Chapter 738: Reason

    Chapter 738: Reason

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    After instantly killing six werewolves with the Golden Slash, the White Lion was stunned. "Damn, I forgot to leave one of them alive."

    He immediately searched their bodies but could not find any information on their identities. All he found was a cell phone.

    White Lion switched on the cell phone, looked at the call logs, and then called a number.

    The other party picked up the phone and asked directly, "Hello? Imphy? Have you captured Catherine?"

    The White Lion smiled. "If you're talking about those six puppies, they've been killed by me."

    On the other side of the line, Fossa frowned and his gaze turned cold. "Who are you?"

    "The Silver Shield, White Lion."

    "The remnants of the Silver Shield? You have no idea who you've offended... I swear... No matter where you escape to... No matter who is backing you up... Our Gambino family will..." Before Fossa could finish his words, White Lion hung up the phone.

    The White Lion's attitude added fuel to the flames in Fossa's heart, and he crushed the cell phone he was holding.

    Allen Douglas asked, "How is it? How's Catherine?"

    Throwing a glance at this wealthy American man , Fossa said calmly, "Take them away."

    He was enraged that White Lion had killed his subordinates. However, even if the Silver Shield still had a few extraordinary humans remaining, they were insignificant and of no concern at all. His most important mission at the moment was still to bring Allen Douglas back to the Gambino family and hasten on taking over the Douglas family's wealth.

    When that was completed, the Gambino family's power would expand even further, as would the number of werewolves under him. He might even be able to receive an upgrade from a third generation werewolf into a fourth generation werewolf. This would allow him to gain even stronger powers.

    Thinking of this, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he got his subordinates to head for one of the Gambino family's manors that was located on the West Coast.


    In a manor situated on the West Coast, two caucasian men-one old and the other young-sat opposite each other. There was a set of international chess pieces placed before them, and they were both completely focused on it, chasing and killing each other's pieces. A short moment later, the old man raised his head and smiled bitterly. "Jefferson, you are getting better and better."

    The young man who was named Jefferson smiled and said, "Mister Feige, how do you feel now?"

    "How do I feel?" Feige took in a deep breath and felt that his body, which was old and aging, now felt extremely strong and energized. Under that aging appearance, he could feel that his muscles and internal organs were even healthier than back in his university days.

    "I've never felt better."

    Feige had originally been a high ranking FBI officer. When supernatural powers appeared 30 years ago, he was to the Law-Enforcing Department to manage the supernatural activities.

    After going through rises and falls over the many years, he became the person in charge of the West Coast's Law-Enforcing Department despite being an ordinary person. He could be said to be an extremely high ranking officer.

    However, no matter how much authority and wealth he had, there was no way he could buy back the youth he had lost.

    A week ago, his body deteriorated rapidly. With his organs collapsing, he had been practically on the verge of death.

    It was at that moment when the new leader of the Gambino family, Tom, came before Feige and turned him into a werewolf.

    From then onward, the health of his body recovered, and he was now healthier than he had ever been. This state of health surpassed even that of his younger days.

    As elderly people who already had wealth and power, what else could they want more than to get back their youth?

    "That's great then." Hearing Feige's reply, young Jefferson smiled. "Then we'll have to leave the upcoming matters to you."

    "Rest assured." Old man Feige broke into a familiar smile. He would be introducing various high ranking officers from the Law-Enforcing Department and various government boards across West Coast to Tom, and bewitch all of them to become werewolves.

    He believed that the temptations of an extended lifespan and extraordinary power could bring them over very easily. It might not even stop just within the West Coast. In time, the FBI, the Department of Defense, the Congress, and even the president might join them. The entire United States would be welcoming a brand new era.

    At that moment, a subordinate wearing a black suit walked in. He bent down and said to the young man, Jefferson, "Sir, Fossa and his team have brought Allen back."

    Jefferson's eyes lit up. After a series of attacks, he had finally captured Allen Douglas. This guy's wealth and connections were things which their master urgently needed.

    "Bring them here."

    A short moment later, Allen Douglas, Diana, and Elena were brought in.

    At the sight of Jefferson and Feige, Allen's countenance turned grim. He clearly had not expected that Feige, a high ranking officer of the Law-Enforcing Department, would have already gotten so close with the Gambino family.

    Allen could not understand why a high ranking officer of the Law-Enforcing Department would value the Gambino family in such high regard, even allowing the Gambino family to commit such crazy acts.

    Feige smiled and did not say a word. He looked at Allen like he was looking at a clown.

    Jefferson shrugged and instantly swelled up, turning into a huge silver wolf that was over four meters in height. The huge wolf had boulder-like muscles, and his sharp fangs shone with a cold gleam. Jefferson did not perform any attacks and merely stood there. He was like a ferocious wild beast. It made everyone speechless, giving the illusion as if their lives were in his control.

    Jefferson, who had turned into a huge silver wolf, asked, "Allen Douglas, do you know why our Gambino family can defeat you? Why is it that even the Law-Enforcing Department is unwilling to take action against us?

    "Let me tell you. The reason is very simple. It's because we possess power and potential which no one in the world can underestimate. We can even bestow people with extended lifespans.

    "Our master, the great Tom Gambino, has gotten his hands on the method to turn people into werewolves. There are a total of five generations of werewolves, and the weakest fifth generation werewolves can possess a lifespan of 150 years after transforming. Their speed is comparable to that of a galloping horse, and they can kill lions and tigers with a single punch.

    "The fourth generation werewolves have a lifespan of 200 years, a speed comparable to that of a sports car, and the power comparable to that of a truck.

    "The third generation werewolves have a lifespan of 250 years. They can smash a building with their punch and send tanks flying.

    "The second generation werewolves, like myself..."

    Under Allen's, Diana's, and Elena's astonished gazes, Jefferson turned into a silver bolt of lightning. His body moved slightly and appeared behind Elena in a flash. He grabbed out with one of his paws and slapped Elena down onto the ground. This little girl, who had the level up system and was known as the human tank, was unable to retaliate. She was pressed down to the ground like a toy by the huge wolf's paws. No matter how much she tried to summon her strength, she could not move an inch.

    Jefferson said calmly, "And right now, the Gambino family has over 200 werewolves, with three second generation werewolves like myself. In the future, there will be countless high ranking officers and wealthy individuals joining us. Our influence will spread out across the entire West Coast and even the whole of the United States.

    "Do you still want to resist? Allen Douglas?"

    Both Allen's and Diana's countenances were extremely pale. The power and potential the other party displayed was simply astonishing, making them unable to summon any will to resist.

    However, at this moment, there were wolf howls and the sounds of fighting and killing suddenly ringing out in the distance.
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