Chapter 739: Advancing the Attack

    Chapter 739: Advancing the Attack

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    On the lawn outside the manor.

    Two werewolves saw White Lion, who had barged in, and smiled savagely. One of them said, "Dude, you're the one courting death."

    The other werewolf licked his lips and said, "I'm going to tear his intestines apart."

    Right now, after obtaining the power of a werewolf and relying on supernatural strength, agility, and that terrifying recovering ability, ordinary humans were no match for them. This also allowed the arrogance of these werewolves to grow.

    Hearing what the two werewolves said, White Lion smirked and then continued on without saying a word.

    The two werewolves dashed forth while howling. However, the moment they got close, their heads were chopped off by platinum sword Qis under their astonished gazes. They turned into two headless corpses and dropped to the ground.

    More werewolves gushed forth, but White Lion did not appear anxious at all. Instead, he walked into the pack of werewolves. Wherever he passed by, there would be corpses laid all over the ground.

    Streams of white sword Qis burst out along the corridors and in the air. Everywhere he passed by seemed as if it had been slashed by laser beams. Steel plates, earthen walls, and wood were all slashed up.

    As White Lion performed the Golden Slash, streams of platinum sword Qis circled around him, shooting out with a single thought from him. They penetrated through whatever steel and cement present, killing all the werewolves in the distance.


    Two fourth generation werewolves howled furiously, and fangs grew out in their mouths. They turned into two strong gales and charged forth. The great prowess and terrifying strength they displayed could turn over a container truck.

    However, such strength and agility was meaningless before the Golden Slash. With a stare from White Lion, platinum sword Qis were sent sweeping out, and the two fourth generation werewolves were slashed into minced meat.


    The werewolves let out astonishing howls and started to back off. At the sight of this, White Lion smirked. Sensing the surges of power in his body, he revealed an extremely satisfied smile.

    'I'll have to deal with them quickly. I still need to go back and train with Teacher.'

    At this thought, he exerted force in his legs and accelerated. Not only had Fang Xingjian's training given him the Golden Slash Killing technique, it had also allowed him to possess physical attributes which far surpassed what he had in the past.

    With each step on the cement ground, he stomped down into it, creating a large crater. White Lion continued to accelerate like a rocket and instantly caught up to the escaping werewolves.

    Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh! Under the astonished gazes of the many werewolves, sword Qis gushed out and tore their bodies apart in an instant. No matter how great their strength was or how fast their agility, they were like clay figures before the platinum sword Qis, unable to withstand a single blow.

    White Lion made his way to a hall in this manner and saw that several tens of werewolves were waiting there. The person in the lead was Jefferson. Allen Douglas, Diana, and Elena were next to him.

    Seeing White Lion appear with sword Qis circulating around him, everyone present was astonished.

    Jefferson's eyes narrowed. "You're Silver Shield's White Lion? I didn't expect that you to have gotten stronger again and manage to make it here."

    Allen said, "Enough, White Lion. We have come to a compromise with the Gambino family. You can stop now." The potential and power which the Gambino family had displayed made Allen extremely surprised, and he was overjoyed to hear that becoming a werewolf would allow him to gain a longer lifespan. As such, he had already planned on joining the Gambino family.

    Hearing that, White Lion tilted his head and smiled while saying, "I'm sorry, the reason I'm here is not for the Douglas family. It's only because Teacher has commanded me to kill all these wolf b*stards and then bring back their master."


    Three fifth generation werewolves bellowed furiously and pounced forth. They were only over 20 meters away from White Lion, so it did not even take them half a second to reach where he was. Clearly, the speed at which White Lion had barged in was too fast, leaving the werewolves unaware of his earlier battle achievements.

    They had killed policemen armed with guns from this distance, and most people were unable to react in time. Even if their targets could react in time and they ended up suffering from a few gunshots, it was nothing to a werewolf's recovery abilities.

    However, at the next moment, a white light flashed. Under stunned gazes, the heads of three werewolves flew up, turning them into headless corpses. Their bodies continued on the path they were dashing in, smashing into the wall and then falling.

    At the sight of this, Allen and Diana were both astonished. Since when had White Lion achieved such battle prowess? Moreover, who was the teacher he mentioned earlier?

    However, White Lion's sword attack had infuriated many werewolves. Over 30 fifth generation werewolves and five fourth generation werewolves pounced forth furiously. A violent power tore through the air, and strong gales gushed out, forming waves of seething air currents surging forth. It was as if there was a tempest before them.

    Moreover, the ferocious auras the werewolves emitted made White Lion feel that he was almost able to smell the stench coming from their mouths.

    Sensing what the next scene would be, both Allen and Diana shut their eyes as if they did not dare to witness the sight of White Lion being bitten and torn into pieces by the werewolf pack.

    However, faced with this astonishing power, White Lion wore a look of disdain as he tapped out with a single finger. The platinum sword Qis formed a sword net and encompassed toward the werewolf pack that was charging over.

    In an instant, it was as if streams of laser beams had swept through the air, and the werewolves would be torn up wherever the sword Qis passed by. The werewolves' muscles and bones were unable to withstand the terrifying sword Qis. As they let out agonizing cries, over half of the werewolves pack died instantly while the remaining retreated frantically, looking at White Lion with horrified expressions.

    Fossa, who had captured and brought Allen's group here, had one of his arms slashed off by the sword Qis. Right now, he was looking at White Lion with a gaze filled with astonishment.

    Hearing the gasps, Allen, Diana, and Elena all looked at White Lion in disbelief. To think the pack of werewolves, that was so insufferably arrogant and could easily take down the Silver Shield, was defeated by the White Lion so easily...?

    "The White Lion definitely didn't have such capabilities in the past," Elena said grimly, "He should only have a metallic body."

    Allen Douglas said in surprise, "This ability that is akin to a light sword has such a powerful killing prowess."

    Diana did not say a word. However, there was a hint of bewilderment in her eyes when she thought of the teacher White Lion had mentioned earlier.

    Jefferson's eyes narrowed, brimming with killing intent. Although Tian Yi could turn people into werewolves, he could only transform them into two fifth generation werewolves each day, one fourth generation werewolf every three days, and one second generation werewolf every month. As such, each werewolf was a precious fighting force.

    How could he not be angered at the sight of White Lion massacring the werewolves like this?

    With a beastly howl, Jefferson turned into a huge silver wolf and said coldly, "I'm only going to ask one last time. Surrender or die?"

    The White Lion could not be bothered to answer that. Instead, he raised his hand and sent a stream of platinum sword Qi slashing out. However, this time around, things did not proceed so smoothly. The sword Qi only slashed Jefferson's afterimage. Then at the next moment, a paw shadow tore through the air and appeared behind White Lion.
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