Chapter 823: Internecine Strife

    Chapter 823: Internecine Strife

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    Both the Black Mage King and the Gold Mage King had grim countenances, and their attitudes were a lot more reserved.

    After Fang Xingjian absorbed their systems, he threw a glance at his Stats Window. The progress bar was now at 2%. After absorbing the systems of True Lord Qingshan and several extraordinary humans on the parallel Earth he had been to previously, his progress bar had reached 1%.

    However, after harvesting the systems of several million people from the desert capital and then followed by the systems of the Black Mage King and the Gold Mage King today, the progress bar had only reached 2%.

    'It seems that I'll need non-Knight systems to be able to achieve a significant increase.'

    After thinking about it for an instant, Fang Xingjian put this matter aside.

    He then carried on, saying indifferently, "This cultivation foundation of yours will be temporarily placed with me for now."

    In fact, Fang Xingjian had no idea how big an effect there would be when Divine level experts lost their systems.

    Yet at this moment, although Fang Xingjian did not say what he would do after taking away this cultivation foundation, his series of actions and words were extremely deep and unfathomable in everyone's heart. They all clearly thought that Fang Xingjian took away their systems as a means of restricting them.

    The two Mage Kings exchanged a glance. Clearly, each of them had their own understanding about this mysterious and unfathomable move.

    After taking care of the two Mage Kings for now, Fang Xingjian turned his gaze toward Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration.

    Looking at Fang Xingjian's gaze, Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes said coldly, "Blasphemer, although you've killed the evil god's clone, you can forget about threatening us. Even if we are annihilated with even our last bit of martial will crushed, we won't surrender to you."

    Darkness' Aberration also straightened his neck, appearing valiant and unwilling to submit even at the cost of his life.

    It was impossible for the Church of Universal Truth to be assimilated into another influence. Fang Xingjian understood this a long time ago.

    One reason for this was that the Church had tremendous strength, and their backing was too strong. Another reason was that they had a religious component to them.

    Therefore, Fang Xingjian had never planned on taking in the two Guardian Kings from the start.

    Fang Xingjian swept out a glance, and All-Conquering sword intents shot out and slashed toward the two Guardian Kings.

    Right now, both Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration could be said to be at the lowest point of their lives. Their great battle against the Evil God Tribe's warrior had depleted over 90% of their energies.

    Despite this, they were Guardian King level experts after all, so their strength was not to be underestimated.

    The two of them clearly did not plan on waiting to be killed by Fang Xingjian's attacks either.

    Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes activated his divine art once again, and two crosses appeared in his eyes. An attacking prowess, which could crush everything in the world and disintegrate the four fundamental forces, swept out directly toward Fang Xingjian.

    Darkness' Aberration let out a fierce bellow, and a golden ring of martial will swept out, putting up a block before the two of them and acting as a defense. Concurrently, dark matter grew rapidly and soon turned into a huge black shield that set up a block from between the two people.

    This time around though, things were different. Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes activated his divine art, repeatedly unleashing the power to disintegrate everything in the world. Large areas of darkness swelled up and then contracted. Countless areas of space turned into gravitational singularities which were then filled up by other spaces.

    Despite all these, Fang Xingjian's body was still unscathed.

    However, it seemed that the sword light Fang Xingjian sent out could not do anything to the dark matter either.

    'He doesn't seem to be as undefeatable as what he showed earlier. Is it because he has depleted too much of his powers in the battle against the Evil God Tribe's warrior?' Just as Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes was thinking this, the dark matter before him suddenly shattered.

    Then at the next moment, the Fang Xingjian in the sky was completely engulfed by darkness. He completely disintegrated under Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' divine art, without even a trace of his soul left.

    Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' expression was slightly stunned before he revealed great elation. "It's a success!"

    Yet at that moment, Fang Xingjian's voice rang out next to his ear, "Is it really a success?"

    Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes was stunned for a moment. Darkness' Aberration's white robes drifted down from the spot where Fang Xingjian, who should have been disintegrated, had been.

    The dark matter in the air dissipated rapidly, and there seemed to be no more traces of Darkness' Aberration in this world.

    There had not been a battle between three men, nor had there been any attacks or defenses of sword light.

    The earlier battle had just been Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes attacking the dark matter which Darkness' Aberration had created. It had just been an internecine strife.

    The strongest spear attacked the strongest shield ceaselessly..

    "I've always been curious as to whether Darkness' Aberration would be able to fend off your attacks. Now I know the result. Your ability was a bane for him."

    "Fang! Xing! Jian!" Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' mind was filled to the brim with raging killing intent after having killed his companion of many years. His body suddenly shattered and then regenerated behind Fang Xingjian at light speed.

    After that, he activated his heavenly eyes, and a large area of black engulfed Fang Xingjian's location. Then as the surrounding space pressed down the large areas of black slowly condensed and eventually turned into a small black dot which then disappeared.

    When he finished doing all these, Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes revealed a look of despair on his face.

    It was because before he attacked, Fang Xingjian had already used the power of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation to directly distort the space and light rays, giving rise to a spiral space.

    He had stretched out the space like stretching out noodles. The starting and ending points of the space were stacked together, like a strand of noodle that went around in a circle before the two ends connected.

    Fang Xingjian then used his illusory arts to lure Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes to this position which was both the starting and the ending point.

    Therefore, what Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes saw was actually himself. He had seen his own back view through the bending space and light rays.

    Consequently, even though it seemed like the target he attacked had been Fang Xingjian due to the effects of Fang Xingjian's illusory arts, it was actually Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' own back.

    Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes lowered his head and looked at his own body that was gradually being swallowed up by the darkness, slowly becoming smaller and smaller together with the black spot. The attack he had gone all out to unleash, even at the risk of his life, eventually hit himself.

    As someone who possessed divine arts, Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes was extremely clear about how powerful his ability was.

    Looking at his own body contracting in size together with the darkness, a hint of regret appeared on his face. The many scenes from earlier flashed through his mind. The space that had suddenly changed, the inexplicable turn of the tables, the strangest exchange between Darkness' Aberration, Fang Xingjian, and himself... Suddenly, a hint of comprehension flashed on Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' face.

    "You... So your ability is..."

    At the next moment, Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes had already completely turned into an infinitely small dot that disappeared from the world.

    Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration had been annihilated. These two top-notch experts at the Guardian King level had eventually died at their own hands.

    In the eyes of the Black Mage King and the other people, the entire battle appeared even simpler and even more astonishing.

    They had seen Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes take the first move to activate his ability, sending a large spread of darkness engulfing toward Fang Xingjian. However, at the next moment, the darkness had been stopped by one of Fang Xingjian's fingers.

    Right after, the attack rebounded, and the darkness broke through the dark matter's blockade. Amidst agonizing cries, both Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration were then completely swallowed up.

    "To think that he rebounded Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' attack!" The Black Mage King's brows raised. He suddenly rejoiced over his earlier decision.

    The Gold Mage King's pupils contracted. He could not understand how Fang Xingjian had done that.
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