Chapter 731: Different

    Chapter 731: Different

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    After hearing the blonde-haired beauty's explanation, Fang Xingjian was very surprised at the world he was in currently.

    'Everyone has a system of their own?' His mind started to seethe. 'Or rather, the systems mentioned here are all predecessors of Miracle World's cultivation structure?'

    Fang Xingjian blinked as he looked at the attributes as well as the skills and techniques columns on his Stats Window. Would all the systems in this world eventually evolve into Miracle World's system?

    Simultaneously, the blonde-haired beauty who had gotten off the car turned, looked at Fang Xingjian, and said, "Oh, right. You can call me Catherine. If you're willing, you can work under me for now. Other than myself, there are two extraordinary humans here."

    Catherine was very well-known in the United States' upper society. Having just reached 22 years of age, she had already become a top notch model in the world and made regular appearances on all major fashion magazines. She was a favorite of top notch fashion and cosmetic companies. Her father, Allen Douglas, was also a well-known magnate in real estate in the United States. Catherine was the young miss of the Douglas family and already owned a fortune of over one billion USD at the moment she was born.

    Now, she had even set up her own fashion label and cosmetic company, and she was earning several hundred million every year. In the recent years, she had also started to advance into the movie industry, becoming the dream lover of countless Americans.

    However, Fang Xingjian did not care about these. Still shocked by this world's situation, he was contemplating the current situation.

    It was only when Catherine mentioned she had another two extraordinary humans under her that Fang Xingjian's eyes lit up. He was very curious about the conditions of the other two people as to whether they were like Catherine, having structures made up partially by physical particles and partially by molecules.

    Therefore, Fang Xingjian also got off the car. He asked, "Where are they?"

    "Feeling excited to have found people who are similar to you?" Catherine smiled. "Today happens to be when we're having a gathering. You'll be able to meet them later."

    The two of them had just entered the hall when a petite figure dashed into Catherine's embrace.

    "Catherine, you're finally here."

    Catherine smiled and said to Fang Xingjian, "This is Linda, a close friend."

    A red-haired young man with a cold expression slowly walked over from behind Linda. He threw a glance toward Fang Xingjian and said, a little dissatisfied, "Catherine, why did you randomly bring a stranger here?"

    Catherine waved her hand, "I met him on the way here. He's also an extraordinary human and has encountered difficulties. I feel that he can join us."

    The red-haired young man frowned, looked at Fang Xingjian, and said, "We don't welcome just anyone in here. What's your system?"

    However, Fang Xingjian was already scanning the red-haired young man's body in detail with his martial will, assessing the latter's body curiously.

    'It's still the body structure of an ordinary person. There are no forms of strengthening either. The same goes for that lady by the name of Linda. There isn't a hint of physical particles.' Fang Xingjian thought, 'Why is it that there are differences between the two? Could it be that systems are really like ordinary life forms and are evolving? Is this nature's choice?'

    "Hey! I'm asking you a question!" Seeing that Fang Xingjian was in a daze, the red-haired young man had a displeased gaze.

    The young lady by the name of Linda walked over. She had a sweet face that emitted strong pheromones. It was an almost flawless face. Her eyes, nose, and mouth gave people a false sense of perfection.

    "Enough, Jack. Don't bully the newcomer," Linda told the red-haired young man. Then she smiled and said to Fang Xingjian, "Hello, I'm Linda, a possessor of the beauty system. My ability allows me to become more beautiful, to have a better figure and a better disposition. I can make my eyes bigger, eyelashes longer, chin sharper, and many more. Of course, I can also help another person change their appearance."

    Catherine added, "Linda is now an extremely popular Hollywood star. Countless companies are queuing up with a lot of money to get her to star in their advertisements."

    A hint of pride curled up at the corners of Linda's lips. She pointed at the red-haired young man at the side and said, "Jack possesses the music system. He can create music, sing, and also attack using sound waves. He has just received a Grammy Award for Best New Artist 1  ."

    Jack, who had red hair and strong eye make-up, raised his head and said proudly, "Can you say it now? What's your ability?"

    This red-haired young man called Jack was clearly used to being flattered by others in the entertainment industry due to his abilities and with Catherine's backers supporting him. He had a sense of pride and arrogance that was unique to youngsters.

