Chapter 753: Impending Military Force

    Chapter 753: Impending Military Force

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    It was all over for the Douglas family. All the extraordinary humans who knew about what was happening thought this. Even many ordinary soldiers and mid-tier military officers of the United States' military force did not feel any anxiety despite that they were getting ready for battle. To them, there was no influence on this planet that could go up against the Pacific Fleet.

    No matter how ignorant or ill informed the criminal organizations were, they sensed that something was not right. It was like the calm before a storm.

    The police and the FBI swept through a large number of their businesses and companies, continuously cracking down on the criminal organizations throughout the whole of Los Angeles. All the police forces seemed to have gone crazy as a large number of armed special police forces and the Marine Corps patrolled the streets. It was as if World War III was going to break out anytime soon.

    California's prison had never been so filled up before. It was at this moment that the members of the criminal organizations, who were usually extremely arrogant, realized how terrifying the government could be when they were serious. The moment the government was willing to sustain losses, their power which they had been so proud of was unable to put up any resistance at all.

    In Catherine's villa, the phone rang once again.

    "Hello? Boss, it's bad. Our company here has been shut off too. Everyone has been taken away by the police, and the people under us are all very anxious..."

    Elena shut off her phone and tossed it into a pond. This was the tenth call for help that she had received today, but all the extraordinary humans, including herself, had been restrained within the manor by Fang Xingjian. They were forbidden from going head-on against the government.

    'Could it be that... Teacher is also scared?' Elena's eyes narrowed as she looked at the back view of that man on the lawn. She could not help but think, 'Ordinary police forces don't matter, but if it's the Pacific Fleet...'

    At the thought of that unrivalled naval fleet which stood at the top of the entire Pacific Ocean and caused the Southeast Asian countries to be unable to raise their heads, Elena could only let out a deep sigh.

    What kind of concept was an aircraft carrier? It was something which could blast an entire city across several hundred kilometers! For example, with how the Pacific Fleet was 200 kilometers away from the West Coast, the carrier-based aircraft in the aircraft carriers could cover almost the entire United States' West Coast.

    Additionally, they also had great investigation abilities. The United States' military prowess was too powerful and advanced. Right now, the electronic warfare aircraft and scouting drones they were using now could project the views from the targets on the surface through the radars on the aircrafts. Just one drone alone could scout enemies within a range of 50,000 square kilometers.

    Right now, countless drones were surveilling them in the sky above Los Angeles. They could be said to be able to detect any targets on the surface they were interested in at real time.

    Thereafter, as long as the naval force was willing to, they could use guided missiles or carrier-based aircrafts to bomb their targets. There had all sorts of powerful bombs, including fuel-air explosives, Napalm bombs 1  , and Massive Ordnance Penetrators 2  , which could wipe out any defenses in the world.

    Even an expert like Elena would not be able to get away if she were targeted by several supersonic and subsonic guided missiles. Putting aside small-scale nuclear weapons, fuel-air explosives, and armor-piercing shells, she would be injured even if an ordinary Tomahawk cruise missile were to hit her.

    If several tens of missiles were launched at one go, she would lose a layer of her skin even if she did not die. She could forget about getting close to the naval fleet as she would be blasted to her death before she could even get near.

    Even if Elena managed to find a chance to get close to the fleet and dashed up onto an aircraft carrier, it would be hard for her to cause any great damage.

    After all, the special steel used to create the aircraft carriers would be hard to destroy even with guided missiles. Even if Elena was given one hour to tear down the aircraft carrier with her bare hands, she might not necessarily be able to sink the aircraft carrier.

    At the thought of the Pacific Fleet that was several hundred kilometers away, Elena's heart felt extremely heavy.

    Then as all the extraordinary humans in the Douglas family fell silent, all the criminal organizations in Los Angeles gave up resisting. In the blink of an eye, the underworld empire that was just starting to rise up seemed as if it was going to collapse.

    However, while those in the middle and lower levels of the government were feeling very at ease and had absolute confidence, the many members of the upper echelons from the Department of Defense and the White House were burdened with worry.

    It was because they had gotten to know of Fang Xingjian's identity from the Dark Knight, so they now knew that Fang Xingjian was an extraordinary human who could rival against Son of God Caesar.

    The thing that the Dark Knight did not tell them was how Fang Xingjian was actually the suspected extraterrestrial life form that had been on the sun. However, just the fact that Fang Xingjian could rival against Son of God Caesar was already sufficient to place the United States' government on pins and needles. If they were to be told the truth, the Dark Knight was worried that the government's upper echelon would give up on resisting completely. If that were to happen, just dealing with the internal strife alone would waste a lot of time.

    As for why the extraterrestrial lifeform could take on the appearance of and disguised as a human, the Dark Knight and the others could not be bothered to look into it.

    To the ordinary humans, the government's current series of actions made it seem like they were ravaging and crushing the Douglas family with a great force.

    However, only the government knew that their actions were merely to kick up a fuss in an attempt to demonstrate their prowess, telling their opponents that they would not mind for both sides to perish together.

    After all, if they were really to fight with Fang Xingjian, the entire Los Angeles would be turned into ruins even if they could win against him. No one could accept such an end result.

    Therefore, the United States' government planned on joining forces with the Radiant Congress to pressure Fang Xingjian. This was why they had mobilized so much military forces and put up a great front.


    Over ten kilometers away from the manor, Tang Song, who possessed the celestial system, was observing the situation in the manor. 'Regardless of whether the decision is to fight or come to a truce, it'll be decided in these two days. How can I possibly miss out a great show like this?'

    Just as he was surveilling the manor with great excitement and curiosity, a black sedan stopped at the manor's gates. A string of black-clothed men walked out of the car. However, the next few people who appeared caused Tang Song's brows to twitch fiercely as he revealed an extremely grim countenance.

    'Dark Knight Peter, Son of God Caesar, and that's... Abyss Lord Suleiman? There's also a child and a woman... Who are they?'

    As a core member of the Crimson Alliance, Tang Song was very familiar with the strongest experts in this world. So, when he saw the Dark Knight, Caesar, and Suleiman, his eyes filled with astonishment.

    'What kind of joke is this? Any one of these three people possesses the power to destroy an entire country! To think that all of them are appearing together at once? It's just one Douglas family... Is there really a need to go this far?'

    Right now, Tang Song felt as if he had seen some kind of ultimate soldier-one who had kicked up a storm throughout the Middle East and massacred all of Africa-arriving at the capital city's kindergarten to bash up a young girl.

    'There's the Pacific Fleet outside, and three magnates from the Radiant Congress are inside. The Douglas family is doomed. Unless...' Tang Song's eyes narrowed, 'Unless the Douglas family's hidden power is enough to defeat them... But... is that possible?'

    At the thought of this, Tang Song smiled and shook his head. If the Douglas family could really pull off something like this and defeat the Radiant Congress' three magnates in addition to the Pacific Fleet, then they would basically have no problems with taking over the world. Tang Song did not believe that someone like this could appear in this world without any signs.

    Rather, while it was possible, the chances were extremely slim to the point of being negligible.

    As these thoughts flashed through Tang Song's mind, his eyes lit up. 'There isn't a high possibility that there's some kind of invincible expert. By the looks of it, it's more likely that they've gotten their hands on some kind of super weapon or treasure. So, with the impending military force, the government is trying to force the Douglas family to hand it over.'
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