Chapter 800: Pursue and Kill

    Chapter 800: Pursue and Kill

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    Sword light filled up the sky and instantly encompassed all of True Lord Qingshan's martial will that was scattered out in the air.

    The violent Thunder Calamity penetrated through the atmosphere and smashed into True Lord Qingshan's martial will like meteors raining down. The glow from each stream of martial will was instantly compressed, crushed, stirred up, and then eventually turned into countless light spots that scattered into the air.

    "Fang Xingjian...


    The final bit of True Lord Qingshan's martial will gathered together with great difficulty, like tiny little bugs twisting and amassing together. The glow of his martial will was so weak that it was not even comparable to that of fireflies', and it formed True Lord Qingshan's face with much difficulty.

    Right now, his eyes were completely filled with terror and regret. In the final moment of his life, True Lord Qingshan finally regained his senses as he no longer had his system.


    However, the Thunder Calamity completely pierced through True Lord Qingshan's final bit of martial will at the next moment like instantly crushing a watermelon. The last bit of his will exploded and dissipated into the air.

    At the same time Fang Xingjian struck out his final sword attack, he cut across the sky like a bolt of light and headed for the ground with a flash.

    Then after slashing through Saint Luoluo, Grand Duke Alba, and True Lord Qingshan in succession, the chaotic air currents that had gone out of control were now already less than 50 meters away from the ground.

    As the sky plunged down, everyone watched dazedly with only despair left in their eyes.

    They continued to gaze at this majestic scene in a daze, seemingly attracted by it.

    The chaotic air currents continued to push the wind pressure down, sweeping it toward the ground. There was only a 50-meter gap between the sky and the ground, and everyone had a suffocating feeling, allowing the violent gales to brush onto their bodies and faces.

    "It's all over. We're all going to die!"

    "Someone save me! I don't wish to die!"

    It was only when a huge sound seemed to ring out in void space from the distance that everyone woke up once again.


    It sounded like two mountains colliding and also as if the meteors in the sky had collided into an icy mountain. These intense sounds seemed to spread throughout the entire Great Western Region, entering everyone's ears.

    Countless apprentice-level commoners fainted from this collision. They were shaken up and knocked out.

    Amidst this world-shaking collision, the plunging skies came to a stop.

    Endless chaotic air currents floated up 50 meters into the air, leaving the people who saw them on tenterhooks.

    At the next moment, a stream of sword light soared up into the sky, seeming like a giant holding a sword and slashing out a sword attack toward the horizon. With that sword attack, a huge crack extended out among the chaotic air currents in the sky.

    There was an explosive rumble , and sword light burst out like countless thunderbolts. In that instant, all the chaotic air currents in the entire sky were shattered by the myriad of sword light, eventually turning into endless mist that rose up into the sky. The mist then gradually returned to microscopic world, dissipating from everyone's sight.

    Tyrant watched as the chaotic air currents disappeared into the sky. Then he let out a breath and asked, "Was that Xingjian?"

    "Mmm." The Fourth Prince relaxed as well. "It's him, but something feels a little different. At least everything is settled."

    A few minutes later, the entire Great Western City and the academy broke out into cheers, seeming to rejoice over the fact that they had survived.


    Elsewhere, the Fifth Prince's actual body and his clone had met up, gathering up to form 100% of his powers and then arriving in the Sand Country.

    Right now, his cultivation was already at tier two of the Divine level, and he could move at akin to light speed. With the blink of an eye, he appeared in the Sand Country's capital.

    This city was situated in the oasis of a desert. The entire city was like a small island that was sitting in the midst of a huge lake.

    It was an extremely massive lake where the other end was not visible from its shores, even giving off the delusion that this was a sea.

    This was the place of the Sand Country's origin-a location called the Origin Sea.

    The center of the Origin Sea was a small island which had an area of several hundred square kilometers, and the Sand Country's capital was situated on top of the island.

    It was said in the legends that the entire Origin Sea and island had been created by the Sand Country's first generation leader-the Heavenly Sovereign of the Blood Sea. Thereafter, each generation of the Sand Country's leader would need to often provide maintenance to the Origin Sea over the years.

    It was because this man-made inland lake had been created from the unparalleled cultivation of a Divine level expert through moving the geographical positionings and condensing water vapor.

    Only Divine level experts would be able to possess such an unbelievably majestic power.

    The reason the Fifth Prince fled to the Sand Country was so that he could hide from Fang Xingjian. This was an escape route he had planned out long ago. If the plan to join forces and kill Fang Xingjian failed, he would escape to the ends of this desert and join the Sand Country.

    After all, he was equipped with unrivalled martial arts and also knew about many secrets concerning the Ancient Path of Hell and of the Krieg royal family.

    For the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch who was the current leader of the Sand Country, taking in the Fifth Prince would bring him more benefits than disadvantages.

    Starting from when his clone escaped till when the two bodies merged so that he recovered all 100% of his powers, and then when he passed through a distance of 1,000 lis to cross the desert and appeared in the sky above the Origin Sea... The Fifth Prince had taken a total of about four seconds.

    He had taken additional time to contemplate and check out the routes during the entire process. Otherwise, with his tier two Divine level ability to move at akin to light speed, he would have been even faster.

    However, just as he arrived in the sky above the Origin Sea, a stream of light cut across the sky. Fang Xingjian had arrived.

    Almost at the instant the Fifth Prince saw the sword light, an intense black light burst out incessantly throughout the Fifth Prince's body as he went on full defense mode. He was looking at Fang Xingjian with his naked eye and not through his martial will, so he knew it meant he had discovered Fang Xingjian too late since the light speed attacks were already in motion.

    Observations made with the naked eye relied on the reflection of light. Therefore, when one used the naked eye to observe existences that were moving at light speed, they would always be seeing what had already passed.

    Therefore, the Fifth Prince reacted very quickly. Almost at the instant he saw the sword light, a black martial will gushed out from him and encompassed every single physical particles throughout his body.

    Simultaneously, Fang Xingjian pierced through the Fifth Prince's body. The Abyss, together with the Infiltrating Void sword intents, moved around the space above the Fifth Prince and then passed through his body like a phantom.

    Although the Fifth Prince's power had been put up as a defense throughout his body, the difference between the Fifth Prince's and Fang Xingjian's cultivation was too great.

    Almost at the same instant Fang Xingjian's sword thrust out, sword Qis surrounded the Fifth Prince and 10,000 blood swords shot out concurrently. A large hole exploded in the Fifth Prince's chest, and he plunged down toward the Sand Country's capital like a falling plane.

    When he dropped down to 300 meters above the Sand Country's capital, a translucent protective shield lit up, wrapping around the capital like an air bubble.

    The Fifth Prince landed on the protective shield, and the extreme speed of his plunge caused the shield to cave in. It was as if there was a finger that kept tapping and pressing down on the air bubble.

    It was only when the air bubble caved in to a certain limit, making one suspect it would shatter at any moment, that the Fifth Prince came to a stop whilst covered in blood.

    This instantly alarmed countless experts in the Sand Country's capital. Streams of aura soared upward and waves of martial will pierced through the clouds, surging out toward Fang Xingjian in the sky.
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