    Of course, as Catherine and the other two belonged to the lower tiers in the world of extraordinary powers, they still lacked an understanding of the true experts in this world. After all, on this Earth, the extraordinary humans still concealed themselves in darkness and belonged to the underground influences.

    'Neither of them are battle-based abilities?' Fang Xingjian thought. 'But in this modern society, their abilities are probably even better than ordinary battle abilities.'

    Hearing Jack's question and seeing Catherine's and Linda's curious gazes, Fang Xingjian came to a decision, 'Before finding out how deep this world is, it's best that I don't keep too high a profile. If there are over ten of those guys on the Sun, I'll probably only be able to escape.'

    After all, Fang Xingjian was only a passerby who just wanted to comprehend the third tier of the Nine-Tiered Heavens, find out about the profoundness behind the past and the future, and then return to Miracle World. Moreover, without the Abyss and Thunder Calamity, he could not display his full strength.

    Therefore, unless necessary, he was not interested in fighting against the experts of this world.

    At that moment, the lights in the hall suddenly fell dim. Then countless footsteps rang out, and several tens of gunmen suddenly appeared amidst a fog. All of them pointed their guns toward Catherine and Fang Xingjian.

    The person in the lead was a black-skinned man who was about two meters in height. He was smoking a cigar as he asked the shocked Catherine, "Are you surprised, Catherine?"

    Catherine frowned and then slowly backed off. Her back leaned against Fang Xingjian's and the others as she spoke in a soft voice, "They are mafia from the Compton district. I'll take care of them. Try to hide yourself when the shootout starts."

    However, other than Fang Xingjian whose expression remained unchanged, Linda and Jack, who had never encountered such a situation before, had turned pale and drenched in cold sweat.

    Before waiting for Fang Xingjian and the others to reply, Catherine exhaled. She looked at the shorty before her and said, "Blake, what do you want? To kill the first successor of the Douglas family? Your entire gang will be a goner."

    Blake was the possessor of the legion system, and he possessed an army that would listen to all of his orders. As he continued to earn and spend money to upgrade this army, the army grew from an inferior group that used cold weapons into the current modernized army. In the future, they could even be upgraded into a high technology army.

    He could increase the manpower of the troops, raise the quality of the equipments, and increase the soldiers' physical attributes. Blake could even equip them with various skills including detonation, shooting, driving, and calculating abilities.

    Additionally, no matter how many soldiers he lost, they would completely recover within 24 hours.

    Currently, Blake's army now had 50 men. Their battle prowess, weapons, and equipment were now comparable to those of the United States Navy SEALs.

    With this undying army alone, he had achieved great accomplishments within the several hundred mafia gangs in Los Angeles.

    When Blake heard Catherine's question, he replied coldly, "Catherine, we wouldn't have any feuds if you had stayed as a celebrity, a rich young miss, while I went on with my business. You shouldn't have beaten up my younger brother into a cripple."

    Catherine snorted coldly, "Your brother is a scum. I can leave him be if he doesn't provoke me. But he did, and he's considered lucky that I didn't kill him."

    Two weeks ago, Blake's brother had met Linda and become mesmerized by her. He had wanted to send someone to drug her so that he could have his way with her, but he ended up meeting Catherine, who beat him up to the extent that he was now in a vegetative state.

    Although Blake knew that his brother was in the wrong, this was his only brother. Their parents had died a long time ago, so he and his brother had been relying on each other since young, struggling for a living in the streets. It was only after Blake got the legion system that their lives had gotten better during these past two years. Now that his brother had been beaten up into a vegetative state, how could Blake possibly let the perpetrator off?

    At the thought of how his brother was in bed in a vegetative state, Blake's expression became extremely twisted.

    "My brother is dead!" He said with a grim countenance. "To rich people like you, he's just scum. But to me, he's my only family.

    "Kill them all."

    However, Fang Xingjian did not care about these feuds. He looked at the summoned soldiers, and an amused smile curled up at the corners of his lips.

    'To think that these soldiers' bodies actually contain physical particles?'

    There were too many things in this world that was worth studying. Fang Xingjian felt that if he could solve the profoundness behind them, his powers would increase tremendously.
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