860 Besiege

    Fang Xingjian narrowed his eyes narrowed as he said, "Seriously injured? What's that all about?"

    The Gold Mage King explained, "Six of the Steel Lion Kingdom's Sacred Generals surrounded Buluo City and encompassed the entire city with a formation. After the Black Mage King entered the formation, he was attacked by all six of them. Although they were very prepared, the Black Mage King was still able to gain the upper hand with his black magic clone.

    "After killing one of the Sacred Generals, the remaining five Sacred Generals came from the plains to render assistance. The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch also came to the battlefield by himself. The three Divine level experts under him were left to hold off Tyrant and the others.

    "The Black Mage King was surrounded and attacked by a total of 11 Divine level experts in total. Among them, the Steel Lion Kingdom's Prince Zuoxian and the Sacred Fire Order's Prince Zuoxian were both tier five Divine level experts.

    "The Black Mage King started to face difficulties in dealing with the situation, but he was still unable to be taken down.

    "However, in the end, that Heavenly Lion King from the plains launched an assault across space, dealing the Black Mage King with severe injuries. Due to that, the Black Mage King was forced to escape and leave."

    Fang Xingjian let out a cold snort, "12 people surrounding and attacking one person? They really have great determination to deal with me. What happened later?"

    The Gold Mage King continued, "A total of 14 Divine level experts-the four from the Sand Country and the remaining ten of the Sacred Generals-headed straight for the Imperial Preceptor. Fortunately, there's the great formation the Imperial Preceptor has left behind. They have yet to break through it."

    For those of the plains and the Sand Country, the fact they had inflicted Fang Xingjian with severe injuries meant that they were already halfway toward achieving their goal of taking down the Empire. After this, they would only need to take down the Imperial Capital next and kill all the experts. With that, the Empire would become an empty shell with only its name. It would just be a matter of time before they took over the rest of the Empire's territories.

    "There's one more thing. In order to not reveal his identity, the Black Mage King disguised as you to take part in the battle..."

    Hearing this, Fang Xingjian understood the situation. The entire Empire probably thought that he had suffered a great defeat at the hands of the plains' and the Sand Country's joined efforts.

    The Empire's establishment relied primarily on Fang Xingjian's individual martial prowess and prestige. So, right now, with everyone thinking that he had been defeated and was currently surrounded and being attacked by people in the Imperial Capital, the Empire's eight regions were probably going to break down one by one.

    Many thoughts flashed through his mind like lightning. Then with a flash, Fang Xingjian disappeared.


    The Imperial Capital-the Empire's newly established capital-seemed as if it had just been put through a great catastrophe. It gave off a feeling of instability like being tossed about by the wind and rain.

    In the sky above the Imperial Capital, a total of 14 Divine level experts standing there. Their surging martial wills emitted different glows, turning into many huge mountain-like shadows which surrounded the skies overhead the Imperial Capital.

    Prince Zuoxian said coldly, "To think that there was such a great formation set up in the Imperial Capital..."

    Fang Xingjian had set up the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation before he had left. As it was set up at the last minute, the powers contained in the formation were not strong. However, it condensed Fang Xingjian's sword intents and possessed powerful illusory abilities.

    Ever since their arrival at the Imperial Capital, Prince Zuoxian and the other 13 experts had barged their way in. For this first round, they saw the Imperial Capital being destroyed by them, and many of the Empire's experts were killed in turn the moment they attempted to resist.

    Thereafter, they planned on leaving the Imperial Capital and sending people to take over the place.

    However, once they left the Imperial Capital, they realized that what they had seen were just illusions. This was because after they had left, they discovered that everything they took away with them from the Imperial Capital had all disappeared. They had gone beyond the limited distance of the illusory formation, so the effects of the illusory abilities ceased.

    Thereafter, they made a few more attempts before they were able to ascertain that the entire Imperial Capital was wrapped in an illusory formation. Fang Xingjian was not around to control the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation personally, so the illusory art's circulations were more flawed. This led to them noticing the illusions.

    After returning to the Imperial Capital, what they saw was unexpectedly still a bunch of ruins.

    Prince Zuoxian looked at the city under his feet and bellowed, "Fang Xingjian, are you still not going to surrender? This time around, our Steel Lion Kingdom has joined forces with the Sand Country, gathering overwhelming might.

    "Right now, you've been seriously injured by us. The entire Beize Region, Northern Ice Region, Eastern Sand Region, and the southern borders are all in our hands. What's the point of you trying to hole up in this formation?"

