seven blows without a winner being decided spread throughout the entire Empire.

    The entire Empire was shaken, and all the heroes were rendered speechless.
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