Chapter 732: Observation

    Chapter 732: Observation

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    At the next moment, as a furious bellow rang out, Catherine dashed out and barged into the crowd. Using her superhuman physical attributes, she shattered the rib bones of two gunmen, smashing their internal organs. They then dropped to the ground, turned into wisps of smoke, and disappeared.

    Ordinary bullets hit her body like they had struck some super tough rubber and ended up stuck on there, unable to penetrate her body.

    Meanwhile, Catherine was able to kill one summoned soldier with every dash and punch. These elite warriors, who were of the level of the United States Navy SEALs, could not stand a fight before her.

    However, as these summoned soldiers gradually surrounded her and the metal tempest weaved into many deathly nets, Catherine was pushed back repeatedly and she had no choice but to seek refuge.

    After all, her body was still just flesh and blood. Even if she could survive over ten hits from bullets, she would still be doomed if she were struck by several hundred bullets.

    While Catherine attracted everyone's attention, Linda and Jack went hiding in a corner.

    "Where's that person?" Linda looked around but could not find Fang Xingjian.

    Jack wrapped his hands around his head and shouted, "Who knows? Why care about him at this point? What are we going to do?"

    Consecutive gunshots, curses, sounds of collisions, and shouts kept ringing out in the distance like there was a war going on.

    Fang Xingjian did not take any action. Instead, he moved along the spatial gaps and kept on using his martial will to scan the bodies of Catherine and everyone else present. He was checking the changes that were occuring to their bodies while both parties were engaged in battle.

    He realized that as the battle continued on, the number of physical particles in Catherine's stomach was increasing at a very slow speed. It would probably take several years for her body to be converted into 1.08 billion particles.

    'As her cultivation intensifies, it seems she will gradually evolve and become part of Miracle World's human species. Then will her system also become one that Knights cultivate?'

    Fang Xingjian suddenly had a new inference about this world.

    In the previous world he went to, Fang Xingjian had built a connection between that world and Miracle World by scattering ether particles. This allowed him to eventually return to his own world. Now, at the thought of it, would this mean that the future of the previous world had been guided onto the path leading to Miracle World, thereby taking on a supernatural path and building a connection between the two worlds?

    In that case, by helping to complete the conversion of the physical particles in Catherine's body and allowing her body's system to become the mainstream in this world... Would this then guide this world into the future Miracle World? Would they take on the path of the Knights' method of cultivation and, from there, build a connection between the two worlds-a connection between the past and the future?

    The moment this idea popped up, Fang Xingjian could not help but think, 'If this really is the case, then is this a special case that is applicable only to me or is it that all Divine level cultivators will encounter something similar in having to guide different parallel worlds toward the path of Miracle World?

    'Although I came to the the modern world and they came to a generation when supernatural power was already developed, the goal could all be to steer history.

    'Is this the goal of the Nine-Tiered Heavens?

    'Legend has it that the Nine-Tiered Heavens were created by the God of Universal Truth. Then what is the goal of the God of Universal Truth?

    'Then was the first extraordinary human from 30 years ago, the result of the other Divine level experts when they were projected into the parallel worlds as they strived to clear the Nine-Tiered Heavens?'

    Guessing the result to one question led to even more questions popping up. This made Fang Xingjian even more unclear about the situation. It seemed as if the entire situation was enveloped in layers of misty fog which made it hard for one to see through the truth behind it all, no matter what the person did.

    By the time his thoughts diffused, Fang Xingjian's attention had already returned back to the battlefield. Other than the changes that were happening to Catherine's body, he was also paying attention to the changes which were happening to the body of the black-skinned man, Blake.

    There was almost no difference between Blake's body and the body of an ordinary person. However, Blake's body could directly draw in the power of ether particles to reinforce his strength, agility, and other physical attributes. This allowed him to possess physical attributes that were comparable to those of a top notch member of the special forces.

    Clearly, aside from being able to summon soldiers, his system could also allow his own physical attributes to reach the level of his summoned soldiers.

    However, as the battle continued on, those summon soldiers had physical particles in them, but the amount of physical particles did not increase.

    Just as Fang Xingjian was moving through the spatial gaps and continuing to make his observations, the scales of the battle began to tip in favor of Blake's victory.

    Suppressed by crazy firepower, Catherine darted around in all directions and killed over ten summoned soldiers consecutively. However, she was also severely injured. Her stamina was plunging at a rapid rate, and she was very quickly forced behind a bar counter.

    Catherine had extremely powerful physical attributes but battles were not orderly, so she could only rely on a surge of explosive force. On the other hand, Blake was well experienced in battles and had good teamwork with his summoned soldiers.

    Blake held a handgun and continued to advance forward while being supported by his summoned soldiers. He could not help but laugh out loud and say, "Young Miss, is a gunfight fun? Do you think that we're playing around?

    "When I catch you, I'll scratch up your face."

    Catherine had been struck by at least 20 bullets, and a tendon in her left leg had also been hit. She panted intensely behind the bar counter, half-kneeling on the ground.

    Her bodybuilding system possessed a full set of recuperating abilities. This allowed her to heal her injuries within a short period of time. However, no matter how short a time it would take, there was no way she would be able to make it in time for her to be able to handle the battle she was facing now.

    'Damn it. It seems that I've underestimated them.' Catherine started to have regrets. She had overestimated her extraordinary power. If she had known this earlier, she would not have refused the guards, that her father had arranged for her, out of fear that she would lose her privacy.

    However, at that moment, collision sounds rang out. Bang bang bang bang! Next, Blake's surprised and enraged voice rang out, mixed in with intense sounds of gunshots.

    'What's going on?' Just as Catherine was feeling surprised, a series of black shadows flashed above her head. One of the summoned soldiers was sent flying and fell right in front of her. Then, with a bang , it then turned into a wisp of fog and dissipated into the air.

    This was a unique trait of Blake's summoned soldiers. The moment they were killed, they would dissipate into a fog-like state.

    Catherine struggled to get up to her feet. Then she saw an astonishing scene. A faint black shadow cut across the air, and as it got near, the summoned soldiers dropped down, one after another.

    Fists, fingers, elbows, knees... It was as if every part of the person's body was a weapon.

    There were piercing sounds of gunshots in the darkness, and one could only see flickering images of the person's silhouette amidst the sparks from the gunshots that would light up now and then.

    Under the illumination of the sparks from the gunshots, the summoned soldiers were taken down one after another.

    That black shadow continued to dash to and fro, leaping around amidst the shadows like it was dancing on top of the bullets. With just a light punch or a tap from his finger, a summoned soldier would collapse.

    In less than half a minute, Blake was the only one left standing in the hall. Fang Xingjian was no longer moving in flashes and slowly walked toward Blake instead.

    "Who are you? Don't come over! Don't come over here!" Blake looked at Fang Xingjian with his eyes flushed red. At the next moment, Blake pulled the trigger of his gun, but his bullets only struck a series of afterimages.

    After dashing over, Fang Xingjian launched a hand chop and knocked Blake out.

    Catherine was not the only one who was shocked. Both Linda and Jack had also put out their heads, staring at this scene with their eyes wide-open and mouths agape. Fang Xingjian's close combat skills, which were as smooth as flowing water, made them feel as if they were watching a movie.

    They had initially thought that Catherine was already a superhuman existence. However, seeing Fang Xingjian's moves, the three of them now felt that there was an absolute difference between their capabilities.
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