876 Astonished

    "Great courage! To think that you would dare to come charging over?" The Great Danghu Hou Ming let out a cold laugh, raised his hands, and shot out.

    More streams of blood-colored light surged out, instantly sending many blood shadows splattering around Hoult.

    As each stream of blood shadow exploded, they brought forth streams of air currents. It was as if several ten thousand tons of missiles had exploded, unleashing an impact that could sink a battleship.

    However, when faced against such a violent explosion, Hoult did not waver and starlight circled around him. No matter how many blood shadows smashed against his body, they only struck against the layers of starlight, which fended off all of the explosions.

    Great Danghu Hou Ming revealed a hint of a brutal smile and pulled fiercely with both hands.

    In that instant, the bow on the form of a full moon, and a stream of blood-colored light condensed into an arrow, appearing on the bowstring. An astonishing pressure that could shake one's soul was emitted.


    At the next moment, a stream of blood-colored light pillar pierced through the world and also completely covered the spot where Hoult was. The terrifying blood-colored light brought forth an overwhelming surge of air currents, and the atmosphere of the entirety of Buluo City seemed to be seething. Gusts of strong gales struck against Buluo City, destroying countless buildings within a short moment.

    After the blood-colored light dissipated, Hoult had already returned to the small alley and then disappeared with a flash.

    Ciel exclaimed, "Sir, your archery is a perfect harmony of the spirit and Qi, with your will moving before the arrow strikes. It's really at the peak amongst those below the Divine level."

    Great Danghu Hou Ming revealed a satisfied smile. "This lad took an arrow from me, and traces of blood poison have entered his body. His strength has probably dropped to the level of ordinary level 29 Conferred Knights. I'll leave him to you then, Sect Master."

    "I won't disappoint you."

    "Be careful. Don't kill him."

    "I understand."

    Therefore, under Ciel's instructions, over ten black shadows darted out and gave chase in Hoult's direction.

    Not long later, they found Hoult, who had suffered serious injuries. After a series of fighting at close quarters, pursuit, and ambushes, Hoult's breathing grew increasingly weaker.

    Standing at the top of the city walls, Hou Ming smiled. "As expected of a great sect in the north, the Changze Sword Sect has many talents."

    Ciel smiled and replied, "The Great Danghu is too kind. The people from the plains are the ones who are brimming with talent and countless experts. This attack down south has astonished the world, and the plains will leave behind their name in history. It's really a battle that changes the trends in this world."

    Just as the two of them were flattering each other and enjoying themselves, the wind started to blow and the clouds began to seethe. In an instant, dark clouds covered the skies, and waves of fiendish auras came plunging down, causing a cold chill to run down Great Danghu Hou Ming's spine.

    He immediately drew his Blood Divine Bow. "There's an expert!"

    At the next moment, his body moved, and a blood-colored arrow shot out. It turned into a stream of blood-colored light that shot through the dark clouds in the sky. The shot stirred the wind and clouds, opening a large hole in the cloud layers.

    After the blood-colored light dissipated, a young man-who had pink skin, a thin face, and appeared to be gentle and reserved like a frail young lady-appeared in the sky.

    It was Fang Xingjian's subordinate-the Gray Robed Mage, Tyrant.

    Tyrant had engulfed the corpses of three Divine level experts before attaining the Divine level. Thereafter, he had cultivated together with Fang Xingjian with the help of nuclear energy, unifying all the physical particles in his body.

    Following that, he attained the Divine level and progressed rapidly. He even managed to get the Buu's flesh, and both his potential and strength increased tremendously. The conjured physique which he created was also very special. It was formed from martial will and yet also had the unique trait of having a hint of flesh and blood.

    Tyrant had reached tier three of the Divine level, yet he had been unable to do anything when 14 Divine level experts besieged the Imperial Capital. It was because the opponents were too strong and he did not have time to catch up to them.

    At present, he had received the orders from Fang Xingjian to retrieve the four regions. Faced against these warriors from the plains who were not even Divine level experts, Tyrant had nothing to fear.

    With a flash, he appeared before Hou Ming at a speed akin to light speed. He looked at Hou Ming, tilted his pink head, and asked, "Were you attacking me earlier?"

    "Divine level expert? Who are you?!" Hou Ming felt anxious and aimed his Blood Divine Bow toward Tyrant. However, he did not relax his expression in the least, and cold sweat kept dripping from his forehead.

    "Annoying bug." With another flash, Tyrant appeared before Hou Ming and flicked his middle finger slightly on Hou Ming's forehead. Just like that, this Great Danghu from the plains was completely turned into dust.

    Regardless of whether it was the people from the Changze Sword Sect or the other warriors from the plains, everyone who saw this scene did not dare to act recklessly. That was a Divine level expert. Before an expert like this, the resistance from ordinary people was meaningless.

    Only an expert from the plains who had white hair, a strong physique, and a face filled with scars asked furiously, "Who are you? We're warriors form the Steel Lion Kingdom's Heavenly Wolf Tribe. The one you've killed is the Heavenly Wolf Tribe's Great Danghu. I hope that you can give an explanation to Lord Heavenly Lion King."

    Tyrant grinned. "There's no more Heavenly Lion King. He has already been driven by the Imperial Preceptor to enter the Nine-Tiered Heavens, and his life or death is unknown. As for your 11 Sacred Generals, only one of them survived."

    Hearing Tyrant's words, that old man was first stunned for a short moment. Then he laughed coldly and said, "Don't be joking. The 11 Sacred Generals each have an expertise, and all of them are top notch characters who can dominate an area, leaving their names down in history.

    "His Majesty the Heavenly Lion King is also a rare talent from the plains, someone who is at the absolute top in this world.

    "Are you trying to say that all of them have been defeated and killed by Fang Xingjian?"

    The more the elderly man spoke, the more confident he felt. In the end, he looked at Tyrant with a smirk, as if like the Heavenly Lion King really was standing behind him.

    The experts from the plains and the Changze Sword Sect in the surroundings, as well as the other Knights from Buluo City who had surrendered, also reacted to this. After hearing Tyrant's words, their faces were filled with disbelief. Clearly, they did not believe what Tyrant said at all.

    However, Tyrant said calmly, "Prince Zuoxian, you can come out and talk to them."

    As Tyrant said this, Prince Zuoxian's silhouette slowly appeared behind Tyrant under everyone's surprised gaze.

    Prince Zuoxian, who had been a tier five Divine level expert, had been subjected to Fang Xingjian's ravaging and suppression. As a result, 99% of Prince Zuoxian's powers had been removed, and he would need to take at least one to two months before he could recover. This was why he was being suppressed by Tyrant at the moment.

    Moreover, even if he could win against Tyrant, it would be meaningless as long as Fang Xingjian was still alive.

    Under everyone's surprised gaze, Prince Zuoxian nodded with great difficulty before saying, "Mister Tyrant is right. His Majesty, the Heavenly Lion King, has been forced into the Nine-Tiered Heavens by the Imperial Preceptor, and his life or death is unknown.

    "As for the 11 Sacred General, all of them were killed in battle with the exception of myself."

    Hearing this, that elderly man from the plains felt his heart ache, and it seemed as if he was going to faint. The many other experts from the plains also had their mouths agape like they had just lost their parents. Their expressions were that of despair and breaking down.

    The face of the Changze Sword Sect's Sect Master turned ghastly, seemingly unable to believe everything he had just seen.

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