Chapter 756: Struck Out

    Chapter 756: Struck Out

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    What did extraordinary humans hold in the highest regard? Power? Wealth? Their own strength?

    It was none of these. Their systems were all they held in the highest regard.

    As long as their systems were still around, even if they had lost everything, they could still reclaim it all.

    As long as their systems were still around, they would still have room for further improvement and bright futures before them.

    Their systems represented hope.

    So, having his system cut off made Tom feel as if his life had lost all hope.

    In actuality, Fang Xingjian had only cut off the Wolf God system from Tom. So, Tom retained the abilities he had gotten from the werewolves' physique, Ghost Wolves' physiques, and hellhounds' physiques through the system. He still possessed the power he had from before.

    However, having these were useless. It was because losing his system meant he had also lost all possibility of improving.

    Having his system cut off by Fang Xingjian made Tom feel as if his spine had been broken. He grovelled before Fang Xingjian, begging and imploring Fang Xingjian to return his system to him.

    'Relying on the system in the long term brings about endless confidence and strength. However, it seems that it's also because of this that when one's system is robbed from them, they would also break down faster than anyone else.'

    Fang Xingjian could not be bothered with Tom and kicked out, sending Tom flying several tens of meters away till he landed on the lawn outside the hall.

    Outside the lawn, the second generation huge wolf, that Fang Xingjian had captured as his watchdog, was groveling on the ground. Seeing the people passing by and hearing all the news that had been spreading around the past few days made him both excited and restless.

    His excitement was naturally because he could witness the downfall of the Douglas family.

    The restless feeling was, of course, because he would also targeted by the attacks.

    'I wonder how is Tom, my master?'

    Just as this huge wolf was thinking about his previous master, Tom landed on the lawn before him with a loud thud.

    The huge wolf immediately perked up and got to his feet. "Master? Are you here to save me?"

    However, how could Tom possibly care about him at this moment? Tom's mind was currently filled with the thought of how he had lost his system. Almost at the moment he landed on the ground, Tom scrambled up like a dog, crawled backed to the hall, and continued to kneel before Fang Xingjian.

    The huge wolf followed Tom and immediately saw a scene which he found unbelievable. 'My master...'

    Tom continued to stay sprawled on the ground while imploring, "I beg of you, please return my system to me. I promise that I'll never go against you or the Douglas family ever again. I'll do whatever you want me to."

    When the many extraordinary humans in the hall saw this scene, not only did they feel terrified, they also had the feeling of a fox mourning for the death of a hare. They also possessed systems of their own. So, they could not imagine how despaired they would be if they were to lose their systems despite retaining their current powers.

    However, those who had these thoughts did not include the three magnates from the Radiant Congress and Cyrus. The former three had determinations of steel, and having made progress for many years, they would still be as powerful and full of potential without their systems. The latter, on the other hand, hated his own system.

    However, the ability Fang Xingjian displayed of being able to seize systems still caused them to go on an emotional roller coaster.

    The one person who was the most terrified at the moment was Tang Song, who was still in Fang Xingjian's hands. Looking at Tom, Tang Song was also filled with despair. He thought of how it would feel worse than death to have his system robbed from him.

    However, the brows of the government representative furrowed deeply. Earlier on, he had put up a strong front using the name of the Pacific Fleet and nuclear weapons, giving great pressure to them. However, Fang Xingjian's series of action had easily weakened his stand. How could this be allowed?

    The government representative did not care how great Fang Xingjian's extraordinary powers were. He had the Pacific Fleet, nuclear weapons, and the strongest members amongst extraordinary humans-Son of God, the Dark Knight, and the Abyss Lord-backing him up. So, how could he possibly allow Fang Xingjian to take control of the situation?

    Therefore, he stepped out once again and said, "Mister Fang Xingjian, please do not attempt to change the topic. Right now, we have six aircraft carriers, 50,000 soldiers, and several hundred battleships from the Pacific Fleet located on the seas outside of Los Angeles. The entire US federal government are united as one and are already aiming the intercontinental ballistic missiles loaded with nuclear warheads toward this place."

    As he spoke, his breath puffed out from his nose, and he raised his head high, looking down on the others. "It just takes one word from you, Mister Fang. Are you going to fight? Or surrender?"

    Hearing his question, the atmosphere suddenly turned grim again.

    Caesar said through the quantum communicating device implanted in his head, "Don't we have to stop this? This guy probably has no fear toward Earth's military forces. If we were to anger him..."

    The Dark Knight said, "There's no need for now. I've seen his actions during this period of time. This guy isn't a lifeform that likes creating damage and acting recklessly. On the contrary, every of his actions are linked, heading toward a certain aim. Let's continue to watch on..."

    The many extraordinary humans behind Fang Xingjian fell silent. Although Fang Xingjian displayed an ability that could rob others of their systems, the Pacific Fleet and nuclear weapons did not have systems for him to seize.

    These were the strongest military forces of Earth's strongest country. They were an ultimate power that could put anyone on tenterhooks.

    The government's representative raised his head high. Based on his past experience, the leader of a small country or a powerful extraordinary human would be scared out of their wits and submitting to them by now.

    However, if Fang Xingjian was really like what the Dark Knight had said-that he possessed a power which would not lose out to Caesar-then he might not necessary be willing to surrender.

    This was the most crucial moment. Would Fang Xingjian submit under the pressure? The representative seemed extremely arrogant, but his eyes were fixed on Fang Xingjian, waiting for his reply.

    Even Tom and Tang Song were looking at Fang Xingjian anxiously, waiting for his reply.

    A hint of hope flashed in Tang Song's eyes. If Fang Xingjian were to submit, then he would have a chance of surviving and possibly even keeping his system. After all, the Crimson Alliance had always had a good relationship with the United States.

    The atmosphere was extremely heavy at the moment as everyone fell silent, waiting for Fang Xingjian's reply.

    Fang Xingjian tossed Tang Song out into a corner like a toy. Tang Song did not dare to try to escape and just stood there, watching Fang Xingjian walk to the hall's entrance under everyone's gaze.

    Looking toward the sea in the west, Fang Xingjian said, "The Pacific Fleet you people are talking about is in that direction, right?"

    The government official's brows twitched as he suddenly had an ominous feeling.

    He bellowed in a fierce voice, "What do you want to do? If you dare to wage war with our country, we have several hundred intercontinental ballistic missiles loaded with nuclear warheads ready to be launched. We, the United States, are not afraid to fight it out with you."

    "Nothing much," Fang Xingjian said indifferently, "It's just that I've never seen the Pacific Fleet before and want to take a look at what it's like."

    As Fang Xingjian spoke, he reached out his hand. In an instant, his arm which had the Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique suddenly swelled up.

    Back when Fang Xingjian was at the Northern Ice Region's icy mountains, his body which had been converted from martial had already been able to swell up to a size of about 100,000 meters.

    Right now, what level could Fang Xingjian attain?

    He reached out his hand casually, and in an instant, his arm stretched across the sky of Los Angeles, covering up the sunlight like a dark cloud in the sky. It then crossed the seas and dropped toward the Pacific Fleet.
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