Chapter 779: Interference from the Church

    Chapter 779: Interference from the Church

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    "Hmph, how can my means be something which you guys can possibly imagine?" True Lord Qingshan said calmly. "Last night, I fought against Fang Xingjian in the Imperial Capital and forced him to retreat. I'm just worrying that he won't dare to fight against me. It'd be best if he dares to come.

    "And since I'm going to help you guys, it's natural that I can't possibly just recover your cutivation."

    As he spoke, an unusually profound and skillful martial technique flowed out from True Lord Qingshan's will, integrating into their minds.

    "This is the ultimate martial arts I created- Tetrad Supremacy, Double Dominance, Sole Eradication 1  . After you cultivate this, you'll naturally have the means to put up a fight against Fang Xingjian."

    The Tetrad Supremacy, Double Dominance, Sole Eradication was the ultimate martial arts True Lord Qingshan had previously exchanged from the system. He had previously given Tian Yi the Tetrad Supremacy and Double Dominance, allowing him to put up a short fight against Fang Xingjian.

    Now, True Lord Qingshan handed even the Sole Eradication to the two princes. This technique allowed one to use macro means to affect the microscopic world. With a punch, microscopic particles would collide and explode, annihilating everything as their energies disintegrated. Each punch would be able to unleash the prowess of a positron cannon 2  .

    Therefore, it meant that each punch would unleash a power that was 100 or even 1,000 times stronger than before. As long as one became increasingly skillful in the technique, the more microparticles and waves would be affected, and the prowess of this fist technique would grow even higher. There was no limit as to how much the prowess of this fist technique could be raised.

    This ultimate destructive martial arts could repress Fang Xingjian even in light form. Now, in order to exact vengeance on Fang Xingjian, True Lord Qingshan imparted this entire martial technique to the two prince.

    However, this was still not enough.

    Looking at the two princes who had closed their eyes and were comprehending martial arts, True Lord Qingshan said coldly, "Can these two good-for-nothings be used? They've been defeated by Fang Xingjian so many times that I feel they won't be of much help even if I make them stronger."

    As a soft laugh rang out, Chaos Witch Lamia floated out like a wisp of smoke. She stayed somewhere that only True Lord Qingshan could see and said, "These two people are favored by the gods and have been chosen by the timeline. They are main characters who have endless destiny gathered upon them.

    "Fang Xingjian defeated them repeatedly, but this also pushed their destinies to a type of limit. The next time they battle will be their last. Either they will die, or Fang Xingjian will die. It will also cause an explosion of an unprecedented destiny of great intensity.

    "For example, now..."

    As they spoke, a bright light shone down from the skies, coming down as a series of hymns and holy music rang out.

    Under True Lord Qingshan's astonished gaze, it was as if the countless rays of light had lives of their own. They became a small light figure with wings, flying and dancing about in the sky. Sending down large areas of light spots, they brought about a great holy aura.

    True Lord Qingshan snorted coldly, "What an ostentation."

    At the next moment, a figure that was completely encompassed in white light descended from the skies, stepping onto void space as if he was stepping on invisible stairs. Wherever he passed by, countless light spirits would appear while hymns and holy music would ring out. It was as if the entire world was singing about him, giving praise to him.

    True Lord Qingshan said calmly, "Someone from the Church? Is he a Saint? Or a Guardian King?"

    The Chaos Witch smiled and said, "This person is one of the three magnates in the Church at the moment, the leader who takes charge of divine punishment-the Phenomenal Saint."

    True Lord Qingshan thought, 'He's the Phenomenal Saint who is one of the three great Saints?'

    Entirely covered in an intense light, the Phenomenal Saint was floating one inch off the ground like it was beneath him to come into contact with the ground. His gaze swept upon the two princes and True Lord Qingshan, revealing no emotion as if these three people were no different from anyone else in this world.

    From the beginning till the end, he only said one thing.

    "You must kill Fang Xingjian."

    After saying this, streams of golden runes flashed in void space, turning into ribbons of runes that encompassed the three people present.

    "Don't move." Chaos Witch Lamia stopped True Lord Qingshan's resistance. "He is using white magic to strengthen your abilities."

    "Strengthen abilities?" True Lord Qingshan revealed an displeased look. "He's very arrogant."

    The Chaos Witch explained, "It's not arrogance but that he doesn't know how to interact with others. In order to pursue the power of the God of Universal Truth, he blinded himself at the age of ten, destroyed his ears at the age of 12, and plucked out his tongue at the age of 15. At the age of 18, he requested for the Guardian King to seal up his sense of smell and touch as well.

    "He did all these so that he could better sense the existence of the God of Universal Truth.

    "He is a complete lunatic. The amount of time he spends interacting with other people in a year can be counted in seconds.

    "Using the tremors in the air to create a voice and say that one sentence earlier was already his limit."

    Hearing about what this Phenomenal Saint had experienced, True Lord Qingshan could not help but feel shocked. Although he refused to admit it, he knew he himself was a lunatic.

    However, this Phenomenal Saint was over ten times crazier than him. To think that in a situation where his five senses were gone-where he had no sense of hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste-this person could still cultivate and fight. What kind of willpower did the Phenomenal Saint have?

    Just the thought of it alone made True Lord Qingshan feel a little terrified.

    The Chaos Witch sighed and said, "It's because of his strong focus that he's able to obtain the great achievements he has today.

    "Within the Church of Universal Truth, he's the person who has mastered the most Universal Truth Divine Arts, or white magic as you call it."


    Three days later, in a small town located to the south of the Empire.

    Charlot looked extremely bored as he sat on the streets. He watched the passing merchants, farmers, and Knights with helplessness reflected on his face. 'To think that I haven't been able to find them after all this while. Could it be that the two Guardian Kings rushed over here at light speed at the end when the ritual started?

    'But even if that's the case, they would need to at least leave behind a clone or a subordinate to report the situation to them, right? Otherwise, how could they possibly have received such accurate information?'

    However, a short moment later, he broke into a confident smile. 'But they are Divine level experts after all. It's already within my expectations that I'm unable to find them. What I've been doing over these few days should already have attracted their attention.'

    Although he had not found any traces of the Guardian Kings, Charlot had relied on the experience from his previous life to leave behind the secret signs of the Church of Universal Truth in the town so as to lure them out.

    In the memories from his previous life, he had been chased down by them and thus was very familiar with the many hidden signs of the Church of Universal Truth.

    Just as Charlot was thinking about this, everything before him turned black, and he completely lost consciousness.

    When he woke up, he was seated in a small dark room. A middle-aged man looked at him coldly and said, "Where did you learn these hidden signs and marks?"

    Charlot smiled. "You guys should know that the Empire's King Alexander is currently preparing for the evil god summoning ritual, right?"

    The middle-aged man's countenance changed as he asked, "Who are you?"

    "My Master is Fang Xingjian. We're trying to contact your side so that we can come together to stop the ritual."

    "Fang Xingjian? That Fang Xingjian who is evenly matched with Alexander?" The middle-aged man said with a frown.

    Simultaneously, he started contemplating, "The Church is currently in a state of internal chaos, and we're still fretting that we won't have enough forces to dispatch and stop this ritual. If that Fang Xingjian is really as the rumors say and is able to go up against Alexander, then this will reduce our burdens.

    'With that, I'll also be free to deal with the people from the Mage Association.'
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