Chapter 811: Tough

    Chapter 811: Tough

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    Everyone present felt an endless amount of terror and shock to see this monster before them.

    It was only when the monster's voice rang out directly in their hearts that everyone started to react slightly.

    However, at the next moment, the purple monster had already arrived before a Demigod in a flash. The Demigod was the Beast God whom Yue Shan's group had encountered earlier on. He was someone who was deemed to be able to attain a breakthrough to the Divine level at any moment.

    However, at this moment, the Beast God was facing was a monster that had come from an unknown world.

    The purple monster's hand flashed out, grabbing toward the Beast God's head. Seeing the monster's huge hand reaching out toward him, the Beast God's gaze flickered slightly, and he forcibly restrained the terror he was feeling.

    'Although it makes one feels terrified, it seems that this monster's speed isn't that fast? Maybe his strength isn't as astonishing as his aura?'

    The Beast God's gaze flickered, and all of his bones let out explosive bangs. In an instant, it was as if there were several ten thousand wild beasts crying out loudly. Then at the very next moment, the Beast God struck out a punch. It was his ultimate skill which had made him famous-the Myriad Beasts Fist.

    In that one punch, there was an unstoppable aura of a myriad of seething beasts. It was as if there really was a multitude of ferocious beasts running over.

    The Beast God created it after observing, capturing, and battling against countless ferocious beasts. Before creating this fist art, he studied the abilities of various ferocious beasts as well as how they exerted their forces.

    For the sake of his martial arts, he had traveled through countless areas across the world. He scuffled against tigers and leopards in forests, fought against lions and wolves on grass plains, and even battled against ferocious beasts such as apes and huge snakes in the mountain ranges. He even went into the seas and fought against sea monsters above oceans.

    This was the fist art he obtained after giving up everything that he had and devoting all of his life to it. Seething air currents extended out intensely together with his fist, just like many ferocious beasts tearing apart and crushing all the enemies before them.


    Layers of air currents smashed into the purple monster's chest along with the fist that could wipe out an entire street, bring down city walls, and crush an aircraft carrier.

    Yet the Beast God's fist was shattered at the next moment. The counteracting force had smashed half of his body into mush.

    Looking at this scene, the Beast God's mind went completely blank.

    It was not because the purple monster had any sort of defense. There were no efforts to reduce the incoming damage such as by using Reduced Force Fields or its martial will. The result was merely the backlash from the Beast God's punch that smashed half of his own body-the body of a Demigod with four tiers of perfection.

    The purple monster appeared as if it had not been attacked at all and continued moving. It reached out its hand to twist off the Beast God's head, then it stuffed his head into its mouth.

    There was a cracking sound like someone biting down on a candy. The Beast God's head was chewed up into pieces and swallowed into the purple monster's stomach. The corners of the purple monster's lips revealed a happy smile.

    A Demigod with four tiers of perfection was already able to regenerate even with the loss of his head. So, after the Beast God's head was regenerated very quickly, he wanted to retreat. However, the purple monster grabbed the Beast God softly like pinching a bug. One of the Beast God's shoulders was plucked off and stuffed into the monster's mouth.

    "The taste of human flesh... How long has it been since I've tasted it...?"

    The purple monster wore an intoxicated expression on its face, and at the next moment, a soft sound rang out from its body.

    A slight crack had suddenly appeared on the purple stratum corneum on its back.

    "Hmmm?" The purple monster turned its head, looked at Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes, and asked indifferently, "You're attacking me?"

    Right now, Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' face was filled with astonishment. At the next moment, crackling sounds began to ring out continuously, and the purple monster seemed as if it was consecutively attacked by invisible attacks. Hints of cracks started to appear on its hands, its legs, its waist, and even its face.

    However, the cracks were healed after appearing for one to two seconds. It was as if there were ordinary cuts.

    Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' absolute attacks had caused these cuts. They were attacks that could surpass the microscopic realm and distort the four types of forces directly.

    So, at this moment, the one who found this the hardest to accept was Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes himself. His eyes stared at the purple monster like he was looking at a nightmare.

    'The four fundamental forces are the foundation of the universe.

    'The heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces, the world's astral powers, the nuclear forces that create life, the forces that cause all life in the world to deteriorate... They cause the world to revolve and control the flow of all living things in the world.'

    A memory suddenly flashed in Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' mind. It was of the guidance given to him by the previous Pope-the strongest person in the previous generation of the Church of Universal Truth.

    'Those below tier five of the Divine level-everything that they do is for the purpose of stepping into the microscopic realm. Entering the microscopic realm allows one to go deep into the microscopic world and control one of the four fundamental forces. Of course, there are some geniuses who would be able to control all four of these forces.

    'However, this control is still an illusion. It's just using one's powers to affect the microscopic world, converting one's powers into the four fundamental forces.

    'And your Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes is a divine art that surpasses the microscopic realm and can control a portion of the four fundamental forces. It can destroy the foundations of the four fundamental forces-time and space.

    'It means that it's at the impeccable level, a realm that's higher and deeper than the microscopic level.

    'However, it doesn't mean that there's no one who can destroy it.'

    In Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' memories, the young man who wore white robes and an amiable smile said, "Once the opponent possesses some sort of unique trait, they'll be able to counter your destruction."

    "Counter my disintegration?"

    "The heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces penetrate through physical particles, and they form physical structures while the nuclear powers form the foundation of physical particles. These two forces are the foundations of all living creatures' structures. Once a certain life form is able to grasp this kind of power and the power they control is greater than that of your Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes, you won't be able to destroy his structures.

    "It's like a tug of war, where the stronger one emerges victorious.

    "Their strength would surpass yours and would be able to sustain the existences of space-time and physical matter."

    Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes had initially thought he would never encounter a life form that would be able to resist his attacks in his entire life. So, he had even forgotten the Pope's words, letting them fade into his distant memories.

    However, after he went all out and yet was only able to leave slight cuts on the purple monster's skin, the Pope's teachings once again rang in his ears.

    The purple monster looked at its own body that had been attacked and revealed an amused smile. "It's really silly."

    At the next moment, it charged out toward Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes, instantly appearing before him. The wounds on its body had recovered once again, and now its body brought about strong gales that were like typhoons. These gales caused the experts in the surroundings to squint, leaving their hair flying and their clothes flapping.

    Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes continued to stare at the purple monster's face, continuing to tear its face apart.

    The monster struck out a punch that seemed to surpass time and space, meeting Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' gaze and instantly shattering his head. Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' head was like a piece of tofu that had been smashed by a fist.

    This Guardian King's conjured physique was extremely weak before the purple monster.

    Yet at this moment, a drop of blood finally flowed out on the monster's face. This was the greatest effect achieved from Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' incessant attacks.

    Amidst his enraged will, Darkness' Aberration made his move once again. This time around, his entire body was wrapped up in the dark matter like he was wearing a black suit of armor.

    He appeared behind the monster with a flash and then kicked out, bringing along strong tsunami-like air currents. This kick, which held a power that could cause a magnitude 20 earthquake, sent out ripples in the space wherever it passed by. It then eventually lashed out onto the back of the purple monster's head.
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