Chapter 816: World In Upheaval

    Chapter 816: World In Upheaval

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    The space was unable to be shattered. Even if all the experts in the entire world were to join forces to attack, they would be unable to shatter the space.

    This was an iron law of the Miracle World. Over the past centuries and the thousands of years, no one had been able to overthrow this law.

    However, as this crimson monster punched out, the space started to shatter, producing countless cracks in the air. As the space shattered, large areas of chaos extended out in all directions rapidly at light speed.

    The crimson monster's punch directly crushed the space-time structure of the microscopic world. This caused the space-time at this moment to plunge down into the chaos, bringing along all the surrounding space with it.

    After this one punch, large patches of chaotic colors instantly appeared on the Black Mage King's face.

    His countenance changed drastically, and he could not hide the astonishment in his eyes.

    Even the Black Mage King had not expected that the Evil God Tribe's warrior summoned this time around would be so powerful.

    However, the Black Mage King was a Mage King level expert after all. He was an old monster who stood above that of the Gold Mage King and the Red Mage King. Just as half his face turned into a patch of distorted chaos, the remaining parts of his face had already completely dissipated, once again condensing to form a pale-faced old man dressed in black robes.

    All sorts of suction pull and engulfment disappeared instantly, and everyone came out from his mouth.

    Therefore, the many experts who were originally on the white jade square plunged down from the sky into distorted Imperial Capital.

    The two Guardian Kings also plunged toward the ground. They smashed it like two meteors, forming two craters.

    However, they did not show any reaction toward this. They merely watched as the large areas of distortions and chaos in the sky slowly disappeared, ultimately leaving behind that crimson monster alone.

    At present, the monster had already gone through another change once again. The stratum corneum all over its body had turned crimson red-so red that it was as if blood was seeping out.

    Its Enraged Intent had turned into a stretch of flames that was over 100 meters long, burning on its body and in the sky behind it.

    The monster's eyes had turned completely white, leaving behind only violent fury on its face. A blatant killing intent seemed to be unleashed without any restrained. Then the monster brought forth burning Enraged Intent once again, stretching out its crimson flaming tail at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye. Its tail was like a crimson meteor streaking across the sky.

    "Didn't you want to eat me?" Its mouth opened slowly, but there was no internal structure within it. There was only a crimson glow seething within.

    "Why don't you just bring your head over and eat?!"


    The crimson meteor instantly pierced through the skies, and its blood-red fist smashed into the Black Mage King's stunned face. Following this, the fist took down the Black Mage King, crashing into the ground together.

    Roar! An enraged will seethed from the Black Mage King. His face, where he had been struck, had on an extremely savage expression while colorful lights kept on bursting out between his face and the fist. A power that was comparable to the force of several ten thousands nuclear missiles kept on colliding in the microscopic world between the two of them.

    The crimson monster swung its fist once again, colliding fiercely with the Black Mage King's fist and once again bringing forth a large amount of spatial distortions and chaotic glow.

    At the next moment, their fists clashed wildly, and the Black Mage King's black embodiment abruptly darted out. At this moment, it was as if there were two Black Mage Kings who were wildly punching out toward the crimson monster at the same time.

    "Damn you!"

    Bang bang bang bang! Each punch held a power that could destroy an entire city. The punches unleashed a colorful glow in the microscopic world, and the repercussive waves swept through the sky. They sent a force 20 typhoon tearing through the entire Imperial Capital, almost turning all the buildings into a state of a flat land.

    However, no matter what kind of attacks lashed out onto the crimson monster, they seemed to be like a hammer knocking onto a steel plate. There was no effect at all.


    The two of them swung their fists wildly at close range, unleashing explosive forces that tore the world apart. Simultaneously, they also crashed fiercely into the Imperial Capital.

    With a loud rumble that seemed as if the mountain range-the world's spine-had been smashed, the land of the Imperial Capital instantly split. Countless constructions, shattered pieces, and amounts of soil soared into the sky. As the two of them exchanged collisions, a large amount of soil continued to crumble.

    With a single strike, the world was upheaved.

    Darkness' Aberration's gaze narrowed, and streams of dark matter suddenly put up a block in front of him, forming a layer of black protective shield.

    Many shock waves smashed fiercely against the dark matter, but the shock waves were instantly negated.

    Rumble! A tall building was unrooted, and it came crashing like a huge hammer that was used to take down city walls. However, the impact was unable to advance any further when faced with the dark matter. At the next moment, the second wave of typhoon had already swept by and caused tremors that resulted in endless ruins.

    Yue Shan darted about amidst the strong gales while covered in blood. Clyde and Yue Xianru, who were both held in his hands, were already dazed and unable to see the dim world clearly.

    Finally, they managed to hide behind the dark matter, avoiding being crushed by the repercussive waves from the duo's exchange.

    Right after, Charlot came charging in as well. His right arm had been torn into pieces, and he was in dire straits. The moment he came in, he fell to the ground half-dead.

    Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration threw a glance toward them but did not say anything. Then more and more experts who survived the ordeal also hid under the protection of Darkness' Aberration, relying on the dark matter to go up against the repercussive waves of the duo's exchange.

    The First Prince also darted behind the dark matter. He broke into a hint of a bitter smile when he saw many tall buildings sent flying through the sky and then crashing against the dark matter, as well as the several million tons of soil and corpses in the sky.

    From the first moment the two experts exchanged blows, the Imperial Capital was instantly wiped out.

    Right now, the earth was trembling incessantly, just like there were two huge ancient dragons fighting underground. A large amount of sand and lumps of earth soared up into the sky like there was a volcano eruption.

    Occasionally, one would be able to see one or two lumps of earth that were the size of a small mountain would soar into the sky with a bang. Then they were crushed into dust by the strong gales.

    'This is too terrifying. Is this the power of the Black Mage King?' The First Prince looked at the battlefield which seemed as if the world was being thrown into a turmoil, let out a deep sigh, and said, "No matter who wins this battle, the world's history would probably have to be changed."

    In the distant horizon, Fang Xingchen looked at the battlefield with a grim countenance. Having already attained the Divine level, he continued to send out his martial will sweeping toward the depths of the battlefield.

    The two parties had now fought their way over 30 kilometers underground. Even when their powers were only taking effect on the microscopic world, just 0.0001 of the repercussive waves would still continue to send out great earthquakes each time they clashed. This caused the entire Imperial Capital's earth to crumble further and further until the terrain changed.

    From the beginning to the end, the crimson monster had been pushing down on the Black Mage King. After repeated heavy punches, the Black Mage King's body was shattered into countless clouds of black fog.

    On the other hand, the crimson monster's body was so sturdy that it was like a neutron star[1] in the universe. No matter what kind of attacks were used, they were unable to leave any marks on its extremely strong physical body.

    [1] Neutron stars are the smallest and densest stars, not counting hypothetical quark stars and strange stars.
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