850 Wordless Monumen

    "Gold Mage King, have you managed to work out the origin of that black magic?"

    "I'm thankful to not have failed the mission," the Gold Mage King said with a solemn expression while nodding. "Its origin is really out of the ordinary."

    Based on the the Gold Mage King's calculations, the black magic which had been cast over the Fang Clan back then was at least level 15 or higher. It could be at level 16, 17, or 18. It was an extremely high end black magic.

    The Gold Mage King himself had never come into contact with such high end black magic before.

    Although the Gold Mage King had no idea what black magic it was, he managed to find out that this was a black magic belonging to the Purple Robed faction and that it had been performed three years ago.

    Upon hearing this, Fang Xingjian's heart skipped a beat.

    'Three years ago? That was when I left Fang Clan and obtained my sword arts talent.

    'Three years ago, even the Purple Robed faction's Purple Mage King was unable to perform black magic that was level 15 or higher. It was before the world's metamorphosis occurred, and the strongest Mage King was only able to perform level 10 black magic then.

    'Does this mean that other than the three people who were found to come from other parallel worlds, there was another visitor from a parallel world?'

    A total of four people had come to Earth from other parallel worlds, and it seemed they all had links to the Fang Clan and Fang Xingjian.

    However, at this point, there was not much that could be investigated. Despite this, Fang Xingjian knew that Earth was not safe. Regardless of whether other Divine level experts would come in the future or if the black magic that had been left on his junior high classmates was continuing to send out signals... They all seemed to be saying that the situation was not good.

    Fang Xingjian told the upper echelon of the Earth's Federation about this and got them to make early preparations to reveal the existence of extraordinary strength to the public. He also got them to expedite the research and development of the technological information they had obtained from the Moon's relics. This was because it was very likely that the future opponents would be even more powerful, and it was hard for him to protect them at all times. Earth had to make their own preparations.

    After settling these matters, Fang Xingjian brought the two Mage Kings along with him and arrived on the Moon.

    All three of them were Divine level experts with a conjured physique cast. Although the Moon's environment was dangerous, it was not too difficult for them to handle. They passed through the large areas of wilderness before them at rapid speed, and very soon, a huge mountain appeared before them.

    It was the gigantic word, 'left', that was at the back of the Moon.

    Fang Xingjian entered the area with great familiarity. This time around, he did not experience any pressurizing attacks to his will. If there was the same kind of attack he had experienced the other time, it would have been impossible for the people on Earth to enter.

    After carefully arriving in the middle of the relics, a stone monument appeared before the three of them.

    The entire stone monument was covered in a unique but chaotic array of colors. There were no grains or words on it at all, and it just seemed like a wordless monument.

    Based on the information Fang Xingjian had obtained from Earth, they had gotten all sorts of knowledge from this wordless monument.

    Almost at the same instant the Black Mage King and Gold Mage King saw the stone monument, they were shocked. They felt as if their martial will was shaken out of their bodies by some mysterious great force.

    Then at the next moment, there seemed to be endless scenes flashing before their eyes. They seemed to be words, images, all sorts of experiences, and all sorts of memories.

    After over four hours, the Gold Mage King returned to his senses. He felt both physically and mentally tired out. His consciousness was seething, and his martial will seemed to be much weaker. It was as if his entire brain had been filled up.

    However, after a slight recollection, he broke out in joy. Clearly, the knowledge he had obtained from the wordless monument was very useful to him. He immediately sat down, closed his eyes, and meditated, studying the information he had just obtained.

    Two hours later, a boom rang out from the Black Mage King's body, and streams of black light were emitted. It was as if there was a black demon hovering behind him.

    His eyes opened slightly, and it looked as if there were stars shining in them.

    However, on a closer look, one would also be able to see fatigue in his gaze.

    When the Gold Mage King saw the Black Mage King had woken up, he smiled and said, "Congratulations, Black Mage King."

    The Black Mage King recalled the information he had obtained and revealed a hint of happiness. He waved his hand and said, "Congratulations to us both. When did you wake up?"

    "I woke up two hours before you." After saying that, the Gold Mage King looked toward Fang Xingjian once again and said, "With the Imperial Preceptor's talent and cultivation, I wonder how long he can sustain that for."

    Both of them knew that the wordless monument was extremely mysterious and could channel knowledge directly into an individual's brain. However, the amount of information that could be channeled in would depend on the individual's talent and cultivation. Out of the three of them, Fang Xingjian's cultivation and talent were the greatest, so they could not help but wonder how much of the legacy he would receive.

    For them, this was also a chance to assess Fang Xingjian's capabilities.

    However, 12 hours later, Fang Xingjian still did not show any signs of waking up. Instead, streams of sword intents soared into the sky, and there were streams of electricity hovering around them.

    16 hours laters, waves of overwhelming power surged out from Fang Xingjian's body. Both the Black Mage King and Gold Mage King moved backward repeatedly. Eventually, they jumped off the moon and observed Fang Xingjian from space so that they would not be affected.

    Over the next three days, the entire Moon seemed to be affected by Fang Xingjian. Waves of power kept on transmitting to and fro. Huge cracks would appear in the ground from time to time, or sometimes a impact crater would collapse, sending countless boulders and small mountains flying up toward the sky.

    If this were to happen on Earth, the entire Xin Country would probably be destroyed. Millions and millions of citizens would die under this natural disaster.

    Seeing the Moon's surface appear as if it had been through a series of earthquakes, the Black Mage King pondered before saying, "The two of us reached our limits in a mere few hours. However, the Imperial Preceptor hasn't reached his limits even after a few days."

    The Gold Mage King nodded and also revealed a curious expression as he looked at Fang Xingjian. "It's not just that. The Imperial Preceptor is also cultivating while he receives the legacy. Such talent is really extraordinarily terrifying."

    After seven days and seven nights, the tremors finally slowly came to a stop. It was only then that the Black Mage King and Gold Mage King approached the moon cautiously.

    However, they saw that Fang Xingjian had already woken up and was looking at the wordless monument.

    The Gold Mage King cupped his hands together and said, "Congratulations, Imperial Preceptor. This wordless monument is very unusual, and the Imperial Preceptor must have benefited greatly from it."

    "It's true that I have gained something from it," Fang Xingjian said in deep voice, "But I have yet to sort out the information. If I wish to gain achievement, I'll still need to study it thoroughly. I'll have to trouble the two of you to help be on guard."

    After saying that, Fang Xingjian did not seem to care if the two Mage Kings would agree. His gaze drifted as if his mind had roamed to somewhere else.

    Seeing this, the Gold Mage King was taken by surprise. "This... Is the Imperial Preceptor starting to receive the channeling from the wordless monument once again?"

    The Black Mage King was also shocked. The Gold Mage King had been able to sustain for four hours, while he himself had been to sustain for six hours. Their talents were already considered to be extraordinary. However, Fang Xingjian managed to continue on for seven days and seven nights, yet he still had not reached his limits. After waking up, he gave them instructions. Then his attention sank into the wordless monument once again.
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