Chapter 774: Going All Out

    Chapter 774: Going All Out

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    After Fang Xingjian's body turned into sword light, ordinary macroscopic attacks no longer had any effect. However, the Black Mage King soon saw through the principle behind this and came up with a way to counterattack.

    It was to use his strength in the microscopic domain, attacking Fang Xingjian's body which had turned into photons.

    Although photons sounded like particles, they were not really particles.

    The Black Mage King's attack appeared as if it was nothing amazing, but the force of his punch had taken effect on the microscopic level, far surpassing the degree of nanometer, femtometer, and picometer levels. The force of his punch turned into an invisible wave, striking Fang Xingjian's photons.

    As the fist and finger collided, cracks appeared on Fang Xingjian's sword finger for the very first time.

    At the next moment, the Black Mage King's kick arrived concurrently, flashing before Fang Xingjian and then getting blocked by the White Bone Short Sword's pierce.

    The White Bone Short Sword was instantly sent flying away, and the Black Mage King's clone immediately followed up with punches from both of his fists, striking toward Fang Xingjian's back.

    With a flash, the Red Mage King's feet brought along layers of air currents. Then as the entire golden palace hall tilted, he appeared next to Fang Xingjian and punched out toward Fang Xingjian's head.

    Instantly, the power of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation turned into streams of sword Qis, blocking the Red Mage King's fist. After the streams of sword Qis shattered, the Thunder Calamity put up a strong fight against the Red Mage King for one blow. Then both sides retreated.

    At the same time as when Fang Xingjian retreated, the Black Mage King gave chase and once again came punching down from above. His punch turned the entire golden palace hall into a vacuum state, and all the power gathered toward Fang Xingjian's photon body.

    The Black Mage King said coldly, "Fang Xingjian! Your protective means has already been broken through. Are you still going to forcibly try to hold out?"

    "Stop with the crap. Take another sword attack from me."

    At the next moment, the sword and fist collided, and the Black Mage King's fist shattered, scattering into the air. One chunk of Fang Xingjian's White Bone Sword also broke off with a kacha sound, turning into powder.

    "Let me devour him!" The Red Mage King let out a strange cry, and his fists flashed about repeatedly, descending toward Fang Xingjian like a meteor shower.

    "A beast-like creature wants to learn martial arts as well?" Fang Xingjian smirked, and the White Bone Short Sword he was holding, which had a chunk broken off, changed into the Thunder Calamity Longsword. As the sword pierced out, a myriad of light spots appeared on the Red Mage King's body, breaking through his body's surface and destroying the balance of his attacks.

    Fang Xingjian was about to follow up with more attacks when he sensed danger and moved away with a flash. The Black Mage King's clone had come stomping down from the sky. as it came into contact with the ground, it caused the entire golden palace hall to tremble furiously.

    The series of close combat movements the three of them displayed was surprisingly fast. Other than Fang Xingjian being able to cruise about as sword light, the two Mage Kings were also moving and reassembling at a speed that was similar to light speed.

    As the punches and kicks were launched, it was as if lightning had appeared. There was no way to observe the changing process, and all of them were relying on the senses from their Sudden Inspiration to attack and dodge.

    Moreover, unlike how the world underwent tremendous changes when Divine level experts exchanged blows, the trio's powers were all being gathered and competed with each other at the microscopic level. They clashed at an even more micro level as compared to physical particles, molecules, atoms, atomic nuclei, and electrons. From the appearance, it did not seem that the damaging forces were too astonishing.

    However, King Alexander, who was standing at the side, could see the attacks. He could observe through his martial will that with each time the three of them collided, violent powers would explode at a level that could not be seen by the naked eye.

    With each explosion of power, countless microscopic black holes would appear. These microscopic black holes would disappear after sustaining on for 0.0001 seconds. However, they would engulf countless ether particles and physical particles, causing the repercussions from the trio's battles to be almost completely engulfed, thus making the damaging prowess seem less great.

    With a bang , Fang Xingjian's fist collided into the Black Mage King's, and countless cracks flashed on his Heaven-Connecting Sword Physique.

    Amidst the rumbling sounds of crackling thunder, the Thunder Calamity slashed onto the flashing Red Mage King's body, sending him flying out once again.

    Then amidst the myriad of sword light, the two White Bone Swords transformed into a myriad of sword shadows and swept out toward the Black Mage King. However, they were struck by the Black Mage King's clone with a single punch. The space tremored, the microscopic world collapsed, and all of the sword shadows were sent flying out.

    When Alexander saw how the three of them attacked each other and yet Fang Xingjian was not showing any signs of weakness, he could not help but keep on gasping.

    'This kid is really too terrifying. He must be killed today. Otherwise, he'll be our nightmare in the future.'

    The eyelids of the Abyss Lord, who had sealed up the golden palace hall, also kept twitching. 'He must be killed. If he isn't killed, with his potential, who will be able to live on in the future?'

    Just as they were thinking of these, the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation suddenly exploded. The Instant Sword was activated, and an extremely deep mark seemed to slash through space and time. Then it appeared on the Black Mage King's body, forcing him to retreat.

    Although the Black Mage King's body recuperated at a rapid speed, this sword attack had taken the Black Mage King by surprise. "What kind of sword technique is this?"

    The Red Mage King was about to attack when he was covered up by a myriad of sword light. Simultaneously, the two White Bone Swords and the Abyss Sword performed Light Pursuit and All-Conquering respectively, turning into a myriad of sword shadows that surged toward him.


    After stopping both the Red Mage King and the Black Mage King in one go, Fang Xingjian slashed out toward Alexander with a flash while holding the Abyss Longsword.


    The Celestial Eradication Sword Formation exploded out, and an endless power was channeled into Fang Xingjian's body. The Abyss Longsword passed through a space of several hundred meters and appeared on Alexander's forehead with a flash.

    At this moment, Alexander knew that he had to go all out. Either he would be killed by Fang Xingjian's sword, or Fang Xingjian would be pushed back and killed by the two Mage Kings.

    If he could hang on, they would definitely be able to win this battle.

    At this instant, streams of blue flames started burning both within and outside his body. Each stream of flames was like crystals wrapping up his entire body.

    Simultaneously, the entire golden palace hall was also lit up in flames. The two auras seemed to have been completely integrated and turned into one.

    At this moment, Alexander had finally activated the final protective formation in the golden palace hall, becoming one with the golden palace hall and sharing all of the damages he received with it.

    The entire palace hall had been built by the Krieg royal family after depleting countless amounts of materials and setting up an endless number of formations over two hundred years. Even after the series of intense battles earlier and even after suffering from the Red Mage King's consecutive stomps, the palace hall had only tilted and had not broken. From this point, one could tell how sturdy this golden palace hall was.

    Moreover, as the palace hall was situated in the Divine Country, the damages would also be split between the Abyss Lord and Alexander's Divine Country.

    "Come on, Fang Xingjian! We shall see who among us will be the first to perish!"

    Alexander's martial will bellowed furiously. Then at the next moment, it clashed against the Abyss Longsword.
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