Chapter 798: Failure

    Chapter 798: Failure

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    Three streams of light soared into the sky and shot out toward Saint Luoluo simultaneously.

    Tyrant and the other two had scanned through their martial wills, and Saint Luoluo was clearly the weakest amongst the three on the opposing side. After all, following her reincarnation, she could no longer use any divine arts. Grand Duke Alba, on the other hand, could still perform most of the martial arts from his previous life and thus was not much weaker than his previous self.

    Despite this, both Saint Luoluo and Grand Duke Alba had grasped a portion of the profoundness behind the Duality Minute Formation, so their battle prowess had increased at a tremendous rate.

    "I'll go first."

    Amidst the sudden explosion of gray light, Tyrant's figure suddenly swelled up. It was not his martial will that had expanded but his body. Tyrant's conjured physique was expanding rapidly.

    Countless amounts of flesh and blood started to seethe within and outside of his body, and an endless number of mouths grew and opened up on his body. These mouths engulfed all energies in the surroundings wildly, regardless of whether it was air, light, heat, electromagnetic waves, radiation, or any other things. The mouths would engulf them all and then continue to multiply.

    In the blink of an eye, Tyrant had turned into a giant with a height of over 10,000 meters. The power in his body seethed like an ocean and an abyss. It was as if every inch of his skin and each cell in his body was exploding with a prowess that could compare with the reaction of a nuclear explosion.

    One month ago, Fang Xingjian handed Buu's flesh, which the World Annihilation Heavenly Lord's summoned, over to Tyrant.

    Within this one month, not only had Tyrant integrated the Buu's flesh into his body, but he had also continued to achieve breakthroughs, attaining the cultivation of a tier three Divine level expert.

    The full-power explosion immediately unleashed an overwhelming aura.

    This was especially the case when he sensed that the engulfing and destruction mental state in Buu's flesh bore a similarity to the principles he had comprehended from the gray evil god. It further allowed his martial will to achieve a breakthrough.

    Instantly turning into a 10,000-meter-tall giant, Tyrant punched out. Then a massive gray phantom image flashed and appeared behind him. It was a monstrous land that was extremely big and floated in the universe's void space, seeming as if it would expand as the entire universe expanded. The land seemed like a living being, like a huge beast that affected all the lives in the entire universe.

    With this one punch, all the mouths on Tyrant's body unleashed mournful and agonizing cries as well as crazy bellows. He was like a huge beast that was going to destroy the entire world as he went smashing toward Saint Luoluo who was in the sky.

    The Fourth Prince also made his move. The seven great sword techniques, which had been passed down from the Jade Dynasty, were performed all at once. These seven sword techniques were the main structure of the sword arts that belonged to the founder of the Jade Dynasty-the Mystic Abyss Heavenly Emperor.

    It contained the supreme sword arts profoundness of the Jade Dynasty.

    However, this was not all. With the Fourth Prince's attacks, streams of strange demonic powers burst out from his body.

    It had also been one month ago that Fang Xingjian snatched Adam's blood from the First Prince and handed it to the Fourth Prince.

    The Fourth Prince had then used Adam's blood to perform the Blood Exchange Art. It completely cleansed his body, changing it wholly from within and then merging his will and physical body into one.

    Although his current cultivation had only been brought up to tier two of the Divine level, he now possessed a conjured physique of a tier three Divine level expert.

    Right now, with all his powers unleashed, the blood throughout his body continued to seethe. A pure black human silhouette appeared behind him like the entire night sky had been draped over the person's body, and inside this night sky, the seven sword shadows seethed and flashed.

    This was the Hell's Seven Swords-a martial technique the Fourth Prince had created after combining Adam's blood and the Jade Dynasty's seven great sword techniques, as well as by relying on the power of the ninth level of the mystical prints.

    "Pain, bitter, hunger, tears, tragic, evil... death!"

    Seven swords were launched out concurrently with seven different emotions. They attacked Saint Luoluo's mind, seething her will, mixing up her emotions, and even creating the effect of causing her will to collapse. This was another unrivalled sword technique that could be passed through the generations.

