Chapter 813: Overwhelming

    Chapter 813: Overwhelming

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    The surroundings were filled with endless darkness.

    Reaching out his hand, there seemed to be no place he could touch.

    He sent out his martial will, but it seemed as if an end to this darkness could never be found.

    When Fang Xingjian regained his senses, what his saw was this endless stretch of darkness.

    The dark matter could negate all sorts of impacts that were from the four fundamental forces. So, after being encased by the dark matter, the martial will Fang Xingjian sent out to scan the environment was negated, and the power he sent out through his hands was negated as well.

    This was a strange feeling. It was a feeling where no resistance or counteracting forces could be felt, yet the individual was still unable to move their own body.

    Then when they saw nothing but absolute darkness and found themselves in a situation where there was nothing they could take reference from, they would feel like they were in a space of endless darkness. No matter how they moved, they would not be able to reach the end.

    'Hmmm?' Fang Xingjian's gaze fluctuated slightly. 'What situation is this? Why do I feel like I've been sent to another universe?'

    Fang Xingjian's martial will spread out rapidly, but other than the endless stretch of darkness, he could not feel any other thing.

    'The universe's vacuum? A dark area in some universe?' Fang Xingjian frowned slightly. 'Is this possible? To be able to send me across such a far distance instantly? If he has such an ability, then why didn't he kill me immediately?'

    At the thought of this, Fang Xingjian once again sent his martial will sweeping out, as if he wanted to do everything he could to probe the boundaries of this place.

    Waves of darkness gushed toward him. There was no light and no information. Before this endless stretch of darkness, anyone would have all sorts of displaced senses toward space and time.

    After Fang Xingjian repeatedly sent out waves of martial will, there seemed to be some light and shadow flickering in the darkness. Many scenes appeared before him, causing his gaze to become increasingly hazy.


    In a pure white observation room, a boy was seated on a chair, wearing a straitjacket. His big black eyes looked at the surrounding environment curiously.

    Before him was a huge full-length window, and the married lady who was standing on the other side of the window was wearing a solemn and worried expression.

    "What are the results?"

    A middle-aged man wearing white robes stood next to the married lady and said, "We've conducted three tests. It could be a mental disorder. His emotions are persistently down and he shows an inclination toward having autism..."

    "Speak in simpler terms," the married lady said coldly.

    The man in white robes nodded and explained, "He almost can't feel any emotions and only lives in his own world. However, he is very intelligent. Just like other kids, he has been imitating the actions and behaviors of adults. His imitation is very good and this makes him appear normal.

    "But did you really show him some violent or bloody things? This is why it appears as if there has been a sudden change in his character.

    "However, this is merely an imitation. The true character he conceals in his heart will never change."

    "How's that possible? He's only an ordinary boy..." The married lady said in disbelief.

    "An ordinary boy wouldn't kill at the age of five."

    Just then, the married lady suddenly asked, "This is a one-way mirror, right?"

    "That's right. What's wrong?" Hearing that, the man in white robes looked at the little boy behind the glass. However, he noticed that the boy had been staring at him, and a chill suddenly ran down his spine. He had the delusion that a ferocious beast was watching him closely.


    Fang Xingjian sensed the darkness before him, feeling as if something was seething and surging within it. He then looked toward himself, giving him a familiar feeling.

    The darkness and flashes of light before him mixed together, making it hard for him to differentiate what was real and what was not.

    'Is this my memory?

    'Why is it so unfamiliar?

    'Or are they illusions as well?'

    Fang Xingjian's thoughts just changed slightly, and the darkness before him disappeared completely.

    Blue sky and white clouds were now above his head, and there were green grass plains under his feet. It was as if that stretch of darkness had never existed before.

    Looking at the scenery before him, Fang Xingjian put out both his arms and then felt a breeze gushing toward him. He could smell the scent of grass, but he sighed, 'It's still a little bit off.'

    At the next moment, as his palms brushed by, flowers of various colors instantly bloomed on the endless plains.

    'This is much better.'

    Simultaneously, several hundred meters away, a married lady was strolling amongst the flowers together with a little boy.

    Fang Xingjian's gaze once again appeared perplexed as he looked at the two people before him.

    'Is this my memory again?

    'But why is it... why is it that I can't remember it?'


    On another side, the battle on the white jade square was showing signs of being one-sided.

    Faced with the warrior from the Evil God Tribe who had grasped the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces and nuclear powers, the two Guardian Kings were pushed back repeatedly.

    Neither Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes nor Darkness' Aberration were able to break through the purple monster's body and deal it any damage. They could not fend off its attacks either.

    A soft pffft sound suddenly rang out in void space as Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' body shattered bit by bit.

    However, this time around, he no longer regenerated a new conjured physique. Instead, he completely disintegrated, turning into a burst of light that scattered out in all directions.

    "Hmmm? Thinking of escaping?" The purple monster let out a cold smile and looked toward Darkness' Aberration.

    Right now, Darkness' Aberration's body had also already shattered and was moving in the sky above the white jade square at a speed akin to light speed.

    At this moment, the hearts of both Guardian Kings felt extremely heavy.

    The monster before them was overwhelmingly strong, so much more beyond their imaginations. This gave them both the same thought.

    'We must think of a way to escape.'

    'We must immediately inform the Church.'

    'Only by gathering the power of the Saints can we possibly defeat this evil god's clone.'

    The people on the square were all surprised by this battle. The two Guardian Kings, who had previously appeared overbearing and arrogant when they suppressed Fang Xingjian instantly, were now being pushed back by the purple monster's advances.

    Looking at the flashing light rays in the sky, Yue Shan frowned and said, "This isn't good. The two Guardian Kings are probably not a match for this evil god's clone either."

    Clyde said, "How is that possible? The Guardian Kings are already top-notch experts in Miracle World. If even they aren't a match for the evil god's clone, wouldn't it mean that there isn't anyone who can deal with it?"

    Charlot sighed and said, "If they are a match for him, then why would they possibly be trying to escape now? The reason they keep on moving at light speed is so that they can avoid facing the evil god's clone head-on."

    "That's right." Although Yue Shan had yet to attain the Divine level, he was the Eastern Sand Region's Deputy Governor after all and had a great amount of experience. Therefore, he was able to judge the current battle situation very accurately.

    "Both Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' attacks and Darkness' Aberration's defenses are said to be unrivaled in the world. However, when neither of their divine arts are effective, they no longer have any chances of winning against the evil god's clone." Yue Shan's gaze appeared extremely solemn. "Now, it's just about whether this evil god's clone will be able to kill the two Guardian Kings who are moving at light speed."
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