Chapter 726: Being Saved

    Chapter 726: Being Saved

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    In a concealed secret base that was 12 stories underground in New York, United States.

    Dressed in a black mask, cape, and battle suit, Peter was completely silent as he looked at the scene projected on the screen.

    It was the last recording Caesar had sent from the sun's surface.

    Rapidly moving after images, myriad of explosions, incessantly colliding particle flow... The two people who were engaged in battle had far surpassed the human limits for both speed and strength. Even Peter was unable to see the battle scene clearly.

    In the end, he could only see a light figure appearing on the screen. The light figure stretched out his hand, as if he had grabbed the entire screen.

    Peter knew that the other party had lifted up Caesar.

    At the next moment, the other party turned his head like he had heard some sound. Then the image disappeared, and everything turned to darkness.

    "Caesar's battle prowess is undeniably at the top amongst all the extraordinary people across the entire Earth. His superhuman system gives him astonishing strength, speed, and ability to withstand attacks." Peter's gaze was extremely grim. "If even he is unable to defeat this extraterrestrial life form... We must unite the forces of everyone in the alliance..."

    As he said this, Peter switched on the screen to another computer next to him. A human silhouette formed by distorted light rays said with an ice-cold robotic voice, "Mister Peter, are you certain with your decision to activate the Number 0 production line?"

    "I confirm the activation. Nicola, you'll be fully in-charge of monitoring the Number 0 production line. Report to me as soon as possible if there are any changes."

    Suddenly, everyone in New York seemed to sense a weak tremor from the ground, and Peter disappeared into the dark passageway.

    'My black technology system can help produce many technological products of all varieties that surpass one's imagination. However, humanity's current level of morality isn't high enough for me to entrust them with such a dangerous power...'

    As Peter entered the darkness, areas of light lit up, revealing all sorts of high technology weapons including exoskeleton armors, psychokinetic equipment, biorobotic armors, nanoworms, and many more.

    Peter had previously sealed them for eternity in the underground base. However, now...

    'But now... there's no other way out...'

    Faced with an enemy of unprecedented power, Peter decided to do whatever he could to strengthen and unify the power of humans.


    In the temporary command post set up to deal with the sunspot in Washington, D.C. in the United States.

    "Has it been sent out?" Secretary of Defense Edward asked coldly.

    "A total of 12 experts that specialise in various areas, including humanity, language, society, and psychology, have worked together to draw up a message. We have been continuously sending it out toward the sun through electromagnetic signals for 24 hours."

    "We've already tried very hard to state that we are amicable and harmless."

    "The Science Mission Directorate are assessing the possibility of space migration, but with our current capabilities..."

    A pessimistic and despairing atmosphere filled the entire room.

    The sun was currently too far away from the humans. Even if the humans were to give their all, it would be very hard for them to interfere with the sun in any way.

    The Secretary of Defense, General Edward, asked, "Have we gotten into contact with Caesar?"

    Hearing Caesar's name, the gazes of everyone present lit up.

    30 years ago, a type of unknown particle had suddenly appeared on Earth. This unknown particle had extended out very quickly in the atmosphere, reaching out to almost every single corner on Earth.

    Just as all top notch research laboratories were studying this unknown particle, the first extraordinary human had been born. From there, more and more humans were discovered to possess extraordinary power. The governments worldwide fought to set up their own supernatural management organizations, but they found themselves becoming more and more helpless in exercising control over the extraordinary humans who were getting increasingly stronger.

    However, the fortunate thing was that the top few strongest extraordinary humans did not have great ambitions. They still showed a lot of goodwill to ordinary people. In the end, they joined forces and set up two organizations in the east and the west respectively-the Radiant Congress and the Crimson Alliance. They liaised with the governments worldwide and managed the supernatural occurrences that happened across the world.

    "We haven't managed to get in touch with Mister Caesar. The Radiant Congress has yet to provide any explanation toward this matter either."

    Caesar, who possessed superhuman system, was the spiritual leader of the Radiant Congress. He had the nickname 'Son of God' and was recognized as the strongest person on Earth.

    Hearing that they had yet to get into contact with Caesar yet, everyone's gaze turned dim.

    At the next moment, a staff member barged in and shouted, "There's a reaction!"


    A huge group of people gushed forward to the front of the command platform and saw the image of the sun which was projected on the huge screen.

    A large circular black spot kept on increasing in size on the huge sun, slowly engulfing the sun's light and heat. However, at the next moment, a brilliant glow flashed out from the center of the black spot. The white spot then expanded out rapidly, covering up the black spot within a few minutes.


    "Has it disappeared?"

    'What on earth is happening?'

    Just as everyone was feeling extremely confused, the black shadow appeared once again and slowly formed two alphabets.


    "It really is an intelligent life form?"

    "They've received our transmission and have stopped engulfing the sun?"

    The members of the United States' upper echelon stared dumbstruck at this scene. An unbelievable feeling gushed in their hearts.

    Had they just started the first contact between humans and aliens?

    Half an hour later, the entire conference room entered a heated debate.

    "They've accepted our show of amicability. This means that they aren't a brutal, cold-blooded, and battle-loving species."

    "However, they appeared on the fixed star superciliously, absorbing the sun's light and heat without any regard. With their ability, how could they not have discovered that mankind exists in the solar system? They do not care about us at all.

    "We should immediately release a mobilization order and enter a state of war. We must be ready for battle at any moment."

    "A spaceship that can appear on the fixed star directly... They likely possess technologies capable of flying at almost lightspeed, passing through wormholes, or space leaps. Their technologies far surpass ours, which means our preparations are meaningless. The only thing we can do is to show that we are amicable and that there is value for our civilization to exist."

    "Coward, are you thinking of surrendering? Even if they can win against us, we should still go all out in the fight. At the very least, we need to tell this universe that we once existed."


    Above the sun, Fang Xingjian slowly read the information contained in the electromagnetic signals.

    "Hello, visitor from the vast universe. We are humans, a civilization that exists on Earth. We are situated on the third closest planet from the Sun.

    "We express our great welcome for your visit.

    "However, if you continue to absorb the sun's energy without any reservations, you'll bring about unendurable damage onto our civilization. Please stop this rude and crude behavior immediately."

    'It's really another parallel world?' Fang Xingjian cast a glance at the unconscious Caesar. 'But what is with this guy?'

    Fang Xingjian felt that this world did not seem simple. He thought of the profoundness of the past and future that the third tier of the Nine-Tiered Heavens contained, and his thoughts could not help but undulate.

    At the next moment, grabbing the conscious Caesar next to him, Fang Xingjian darted out at rapid speed toward Earth.

    He could not travel at akin to light speed while bringing Caesar along with him. However, as many streams of intense particle current flows gushed out from his body, his flying speed increased tremendously.

    There was no air resistance in the universe's vacuum, which allowed Fang Xingjian's speed to increase incessantly. Very soon, he exceeded 300 times the speed of sound, and his speed continued to increase.
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