Chapter 748: Disseminate

    Chapter 748: Disseminate

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    This problem nested in her heart like the feeling of crawling ants, causing her to feel extremely uncomfortable as she craved to know the answer to this question.

    However, Fang Xingjian's prowess was deeply carved into her heart, making her unable to suppress her curiosity and urge.

    When Fang Xingjian turned over, Elena lowered her head and suppressed the urge in her heart. She said, "I'm sorry, Teacher. The stealth ability of Tom's Ghost Wolf is too powerful, so we haven't been able to find him.

    "However, there is one dead and two injured from the Law-Enforcing Department, and I've managed to get some information from them."

    Behind Elena, the three people from the Law-Enforcing Department were lying on the lawn. One of them was a headless corpse while the other two had fainted.

    "It doesn't matter. Just continue sending people after him." Fang Xingjian now had enough people in his hands and did not care about Tom at all.

    However, he was a little concerned about the Law-Enforcing Department and asked, "Mmm, have you found out anything about the experts in this world?"

    "Yes," Elena replied, "The Crimson Alliance and the Radiant Congress are the strongest extraordinary forces in this world..."

    The information she had obtained from the two extraordinary humans of the Law-Enforcing Department was not detailed, but it was sufficient for Fang Xingjian to determine a lot of things. The Law-Enforcing Department had a thorough understanding of many things, including the information regarding the strongest experts in the Crimson Alliance and the Radiant Congress.

    'Son of God? Superhuman system? It seems that he is the person I knocked out on the sun,' Fang Xingjian inferred from the obtained information. 'If he is the strongest in this world, then I don't have to be too concerned.'

    He had managed to obtain new results from his studies recently. So, other than being able to control a portion of the other party's system, he also understood more about some of the principles behind how the system uses physical particles as a carrier.

    'Catherine has completed the conversion into physical particles, but I'm still unable to sense the Miracle World. Does this mean that the influence is still insufficient?

    'Then... do I have to convert more people's bodies into physical particles?'

    Previously, Fang Xingjian had given ether particles to a world, and this time around, he was spreading physical particles across the entire world.

    However, if he were really to make it such that everyone on Earth had their bodies converted into physical particles, which would then allow them to grasp the means to Knights' cultivation... he would completely change this world's history. Throughout this process, Fang Xingjian would come into possession of an endless number of experimental specimens. He would even be able to observe the process of the formation and evolution of the Knight system.

    'Let's give it a try first.'

    Fang Xingjian looked at Elena and raised his finger gently, causing her to float up. Although Elena had the level up system, it reinforced her physical body through ether particles, rather than actually changing her body's intrinsic qualities.

    A person like this who also possessed powerful physical attributes was ideal for Fang Xingjian to test out his method.

    "Focus and be earnest. Remember the actions that I will be showing you. This is a new sword technique which I'm going to teach you. It'll let you undergo a complete and thorough change, and you'll get even stronger."

    His cold voice brushed past in Elena's mind. At the next moment, a numb feeling extended out from her chest. Then the bioelectricity in her body condensed together, spread out, and flowed through her body, giving rise to hints of mysterious changes in her body.

    "Remember, this Reincarnation Sword is a sword technique that can completely change your body's intrinsic qualities and open up a path to the evolution of the human body. It is also a set of pure internal martial arts that only has circulation within the body and nothing outside of it. You must remember this very carefully. There mustn't be a hint of error."

    As he spoke, the energy in the ether particles turned into streams of violent electric currents and violently barged into Elena's body. They used a unique method to stimulate every single one of her molecules and atoms throughout her body. It was as if every stream of electric current had turned into a lightning sword, cleansing Elena's body with impressive sword forces.

    One day later, 100 physical particles were born in Elena's body. Her battle prowess did not improve qualitatively, but her body's toughness and potential were now very different from before.

    Seeing Elena waking up, Fang Xingjian said, "From now on, go back and practice this daily."

    Elena nodded as she sensed the difference in her body. It was as if her body had gotten stronger again.

    She was still thinking of the description to the Reincarnation Sword. '1.08 billion physical particles? As long as I continue to cultivate this and convert my body into 1.08 billion physical particles, I'll be able to break out of the restriction of the mortal bodies and possess a power that is like that of gods?'

    At this moment, because of the changes from the 100 physical particles in her body, she could faintly sense that Fang Xingjian seemed to possess a similar power.

    'Teacher, is this the power that you possess?'

    At this moment, a feeling of great ambition flared up in her heart.

    Three days later, another three extraordinary humans woke up from their dreams and picked up the Reincarnation Sword.

    Two days later, another ten extraordinary humans woke up.

    One day later, an ordinary human succeeded in cultivating the Reincarnation Sword.

    Fang Xingjian's talent was too terrifying. With the ten levels of mystical prints and the top sword arts talent in the world, his research was progressing at a rapid rate. After making sense of the connection between physical particles, systems, and ether particles, he managed to create this set of sword technique within a mere couple of days which could allow ordinary humans to convert their bodies to physical particles.

    Of course, although this sword technique was already invented, cultivating it still required time. Ordinary people would probably need to spend 20 to 30 years of time before they could completely turn their physical bodies into the physical particle structure.

    Throughout this process, their bodies' intrinsic qualities would continue to strengthen as they stirred up the ether particles' power. The highest level they would be able to reach would be that of an ordinary first transition Knight.

    Fang Xingjian understood that this was a sword technique which could change the world. This was also the crux for him to break through this tier of the Nine-Tiered Heavens and the means for him to gain more of the secrets behind the systems.

    'I must disseminate this set of sword technique. The greater the number of people who pick up this set of sword technique, the harder it will be for historical trends to change and I'll be able to get more specimens to observe.

    'If I can get to see the process of the Knight system taking form, it'll be of great benefit to me.'

    A short moment later, Fang Xingjian woke up Catherine and asked, "You have connections to television stations, right?"

    "Huh?" As a top notch model, internet celebrity, the Young Miss of a wealthy family, and a fashionista, she would undoubtedly have connections to television stations. However, she did not understand why Fang Xingjian wanted to know this.

    Fang Xingjian said, "Help me to contact the television stations. I want to disseminate a set of sword technique." The first method that Fang Xingjian thought of, which had the greatest authority in dissemination, was clearly television stations.

    Moreover, if the strongest experts in this world only had the battle prowess of a tier three Divine level expert, he naturally would not have too much reservation.

    "Disseminate sword technique? But..." Catherine was stunned. She had gotten even more confused about what Fang Xingjian was trying to do.

    "No buts." Fang Xingjian tapped out and transmitted the content of the Reincarnation Sword into Catherine's mind.

    "Use whatever means you have. After this has been broadcasted on televisions, spread it out on the net. I want everyone in the world to cultivate this sword technique."
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