Chapter 784: Engulf

    Chapter 784: Engulf

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    The ground was already covered with mountains of corpses and rivers of blood.

    The School of Sword Arts' Supreme Chief Heng Tianxiao stood amidst the pools of blood as he looked at the figure before him in great despair.

    Even though he had already stepped into tier two of the Divine level and even though he could already move at akin to light speed, he still could not esense any hint of hope.

    It was because the monster before him was even faster and stronger than him.

    Inside this formation in the Imperial Capital-in this alternate world that was independent from the timeline-he was like a canary that was trapped in a bird cage, unable to even escape.

    Standing before Heng Tianxiao, the Red Mage King smiled. With his thick finger, he gently poked off a Conferred Knight's parietal skull bones and sucked up the brain tissue like he was slurping up soup.

    However, the Red Mage King's eyes shone with a hint of greed as he continued throwing occasional glances toward the Sword Slash of the Secular World in the sky.

    Seeing that the Red Mage King did not pay him any heed, Heng Tianxiao's gaze flashed with a hint of sharpness and he disappeared with a swoosh. His body shattered into powder as his martial will turned into a light wave and flew out.

    "Go on! Escape! Cry! Bawl!"

    The Red Mage King laughed out loud as if he was teasing his prey and then gave chase with a swoosh. With each step he took, myriad air currents were brought up, and with each dash he made, his body continued to compress space, bringing along distortions. He did not move at a speed akin to light speed and instead continued to chase Heng Tianxiao unhurriedly just like a cat teasing a mouse.

    It was because no matter how fast Heng Tianxiao was, there was nowhere he could escape to in this cage that was independent from the timeline.

    Seeing that Heng Tianxiao and the Red Mage King had left, the Sword Slash of the Secular World smiled and thought, 'Escape, find a way to survive, no matter what...'

    At the next moment, an extremely intense attracting force came from the Black Mage King's body, continuously sucking the Sword Slash of the Secular World's body into it.

    Meanwhile, seething sword intents were being transmitted out from Heng Tianxiao's body. This tier three Divine level expert let out a enrage bellow, and his body started to seethe.

    At tier three of the Divine level, one's martial will and physical body were condensed into one as a forged body called the conjured physique. At this level, one could continue existing for a very long time even if they were to create many clones. It would be unlike how the martial will that they split out from themselves would have to stay in the body of another person.

    A tier two Divine level expert could move at akin to light speed, and a tier three Divine level expert possessed a conjured physique. They could create clones easily like Fang Xingjian had done. Then at tier four of the Divine level, one would be able to have the premonitions from the Sudden Inspiration.

    The higher the tier, the harder it was to kill a Divine level expert.

    As the Abyss Lord had been staying in the palace, he ended up garnering too much confidence and a sense of security. Additionally, he had been unwilling to deplete his power to create clones, yet he still received shared damages with Alexander. If it had not been because of these, the Abyss Lord would not have been killed by Fang Xingjian with a single sword attack.

    Till date, the Abyss Lord was the only tier three or higher Divine level expert that Fang Xingjian had killed. Even though he had killed the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord twice, he had not been able to wipe out all of the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord's consciousness.

    It was because the means a Divine level expert had to save their own lives were stronger with each tier increase.

    An existence like the Sword Slash of the Secular World had known just how brutal this battle would be. Thus, before the great battle, he left behind and concealed a clone of his conjured physique.

    Despite this, his main body still held 99% of his powers, and after his death, he sustained great injuries. It would take a very long time before he would be able to return to this level of cultivation all over again.

    Right now, the Sword Slash of the Secular World knew that he was unable to keep this conjured physique, so he decided to unleash all of his sword intents explosively. Countless cracks appeared on his conjured physique, and endless sword intents darted out from them.

    "Black Mage King, it won't be long before I come back to look for you!"

    "I hope that you'll still be as delicious the next time."

    At the sight of this scene, the Black Mage King smirked, opened his mouth, and engulfed the Sword Slash of the Secular World entirely. At this moment, his body suddenly swelled up like countless sharp swords were bursting outward from inside his body, wanting to impale it.

    However, no matter how much his body swelled up and expanded, it showed no signs of being damaged.

    'For black faction black magic, the best thing isn't a physical body that continues to get stronger nor an inferior clone but that it is able to engulf power itself.'

    The Black Mage King sensed as the Sword Slash of the Secular World he engulfed continued to be depleted, and he broke into a satisfied smile.

    This was Black faction black magic. The ability he possessed was to continuously engulf other life forms to strengthen himself. In comparison to the process of strengthening, his strongest ability is to engulf. It was because no matter what kind of life form it was, as long as they were swallowed into his stomach, they could only end up being digested.

    In other words, the Black Mage King had yet to encounter a living creature he could not eat.

    The Black Mage King felt that the best thing about this evil god summoning ritual was that he would be able to eat his fill and let his abilities grow tremendously.

    'Fang Xingjian should be about ready...'

    Licking his lips, the Black Mage King looked toward the Conferred Knights in some other locations and thought, 'I'll need to hurry up as well...'


    On the white jade square, the Gold Mage King looked at Charlot. Under countless astonished gaze, the Gold Mage King said, "The two of you Guardian Kings have yet to see Fang Xingjian before, right?"

    Faced with the Gold Mage King's question, Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes frowned. He could not really understand the intention behind the Gold Mage King's words.

    However, with a flash, the Gold Mage King appeared before Charlot.

    Seeing the sudden appearance of this legendary expert so close, Yue Shan, Clyde, and Yue Xianru were all unable to move nor did they dare to resist.

    In their eyes, an existence like the Gold Mage King was like the gods in the heaven. How could they possibly dare to resist?

    Clyde even shuddered and quickly said, "Lord Mage King, this guy was the one who brought us here. We have no intentions of going up against you at all nor have we ever thought of stopping the progression of the ritual."

    Yue Shan glared at Clyde, looking at him with a gaze full of disgust.

    However, when had the Gold Mage King paid any heed to them? He merely looked at Charlot and then gently patted him on the shoulder. With a smile, he said, "He's there, right?" With a tap, he slowly thrust his finger toward Charlot's head, but his tone still remained very warm. "Since he's unwilling to come out, then let me invite him out."

    Seeing this scene, Yue Shan's gaze struggled for a moment but still ended up filled with helplessness. The eyes of a naive young lady like Yue Xianru also flickered, finding this a little hard to bear.

    Everyone present did not think that a nameless young man would be able to survive facing the Gold Mage King. Even the two Guardian Kings did not understand what the Gold Mage King was trying to do.

    However, at the next moment, a piercing sword light shot out from Charlot's head, clashing fiercely with the Gold Mage King's finger.

    In that instant, there seemed to be countless micro black holes that appeared and then disappeared in the microscopic world. Under everyone's astonished gaze, he turned into a light figure and appeared on the white jade square.

    The Gold Mage King flashed and returned to the spot under the blood-colored vortex. The corners of his lips revealed a hint of a smile.

    Not long after Fang Xingjian appeared, the gazes of the two Guardian Kings-the Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration-changed, revealing disbelief, surprise, and blatant killing intent.

    "Despicable traitor! Die!"
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