872 Dealings

    To the Realm Traversing Guardian King, being able to increase his talent and aptitude was also an extremely wonderful thing. It was something which had he had an intense sense of attraction toward.

    Even the Guardian Kings were not without any desires. Although many people wanted to attain the same achievements and the realms that the Guardian Kings had attained, the Realm Traversing Guardian King and the others naturally wanted to advance further as well. They wanted to reach the legendary realms, such as tier six of the Divine level, and become the world's dominators.

    The Church of Universal Truth had extraordinarily rich resources and endless cultivating methods that had been passed down. The members also possessed the divine arts bestowed upon them by the God of Universal Truth, and the Church was said to be the greatest sacred land with the world's best cultivating conditions.

    However, despite this, it had been close to one year since the world's metamorphosis yet no one had managed to reach tier six of the Divine level. This showed how difficult it was to reach this level.

    Of course, the Guardian Kings and the three great Saints possessed divine arts that surpassed their own capabilities, and their battle prowess was not simply just at tier five of the Divine level.

    This showed how difficult it was to reach tier six of the Divine level. It could be said that across the entire Church, only the three great Saints had a chance of attaining tier six of the Divine level. As for the Guardian Kings, they did not have complete confidence of being able to strive for tier six of the Divine level.

    It was how things were like for the Heavenly Lion King. Although he was only one step away from tier six of the Divine level and could attempt a breakthrough at any moment, this step had a distance that was like the distance between the heavens and the earth.

    It was far too difficult to attain a breakthrough pass this tier of the Nine-Tiered Heavens. Even with the Heavenly Lion King's inherited legacy and cultivation, he still continued to accumulate power and experience, not daring to attempt it. If he had not been forced by Fang Xingjian, he might have continued accumulating his powers and experience.

    Therefore, when the Realm Traversing Guardian King saw the existence of the mystical prints, his face lit up and a flame ignited in his heart.

    He looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "I'll test these mystical prints out when I get back. If I succeed, I'll definitely thank and reward you generously."

    Fang Xingjian nodded, not saying anything. His goal was naturally not ordinary returns. By handing the mystical prints to the Immortality Saint's faction, he could strengthen this faction's powers and prevent the Oceansky Saint and Phenomenal Saint from heading down south easily. Fang Xingjian would be using the Immortality Saint to hold back the other two factions.

    Another reason was that there were ten levels to the mystical prints, and Fang Xingjian planned on using them to have dealings with the Immortality Saint.

    With Church of Universal Truth's countless years of accumulation, they possessed endless riches as well as precious heavenly and earthly treasures. All of these were Fang Xingjian's objectives.

    His Thunder Calamity, White Bone, Abyss, and Panwei Divine Swords could be reforged with some materials, especially some Divine Remains Equipment that were level 35 or above. If he could get them to refine into his Divine Swords, then he would naturally be able to increase the prowess of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation once again. It would be the equivalent of increasing his powers.

    After all, he would also need layers of accumulation to attain a breakthrough to tier six of the Divine level. He wanted to use the Immortality Saint to hinder the Oceansky Saint and Phenomenal Saint while simultaneously obtain a large amount of resources to strengthen himself through making dealings.

    This was a win-win situation for both the Immortality Saint and to Fang Xingjian.

    The Realm Traversing Guardian King instantly understood the meaning behind this. He took a long look at Fang Xingjian and said, "We'll talk again after ascertaining the mystical prints' success."

    At the next moment, he disappeared with a flash.

    A ripple flashed in Fang Xingjian's gaze. He was unexpectedly unable to see through the Realm Traversing Guardian King's method to get out from his grasp. Fang Xingjian only felt that it bore some similarity to Spatial Translocation.

    'Is that his divine art? These Guardian Kings are really all deep and unfathomable people. I wonder if they have any abilities that can restrict me? Maybe in our dealings, I'll be able to include those Guardian Kings' divine art abilities.'

    Many Guardian Kings in the Church of Universal Truth might not be considered strong to the current Fang Xingjian. However, the divine arts they possessed were great killing weapons that far surpassed their own abilities. Even Fang Xingjian did not dare to rashly take them on.

    Who knew what abilities those divine arts had and if they would be able to restrict him?

    Fang Xingjian gave it some more thought. Then with a flash, he disappeared completely, returning to the Imperial Capital.

    Right now, in the Imperial Capital, everyone's face had on an expression of joy at having survived a disaster.

    During that last moment when Fang Xingjian beat up the Heavenly Lion King so badly that the latter self-detonated, Fang Xingjian established absolute power and authority before everyone.

    After all, in the battle against the Evil God Tribe's warrior, only over ten people in the entire Imperial Capital had witnessed it. Therefore, most people had estimated Fang Xingjian's abilities to be still at around the same level as Alexander in the past.

    However, Fang Xingjian had defeated the joint forces of 14 Divine level experts single-handedly and crushed the Heavenly Lion Clone, revealing his capabilities of being able to suppress an entire country and have his way in the world. Everyone in the Imperial Capital was shaken, unable to repress their emotions.

    Many people wore proud and excited expressions on their faces.

    The Knight Association's Chief stroked his white beard and said with a smile, "I said that it was impossible for the Imperial Preceptor to lose. So what if it's the Heavenly Lion King? He still got a thrashing."

    Charlie also smiled. "I really got a shock when I heard about the Imperial Preceptor's defeat in Buluo City. It seems that the Imperial Preceptor had intentionally set things up, wanting to round up all of them together."

    "After this battle, our Empire will be invincible in the west and the south. The Imperial Preceptor's battle achievements are also able to rank him amongst the top in the world," the Great Western Region's Governor said. "From today onward, he'll be able to ensure a country's safety single-handedly."

    The people around them revealed approving expressions. At this moment, everyone in the Imperial Capital was in great awe of Fang Xingjian.

    In the distance, Prince Philip felt assured, and a hint of relief flashed on his face. "With the Imperial Preceptor around, I'll be able to be at ease."

    Beside him, Prince Philip's son, Richard, let out a sigh. This time around, he was really certain that he had made a poor judgment.

    'I originally thought that Fang Xingjian had run out of tricks up his sleeves, but it turns out that I was blind to see what was in front of me. This person's talent and abilities far surpass our imagination. Unless the Church of Universal Truth really steps out personally, the Empire's safety will be ensured for the next over 100 years with him around.'

    Sally, who was at the side, also wore an extremely complicated expression. Back when she first met Fang Xingjian, he was merely a Conferred Knight who had cultivated for over a year. However, meeting again now, not only had he become a Divine level expert but his battle prowess was also unrivaled. He had become an existence that could suppress an entire country and protect the Empire's eight regions.

    When there were people who rejoiced, there would naturally be people who would get depressed.

    The First Prince looked coldly toward the sky, wearing an extremely grim countenance. Hearing the loud cheers outside, he slowly exhaled, appearing extremely irritated. In the end, he shook his head, turned, and returned to his room. However, he seemed extremely down.

    Right now, in the sky, Prince Zuoxian, the Sacred Fire Order's Prince Zuoxian, and the Sacred Fire Order's female were gathered together. All of their expressions were gloomy.

    While Fang Xingjian was dealing with the Heavenly Lion Clone, he did not care about the three of them anymore.

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