878 End of the World

    It was like looking at the end of the world. Fang Xingjian's gaze flickered slightly.

    His body started to float up slowly, and he stood there several hundred meters in void space. Waves of martial will swept out in all directions, observing the situation in this city.

    Everything he saw was in utter dilapidation. Towering buildings-which were several hundred meters high-had collapsed to the ground and the entire city was in a quiet state, as if there were no human existing.

    "War? Or is it a natural disaster?"

    Fang Xingjian's gaze changed slightly. He immersed himself into his Sudden Inspiration, starting to sense this parallel world that he had arrived in and what he needed to do to clear it.

    Almost at the instant he was immersed in his Sudden Inspiration, an intense killing intent slowly rose out from his body. The seething killing intent was like thick blood plasma, and there seemed to be the piercing smell of blood in the air.

    This killing intent was pointing toward was somewhere north.

    Clearly, the content of this trial was extremely clear.

    Fang Xingjian opened his eyes, and a hint of comprehension flashed in his eyes. 'Kill someone? I wonder what kind of person they are.'

    However, Fang Xingjian was not as reckless and unbridled as Tiandao, who would charge forth and kill someone outright. Although Fang Xingjian was an almost invincible existence amongst people of the same level as him, this was just in Miracle World. Who knew what powerful characters existed in the parallel world?

    It was how like Tiandao had thought of himself as invincible amongst people of his level and thus had attacked others openly. As a result, he had gotten killed by Fang Xingjian on the spot. Naturally, Fang Xingjian would not commit such an arrogant mistake like Tiandao had done.

    Fang Xingjian landed on the ground and took a step forward, appearing several thousand meters away. After taking a few steps, he had already left the city.

    With each step he took, his body turned into a luminous flux. He did this instead of making a conspicuous move by flying in the sky. Fang Xingjian planned to find a place with humans and find out what was going on.


    On the highway across the plains, a minibus was driving toward the horizon.

    The driver was a lady in her twenties with a lively and cute appearance. Her long lashes moved slightly, bringing out her big eyes which were like blue gemstones and were filled with youth and vitality.

    The over ten other people on the vehicle were all middle-aged, and their eyes were filled with fatigue.

    "Sigh, to think that we've been separated from the company in the bug torrent this time around," the female driver sighed and said.

    A middle-aged man on the front passenger seat stated, "The chances of surviving is slim to begin with when outside of the safe zone. You should be feeling fortunate to still be alive."

    "So what if we're still alive?" A middle-aged lady seated at the back looked at her palm that was a little dry and full of wrinkles, feeling sorrowful.

    "It has been 15 days. If we still can't find a safe zone..." Upon saying this, tears trickled down from her eyes. Although she had the appearance of a middle-aged lady, she was crying like a little girl.

    The middle-aged man sighed and patted her shoulder, but he did not offer any words of consolation.

    After all, living in this generation, even his own heart was filled with despair. So how could he console this lady?

    Sitting at the back, there was another middle-aged man. This one had on black-rimmed glasses, and he said, "Don't worry. The direction should be right. As long as we find a safe zone, we won't be needing to move for a long period of time."

    Just then, someone seated at the back shouted, "Look! Who is that?!"

    At the ends of the horizon, a man stood with his legs suspended in midair. He was draped in black robes which fluttered with the wind, and his long black hair was like flames dancing wildly in the strong gales.


    In less than one minute after Fang Xingjian disappeared from the spot he had appeared in, seven streams of light cut across the sky and stopped in the sky above the city that was already in a state of ruins.

    An elderly man with white hair and a beard that was so long it reached his legs asked, "Has he left already?"

    A beautiful young married lady, with a mesmerizing figure and long purple hair, smiled and said, "It seems that this person is very careful, unlike how some people who put up an ostentatious display the moment they arrived. In the end, they were almost beaten to death by the Divine Emperor."

    Hearing the beautiful married lady's words, a man-who had a cold expression, skinny figure, and eyes that were like that of a snake's-let out a cold snort. He said, "Zi Xing, don't think that I won't dare to beat you up and kill you."

    The young married lady named Zi Xing giggled, "Hehehehe. Snake King, you still can't change your arrogant character. I'm really curious how someone like you has managed to survive till now and even reach tier four of the Divine level. You're too lucky."

    "That's enough." Seeing that the two of them were still going to continue arguing, the white-bearded old man snorted, interrupting their conflict. He seemed to have a lot of authority amongst these people, and everyone shut up at his command.

    Looking at the traces in the surroundings, the old man said, "It seems that our companion is really very careful and hasn't left behind any traces."

    The cold-faced Snake King said calmly, "If he's acting so warily, he's probably not that strong. The Divine Emperor's troops are getting increasingly terrifying, and their newly-created Vizor robots can already pose a threat to us."

    Hearing the Snake King's words, everyone's mood turned heavy. Ever since they came to this world in succession, they had always been living in the Divine Emperor's shadow. They had gone through many great battles, but their battle results were getting increasingly worse.

    It was because they were unable to attain a breakthrough in the Nine-Tiered Heavens, and their progressions were slow. On the other hand, the weapons of the Divine Emperor's troops kept getting increasingly stronger. As time passed by, their situation got even more difficult.

    At such a time, no one seemed to be too concerned over the newcomer's situation. Only the white-haired elderly man sighed and said, "Everyone should make good use of time to cultivate after returning to the safe zone."

    He instructed his subordinates to get them to try look for that new companion. Then after finding him, they were to try their best to protect him and not let him get killed by the Divine Emperor.

    At this crucial juncture, any additional battle prowess would be good. It was probably not long before the final battle would arrive.

    Right after, the seven streams of light dissipated, and the entire city returned to silence. It was as if no one had come to this ruins before.

    Elsewhere, Fang Xingjian appeared in the minibus with a flash.

    "Ahhh!" As a shrill cry rang out, the minibus slipped and flipped to the side. However, Fang Xingjian clenched his palm slightly, and the minibus which was about to fly out stopped in midair.

    Seeing the astonished gazes looking at him, Fang Xingjian said calmly, "I have some questions. How much do you guys know about the situation in this world?"

    That female driver looked at Fang Xingjian, feeling both horrified and hopeful. She said, "Are you a martial arts practitioner from the Qiu Dao Alliance[1]?"The raw for 'Qiu' can stand for beg/implore/seek, and 'Dao' is just the dao/cultivation path that we're all familiar with in the Wuxia context.

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