Chapter 764: Charlot

    Chapter 764: Charlot

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    With a flash, Fang Xingjian arrived in the workshop where Wang Xiaoyan and Fang Xingjian were located.

    The workshop was now completely different from before. Its walls and ceilings were spotlessly white, and there were laboratory tables placed neatly, looking just like a top notch laboratory in modern society.

    However, everything was still being controlled through Knights' powers, using ether particles as the source of all energy supply.

    Many Knight apprentices were in the laboratory, and from their clothings, it seemed as if they were all from Earth.

    Almost right at the moment Fang Xingjian appeared, he attracted the attention of everyone present. Fang Qian was the only one who quickly came over to him and started reporting on the situation of the Divine Weapon.

    "As you can see, we've brought in many scientists from Earth to study the integrating of scientific theories with the Knight system. However, the progress is too slow, especially since the research our world is conducting on strong and weak interactions is still superficial. It's too difficult if we wish to apply them into the forging of Divine Weapons."

    Fang Qian appeared troubled as she said these.

    Fang Xingjian nodded to show that he understood. It was true that ordinary people did not have the ability to observe the microscopic world, hence why the progress of the research in this area was far too slow.

    Fang Qian continued, "And the Panwu Heavenly Raiment is too sturdy, so it's hard to use ordinary means to reforge it. In order to modify it into a Divine Sword, we're still trying to make use of the power of the few Divine level experts in the academy."

    Fang Xingjian nodded. He understood how sturdy the Panwu Heavenly Raiment was. However, this time around, he had gotten to know a hint of the profoundness behind strong interaction forces. In addition to his understanding toward electromagnetic forces and gravity, it allowed for him to have a complete understanding toward physical structures.

    As such, he could now share it with them immediately, allowing them to use the information to forge the Divine Weapon.

    With a tap of Fang Xingjian's finger, all sorts of understandings about electromagnetic forces, gravity, and strong interaction forces were transmitted into Fang Qian's mind. When Fang Xingjian drew back his finger a few minutes later, Fang Qian's eyes were filled with excitement.

    Fang Qian asked in surprise, "Unbelievable. To think that your understanding of this world has reached such a level?"

    Fang Xingjian said, "When one has stepped into the Divine level, they would start to go deeper into the microscopic world. I'm now already able to reached the smallest degree of space. If I were to go deeper down, it'll be the ten-dimensional space where space and time are one.

    "Of course, this will be very helpful for probing into the microscopic world."

    However, Fang Qian was already immersed in the knowledge that Fang Xingjian had given her. "This is excellent. These things are too useful. This should be the real use of Divine level experts. If all the Divine level experts can come and help us in our research, we'll probably be able to push the current technology forward by several hundred or thousand years within just a few years."

    Fang Xingjian nodded as he knew that what Fang Qian said was right. One Divine level expert was comparable to a country. Be it their battle prowess, productivity, or research and probing abilities, they would far surpass several million, ten million, or even 100 million people.

    However, it was impossible to get them to help the development of ordinary people as because they needed to focus more on their own cultivation and battle prowess.

    A short moment later, Fang Qian immediately regained her senses and said to Fang Xingjian confidently, "With the help of these theories from you in addition to the assistance from the other few Divine level experts in the academy, the modifications for the Panwu Heavenly Raiment will probably be completed very soon.

    "This won't be all. We'll also attempt the integration of technology and ether particles. Once we succeed, we'll be able to create many more powerful weapons.

    "Artificial gravity, curvature engines, and even the transmission of quantum will all be possible!"

    Fang Xingjian said, "I'll be making a trip to the Imperial Capital. Once the modifications of the Panwu Heavenly Raiment are completed, send the Divine Sword to the Imperial Capital."

    "You're heading to the Imperial Capital?" Before Fang Qian's was done with being surprised, Fang Xingjian had already disappeared with a flash.

    Earlier on, he had already asked about the situation of the Second Prince's son. So, at present, his body had just turned into a stream of light sword, mixing with sunlight. He instantly crossed countless mountains and streams, arriving in the sky above the Imperial Capital.

    For a tier four Divine level expert like Fang Xingjian, the distances within the atmospheric level were no longer an issue.

    Fang Xingjian instantly arrived from the Great Western Region to the the sky above the Central Region's Imperial Capital. Looking down at the massive city with a population of several million people and that floating palace which was like the legendary heavens, a hint of wariness flashed on Fang Xingjian's face.

    He stepped into the spatial gaps and then darted toward the palaces on the ground.

    The palaces belonging to the Krieg royal family were in the sky. Floating in the sky throughout the day and night, they exuded a great feeling of glamor and awe. Just their existence alone could calm down the citizens and display the Krieg royal family's great power.

    However, the palaces in the sky belonged only to Alexander, and only he and his imperial consorts could stay in them.

    As for the other members of royalty, they all had their own palaces in the city on the ground.


    In the north of the city, there was a palace that appeared a little old. It was the Second Prince's palace in the Imperial Capital.

    Many rumors concerning the Second Prince were spread throughout the Imperial Capital. The most important one of them all was that the Second Prince did not seem to be fond of women.

    It was because till date, the Second Prince had only married one wife and had one son. Furthermore, he had not shown much concern to his wife and son over the years. Additionally, his son, Charlot, was the one with the weakest achievements amongst the many Princes 1  .

    Right now, in his chamber in the Second Prince's palace, Prince Charlot suddenly woke up from his dream, sweating profusely.

    He looked at the familiar ceiling and appeared to be in a slight daze.

    "So... it's only just a dream?

    "No... that's not right... It's definitely not simply a dream."

    At only the age of 14, Charlot could not help but recall the content of his dream. It was a very long and clear dream about what would happening over the next year.

    The many scenes appeared vividly before him, as if they were his real experiences.

    "Have I predicted the future? Or is it that the future me has been reborn to the present time? What on earth is happening?" Feeling that the memories in his dreams were too clear, he could not help but scratch his heavy head.

    "I remember that I was knocked out by Krol at the field and then sent back."

    Krol was the First Prince's eldest son and the strongest Prince amongst the third generation members of the royalty. He often bullied Charlot.

    "Later on, it seems like Morudo came over to check out my situation."

    At the thought of Morudo, a hint of hatred flashed across Charlot's face. Not only did this new steward bully Charlot who was his master, Morudo even often played tricks on him, subjecting Charlot to great hardships.

    Justs as he was thinking of this, a bald strong man in golden armor entered without announcing his arrival. He threw a cold glance at Charlot, who was on the bed, and said, "Prince, are you alright now? It's great that you're fine. There's still the monthly competition tomorrow, but since you're injured, I've applied leave for you. Please just have a good rest."

    Then just as Morudo finished his words, a series of turbulent waves rose in his mind.

    "Exactly the same? To think that what he said is exactly the same as what I recall from my dreams?" A gleam flashed in Charlot's eyes. "I remember it now. It was Teacher. Teacher sent me back to turnover the lost battle. I... have been reborn..."
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