Chapter 843: Investigate

    Chapter 843: Investigate

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    A small building stood above the ruins of the Fang Clan's manor. It was one that Fang Xingjian had built casually.

    The Black Mage King sat cross-legged outside, just like a guard keeping watch at the door.

    The Gold Mage King walked around above the ruins continuously. From time to time, a golden light would flash, and patches of the ruins would turn into the buildings and walls that had been there previously. The Gold Mage King kept on mumbling while his gaze flickered like he was calculating something.

    Inside the small building, a small tablet was floating before Fang Xingjian, showing all the information Fang Yuehe had gathered over the past few days.

    With Fang Xingjian's current status and prowess, there would naturally be no one who would stop him from getting his hands on the information he wanted. Despite that, Fang Xingjian still frowned slightly as he looked at the collected information.

    After the Fang Clan's efforts in gathering the information, it was discovered that all the records concerning Fang Xingjian before he was five years old had all been falsified. The actual information about what he had done and learned, as well as the places he had been to before he was five had all been destroyed under the orders of Li Shuanghua, and the few parties involved were nowhere to be found.

    No matter how great the Fang Clan's influence was, they were temporarily out of leads after investigating this far. If they wished to continue their investigations, they would have to rely on their advantage of being great in number and do a wide-area search. However, it was unknown as to how long that would take.

    The records about Fang Xingjian after he turned five were unusually detailed, and there were no inconsistencies when compared with Fang Xingjian's memories.

    However, this time around, Fang Xingjian looked at the matter from another angle. He searched for all the students and teachers from his primary school, junior high school, and high school who had transferred, left their jobs, or disappeared.

    At one glance, everything was almost exactly the same as his awakened memories. All the students and teachers who had either transferred or left their jobs showed superior performances in certain areas.

    Some of them were outstanding in their learning, some of them were good-looking, some of their families had gained fame and fortune, and there were also some who had come into contact with extraordinary strength. There were many cases like these.

    However, upon further investigation of the reason behind why they had transferred schools, the reason appeared very natural. It seemed as if every single one of them had done so willingly, and there were no traces which suggested that someone had been involved in it.

    Yet this was also why it did not seem right. If every single extraordinary student had willingly left the schools Fang Xingjian attended, this in itself was the greatest absurdity.

    This meant that an extraordinary strength was pushing this from the back. On Earth, this extraordinary strength would either be a force with magic prints or black magic.

    As he looked at the ruins of the Fang Clan's manor and sent his martial will sweeping through the Black Mage King and Gold Mage King, a thought popped up in Fang Xingjian's mind, 'Could it be black magic?'

    Since there had been remnants of black magic in the Fang Clan's manor in the past, it was reasonable for Fang Xingjian to suspect that the arrangement of his surrounding environment during Fourth Grade had all been influenced by the power of black magic.

    If that was the case, it would mean that Li Shuanghua had not done this by herself. There must have been someone else behind her.

    The black-clothed man's figure suddenly flashed in Fang Xingjian's mind.

    The other party had gifted him with a purple flame which claimed to have given him the world's best sword arts talent, taking away his emotions and leaving him with five years of his lifespan. However, by the looks of it, this seemed more like some sort of black magic, and the entire matter was not as simple as what the purple flame had said.

    That man had even taken away the corpse of his mother, Fang Yueru. However, Fang Xingjian had not sensed any malice from the man, which showed that his relationship with the Fang Clan was not simple.

    Could this black-clothed man be related to Li Shuanghua and Fang Xingjian's childhood experiences?

    However, now that things had come down to this, if black magic really was involved, it was not something that the Fang Clan's ordinary scouts or magic prints Warriors would be able to verify.

    Fang Xingjian put aside his thoughts for now and continued to read the information Fang Yuehe had sent him.

    Other than the content he had requested to be investigated, there was also information concerning the Moon's relics.

    The technological content on the Moon's relics had been hidden and researched in secret by the each of the major forces on Earth. Even Fang Yuehe had not intended to take the initiative to reveal them to Fang Qian and Fang Xingjian.

    In fact, Fang Yuehe had possessed a slight ambition of wanting to rely on high-technological products to contend against and even replace Fang Xingjian.

    However, with the current state of things, after Fang Xingjian displayed a domineering power in his battle against Tiandao, Fang Yuehe did not dare conceal the matters concerning the Moon's relics anymore.

    After reading the information concerning the Moon's relics, Fang Xingjian let out a soft 'Hmmm?' He had not expected that there would also be a huge word, 'Left', on the back of the Moon. Was this not the same as the parallel world he had been to previously?

    'Could it have been left behind by the same person?' Fang Xingjian frowned slightly. Based on this, it was likely that the same person had been to both versions of Earth. This also meant that before Tiandao came to Earth this time around, someone else had already traveled here.

    'There's no hurry for me to find out the information concerning the Moon's relics,' Fang Xingjian thought, but he then suddenly noticed a reaction from his Sudden Inspiration. He closed his eyes and meditated for a moment. When he opened his eyes again, there seemed to be electric sparks flashing in them. 'There seem to be some leads to the matters that happened in the past.'

    At the thought of this, he left the building with a flash. He looked at the two Mage Kings and said, "Black Mage King, come along with me. There are some places I want you to check if there are any traces of black magic.

    "Gold Mage King, I'll leave the black magic remnants here to you."

    With that, Fang Xingjian and the Black Mage King each turned into a stream of light that cut across the sky and disappeared into the horizon.

    At almost the same instant they set off, the Thunder Monarch, Fang Yuehe, and Xia Yan jumped up. Countless scouts and magic prints Warriors took action and started to pursue the traces of the two people.

    Meanwhile, Fang Xingjian was following his Sudden Inspiration's senses. After leaving Demonic City, he and the Black Mage King headed north. In the blink of an eye, they passed by countless mountains and rivers, before eventually arriving in Xin Country's Jing City 1  .

    On a flat area in the huge city, there were densely packed crowds of humans and vehicles like countless ants crawling about.

    Ever since the metamorphosis occurred in Demonic City, many ordinary companies and properties withdrew from Demonic City due to its unique trait despite a large number of investments being channeled into the city. This caused a decrease in Demonic City's population count and a constant increase in Jing City's total population count. Right now, Jing City's population count had reached 30 million, and there were countless satellite cities around it. Jing City could be said to be the center of the entire Xin Country.

    In a world of ordinary people, this was where almost all the best schools and companies were gathered. With Jing City located in the north and Demonic City in the south, they were each the hub for ordinary people and extraordinary humans respectively.

    'Jing City... I remembered that I spent a very long time studying here in the past.'

    He had not understood why Li Shuanghua had previously arranged for him to study in Jing City. However, thinking back about this, if she had wanted him to stay away from the extraordinary world, she would naturally have had to make him stay away from Demonic City.

    If it was not because he had eventually still come into contact with extraordinary strength and returned to Demonic City to cultivate, he would probably have gone on to study in a University in Jing City at his current age.

    Looking down at the city under his feet, Fang Xingjian landed on one of the streets with a leap. Dressed in black, the Black Mage King followed behind him like a simple follower-a nobody.
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