    With seven sword attacks in a single move, the Fourth Prince's power was mixed with Tyrant's attacks and shot out toward Saint Luoluo.

    Prince Philip turned into a bright sun. The Universal Truth Longsword that was behind his back had also achieved a new breakthrough.

    With the help of the ninth level of the mystical prints, this believer of the Church of Universal Truth had progressed further. Not only had his cultivation reached tier three of the Divine level, but his Universal Truth Longsword had also advanced to the highest level possible. A single pierce of the sword could split the yin and yang, as well as independently seal up all the physical particles within a range of several thousand kilometers, causing any physical structure to collapse.

    Right now, he had turned into a sun and surged out toward Saint Luoluo, as if wanting to completely seal and disintegrate Saint Luoluo with the Universal Truth Longsword.

    The three great Divine level experts took only 0.001 seconds to make their moves. Still, they were already world-shaking as they emerged with an overwhelming aura.

    However, Saint Luoluo smiled coldly inwardly as she looked at the three of them.

    'Hmph, do you think that I'm a pushover?

    'It's a pity that you have no idea what kind of power I have in my control at this moment.'

    With a wave of her hand, seething chaotic air currents surged backward toward them, bringing along an aura that seemed as if it was going to cause the skies to collapse and the earth to sink in. There was no technique nor skill involved. She merely struck out toward the three of them with the most violent and roughest way possible. It was just like a landslide that wanted to drown everything.


    Chaotic air currents crashed into Tyrant's 10,000-meter-tall body like a tsunami, instantly drowning him. They destroyed and exploded his physical body at a rapid speed.

    "Hmph, to think that a mere Gray Robed Mage would dare to fight against me."

    Saint Luoluo smiled coldly, and the chaotic air currents passed by Tyrant's body, colliding into the bright sun that Prince Philip had turned into.

    "To think that you dare to perform the Universal Truth sword technique before me? I'll show you what the real Universal Truth sword technique is like!"

    Chaotic air currents came surging over, instantly turning the sword light in the sky into dust. Then the air currents curled back, turning into a longsword, which was in a chaotic mixture of colors, and encompassing Prince Philip.

    Each stream of the air currents performed the Universal Truth Longsword's technique, slowly disintegrating and sealing up Prince Philip's conjured physique bit by bit.

    Saint Luoluo's Universal Truth Longsword was clearly above that of Prince Philip's. This was especially so when she used the power from the Duality Minute Formation to propel her sword technique, bringing about an even more astonishing prowess.

    Then Grand Duke Alba also made his move.

    "Since this young lad is using sword arts that belongs to our Jade Dynasty, then leave him to me."

    After saying that, he tapped out with his finger. A single sword, in the shape of the Six Heaven-Soaring Sword, pierced through the skies, clashing against the Fourth Prince's seven sword shadows with a force that was like a comet piercing through the sun.

    In an instant, the sword light and sword shadows were crushed. The Fourth Prince only felt a piercing pain coming from his will, and his martial will was showing signs of becoming detached from his body.

    "You've merely learned the superficial parts of the Jade Dynasty's sword arts, yet you're thinking of creating your own? The ignorant are really fearless."

    In the blink of an eye, the attacks of the three Divine level experts from the Great Western Region were defeated one by one, placing all of their lives at risk.

    Under the pressure from the Duality Minute Formation's chaotic air currents, the sword shadow that Fang Xingjian had condensed kept on shattering. The chaotic air currents, which the great formation had brought on, pressed down continuously and were only about 300 meters away from the ground.

    The pressure, which was as if the skies were falling crazily, struck all the people in the academy and the Great Western City.

    Many towering buildings started to collapse, and the pressure from the air currents brought about strong gales which brought down many city walls and big trees.

    The endless number of chaotic air currents seemed like they were going to cover up the entire sky. It was as if the entire sky was going to collapse and there was nowhere to escape to.
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