Chapter 75: Harrowing, the Female Lead Strikes Back

    Chapter 75: Harrowing, the Female Lead Strikes Back

    That's right, how would she catch his eye with such a splendid woman already by his side? Gentle, beautiful and sensible, his woman was better than her in every aspect.

    Lin Qianzi could admit to herself that she was a little jealous, but this man was already destined to be her future husband. Other than him, she could not marry anybody else. She couldn't even run away. Women were the weaker sex, and so she could only suffer this unfairness. "I only wanted to apologize for that day." As for what exactly the apology was for, she would never say it out loud.

    "No need," Long Heng was still filled with resentment over the leg wound he had to suffer, and the situation he'd witnessed had truly filled his heart with disgust.

    Lin Qianzi was hurt by this response, her dejected eyes drifting towards Bai Xiangxiu. Bai Xiangxiu was confused as she just bore the gaze. She was still innocent, just staying on the sidelines, right? I haven't done anything to her, have I? She had wanted to put in a few good words for the female lead, but did not dare to move at all when she saw the male lead's face.

    What was it with the male and female leads? Were they currently in the midst of a spat?

    The book had indeed mentioned that the two had quarrelled a lot, breaking up and getting back together over and over again, but all this had been predicated on the male lead's prodigious interest in the female lead. But looking at the situation now, where was the male lead's interest? She couldn't see it at all!

    Bai Xiangxiu looked left and right, finally deciding to keep her mouth shut. Across the room, in Song Jiaoyue's eyes, her expression displayed her nervousness, or even fright, at being caught in the middle of the two sides. Not knowing who to help and who not to help, if it was already like this now, it would only be more difficult for her in the future.

    He coughed lightly, breaking this awkward atmosphere, "We have a show prepared for after the monks reconvene, and we can watch it when we enter our seats. Will the few of you come to the Lotus Garden?"

    The Lotus Garden had been newly established by the old master specifically for this vegetarian meet. He had completely demolished and rebuilt the entire garden, adding a Buddhist hall for him to reside within in the future.

    The Buddhist hall could fit up several dozen tables within. A screen separated the two sides in the middle, allowing men and women to be seated separately. There was another Buddhist table, where the Grand Masters and the monks would be having their vegetarian meal.

    The old master was seated together with the Grand Masters, and there weren't that many female guests either. The women who had come were mostly devout Buddhist madams. Young girls or daughter-in-laws were a rare sight.

    Back to the awkward quartet, Song Jiaoyue had finally gotten them out of the room with great difficulty, and they'd arrived at the Lotus Garden. There, at long last, they had to separate.

    Bai Xiangxiu just happened to have to walk together with Miss Lin. Long Heng didn't feel comfortable with this, feeling that that soft, fragile nèe Bai would lose out greatly if she had to walk with that Miss Lin. By this time, he'd actually completely forgotten that Miss Lin was really his main wife, with Bai Xiangxiu nothing but a concubine.

    Bai Xiangxiu was similarly despondent. Why was Lin Qianzi's gaze so strange, especially when she'd looked at her with hatred and resentment, making her feel so uneasy? The fine hair on her arm were prickling from the incessant stare, so she had to find something to say. "Miss Lin, how have you been since we last met?"

    Lin Qianzi felt a stab in her heart, feeling as though she'd been betrayed, but she still responded. "Everything is fine. I just feel that the prince seems to be harboring some misunderstanding about me."

    "The Prince, he... just has a bit of a cold personality. Don't mind it." Bai Xiangxiu continued speaking up for Long Heng, just as she had before in order not to end up as cannon fodder. At this rate, she felt that she'd reached the glorious rank of 'Most Filial Concubine' already.

    Lin Qianzi, however, was no longer willing to believe her. "Is that so, Madame Bai? Then, could you please help me to tell the prince that I thank him greatly for saving me, but since our marriage is inevitable, to please not make things difficult for my cousin and other people in the future," Finishing her words in one breath, she turned and entered the room.

    Bai Xiangxiu was completely dazed as she watched Miss Lin walk into the room. She was completely stunned by the female lead's holy mother-esque actions. It was one thing that she'd hooked up with other men, but she even didn't allow her fiance to be jealous. Wasn't this a little much?

    While she didn't know what the male lead had done to the female lead, if these words didn't anger the male lead to death, he'd probably be spitting blood at the very least. What does she mean, that he can't do anything about the situation even if she cuckolds him? He can only rub his nose and think himself unlucky?

    She scratched her head. These words were truly difficult to pass on. However, the other party had already told her to pass on the message. If it didn't reach the male lead's ears, wouldn't she be the one at fault then? Out of consideration for her safety, she decided to pass on these words to the male lead as soon as the opportunity arose. As for what reaction he might have, who cares!

    Bai Xiangxiu rolled her eyes to the heavens, praying that whatever bothersome problems between the male and female lead would stay far away from her. She would be able to return home just after a few more months. Who'd still care about their lover's squabbles then?

    After sorting out her expression to a semblance of a docile concubine's look, she patted her face lightly and slowly entered the hall. As a concubine, even if she had helped someone, it still could not be acknowledged openly. Therefore, the position she was assigned was also some ways to the back. Actually, this position was also a way of Madame Song giving her face. Most concubines would not even be given the chance to appear at such a major event.

    For example, despite hosting this affair in their own home, Song Jiaoyue's women had not received seats. They could only serve others off to the side. Yu Se, for example, had been sent by Song Jiaoyue to serve her. Indubitably, the Song family respected her a lot. Otherwise, they wouldn't have assigned a seat to her and also sent people to take care of her.

    The show being performed was a great performance and also a classical story of Buddhism, persuading people to be good and not perform evil actions, and others. As someone who had read stories ever since young, Bai Xiangxiu was extremely calm and composed, but some of the other women were truly absorbed in it. That was to be expected as such shows were not usually acted out. One would only have the chance to see them in person at Buddhist gatherings.

    The few madames Bai Xiangxiu shared a table with were all wives of low-ranking officials, but they were also greatly dignified in their appearance and mannerisms. It seemed like they had put in much thought in attending this gathering, at least not letting themselves fall behind others in terms of appearance.

    In comparison, Bai Xiangxiu appeared much more plain. She tended to shy away from the accessories of ancient times, they were much too heavy. Although they looked nice, wearing too many of them was truly exhausting. However, in order to not let the Prince Li Manor lose face, she has still placed some valuable accessories in her hair, even though they were still slightly inferior to these well-dressed madames.

    Bai Xiangxiu didn't think much of it, but a madame had noticed instead. She covered her little mouth and asked in the midst of a break between shows, "I wonder which family this madame is from? I have never seen you before."

    Bai Xiangxiu smiled slightly, Xiao Shi helping her mistress to answer from the side, "This is the fourth madame of the Prince Li Manor."

    "Oh, so it's the fourth madame. You're truly pretty." While her lips spoke those words, her thought ran in a different direction. No wonder her looks are so seductive, so she's just a concubine. How could a concubine could also appear here? Just how did this Song Manor arrange their matters? While those at this table were lower ranked, it still wasn't to the point of having to share a table with a concubine!

    How could Yu Se not notice the madame's thoughts, as she immediately interjected with a chuckle, "Fourth Madam is really remarkable, she is a great savior of the Song Manor."

    Bai Xiangxiu knew that Yu Se was speaking up for her, but she hadn't placed herself in the position of a concubine anyway. It could be said that from the very beginning, she had never once considered herself as someone of this world.
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