Chapter 714: Retreat

    Chapter 714: Retreat

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    As the news of Fang Xingjian forcing Alexander to retreat transmitted out at rapid speed, the entire Empire went into an uproar as countless influences and experts were all astonished by Fang Xingjian's power. At this moment, history was being changed due to one person's power.

    The reputation of Sword Overlord, Fang Xingjian, spread like wildfire, and he became the representative of the world's top sword arts.


    At Xingwu Region, where the Full Moon Shrine was located...

    The entire sky appeared as if it was burning up, with flames covering the whole sky. A full moon hung up high above the Full Moon Shrine, casting down a light screen and encompassing the entire Full Moon Shrine's base.

    A stream of fire descended, smashing toward the light screen like a meteor shower. With each attack, it was as if the sky was collapsing and the earth cracking. The repercussions from the attacks brought up ripples in space. However, no matter how much control was put in, the area within a range of ten lis was still turned into a barren state. The earth was dried up like it had become a desert, and the earth's surface had even sunk by over 50 meters, leaving only the Full Moon Shrine standing there proudly.

    Despite this, the light screen that enveloped the Full Moon Shrine became increasingly thinner. It continued to tremble, as if it would collapse at any moment. Clearly, under the repetitive attacks, it would not be able to sustain for long.

    A crowd of people spanned out all over the area stood more than ten lis away, surrounding the mountain range. All of them were experts from various great sects in the Xingwu Region. However, they merely surrounded the Full Moon Shrine as they were not assigned as the main attackers against the Full Moon Shrine this time around.

    They were only here to observe the battle, to witness the rise of the new leader of the Xingwu Region.

    Xingwu Region's Governor raised his head and looked up at the sky. There were three men floating in void space, and the one in the lead had two bent horns on his head. At the end of his tailbone, there grew a thick two-meter-long tail. It occasionally lashed out at the air, releasing thunderous explosions.

    This monster was the one that was repeatedly exuding terrifying flames, beating up the members of the Full Moon Shrine so badly that they were unable to leave the place.

    Xingwu Region's Governor sighed and said, "These Mages really act recklessly without a care. Amongst the eight great regions across the world, the other regions have probably also landed in the control of the Mage Association."

    As he said this, his eyes were filled with worry and despair. The Knights and Conferred Knights from various great sects and aristocratic clans looked at the three terrifying figures in the sky, sharing the feeling of a fox mourning for the death of a hare.

    To see Knights being completely suppressed by Mages without a care like this made them feel a great amount of grief.

    The old man from the Battle Hall also led a few of his disciples to watch the battle. They watched as the Full Moon Shrine members were made to passively be on the defense without any abilities to resist, and the grief in his eyes grew heavier and heavier.

    A disciple next to him said, "Master, are Knights really no match for Mages?"

    The old man wanted to encourage his disciple. However, when he saw the yearning on the faces of his disciples as they looked at him, he thought back of the Full Moon Shrine's performance over the past few days and let out a sigh, unable to say a single word.

    The Black Robed Mages had merely been here for three days. On the first day, they had severely injured a tier two Divine level expert, Blue Sacred Moonlight, and a tier one Divine level expert, Lan Yue.

    Although the Blue Sacred Moonlight had been inflicted with serious injuries by Fang Xingjian previously, she had recovered 50-60% of her power during this period of time. Despite this, she was still defeated in a single move.

    Thereafter, the Myriad Stars Palace's Astral Ancestor led 300 disciples to provide reinforcements. However, they were unable to sustain for even ten minutes. In the end, they could only be passively on the defense, relying on the Full Moon Shrine's protective formation.

    As such, there was only been a single person from the Mage Association who had taken action.

    This battle caused many Knights in the Xingwu Region to see despair. The gap between Knights and Mages seemed to be so vast that they had completely lost the confidence to cultivate. This setback was almost lethal.

    In the sky, Fang Xingchen looked down at the Full Moon Shrine with an ice-cold expression. The horns on his head and the tail at his back had become thicker and stronger than before.

    His height had reached 2.5 meters, and his entire body was covered in layers of purple stratum corneum. His thick arms seemed to contain the violent powers of volcanoes.

    With each swing of his palm, plasma fireballs with a scorching temperature of several hundred thousand degrees Celsius burst out. They brought along a power that could burn through everything as they went smashing toward the Full Moon Shrine.

    Right now, with the support of red faction's black magic, Fang Xingchen's appearance was getting increasingly similar to that of the red evil god.

    As the Mages who excelled in frontal battles the most amongst the 12 factions, the higher that the cultivation of Red Robed Mages got, the more their body structure would get close to that of the red evil god.

    As the Black Mage King's disciple, Fang Xingchen could also receive the direct guidance by the Red Mage King. That was in addition to experiencing the world's metamorphosis, having access to endless resources, and having the Gold Mage King perform black magic on him personally. With all these, he managed to receive in advance the power that he would have gotten three years later.

    Although the price was that he would no longer get any stronger for the next six years if he were to rely on his own cultivation, this allowed him to attain tier one of the Divine level.

    In exchange for receiving the power from three years later in advance, he had become unable to gain power from his own cultivation for six consecutive years...

    However, even if he could not rely on his own efforts in cultivation, Fang Xingchen still had the confidence that there were many other means of getting stronger in this turbulent era which had undergone the world's metamorphosis.

    Moreover, if he did not do this, Fang Xingchen understood that he might never catch up to Fang Xingjian. In order to seek revenge, what did it matter that he had to sacrifice the progress of a mere few years?

    After sending another plasma fireball blasting down and smashing against the light screen around the exterior of the Full Moon Shrine like a plasma cannon, Fang Xingchen looked at the light screen that kept on trembling. A hint of a cold smile curled up on the corners of his lips. "We'll be reaching there soon. Prepare to battle. We'll be able to break this mosquito barrier in five minutes at most."

    The two people behind him nodded. Other than a Black Robed Mage, there was also a man with fiery red skin and small horns on his head. He was Fang Qian's younger brother, Fang Xingchen's apostle.

    After Fang Xingjian's escape, Li Shuanghua had chosen another genius from the clan to become Fang Xingchen's apostle. This evil black magic made use of the power of blood lineage to tie two lives together.

    Not only could Fang Xingchen borrow his apostle's power, but he could also transfer his injuries onto him.

    Fang Xingchen looked at the tottering Full Moon Shrine with a hint of a cold smile at the corners of his lips.

    'Fang Xingjian, is that Lan Yue your woman? I'll let her know what true hell is. Consider it as me asking for some interest in advance.'

    Ever since he knew that the Black Mage King had asked for the Xingwu Region, he had been itching to lead a team here. His goal was very simple-to seek revenge on Fang Xingjian.

    Fang Xingchen's eyes burned with the flames of vengeance, and a scorching white blaze ignited from the center of his palm.

    However, at the next moment, an intent descended, exploding in the minds of the three people.

    "Hold it!"

    Fang Xingchen was stunned for a moment before he said, "Master?"

    "We're leaving, retreating."

    Fang Xingchen said, stunned, "But I'm about to succeed. And everyone in the Xingwu Region is watching. If we retreat this time around...
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