875 Resistance

    At the northern borders of Buluo City.

    As the center of the Empire's Beize Region, this city was Prince Philip's military base which he had managed over many years. However, it was in dire straits now.

    Occasionally, streams of flames and air currents rose from the city. Every now and then, there would be agonizing cries and enraged bellows ringing out in the many small alleys and streets.

    The previous battle had occurred in the sky above Buluo City. Despite this, with Prince Philip's defeat and the Black Mage King-who had disguised himself as Fang Xingjian-fleeing after sustaining heavy injuries, the entire Buluo City was considered to have fallen completely.

    However, when the second transition experts and numerous Demigods from the plains came to take over this city, they were still met with a lot of resistance.

    An expert from the plains, who had rough skin and wore beast hide stood at the top of the city wall, looked down at the battles that were spread out throughout the city. He let out a cold laugh and said, "To think that there are still people resisting at this time?"

    "Reporting to the Great Danghu." The person who spoke was a member of the Empire's Conferred Knight. His name was Ciel, and he was the Sect Master of Buluo City's Changze Sword Sect.

    After Fang Xingjian was defeated and the 14 Divine level experts besieged the Imperial Capital, Ciel had led everyone to surrender, joining this Great Danghu from the plains.

    The Changze Sword Sect was a top-notch faction in Buluo City, and many of its disciples had become Conferred Knights, assuming important government positions in the Beize Region.

    Ciel said, "It's just five or six Conferred Knights putting up a resistance. I've sent people to take care of them. They'll be taken care of very quickly. Fang Xingjian has abducted the Prince and seized the throne. He is going against the trends of time and the wishes of the people. Buluo City has long hoped that the Steel Lion Kingdom can come down southward and wipe out the traitors."

    "Haha." Although the Great Danghu knew that a lot of Ciel's words were just bootlicking, he was still very satisfied and broke into a smile.

    "Prince Zuoxian has already led 13 Divine level experts to surround the Imperial Capital. Even His Majesty, the Heavenly Lion King, has turned his gaze upon the Central Region. There's no way that Fang Xingjian will be able to turn the tables around. However, the Empire is in great chaos, and we will still need everyone to put in effort to help His Majesty govern these eight regions."

    Just then, a stream of sword Qi soared up into the sky from the city, bringing forth a myriad of shining starlight. The countenance of the Changze Sword Sect's Sect Master changed as he saw his eldest disciple have his head crushed by a person with a single sword attack. His eldest disciple had yet to reach the Demigod realm and was now completely dead.

    The person who killed Ciel's eldest disciple was a young man who wore jade-colored robes and held a dark golden longsword. He was light on his feet and had on a Scarlet Cape.

    This young man was Hoult, who came from the Great Western Region. He was also the grand disciple of the Myriad Stars Palace's Astral Ancestor.

    This great genius, who had fought it out with Fang Xingjian in the Great Western Region's Regional Selection, had been thrown far behind by Fang Xingjian after the second transition. Even many of his seniors and the Sect Master-the Astral Ancestor-from the Myriad Stars Palace had been defeated by Fang Xingjian and had submitted to him.

    Right now, Hoult had already given up on catching up to Fang Xingjian. It was an unrealistic goal.

    Currently, his greatest goal was to keep on tempering his martial arts. He hoped that in this generation, with the world's metamorphosis, he would be able to make good of this opportunity and reach the very top one day.

    Having devoted all of his efforts into his cultivation, Hoult made rapid improvements with the world's metamorphosis. At present, he had already become a Demigod with two tiers of perfection.

    He had been sent by the Great Western Region's Governor to provide support to the Beize Region and unexpectedly witnessed Fang Xingjian's failure.

    'Even that Fang Xingjian has been defeated...?' That battle in Buluo City still continued to repeat in Hoult's mind.

    11 Divine level experts had besieged Fang Xingjian, and both sides were engaged in an intense battle. Each of the 11 Divine level experts had showed off their skills, but they were still suppressed by Fang Xingjian, who displayed extremely astonishing battle prowess. However, in the end, an extremely majestic stream of golden light had descended from the skies, defeating Fang Xingjian.

    Thereafter, the entire Buluo City was taken over by the experts who had come rushing over from the plains. Almost over 90% of the Empire's Knights had chosen to surrender.

    Slashing his opponent with a single move, Hoult looked in the direction of the top of the city wall where the Great Danghu and Ciel were located.

    'If even the Imperial Capital has been broken through, that means we'll only be able to retreat or... surrender.'

    Hoult was very clear about the current situation. He was only able to continue putting up resistance in Buluo City because there were no Divine level experts present.

    Perhaps, it could be said that regardless of his battle achievements here, it would not affect the general trends at all.

    In a war with Divine level experts involved, the only uses of Conferred Knights and even Demigods were only to clean up the battlefields and to take over the territories. It was just miscellaneous work.

    After all, although Divine level experts were extremely power, most of them were unwilling to attend to everything personally.

    'Now that things have come down to this, I can only think of a way to break out from here.'

    At the top of the city walls, the Great Danghu Hou Ming stroked his chin, looked at Hoult in the distance, and asked, "Who is this person?"

    Ciel's eyes narrowed slightly and said, "This person is the Myriad Stars Palace's Hoult. They say that he is classmates with that treacherous Fang in the Regional Academy." As he said this, the hatred he felt toward Hoult continued to grow.

    'He's really stubborn. Fang Xingjian is doomed for failure. What's the point of resisting like this except to increase casualties for no reason? Such a fool.' Thinking of how the disciple he had put so much effort into cultivating had been killed just like that, the killing intent in Ciel seethed.

    "Oh?" Hearing that, the Great Danghu Hou Ming's eyes lit up. "Since he is that treacherous Fang's classmate, we mustn't let him off."

    Saying that, he waved one of his hands and let out a deep bellow, "Bring the bow!"

    At the next moment, a brilliant glow flew out from the box held by someone under him, landing in his hands.

    It was a crimson red long bow that was seemed to be bloodthirsty and filled with layers of brutal auras.

    This was the Divine Bow which was passed down in Great Danghu's Hou Ming's family. The Divine Remains Equipment could convert the user's vital energy and blood into blood-colored waves that would surge out at light speed.

    To Conferred Knights who did not have Divine level means, it was something that they could not win against.

    The Great Danghu Hou Ming's hands almost turned into a series of afterimages, and three blood-light shot out explosively. In almost an instant, they killed the Conferred Knights who were fighting alongside Hoult several thousand meters away.

    Boom boom boom! Three loud explosives sounds rang out, and the three Conferred Knights seemed as if they had been smashed by blood-colored missiles. They turned into a flaming ball of blood and immediately exploded soon after, turning into countless pieces of flesh scattered in the sky.

    "Excellent archery skills, Great Danghu!" Changze Sword Sect's Sect Master, Ciel, said with a smile.

    Great Danghu Hou Ming's lips curled up into a faint smile. "This is the archery skill that's passed down within our family-the Blood Shadow Divine Shot. It can lock onto the opponent's vital energy and blood. When this Blood Divine Bow is drawn, it'll definitely hit its target."

    Just then, with a flash, Hoult brought about a series of afterimages, cutting across the sky. Then he brought forth a string of screeches as he charged out toward the city wall at 20 times the speed of sound.A member of the high functionaries amongst the Xiongnus. There were also case of there being there being two of them, the left and the right Danghus.

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