Chapter 255: The Lin Family Redeeming A Slave

    Chapter 255: The Lin Family Redeeming A Slave

    Bai Xiangxiu still had her thoughts about her, even though she was in her dog-tired state. Did Long Heng take the wrong medicine? Why does he have so much gusto after coming back? People might think that he was drugged if they saw him like this!

    Long Heng was already gone by the time Bai Xiangxiu woke up the next day. She instantly remembered that she had to go pay the old madame a visit upon opening her eyes. There were some matters in the manor that she had to oversee so that she would be prepared when Long Heng was busy with his matters.

    She had to struggle quite a bit before she could finally put on her clothes, but her legs gave way when she tried to get up. Fortunately, there were maids who helped her dress and wash up so she could finally sit at the dining table to have breakfast. However, she fell asleep on top of the dining table before she even began her meal.

    Everyone was surprised when they saw that. What were they supposed to do now? Ye-mama coughed gently. "I will report to the old madame and tell her that... the princess consort will not be able to pay her a visit as she has fallen sick."

    "No need. I've already paid the old madame a visit." Long Heng was in a good mood when he saw Bai Xiangxiu fast asleep on the table after he was finished with morning court.

    He picked her up and laid her down on the bed and accompanied her as she slept. An hour later, Bai Xiangxiu suddenly woke up with a scream. "Oh no, This is bad! I've yet to pay the old madame a visit! Why didn't anybody wake me up!"

    "It's already noon."

    "Ae personally to ask for his daughter?"

    "The emperor has issued a decree for the Lin family to cut all ties with Lin Qianzi. They are never to meet again."

    "Oh, I see." So that is the reason why Minister Lin didn't come himself. Even the old lady that was sent here had to come very secretly.

    "What about Miss Lin? Didn't she cause a ruckus yesterday night?"

    "Don't worry. She will never be able to cause a ruckus ever again." Long Heng's smile sent chills down Bai Xiangxiu's spine. "Do you want to know why?"

    "Umm... suddenly not anymore."

    Long Heng didn't force the matter either. "You will know sooner or later anyway."

    Bai Xiangxiu inquired about the current situation after they were done looking at the show in the front hall. "What about Tranquil City?"

    "The soldiers have retreated back to Tranquil City. They have yet to return to the capital as they were worried that the enemy nation might be up to something. The emperor has given the permission, but at the same time he's taken away all of my duties in the capital."

    He clearly wants Long Heng to stay idle in the capital!

    "Is the emperor only capable of these petty moves?" Well, isn't he going at it a bit easy, actually?

    Bai Xiangxiu looked at Long Heng in an inquisitive manner until he finally explained. "The emperor has already sent two generals with 'military' backgrounds to Tranquil City. However, I have a hunch that none would ever welcome them.

    "Why is that?'

    "Because I've already given them an order to make the lives of any of my replacements, hell."

    "But Prince Rong is still there."

    "He will be returning to the capital soon. He might look honest and down to earth but there's actually more to what meets the eye. He's actually an expert at sizing up the situation."


    "At this current moment, the emperor is the one who has authority, while I am the one who has military power. Both of us are now at a stalemate. If I ever decide to revolt, he will only be able to resist for up to three years with all the troops he has at hand. After three years, this entire country will be ruled by my Long family."

    "Long Heng..."

    "But during these three years, the enemy nation might take the opportunity and attack us while we are at our weakest. The country would be very vulnerable to outside attacks."

    "That much is true but sooner or later, the emperor will definitely dissolve your military power if you choose not to do anything about it. When that happens, I'm afraid our family will be in mortal danger." Bai Xiangxiu began to frown. It seemed like every path they could take was riddled with danger.

    "Which is why I've planned a way out. During our time in Tranquil City, I've bribed almost every single general there. Their families have all been secretly moved to Shu County, except for our family."

    Bai Xiangxiu was speechless. This man is only in his twenties right? How can his thoughts be so complicated?

    "I am a man with a wife and a son, so I don't intend to remain passive. I've already foreseen this when I realized I was the only person with majority control of the army.

    "Thank you, Long Heng." Bai Xiangxiu could only hug him tightly as she was at a loss for words.
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