Chapter 829: Setting Up A Formation

    Chapter 829: Setting Up A Formation

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    After the Ring of Time formed, the past and the future would affect each other. They would exist and change concurrently, and all the matters within it would all occur at the same instant.

    This meant that when a person made a decision, his past and future would experience a change simultaneously. The moment he made the decision, his present self had already disappeared, and a new him would appear.

    Moreover, the entire world would be changing at every single moment. This was no longer something that could be reversed with a human's power.

    These changes surpassed light speed. How many cycles would occur within a single second? This was something that was no longer calculable.

    The answer to this question was very likely to even be limitless.

    When mentioning the Ring of Time, the Gold Mage King appeared apprehensive. "Once this situation occurs, the people in this world can't be saved. We initially also thought that the Earth's appearance was a sign that the Ring of Time was forming.

    "However, by the looks of it, the two of them are from different timelines and from different universes. Moreover, we're still able to arrive in other parallel worlds through the Nine-Tiered Heavens. We can even choose to cut off connections between Earth and Miracle World. This shows that this is definitely not the Ring of Time.

    "It verifies that the two worlds aren't of a past and future relation."

    "Where does the Ring of Time legend come from? Could it be that someone has performed it before? Does he really exists?" Fang Xingjian asked curiously.

    The Black Mage King shook his head and said, "This legend is from too long ago. We don't know where it originated from. It might even have come to be before the Mage Association was founded. It said that this was a method that some higher existence in the multivariate universe thought of in order to seal a certain demonic god.

    "Heh, the person who spread this news around was probably trying to fight this Ring of Time."

    The topic got the demonic gods involved again, casting layers of mysterious fog over the connection between Earth and Miracle World.

    Fang Xingjian then exchanged more secrets with the two Mage Kings and realized that the more questions were resolved, the more problems arose. Therefore, he decided to just not ask about these and started enquiring about cultivation issues.

    The two of them also knew that Fang Xingjian had not had the long years of legacies passed down to him like the legacies from the Mage Association and the Church of Universal Truth. Therefore, they shared many common pieces of knowledge about Divine level cultivation with him.

    For example, when striving for the Divine level, there were two areas of requirement-the smaller aspect and the bigger aspect. One aspect was for the consciousness to move through the limits of the microscopic level of physical matter, arriving at the ends of space-time. The other aspect was to surpass the outer layers of space and break through the Nine-Tiered Heavens.

    Upon reaching the Divine level, the cultivation would still be dualistic, having internal and external or the smaller and bigger aspects.

    One aspect would still be the Nine-Tiered Heavens in the external world, while the other aspect would be to continue probing into the microscopic world. The former was an increment in strength, while the latter was an increase in the realm of one's strength application.

    The two aspects complemented each other, and neither one was dispensable.

    From tier one to five of the Divine General, strength was one aspect. The realm of strength application was to convert and apply one's strength onto the microscopic world's four fundamental forces-the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces, the world's astral powers, nuclear forces, as well as the forces that caused all life in the world to deteriorate.

    Only by entering the microscopic level would one have the hope of reaching tier six of the Divine level.

    Thereafter, the next step would be to move from the microscopic realm to the impeccable realm and then eventually into the infiltrating void realm. All of these were closely related to the later five tiers of the Divine level.

    After all, the intrinsic nature of all things in the world-even the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces, the world's astral powers, nuclear forces, as well as the forces that caused all life in the world to deteriorate-were just changes in space-time.

    When Fang Xingjian heard this, he nodded. There had been research in this area on Earth as well. The world's astral powers should be gravity. It was true that its nature was spatial changes. Gravity was just a display of space-time. Space caved in from the pressure of something with a great mass, causing the surrounding physical matter to plunge down. This was a display of gravity.

    However, although it sounded easy, it was actually difficult to reach the microscopic realm. Moreover, from tier six of the Divine level onward, there were still two more realms-the impeccable realm and the infiltrating void realm. It was even harder to reach these two realms.

    Fang Xingjian continued to communicate with the two Mage Kings for three days and nights, gaining even more confidence toward his future cultivation path.

    Seeing that the Imperial Capital under their feet was almost complete, Fang Xingjian asked, "Mage Kings, do the two of you perhaps have treasured swords to gift me? I hope to use four top notch swords to set up a formation here to ensure the Imperial Capital's safety."

    The two Mage Kings exchanged a glance. The Mage Association had kept a collection of treasures over the many years. They had wiped out countless factions and forces, thus their treasury naturally had multitudes of Divine Equipment and Divine Martial Art.

    Initially, they had been worried that Fang Xingjian would want to take over their entire treasury. However, over the last few days, Fang Xingjian did not even seem to have the intention to mention this. Right now, he was only asking for four longswords that were Divine Remains Equipment. To the two Mage Kings, this was nothing.

    They could even make use of this opportunity to probe Fang Xingjian's level.

    After all, there were too many things they could not understand which had occurred during the battle against the evil god tribe's warrior, and they could not grasp Fang Xingjian's strength. The greatest reason as to why they decided to stay next to Fang Xingjian was so that they could understand his abilities.

    The Black Mage King grinned and swung his long sleeve, from which two longswords emerged.

    These two longswords-one snow-white and translucent, the other completely fiery hot-were both rare Divine Weapons.

    "These are the White Ice Jadefire Duo Swords. Our faction wiped out a swordsman over 300 years ago. They are both level 31 Divine Remains Equipment that have the power to bring forth snow across ten thousand lis, control the geographical layout, and condense the power of the sun and divine fire."

    The Gold Mage King's mouth twitched, and he also tossed out two swords-one long and the other short-and said, "These swords belong to our Gold Robed faction. It has been so long that their histories are unknown. However, one of them is level 31 while the other level 32. Are these sufficient for the Imperial Preceptor?"

    Amongst these two swords, the short one emitted a black fog and was filled with various demonic charms.

    The longer sword was filled with an overwhelming stench of blood, seeming like a materialized version of a sea of blood.

    Fang Xingjian's gaze brushed over the four swords, and he nodded while saying, "Their levels are a little low, but since they are Divine Remains Equipment, they are sufficient to be used in setting up the formation."

    As he spoke, he grabbed out with one hand, took the four Divine Swords, and tapped out four streams of sword intents. Not only did he wipe out the remnant martial wills that were in the Divine Swords, but he also channeled the Infiltrating Void, Light Pursuit, All-Conquering, and Instant sword intents into them.

    After about six hours, the four Divine Swords had completely inherited the sword intents. Then with a flash, they disappeared completely.

    No matter how hard the Black Mage King or the Gold Mage King used their martial will to scan, they were still unable to locate the traces of the four Divine Swords. They felt that Fang Xingjian's means were really unfathomable.

    Fang Xingjian had naturally used his illusory art to concealed his actual actions.

    After another three hours, the four swords each took a spot in the east, west, south, and north of the Imperial Capital, concealing within spatial gaps and disappearing from sight.

    Fang Xingjian depleted 10% of his powers to set up a Celestial Eradication Sword Formation over the Imperial Capital. Although it only depleted 10% of his powers, the formation was still sufficient to kill ordinary Divine level experts.

    Of course, the most important thing was that the current Celestial Eradication Sword Technique already contained the wonders of the microscopic level and the ability to cast illusory arts. Illusory arts that could go down to the microscopic level were unbreakable unless the target was at least at tier five of the Divine level. It would be impossible for even tier five Divine level experts to break the illusory arts within a short moment.

    By doing all these, Fang Xingjian ensured the safety of the Imperial Capital. He now had plans to make a trip back to Earth.
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