Chapter 834: Divinity Challengers

    Chapter 834: Divinity Challengers

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    Tiandao recalled that in the previous world, Fang Xingjian had been the strongest person in the Fang Clan. Additionally, even Tiandao himself had admired Fang Xingjian's talent and wanted to recruit him.

    However, Fang Xingjian had been stubborn and refused to bend. He ended up taking three blows from Tiandao, and his martial will was forcibly shattered by the impact.

    A hint of curiosity flashed in Tiandao's eyes as he thought, 'I wonder if there's a Fang Xingjian in this world and how many of my attacks can he take?'

    Right now, 99% of the people in the Fang Clan's manor had retreated, leaving behind only 100 mechanized warriors that were covered in golden armor and emitting a faint blue glow. These mechanized warriors were all standing in the courtyard.

    The military forces and the Thunder Monarch's Ford Clan were not the only ones who had developed new weapons after getting their hands on the information from the Moon's relics.

    The Fang Clan had also benefited a lot from this.

    These Divinity Challenger robots [1] were high technology semi-intelligent robots that the Fang Clan had invested several trillion dollars to develop.

    Each of these robots had been created with the latest plasma technology.

    They could maintain an extremely dense plasma shield on their exterior and fend off nuclear missiles with a small yield. Ordinary firearms would not be able to break through their plasma shield.

    The robots had plasma convergence instruments in their bodies and could control groups of plasma at a temperature of 100,000 degrees Celsius to form various weapons.

    These warriors had been specially developed to deal with individual experts. They were now all brought by Fang Yuehe to the Fang Clan's manor to deal with the opponent who had suddenly appeared.

    Beside him was the Ford Clan's Thunder Monarch.

    Fang Yuehe smiled and said, "Thunder Monarch, what do you think of our Fang Clan's newly developed Divinity Challengers?"

    The Thunder Monarch spoke in a deep voice, "It is capable of both attack and defense. I reckon that just ten of these Divinity Challengers will be able to come to a draw against Divine level experts. But it seems that their maneuverability is still lacking? They can't fly?"

    Simultaneously, the Thunder Monarch was inwardly comparing the Divinity Challenger with his own Impasse Armor, and the depths of his gaze revealed a hint of disdain. These Divinity Challengers were overwhelmingly powerful compared to human military forces, but the Impasse Armor was something of an entirely different level.

    After all, the Thunder Monarch himself had personally led a team in developing the Impasse Armor. As a Divine level expert, the Thunder Monarch could even look into the microscopic world and possess an almost limitless amount of energy. Additionally, he also had a lot more advantages compared to normal people in the area of research and development.

    The Ford Clan was originally skilled in science and technology to begin with, and and the Thunder Monarch had also developed his own individual armor in the past.

    Fang Yuehe sighed and said, "That's really the case. Therefore, although these Divinity Challengers have powerful attack and defensive capabilities, they are more suited for putting up defense instead of attacking."

    At the next moment, his countenance turned grim. "This time around, Tiandao has returned with a strength that far surpasses what's in our records. It seems that his cultivation in Miracle World was very successful.

    "I just received news that the 12 plasma cannons, which were newly developed by the Federation's military forces, have been wiped out by him."

    "Haha," the Thunder Monarch laughed and said, "Those people from the military are still outdated in thinking that it's fine as long as the destructive prowess is strong, the speed is fast, and the shooting range is far. To think that they came up with space-based cannons to deal with Divine level experts... They are really foolish."

    From his words, it was apparent that the Thunder Monarch was disdainful toward the plasma cannons that the military had newly developed.

    In the Thunder Monarch's opinion, warfare had entered a new generation where quality was more important than quantity. The world was heading toward a direction of having individual forces which possessed high maneuverability and high survivability.

    Fang Xingjian had perfectly displayed this point when he sent a storm sweeping through all of Earth.

    At present, Tiandao stepped into the courtyard. He looked at the 100 Divinity Challengers and smiled. "Interesting. Robots that can use microparticles for attack and defense? When did Earth start possessing such technologies?"

