Chapter 787: Split Up

    Chapter 787: Split Up

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    At this moment, Audrey's brows were slightly furrowed as she looked dazedly at a small pot of flower in the courtyard.

    Audrey still appeared very charming. Her fair complexion was like white snow, and her big eyes were trembling slightly, looking like a lake by grassy plains.

    She was wearing a fur coat with leather pants and boots. Her long black hair came draping down over her shoulders, making her appear extremely charming and graceful with an indescribable sense of sexiness. This sight would be a lethal attraction for anyone.

    However, when faced with a beauty like this, the First Prince still did not have any hint of hesitation. He used the God of the Universal Truth's power to push forth the Three Worlds' Eradication, smashing out a punch toward Audrey without holding back.

    Be it the First Prince or the Fifth Prince, their current fist arts did not seem to have any aura to them, with their fist cutting across the air like an ordinary punch.

    However, they were the only ones who knew that with the fist arts True Lord Qingshan had imparted to them and with the reinforcements from the Phenomenal Saint, they would possess a destructive prowess which could target the microscopic world for the next three punches at least.

    From the initial nuclear missile level impact to the eventual ripples of spatial distortions and then the effect onto the microscopic world... the destructive prowess of a Divine level expert grew stronger as the tier increased. Simultaneously, they also appeared increasingly ordinary.

    However, the First Prince was deeply intoxicated by the power he had at the microscopic level. Compared to his attacks in the past which would either destroy mountains and incinerate or distort seas at every occasion, the damaging prowess of such microscopic level attacks was now many times stronger.

    The ordinary-looking punch got closer to Audrey inch by inch. Just like a hand that was about to break off a flower, it was about to wipe out Audrey's existence.


    In the sky above the Great Western Region Regional Academy, True Lord Qingshan's actions were greater than the others'.

    It was because for Alexander and the other two princes, their attacks with microscopic level destructive forces were unable to affect a larger scale. In order to achieve that kind of destructive prowess, they needed to have their powers take effect on a very small scale.

    However, True Lord Qingshan did not care about this and directly set up the Duality Minute Formation.

    Almost instantly, the entire Great Western Region Regional Academy was encompassed by the Duality Minute Formation. Before everyone could even react to this change, two streams of air currents-light and darkness, left and right, up and down, clear and murky-appeared in void space.

    At the next moment, chaotic air currents extended out in all directions, wanting to cover up the entire Regional Academy.

    True Lord Qingshan was intending to annihilate the entire academy with a single strike, wiping it and the people within it off the map.

    'Fang Xingjian is too difficult to deal with. Even if I can gain the upper hand in a battle against him... With his ability to take on a light form, move at light speed, and his Sudden Inspiration, there's nothing I can do if he wishes to escape.

    'But what about now? Fang Xingjian, you can try to escape.'


    In the sky above the Imperial Capital, the Chaos Witch's eyes revealed a gaze filled with of great wisdom.

    The evil god summoning ritual and the Purple Mage King's formation had been set up in the sky above the Imperial Capital. These two things had stripped the entire Imperial Capital out from the timeline.

    This meant that the killing intents and malicious intents of Alexander and the others hiding in it could not be sensed by Fang Xingjian's Sudden Inspiration.

    During the first moment of when they returned to this world, there would be two possibilities.

    The least likely one was that Fang Xingjian would not have left any clones outside and all of his powers had entered the area of the ritual. In that case, he would be unable to sense the dangers threatening the universe from within the ritual.

    The most likely possibility was that Fang Xingjian would have left some clones outside and only a part of his powers had entered the formation. In this case, Fang Xingjian would definitely be able to sense the ill intent and the dangers that his subordinates were facing.

    By this time, the four Divine level experts would have all arrived at different locations at light speed, attacking fiercely. Then if Fang Xingjian wished to stop the four of them, he would have to split his powers into four.

    Moreover, because these four people had attacked Fang Xingjian's subordinates directly, if Fang Xingjian wished to stop them, he would have to stop their attacks and go against the four of them head-on.

    Ultimately, this meant Fang Xingjian would definitely be forced to split up his powers in order to go against his enemies.

    With that, the ritual would be able to progress smoothly. The Guardian Kings would be stopped by Fang Xingjian, and Fang Xingjian's powers would be greatly depleted or even dealt with a great blow. In the Chaos Witch's opinion, this would be the perfect result.

    As for whether Fang Xingjian would be bothered by his subordinates' life or death...

    'He will. He definitely will...' The Chaos Witch smiled. 'His emotions are sealed, so he acts purely by imitating the actions of other human'. It's too easy to predict the actions of a person like this. Since he is almost emotionless, everything he does is differentiated by right or wrong.

    'If his subordinates are attacked, he will have to save them. This is the ideal action that humans would take.

    'And when he is imitating such behavior, he will not choose a second option.'

    However, just then, the Chaos Witch's expression suddenly froze as she looked at the Purple Mage King and Lilia who had just crawled out slowly from the ritual. Her eyes flashed with an uncertain doubt.


    Simultaneously, Fang Xingjian, who was in the sky ten thousand meters above the Central Region, also sensed the presence of danger.

    He was unable to find out what was happening in the ritual's formation because it was already an existence that was outside this universe's timeline.

    However, he could clearly sense four waves of danger suddenly appearing.

    'Lan Yue... Jacob... Audrey... and... the entire Regional Academy are all in danger.'

    Almost at the instant Alexander and the other three stepped out from the formation, Fang Xingjian sensed danger. Then when the four of them had arrived at their destinations at light speed, Fang Xingjian did not hesitate to split his powers once again.

    This time around, in order to interfere with the evil god summoning ritual, he had naturally left behind a clone. It was because from the moment Charlot told him about being reborn, he had already started to have doubts.

    Therefore, he had never completely trusted in Charlot's story of having been reborn.

    Still, regardless of how much he doubted it, he still had to split a part of his powers and send it into the formation to find out what was going on.

    He had separated out 50% of his powers. It was because to Fang Xingjian, 50% of his powers was a relatively safer number. He judged that 50% of his powers would allow him to escape no matter how what kind of group attacks he were to face.

    In the meantime, he left the two Divine Swords-the Thunder Calamity and Abyss-as well as the two White Bone Swords outside, in preparation to provide assistance for any incidents that might occur at any moment.

    Faced with the four waves of danger happening at the same time, Fang Xingjian naturally chose to stop all of them. This was the principle behind his actions. There was no hesitation or consideration, only yes or no.

    Since he was going to save all of them, not intending to sacrifice a single one, he split up his powers once again. The 50% powers he had left behind was once again split into four sections.

    20% of his powers went to the Great Western Region to stop True Lord Qingshan, 20% of his powers went to the Xingwu Region to stop Alexander. The remaining 10% of his powers went to the Northern Ice Region, where it was further split into two parts of 5% to stop the First Prince and the Fifth Prince respectively.

    The four sections of his powers were split up at almost the same instant the four people appeared. Then they also appeared in the three regions at almost the same time as the four people.
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