Chapter 782: Advancing to the Center

    Chapter 782: Advancing to the Center

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    The group assessed the situation from a kilometer away for a very long while, but they were still unable to discover the profoundness within. Instead, after seeing batches of people entering the light screen, they finally summoned their courage and came up to the light screen.

    The four of them probed a little, and even Charlot put up an act as if he did not know anything. In the end, their greed got the better over their rational, and Yue Shan's group decided to step into the light screen in turn.

    However, before entering, Yue Shan tried to persuade Yue Xianru, "Xianru, we don't know the situation inside. You better wait for us outside."

    Yue Xianru held Yue Shan's hand and shook it, acting in a spoiled manner. "Father, don't be like this. Bring me in as well. You're a level 29 Conferred Knight and ordinary experts won't be a match for you. Moreover, it's more dangerous for me to be alone outside."

    Yue Shan gave it some thought and felt it made sense. Moreover, he could not reject his cute daughter's request and shook his head, smiling bitterly. Thinking of how he would protect his daughter even at the risk of his own life, he eventually brought Yue Xianru together with him.

    Upon entering the formation, the group felt as if the world was spinning, and time and space seemed to have become extremely chaotic. A topsy turvy Imperial Capital was presented before them at the next moment.

    The entire Imperial Capital looked completely different. The streets were so messy that it was as if there were many mazes, and there were houses and walls that seemed to have been forcibly put together. The entire Imperial Capital now looked like a strange dreamland from someone's dreams.

    Charlot knew that the entire Imperial Capital had been dragged outside of the timeline by the Purple Mage King, turning into an existence that was like an alternate world.

    Even with their Sudden Inspiration, the experts outside the Imperial Capital were unable to sense the situation inside.

    "There's no need to worry," Charlot said. Then he explained, "Although it seems as if there are changes, I have carefully observed the place. The main structure of the Imperial Capital hasn't changed. I'll still be able to find the treasury.

    "Follow me."

    Therefore, under Charlot's lead, the group continued to advance deeper to the center of the Imperial Capital. On their way, they also came across other people, but thankfully, with Yue Shan around, ordinary Knights and Conferred Knights did not raise their hands against them.

    A few minutes later, Yue Shan's countenance suddenly changed. "Stop!"

    Everyone looked at him, feeling puzzled. However, Yue Shan looked toward a small alley at the side. Under everyone's surprised gaze, a white-haired elderly walked out slowly. There were slightly distorted space ripples next to the old man, displaying his massive powers.

    Additionally, there were faint sounds like the roars of lions and tigers ringing out in his body continuously.

    Yue Shan half knelt down and said, "Paying respect to Senior Beast God 1  ."

    Clyde's and Yue Xianru's countenances also changed, and they half knelt down, saying, "Paying respect to Lord Beast God."

    Seeing that Charlot was still standing there, Yue Xianru quickly pulled him down and said, "Why are you in a daze? This is the Eastern Sand Region's Lord Beast God, the leader of the Myriad Beast Hall. He's a Demigod at four tiers of perfection."

    The old man who was addressed as Beast God threw a glance at the few of them before saying, "So it's Yue Shan. Hmph, on the account of your father, I'll let this pass..."

    Simultaneously, his glance swept onto Yue Xianru, and he grinned, "Yue Xianru? You're really becoming more and more beautiful. You're really true to the name of being one of the Five Gold Flowers of the Eastern Sand Region."

    As Yue Xianru had a cute appearance and her aptitude in cultivation was not bad, she was termed as one of the Eastern Sand Region's Give Gold Flowers together with four other Knight beauties. She was the dream lover of many young Knights.

    As he spoke, Beast God disappeared from their sights.

    Yue Shan let out a long exhale, "Thank goodness, thank goodness. This Beast God is getting increasingly terrifying. He probably will be able to attain a breakthrough to the Divine level any time now."

    Yue Xianru exclaimed, "He'll be able to attain a breakthrough to the Divine level at any time now?"

    Clyde nodded while saying, "Beast God is ranked top five amongst the experts in our Eastern Sand Region. Although he keeps himself in seclusion most of the time, his cultivation hasn't been lagging behind. And after the world's metamorphosis, his cultivation has improved in leaps and bounds. It's said that the reason he hasn't reached the Divine level yet is because he wish to reach five tiers of perfection and enter the unprecedented realm before striving for the Divine level."

    Yue Xianru's tender face frowned, and she said, a little worried, "Even he has come? It seems like the evil god ritual has really gathered many people here. Father, are we still going to go on?"

    A hint of hesitation appeared on Yue Shan's face.

    Charlot quickly persuaded, "There's no need to worry. The Imperial Capital is very big, and it won't be so easy to come across experts. Moreover, the treasury that we're heading to is well-hidden, so we won't have much chances of encountering those unrivalled experts."

    Under Charlot's persuasion, the group was eventually still tempted by the treasury and once again advanced into the depths of the Imperial Capital.

    However, Beast God's appearance was like a signal to them. The group encountered more and more experts. They even saw many Conferred Knights and even Demigods fighting each other.

    Terrifying thunderbolts cut across the sky, and explosive fist force shattered large areas of the streets. Many buildings were sent flying into the sky...

    "Lightning King! Are you thinking of making an enemy out of our Flying Clouds Peak?"

    "Crimson Hands, handover the Dark Spirit Grass and I'll spare your life!"

    Enrage bellows and arrogant cries rang out as many battles broke out in the Imperial Capital. Charlot knew that it was because Alexander had scattered a large amount of the royal family's priceless treasures all over the Imperial Capital. By doing so, countless experts would break out in fights over the treasures. Alexander and the others were planning on making use of the experts' hatred, killings, and sacrifices to increase the ritual's success rate.

    The group carefully passed through the many battlefields under Charlot's guide. Sometimes, when they encountered ordinary Conferred Knights, they were also able to chase them off with Yue Shan's capabilities.

    The many battles caused them to feel increasingly apprehensive and even Yue Xianru could not help but want to retreat. However, she was stopped by Yue Shan. Having come this far, neither himself nor Clyde would be able to accept it if they did not bring back some things for themselves.

    However, Charlot knew that even if they wished to go back now, it was already too late.

    Three hours later, the group finally arrived before a circular translucent crystal. The huge mirror-like translucent crystal was placed flat down on an altar.

    Under Charlot's lead, the group stepped onto the crystal on the altar and instantly turned into a bolt of lightning, disappearing in the air.

    When they came back to their senses, they had already appeared on a huge white square. It was unknown what the white square was made from, but it appeared to be endless, and there was only the square under their feet which seemed to be made from jade.

    In the middle of the square, a red vortex was spinning continuously, looking just like a vortex which had been formed from the condensation of an endless amount of blood.

    Below the blood-colored vortex, there was an old man dressed in golden robes with long sleeves that hung down to the ground, covering his hands entirely. He was wearing a golden crown, and his long beard drooped all the way to his chest.

    Many distorted shadows darted out from behind the old man. Those shadows appeared very similar to him, as if they were him during his childhood, his youth, his middle-aged years, and his elder years.

    This old man was the strongest expert in the Gold Robed faction and the person at the peak of gold faction black magic-the Gold Mage King.
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