    Both Fang Yuehe's and the Thunder Monarch's countenances were grim upon seeing Tiandao's sudden appearance. Fang Yuehe said, "Tiandao, are you crazy? As one of the five Divine level experts on Earth, to think that you're assaulting civilians and the military forces... Do you know that it's all over for you and your clan?"

    Tiandao smiled. In the parallel word that he came from, Fang Yuehe and the Thunder Monarch were not famous. Therefore, he did not recognize the two of them and could not be bothered to say much. He stretched out his hand, and a beam of golden light rose from his body, turning into a huge golden palm that came slamming down.

    The huge palm encompassed the courtyard entirely, smashing down toward the Thunder Monarch, Fang Yuehe, and the 100 Divinity Challengers.

    Violent powers instantly lashed out in the sky, and streams of colorful shock waves descended from the sky wherever the golden palm passed by. These were the countless explosive reactions occurring in the microscopic world.

    The prowess of Tiandao's casual palm strike was almost the same as Alexander's full power attack.

    The entire manor of the Fang Clan was crushed into powder by the explosive air currents at almost the same instant that the palm's explosive pressure came down.

    At the sight of this palm, the two men's countenances changed drastically. Fang Yuehe, who had yet to reach the Divine level, was pressurized by the explosive air currents. His brain was trembling, his spine was snapping, and the blood throughout his body seemed to be seething. It was as if he was going to explode and die at the very next moment.

    However, two of the Divinity Challengers beside him quickly went over and protected him with their blue plasma shields.

    The extremely dense plasma gathered together and formed an astonishing defensive shield, fending off the seething and exploding air currents.

    Fang Yuehe watched with a pale countenance as the huge palm descended slowly from the sky. He bellowed, "Kill him!"

    It was as if the remaining 98 Divinity Challengers were instantly awakened. Their eyes flashed with a blue glow, and all of them looked in Tiandao's direction.


    The 98 Divinity Challengers had uniform movements like they were all the same person.

    They took a step forward concurrently, and the ground within a range of several thousand meters instantly shattered. Exploding rocks shot out in all directions like shotgun bullets.

    All of the Divinity Challengers were covered by a blue layer of plasma shield, and the shock waves and explosions brought by the huge palm were like a soft breeze, completely ineffective against them.

    The plasma shield could even fend off microscopic level attacks.

    The 98 Divinity Challengers charged up to Tiandao almost simultaneously and stretched out their right hands. A blue light sword that was one meter long suddenly appeared in each of their palms.

    These were plasma cutting light swords which had a high temperature of 100,000 degrees Celsius and microparticles that circulated continuously at sublight speed.

    Such terrifying technological products were almost equivalent to sword art attacks at the microscopic level.

    Moreover, there were 98 of these light swords. They were sufficient to dice up one tier two, or even tier three, Divine level experts immediately.

    However, when faced with these 98 light swords gushing toward him, Tiandao smiled and tapped out a finger, gently blocking one of the light swords.

    The light sword got increasingly closer to his finger, but its speed also got increasingly slower. In the end, it was moving at the speed of a snail, unable to come into contact with Tiandao's finger at all.

    Level 9 black magic-Gracefulness of Time-activated.

    This black magic had become even more terrifying in Tiandao's hands. All the Divinity Challengers within a range of 100 meters could only move at a speed of one centimeter per second. In front of Tiandao, all of them seemed like squirming sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

    Tiandao then pulled with both hands, and a chaotic light blade appeared in his palm.

    Level 13 black magic-Blade of Time.

    This black magic could cut off the lifespan of one's enemy. Right now, Tiandao was casually cutting through the bodies of the many Divinity Challengers, accelerating the speed at which the users' lifespans were flowing.

    It was undeniable that the Divinity Challengers had been produced using Earth's greatest technology and materials, but their greatest flaw was that it was impossible for many parts of their bodies to be as sturdy as the plasma shield. Many crucial parts could even be easily damaged and needed to be maintained or replaced regularly.

    Having been slashed by the Blade of Time, their exterior armor and plasma shield were unscathed, but a large number of their interior parts, engine, cooling systems, and other things broke down.

    At the next moment, the gleam in the eyes of the 98 Divinity Challengers was extinguished, and the plasma shields disappeared as well.
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