Chapter 757: Annihilation

    Chapter 757: Annihilation

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    Wherever his palm passed by, all the streets of Los Angeles broke out in great commotion.

    Countless cars came to a stop, and people ran out from their homes, offices, clubs, and other places. They looked at the sky which had changed drastically, and their countenances turned pale.

    The people could not even tell that this was an arm. They could only tell that something had covered up the sky and that the starlight and moonlight had all disappeared.

    "God, is this the end of the world?"

    "Could this be the military's latest weapon?"

    "The moon has disappeared! What's going on?!"

    There was not even a need to mention the terror that was running through Los Angeles' streets. This was because when the palm crossed a distance of several hundred kilometers and covered up the skies above the Pacific Fleet, the soldiers on the ships did not look any better than the ordinary people.

    "What's that?"

    "Are those dark clouds?"

    "Is it a lunar eclipse?"

    "Prepare to fire!"

    The soldiers in the many battleships, aircraft carriers, and fighter aircrafts belonging to the Pacific Fleet saw the huge palm that covered up the skies, and many of them had no idea what it was.

    Although the upper echelons of the military had not figured out what this thing was, they immediately reacted and prepared themselves for battle.

    "Fire! Fire!"

    Overwhelming firepower shot up into the air and went blasting toward Fang Xingjian's descending palm.

    However, how big was Fang Xingjian's palm that was currently in the skies above the Pacific Fleet? Just the distance from his middle finger to the heel of his palm was already over 50 kilometers.

    This palm descended, and all the moonlight and starlight dissipated. The world instantly turned completely dark. As the palm came pressing down, an overwhelming force of air came plunging down like the skies had collapsed.

    Just the simple action of Fang Xingjian's palm pressing down had sent endless strong gales ramming into the surface of the sea, causing it to cave in. This created a tsunami that was over three meters tall which then crashed into the shores of the United States' West Coast.

    All sorts of destroyers 1  , battleships, and even aircraft carriers were swaying unsteadily due to the winds, and the people on the ships found it extremely hard to remain standing.

    The supersonic fighter aircrafts, helicopters, and drones in the sky flew about in the raging gales without a sense of direction.

    Many surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, and armor-piercing shells were launched into the sky. There was no need to aim at all as the entire stretch of sky was a target for attack. Large areas of flames dispersed in the sky like many fireworks.

    Unfortunately, these tiny sparks appeared too small and insignificant under the endless darkness. They were like hints of candlelight in a stadium.

    An all-out attack like this did not deal any damage to the dark shadow in the sky at all. It continued to press downward inch by inch, unaffected by the firepower.

    "Oh, Lord. What is this?"

    "What on earth are we fighting against?"

    A military officer gazed at the sky in a daze. He looked at the gradually descending dark shadow and said, stunned, "The sky is collapsing."

    The sky was really collapsing. To the 50,000 warriors of the Pacific Fleet, the scene before them was no different than having the world collapse on them. As the palm continued to press down, this invincible naval fleet-which reigned supreme across the Pacific Ocean, suppressing the Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean, and Australia-had completely collapsed.

    Countless people abandoned the battleships and jumped into the seas. The pilots in the fighter aircrafts also flew at rapid speed, attempting to escape from this endlessly deep darkness.

    However, at the next moment, violent martial will came surging down from the skies, throwing off all the naval soldiers from the ships and sending all the aircrafts in the skies to plunging into the seas.

    Then as the 50,000 soldiers of the naval force were thrown into the seas, Fang Xingjian clenched with his palm and grabbed the entire Pacific Fleet into his hands.

    He brought his hand in, shrinking his entire arm back. The skies returned to normal, leaving behind a large number of shocked and surprised citizens in Los Angeles, as well as the 50,000 naval soldiers in the seas stunned.

    Right now, at the entrance to the hall of the manor in Beverly Hills, Fang Xingjian drew back his palm and turned it over.

    He opened up his palm, and the Pacific Fleet, which he had compressed by over 1,000 times, appeared on it.

    The thing he held was the steel used to construct the all of the Pacific Fleet's battleships. He had used his unrivalled powers to forcibly compress all of them to become 1,000 times smaller.

    However, after having been forcibly compressed by 1,000 times, many of the structures inside, especially the engines, could no longer work. At the sight of the rising sparks on his palm, Fang Xingjian clenched his palm, gripping the entire Pacific Fleet in his hands.

    Fang Xingjian said indifferently, "Looks like it's going to explode."

    It wasn't going to just explode. The Pacific Fleet consisted of many nuclear-powered battleships and submarines. There were even miniature nuclear missiles in them.

    In addition to the arms and ammunitions loaded on them, the entire Pacific Fleet would explode with such a great prowess that ordinary people would not even dare to imagine.

    Boom! A stifled sound rang out from Fang Xingjian's palm like a muffled thunderclap rumbling in the skies. Fang Xingjian's palm shook a little and then a wisp of smoke emerged from his palm.

    When Fang Xingjian opened up his palm again, there was only ash on it.

    The entire Pacific Fleet had been annihilated.

    However, the people present had not seen the entire process. Therefore, most of them were still unable to react in time.

    Only the Dark Knight, who had been connected to the artificial intelligence Nicola, had watched everything through countless reconnaissance satellites.

    He wore a look of astonishment and said while looking at Fang Xingjian, "You... The thing you were holding in your palm earlier was the Pacific Fleet?"

    Hearing that, everyone present was in a state of disbelief. Fang Xingjian had stretched out his hand earlier, and it was true that he had displayed great might. However, saying that he had reached a distance of several hundred kilometers and grabbed the entire Pacific Fleet off the sea and into his hand... It was simply unbelievable. Everyone found it hard to accept this.

    However, Fang Xingjian nodded and answered, "That's right." Then he looked toward the government representative and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't expect that your naval force would be so weak. I just played with them a little and now they're spoiled."

    "Impossible." How could the government official believe this? Grabbing the Pacific Fleet in his hand... This sounded so much like a legend or myth.

    "How is such a thing possible? Stop trying to mystify and deceive us. Fang Xingjian, you think that you'll be able to deceive me with just this..."

    At this moment, the official's phone rang. Just as he picked it up, a string of curses rang out.

    'What's going on?

    "Did Fang Xingjian do that?

    "Earlier on, half of Los Angeles and several ten thousand kilometers of the sea's surface was covered up...

    "The Pacific Fleet has disappeared!

    "What on earth happened?!"

    The Dark Knight had already known the result and was now looking at Fang Xingjian with a gaze filled with helplessness. This move Fang Xingjian made did not seem as powerful as what he had displayed on the sun, but it demonstrated that both his control and skill were extremely high and simply unprecedented.

    The official dropped the cell phone in his hand as his face turned extremely pale. He looked at Fang Xingjian while shivering and tottering. Then the official fell and sat weakly on the ground, appearing to be in so much grief like mourning for the loss of his parents.
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