Chapter 791: For Love

    Chapter 791: For Love

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    Before Audrey, many streams of sword light kept flickering to and fro, blocking the fist force that the First Prince had struck with.

    As Audrey was behind him, Fang Xingjian was unable to perform Light Pursuit or the Infiltrating Void sword techniques. He could only continuously perform the All-Conquering Sword against the First Prince.

    It was a pity that his clone with only 5% of his powers, after receiving three attacks from the Three Worlds' Eradication, now seemed to be on the verge of shattering.

    His entire body was covered with shattered pieces as well as light spots that kept on dissipating.

    With a maniacal laugh, the First Prince punched out again. He did not perform the Ancient Path of Hell's martial arts, but instead, used his own powers to perform the Three Worlds' Eradication.

    His fist seemed to have become a series of void gaps. He smashed outward with a fist force similar to the Prodigious Demolition Sword yet countless times more terrifying, wanting to shatter everything material that it passed by.

    Right now, the Three Worlds' Eradication was no longer propelled by the God of Universal Truth's powers. Considering the First Prince's current realm, he was unable to effect his powers onto the microscopic world.

    However, despite this, Fang Xingjian still did not perform the Light Pursuit Sword to take on a light form and dodge the First Prince's attack.

    It was because if he were to dodge the attack, the person behind him would die.

    It was just how things had been like in the other three battlefields. Every one of the First Prince's punches were struck toward Audrey, but Fang Xingjian was there to fend them off.

    Violent fist force gushed toward Fang Xingjian and countless sword lights flickered unsteadily under the First Prince's fists.

    "Unable to withstand a single blow."

    Bang bang bang bang! Amidst sounds of explosion, the sword light shattered and the First Prince's fist smashed onto Fang Xingjian's head. The violent fist force brought along a destructive aura and Fang Xingjian's entire body went through a series of undulation as more cracks appeared.

    The First Prince had been waiting for far, far too long to experience this feeling of gaining the upper hand, thus rendering Fang Xingjian unable to retaliate.

    'Fang Xingjian...'

    Another punch smashed forward. It fiercely collided with Fang Xingjian's chest, caving it in.

    'If you don't die today...'

    Rumbling sounds rang out, as if a myriad of thunderous explosions had been transmitted from the fist force, smashing fiercely into Fang Xingjian's body. It was once again depleting the power of the martial will in Fang Xingjian's body.

    'I won't be at ease.'

    As he kept punching and hitting Fang Xingjian's body, the First Prince broke into a proud smile, seeing Fang Xingjian's martial will being depleted at a rapid rate.

    'Your existence itself is a mistake. Since I am already in this world, then there's no need for you.'

    As the series of quick attacks went on, endless darkness fully encompassed Audrey and Fang Xingjian.

    An unrivalled destructive aura descended from the skies as the First Prince's entire body burned with black flames. It was the martial will that had been converted in order for him to cultivate the Three Worlds' Eradication.

    Right now, the First Prince had changed from his initial domineering aspirations to control everything, to a disposition that seemingly had him bent on destroying everything in the world and shattering the three realms.

    Considering this one strike, just the threat of its repercussions would cause the entire Sun City to turn into dust.

    And the center of the attack had already turned into an area of darkness. Even light rays were completely distorted and absorbed by that space.

    This was the epitome of attacks using spatial distortions without being able to reach the microscopic world. It was also the greatest attack the current First Prince could unleash.


    In the sky above the Imperial Capital, outside the purple light pillars, the Chaos Witch was still very clear about the situation of the four battlefields. It was because she had her sisters keep their eyes on each battlefield.

    True Lord Qingshan was at a disadvantage. However, before that happened, the other three members of the Krieg royal family would be able to deal severe injuries to Fang Xingjian.

    Adding to the equation the two Guardian Kings in the formation, even if Fang Xingjian did not die from this episode, he would need to recuperate for at least three months to half a year. This amount of time was sufficient for the Chaos Witch to return everything on track.

    As for True Lord Qingshan, Alexander, the First Prince, and the Fifth Prince, it was not her concern even if Fang Xingjian killed them.

    In fact, if the Chaos Witch had really wanted to kill Fang Xingjian, she would only need to get in touch with the Black Mage King and the Red Mage King and get them to take the place of the two princes.

    It was a pity that she had not planned on killing Fang Xingjian. Moreover, the two Mage Kings clearly had their own plans for this evil god summoning ritual, and it was impossible for them to listen to the Chaos Witch's arrangements.

    However, just as the situation had turned greatly in her favor and everything was going as she imagined it, the Purple Mage King appeared before her.

    "Claudia," Chaos Witch Lamia looked at the Purple Mage King, and asked in a soft voice, "What do you want?"

    The Purple Mage King revealed a charming smile and told her, "Lamia, since you want to deal with Fang Xingjian this much, of course I'll have to lend you a helping hand."

    Chaos Witch Lamia's countenance turned a little grim as she looked at Claudia and said, "Claudia, consider your actions well. Are you going to interfere with the world's destiny, break the agreement between the gods, and destroy the entire world?"

    The Purple Mage King, Claudia, smiled. She looked at the Chaos Witch as if she was looking at a clown, her smile growing wider and wider.

    Finally, the Chaos Witch could not take it any further. She said outright, "What's so funny? Everything we do concerns the past and the future of the entire world. Don't you understand your own responsibilities?"

    The Purple Mage King Lamia laughed coldly, "The entire world? Stop joking. Lamia, you think too highly of yourself. Compared to the evil god, the God of Universal Truth, and the countless mighty existences in the multivariant universes, we can't even be compared to the smallest particle in the world.

    "Everything has been decided from the start of the game. Your actions are merely you deceiving yourself."

    As she said this, she raised her palm and a purple light sphere floated on it. Anyone who saw the existence of this purple light sphere would have a numbing feeling. It was a sour, sweet, yearning, and warm feeling.

    "Love, is the greatest power in the world." Purple Mage King Claudia sighed softly and said, "Other than those most ancient gods, all intelligent life forms are unable to break free from them.

    "Parents, children, lovers, countries, society, tribes, and even ourselves... Everything is constructed from love and connected through love..."

    Looking at that purple light sphere, the Chaos Witch's countenance changed drastically, "This is..."

    "Five million sets of love." The Purple Mage King laughed hysterically.

    "You lunatic!" The Chaos Witch's countenance was extremely grim. "Stop it right now! You have no idea what you're doing!" Even ordinary people would have been able to see the anxiety in her eyes.

    The Purple Mage King smiled and said, "Of course I know. It's for the person I love."

    With that, she slapped out her palm towards Lilia, the purple light sphere still on her palm.

    Right now, Lilia appeared to be in a daze, her gaze expressionless and her body stiff. It was as if she was completely ignorant to the things that were going to happen.

    At the same time, a stream of sword light cut across the skies and almost instantly blocked before Lilia.

    At the sight of this, the Chaos Witch unleashed a furious bellow, "No!"
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