Chapter 717: Celestial Cloud

    Chapter 717: Celestial Cloud

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    The Celestial Cloud Fortress was a great concealed faction located to the north of the Great Western Region. Ever since the Illumination Society and Eternal Night Society were given a huge blow by Fang Xingjian, the Celestial Cloud Fortress was now considered the Great Western Region's strongest faction.

    However, the Great Western Region was considered Fang Xingjian's territory after all, and the Celestial Cloud Fortress had always upheld the idea of keeping themselves concealed from the world. Although the current leader of the Celestial Cloud Fortress had great ambition, they kept themselves in check, staying quietly in the dark and not daring to disclose themselves.

    However, what many people were unaware of was that the granddaughter 1 Celestial Cloud Fortress's leader, Lilia, was Fang Xingjian's disciple.

    When everyone in the Celestial Cloud Fortress was having a meeting, on the other side of the forest of the Great Western Region, a young lady in fluttering white clothes, with a white veil covering her face, shot out like an arrow and gave chase into the forest.

    Upon entering an opening in the forest, as the air seethed, 12 sharp arrows shot out toward her.

    Sword light flashed in the young lady's hand as she blocked all of the incoming sharp arrows.

    Each of the arrows tore through the air like lightning with a prowess comparable to that of armor-piercing shells which snipers in the modern world used.

    Accompanied by a series of collision sounds, the sharp arrows were either flicked away or broken, and all of them landed on the floor. The young lady's arm felt very numb, as if she was sapped of her strength. Her beautiful brows furrowed as she looked into the depths of the forest.

    12 dark shadows appeared quietly from amidst the forest. Then an arrogant male voice rang out with hints of killing intent, "B*tch, you chased after us three brothers for seven days and seven nights. Now that our 12 brothers have gathered together, when I catch you later..."

    "Haha, Eldest Brother, let me be the first one to take her!"

    "This woman is enough to last us for a few months."

    "I'm going to impregnate her."

    The young lady frowned and said coldly, "You 12 Mad Beasts burned, killed, and pillaged, committing all acts of evil. Now that all 12 of you are present, this is a great opportunity for me to take you down one by one."

    "Get her!"

    "She'll know what fear is like later."

    As they spoke, arrows shot out like thunder, accompanied by waves of explosive sounds. The many sharp arrows brought along with them white forces of air and shot toward the young lady.

    In the beginning, the young lady thought she would still be able to defend or even dodge the sharp arrows while dashing forth to chase the 12 mad beasts.

    However, the 12 men kept shooting out incessantly, with each arrow capable of tearing through the forest and creating a vacuum passageway. They were almost able to shoot through ten trees and yet maintain their speed. The seething rain of arrows was like a metallic tempest of modernized weapons, hard to stand up against.

    Finally, an explosive sound rang out from the young lady's shoulder. Her flesh was torn apart, to the extent of revealing a chunk of white bone. This was the work of an arrow that moved at supersonic speed.

    Due to this arrow, the young lady suddenly fell onto the ground. Then another three arrows penetrated through her foot, lower thigh, and upper thigh, pinning her down to the ground like a rabbit.

    "Hahahaha, I hit her."

    "Be careful, this woman is very wild."

    "Hehehehe, I'll show her what I'm made of later."

    Lewd laughters rang out in the forest. However, at the next moment, a loud boom rang out from the ground. The earth cracked open, and many trees soared up into the sky like there was a tornado pulling them upward.

    "What's wrong?"

    "There's an earthquake!"

    "Damn it, who's grabbing onto me?"

    Many anxious voices rang out, and the young lady in white clothes continued to look at this scene in a daze. At the next moment, her eyes filled with shock and amazement.

    All the grass, trees, and rocks within a range of ten lis had all flown up into the sky. The area had turned into a barren land.

    To be able to uproot everything at ground level within a range of ten lis, leaving only the young lady in white clothes lying on the ground... What kind of power was this?

