Chapter 789: New Sword

    Chapter 789: New Sword

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    The Celestial Eradication Sword Formation was the strongest power that Fang Xingjian possessed at the moment.

    After unleashing the powers of his sword formation and combining them with his sword arts realm, he could even slash and kill a tier five Divine level expert, just like what he had done in the great battle in the palace previously.

    Currently having split up his powers, the Fang Xingjian in the Great Western Region only had 20% of his overall powers. However, after activating the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation, his battle prowess was still unrivalled.

    This was what Fang Xingjian relied on. As long as he could defeat True Lord Qingshan here, he could then regain the power he sent here and use it to settle the other three ongoing battles.

    It was also because True Lord Qingshan's power was too strong that Fang Xingjian had to bring the sword formation here. Otherwise, the entire academy would have been wiped out in an instant.

    Majestic sword Qis soared into the sky, and the powers of all physical particles and ether particles were unleashed explosively within an area of 100,000 meters. The All-Conquering sword intents soared into sky and collided fiercely with the Duality Minute Formation's chaotic air currents.

    On one side was the All-Conquering Sword which could slash through light waves and martial will.

    On the other side was an attack that could use chaotic air currents to wipe out everything material and turn it all into energy.

    When the two collided, the myriad of sword intents in the sky kept on shattering and the chaotic air currents also disappeared at rapid speed. Both sides were attacks that had reached the microscopic level, sending their powers deep into the microscopic world. They were evenly matched.

    There seemed to be crackling sounds ringing out continuously in the air, as if an endless number of glass pieces were being shattered and yet also like the earth's crust was tremoring deep down. Additionally, thunderclaps rumbled in the silence.

    Even an ordinary person would be able to sense an extremely terrifying power exploding out in the depths of space.

    "Again!" The chaotic air currents that filled up the sky trembled incessantly. Unable to achieve his goal with a single blow, the killing intent in True Lord Qingshan's eyes grew even more intense. The potential that Fang Xingjian displayed was far too terrifying. Moreover, at present, he no longer had his system. This meant that if he could not kill Fang Xingjian today, he would probably be unable to kill Fang Xingjian forever.

    The chaotic air currents turned into a fist in a size capable of encompassing the entire academy. This overwhelming and formidable fist came smashing down together with True Lord Qingshan's movements.

    If this fist were to land a hit, it could turn the entire academy into dust. Then the energy converted from the destruction of the material existences would be able to blow up a large part of the Great Western Region into the skies.

    Faced with this terrifying attack, Fang Xingjian's countenance turned extremely grim. The Abyss, Thunder Calamity, and White Bone Swords trembled intensely. The four swords swung about, turning into a terrifying sword shadow which could be compared to the appearance of Mount Everest.

    Fang Xingjian could not perform Light Pursuit and Infiltrating Void because if he were to avoid True Lord Qingshan's attack, then the academy under his feet would turn into smithereens.

    Therefore, he could only activate the All-Conquering Sword. Bring along a sword shadow which was like a great mountain, it pierced out toward the huge fist with an aura that seemed to be able to split the heavens from the earth.

    The sword tip and the fist collided fiercely together, and strong gales instantly swept through a range of 500 lis across the entire Great Western City.

    Densely packed black holes were born, then they disappeared from the location of the collision. Uncountable amounts of physical particles and ether particles disappeared as they were sucked into the microscopic black holes.

    Both Fang Xingjian and True Lord Qingshan had gone deep into the microscopic world, using their powers to interfere in the microscopic world. So, when their attacks were of the same level, the fight between them would be a comparison of pure energy.

    The sword shadows and chaotic air currents were both depleted rapidly in the collision, but clearly the chaotic air currents were a lot more impactful than the sword shadows.

    After all, Fang Xingjian was lacking 80% of his powers and could not break through the Duality Minute Formation head-on. Furthermore, this was unlike the joint attack in the palace previously. Although he had been attacked by multiple parties, he was able to use the Light Pursuit Sword and Infiltrating Void Sword to avoid his enemies' strongest blows and strike their weak points, engaging in guerrilla warfare.

    However, right now, all Fang Xingjian could do was clash against True Lord Qingshan head-on. He was unable to unleash the Light Pursuit and Infiltrating Void sword intents.

    "Break!" True Lord Qingshan's will trembled wildly, and more chaotic air currents emerged from his body. All the powers within and outside of his body burst out. He did not hold back at all.

    The huge fist shone and flickered, bringing along a hint of fluorescent glow. It forced the sword shadow to creak and even started to crack a little.

    At the sight of this, True Lord Qingshan finally heaved a sigh of relief, yet fear crept into his heart as well. 'To think that even a portion of his powers can have such great battle prowess? This Fang Xingjian's potential is truly unfathomable.'

    Simultaneously, his will seethed fiercely as he shouted, "Fang Xingjian, you're doomed! But being benevolent, I'll give you a chance. Return my system to me and I can spare your life."

    As the chaotic air currents continued to push down inch by inch, it was in his opinion that victory was already in his hands. Therefore, he naturally wanted to think of ways to get Fang Xingjian to return his system to him.

    Looking at the chaotic air currents that gradually came pressing down, Fang Xingjian's countenance turned colder. "You fool... You're better off thinking about how you're going to keep on surviving. Today, it won't be just you. Alexander, the First Prince, and the Fifth Prince as well... All of you will have to die."

    "Stubborn," True Lord Qingshan snorted coldly. "Since that's the case, I'll beat you up first and then crush your subordinates into dust one by one. I'll see if you'll agree to do it then."

    The pressure that came down from the sky grew greater and greater, but Fang Xingjian suddenly pointed out at the academy. In an instant, a stream of sword Qi soared into the air, bringing along streams of extremely mysterious sword intents which held the connection between the microscopic world and the macroscopic world.

    It was the longsword which had been modified from the Panwu Heavenly Raiment.

    A silver-colored longspear floated above Fang Qian's and Wang Xiaoyan's workstation.

    Although they had received Fang Xingjian's guidance and had been imparted with the great profoundness of electromagnetic forces, gravity, and attraction, they were still unable to successfully forge a Divine Sword within such a short amount of time.

    Right now, the Divine Sword which had been modified from the Panwu Heavenly Raiment was in its early stage of development. It looked just like a longspear and did not resemble a longsword in the least.

    However, as Fang Xingjian pointed out across space, the longspear trembled furiously. Then there was a flash, and it turned into a sword light that cut across the sky and appeared before Fang Xingjian.

    Concurrently, one of the White Bone Swords suddenly shattered, turning into countless light rays. The light rays shot out toward the silver spear, bringing along the newest Light Pursuit sword intents.

    There was no time to take it slow. Fang Xingjian could be said to have used the most violent and roughest means to stuff the Light Pursuit sword intents into the silver spear. The silver spear suddenly transformed in that instant, and its body seemed to turn into a liquid state, continuously stretching and expanding before finally turning into a seething silver longsword.

    This longsword seemed as if it had been formed by silver molten lava. Its entire body was made up of a silver liquid that kept on seething and boiling. Every now and then, rows of mysterious characters would appear in the liquid. They were the profoundness of the electromagnetic forces, gravity, and interactions which existed in the microscopic world.

    It had been rushed and a lot of power and quality of the Panwu Heavenly Raiment had been wasted. However, when the sword took its form, it still emitted streams of a world-shaking aura. It was an aura which could be a match for a tier four Divine level expert.
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