    The Fourth Prince, Tyrant, and other experts stood together with extremely grim countenances. After the Black Mage King was defeated, several of the Divine level experts had immediately retreated to the Imperial Capital and activated the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation to fend off their opponents.

    On another side, numerous officials stood together and asked anxiously, "Has Fang Xingjian lost?"

    "How's that possible? Fang Xingjian defeated Alexander. He's the number one swordsman in the Empire."

    "So what if he's the best in the Empire? Can't you see that the Steel Lion Kingdom and the Sand Country have joined forces and that there are a total of 14 Divine level experts? Moreover, the plains' Prince Zuoxian and the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch from the desert are both not much weaker than Alexander."

    "This was why I said it previously... It would have been better if we made peace with them earlier."

    "Let's surrender. There are so many Divine level experts over there. Once they start attacking their way in, we'll be doomed."

    "That's right. Let's go look for the Fourth Prince and get them to surrender. Fang Xingjian has already lost. Why do we have to die together with him?"

    The oppressive air of the 14 Divine level experts was too strong, shrouding downward toward the Imperial Capital. No one in the Imperial Capital could withstand it, and the many commoners, officials, and Conferred Knights all wore expressions of despair.

    The Knight Association's Chief and other people who had originally been extremely confident in Fang Xingjian were also wearing horrified expressions.

    "How's that possible? To think that even Fang Xingjian has been defeated?"

    "To think that the Steel Lion Kingdom's 11 Sacred Generals are that powerful?"

    "With 14 Divine level experts joining forces, who will be able to go up against them in this world?"

    The Fourth Prince sighed as his expression revealed that he was baffled. The 14 martial wills in the sky kept on colliding, merging, and occasionally bring about gusts of strong gales.

    Each member of the opposing side was no weaker than the Fourth Prince. With all 14 of them pressing down simultaneously, no one in the capital could even think about resisting.

    Lilia looked at the many Divine level experts in the sky with great hatred. Still, she could not help but keep feeling worried. 'How is Teacher's condition?'

    Prince Philip's countenance was pale. Due to the battle in Buluo City, he was also suffering from serious injuries. Right now, he was unable to unleash even 30% of his battle prowess.

    His son, Richard, and granddaughter hid behind him. Both of them had been brought out by Philip and the Black Mage King after the Black Mage King was defeated.

    Sally's eyes were filled with horror. "Will they kill all of us?"

    Richard's expression was extremely grim, and his eyes were filled with regret. He could not help but sigh inwardly and say, 'Father, you were wrong. I said that we should look for the Church to ask for assistance. Why didn't you listen to me?'

    In the north of the Imperial Capital, the First Prince looked at the 14 figures in the sky and laughed out loud. "Fang Xingjian, to think that this day would come for you... Go on, kill, kill. Wipe off this entire city from the maps of this world."

    The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch looked down coldly at the city in the sky and thought with great hatred, 'Fang Xingjian, as long as you dare to come out and stop us from destroying this city, you're doomed.

    'This is payback for the things you did in the desert. The moment you offended our Sacred Fire Order, it became destined that this day would come.'

    Prince Zuoxian ordered through information currents, "Everyone, take action."

    At the next moment, 14 streams of majestic powers merged into one. Then lights of a myriad of colors gathered together, emitting heart-throbbing waves and pressing down toward the ground.

    Prince Zuoxian said coldly, "Fang Xingjian, do you think that we won't be able to do anything just because there's an illusory formation? Since you aren't willing to come out, then we'll flatten the entire region."

    Watching the light press down toward the ground from the sky, everyone felt a chill run down their spines, and an overwhelming sense of helplessness grew in their hearts.

    The Fourth Prince, Tyrant, Lan Yue, the Blue Sacred Moonlight, and the Astral Ancestor took action, sending out streams of sword Qis and martial will soaring into the sky. They clashed against the attacks of Prince Zuoxian and the others.

    However, it was a futile attempt doomed for failure. The joint forces of the 14 Divine level experts crushed all retaliating efforts and continued to press on toward the ground.

    At the sight of this scene, the people in the Imperial Capital felt greater despair. Everyone realized that this scene before them could quite possibly be the last scene they would see in their lives.

    Just then, a human figure suddenly appeared in front of the Imperial Capital with a flash, looking up toward the sky at the joint powers of the 14 people.

    It was Fang Xingjian.

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