Chapter 805: Human Heart

    Chapter 805: Human Heart

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    "Since you're so stubborn, I'll cripple your sword arts first!"

    Amidst the flames in the sky, the area within a range of several hundred thousand meters was encompassed by the Great Radiant World. Then as the Great Radiant World came pressing down, layers and layers of strong gales also came pressing down, causing the space to distort and create layers of ripples.

    At the spot above Fang Xingjian's head, that pressure was extremely immense. Fang Xingjian seemed to also react suddenly, drawing out his sword. He then slashed out toward the Great Radiant World in the sky.

    However, the impact of the Great Radiant World seemed to be too fierce. The streams of sword light that Fang Xingjian shot out were like many candles got extinguished. Under the Patriarch's confident gaze, Fang Xingjian was completely pressurized by the light screen above the capital.

    Above his head was a seemingly never-ending city of flames, while under his feet, there was the light screen from the formation that encompassed the entire city. Fang Xingjian and the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation were being completely pressured from both sides. It was as if the entire world had turned into a huge millstone, compressing Fang Xingjian completely. Streams of flames and light wrapped out toward them, making it hard for Fang Xingjian to move look like a bug that was trapped in amber.

    Right now, it was true that the overall power from both the Great Radiant World and the capital's formation surpassed that of Fang Xingjian's and his Celestial Eradication Sword Formation.

    If they were to meet head-on, Fang Xingjian would no longer be the Patriarch's match.

    After all, the Patriarch now possessed an unfathomable amount of power that came from the accumulation of the Sacred Fire Order's many years' worth of heavenly and earthly treasures, plundering the desert, and faith from their believers. Even the Patriarch was unable to unleash its power fully.

    'Before this power, even the sky would collapse and the ground would shatter. Even if it were Alexander or those Guardian Kings from the Church, they can forget about defeating me here.'

    With absolute confidence, the Patriarch walked in void space, slowly arriving before Fang Xingjian who had been suppressed. He looked at how Fang Xingjian kept on struggling but was unable to budge. The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch shook his head and smiled. "Fang Xingjian, do you know that you look like a mouse that's caught in a mouse trap? It's really an ugly sight."

    Following Fang Xingjian's series of actions, all the people in the city cheered.

    "Burn him to death!"

    "Let this heretic be regretful about today forever!"

    "Long live the Sacred Fire Order!"

    As the people around them cheered, the countenances of the Empire's intelligence team members sank.

    Amongst them, the young lady who had just joined could not take this. She said through information currents, "Team Leader... can we think of a way to save Fang Xingjian...?"

    The team leader shook his head and sighed, "What can we do? This is the Sand Country's headquarters. You've seen it too. Even though Fang Xingjian was able to kill the Erupting Sand King with a single blow, he's unable to resist against the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch.

    "This is the power of a tier five Divine level expert and the reason why the Sand Country can stand up against the Empire. To him, we're no different than dust.

    "The only thing we can do now is open our eyes wide and watch every single moment of Fang Xingjian's death, recording the information down clearly. This is the only thing that we can do."

    Everyone lowered their heads helplessly. Although they felt it was a great pity to see Fang Xingjian fall here, they knew that what their team leader said was right. Right now, all they could do was record this information.

    The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch looked at Fang Xingjian and continued to say, "Why, are you still going to struggle? If you still refuse to give up, then there's no way that I'll continue to stand on ceremony with you."

    "Struggle?" Fang Xingjian, who was clamped down by the Great Radiant World in the sky and the formation's shield that was on the ground, suddenly looked toward the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch. His expression was extremely cold, as if he was not the one being suppressed.

    "I'm only curious... Are you really having the illusion that you've suppressed me?"


    The Patriarch's expression was stunned. Then his vision began to blur. The person before him being suppressed was not Fang Xingjian. Instead, it was the Fifth Prince who was crushed by the two huge forces. At present, he had turned into many light spots and was left with only the last bit of phantom image that was about to dissipate.

    In the phantom state, the Fifth Prince was filled with fury, despair, and regret. He looked fiercely at the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch, as if asking why the Patriarch was killing him.

    However, the Fifth Prince was still eventually crushed into light spots and completely dissipated into the air.

    This prince from the Krieg royal family, who possessed the world's top fist arts talent and was an expert who held countless secrets, still died eventually.

    When the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch saw this scene, he flew into a rage. "What did you do?!"

    "What did I do?" A soft voice rang out next to the Patriarch's ears. "Are you sure you weren't the one who has done something?"

    The Patriarch turned his head to take a look. Unknowingly, Fang Xingjian had leaned in next to him. The Patriarch let out a furious bellow and struck out a punch. As streams of meteors and flames burst out, Fang Xingjian's figure dissipated instantly.


    "They are all illusions!


    In the capital, the Fang Xingjian who was wearing white robes and riding a camel raised his head and met the Patriarch's glance. "Are you sure?"


    The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch lifted both his hands. The Great Radiant World trembled fiercely, and countless flames gathered. Then as streams of flames formed a vortex, a huge black egg slowly landed down into the center of the flaming vortex. From just one look, one would be able to sense how terrifying a destructive prowess was being contained within it.

    This was the Sacred Fire Order's martial art that had been passed down in secret-the Egg of World Creation. It simulated the appearance of what things were like before the heaven and earth split and the world was formed. The Egg of World Creation was an ultimate martial art that condensed endless firepower together.

    In the capital, many martial arts practitioner, merchants, slaves, and female attendants raised their heads. All of them had on Fang Xingjian's face, and they said in his voice, "Are you sure that it's me this time around?"

    The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch opened his eyes wide abruptly and sent martial will gushing out wildly. However, he was unable to sense even a single bit of change to the countless Fang Xingjians before him.

    More and more people in the capital raised the heads. All of them were Fang Xingjian. At this moment, it was as if everyone in the entire city had taken on Fang Xingjian's appearance. They looked at the Patriarch and revealed a smile, sending a shiver down the Patriarch's spine.

    Then all of the Fang Xingjians said in unison, "Are you really going to kill me?"

    The Patriarch's hand trembled, and the Egg of World Creation in the sky now felt as heavy as Mount Tai. However, it did not come plunging down.

    From the first moment Fang Xingjian unleashed a myriad of sword light toward the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch, his conjured physique had already followed the endless sword lights and turned into innumerable rays of light. Then Fang Xingjian sent his martial will out so that it filled up the world. Even his body seemed to be formed from countless photons which were scattered out in the space within a range of 100,000 meters.

    He seemed to have become waves, yet he also seemed to have become particles. This was a higher state compared to the light form he could take on with the Light Pursuit sword technique previously.

    The moment he entered this state, he immediately sensed that the world was different.
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