    Under the white-clothed young lady's astonished gaze, a black-robed young man walked out slowly. The black robe had been tossed on him casually, and it was bobbing up and down like flames. One could faintly see his chest and abs, and it was as if he was not wearing anything inside.

    With the appearance of the young man, the 12 Mad Beasts knew that they had encountered an expert and immediately started to beg for mercy. However, the young man only cast an indifferent glance toward the 12 of them. His sharp gaze was like sword light that swept through void space.

    "Deserve to be killed."

    At the next moment, the 12 of them turned into 12 bursts of blood, sprinkling down from the sky.

    Fang Xingjian only had on a black robe and was barefooted. Upon getting closer, the white-clothed young lady could even faintly see slight cracks on the surface of his body.

    The young lady said anxiously, "Who are you?"

    Fang Xingjian did not say anything. He merely raised one of his hands, and the young lady floated before him. The arrows which had struck her body broke apart, and her body rapidly recovered at a rate that could be seen by the naked eye.

    This was treatment and, even more so, a threat. This caused the young lady's countenance to change drastically.

    "Celestial Cloud Fortress' Youji, I'll only ask once," Fang Xingjian said as he looked indifferently at this white-clothed young lady in front of him. "You better think through properly on how you're going to answer."

    "What do you want to know?"

    "Where's the Celestial Cloud Fortress?" Fang Xingjian asked coldly.

    Youji's countenance changed. The reason why the Celestial Cloud Fortress was able to continue staying as a concealed faction was their secretive location. When members of their faction left the base, they would also keep their identities concealed.

    Hearing Fang Xingjian's question, what Youji first thought of doing was to act ignorant. However, upon seeing the cold gleam in Fang Xingjian's eyes and sensing the world-turning aura that he was exuding, she fell silent for a moment before saying, "At the Great Western Region's Cloud Mist Mountain. I can bring you there, but you..."

    Before Youji could finish her words, Fang Xingjian had already grabbed the white-clothed young lady. At the next moment, everything before her eyes seemed to be in a myriad of dazzling colors, and her body felt as if it had just experienced a magnitude 18 great earthquake. From Fang Xingjian's hands, terrifying tremors started to transmit into every inch of her flesh and bones throughout her body. Then when she thought everything had returned to normal, she felt as if her entire being had fallen apart. Her mind was in a daze, and she was in so much pain as if she had been pierced by needles.


    Almost at the very instant they came to a stop, she started barfing. When she raised her head once again, she was stunned.

    "Cloud Mist Mountain?" She asked in disbelief. "How is that possible? We were over 1,000 lis away from the Cloud Mist Mountain earlier."

    Fang Xingjian did not answer her question and asked directly, "Where is it?"

    Youji felt her back was drenched in cold sweat and knew that she had probably encountered an outrageous Divine level expert this time. She finally could not help but ask, "Who on earth are you? Why are you looking for the Celestial Cloud Fortress?"

    Fang Xingjian did not reply and merely flicked his fingernails. The young lady then felt as if she had been struck by lightning and knelt down onto the ground. She pointed in the direction of the Cloud Mist Mountain with trembling hands and said, "On top of the cliffs that are at the very end."

    Another tremor that was like a great earthquake once again ran through her entire body. However, it felt much better than the previous time. When Fang Xingjian stopped, Youji struggled to raise her head and looked. On that cliff, the fortress amongst the clouds had appeared before her.

    She said, "I'll go in to announce your arrival. It's our honor for an expert like yourself to come to our Celestial Cloud Fortress."

    "No need. I'm used to talking after a fight." Fang Xingjian took a step forward, and sword Qis shot out from void space. The cloud layers were torn apart, and there were no more clouds and mist on the Cloud Mist Mountain.

    With a second step forward, sword light swept through the mountain cliff, slicing it open vertically like cutting a cake.

    With a third step forward, Fang Xingjian's body suddenly swelled up. He became a giant with a height of over 10,000 meters and grabbed the Celestial Cloud Fortress with a single hand.
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