Chapter 120: The Tang Sects Secret Techniques

    The shield had turned into a liquid? The changes came too suddenly, but it changed the outcome of the fight.

    Even Bei Bei, who was the most familiar with Xu Sanshi, didn't know that this good friend of his had such a capability. No one would also have expected that this soul skill would become Xu Sanshi's trademark. It had a frightening strength that was almost irresistible. Its name was Descent of the Xuanwu.

    This was an additional power that the Xuanwu Shield possessed. However, Xu Sanshi could only attack within close range, as he could not fully control the shield yet. Furthermore, the area that he could cover was very small, and he had only one chance. Once his opponent dodged this attack, he would no longer possess any chance of winning.

    That's why he waited. When his opponent's flashing sword stabbed into his right chest that he intentionally exposed, he knew that the opportunity had arrived.

    Chen An lowered his guard for an instant after he got what he wanted and slowed down by a beat. This gave Xu Sanshi an opportunity to unleash an all-out strike towards him.

    The flashing lightning from the sword didn't cause any harm to Xu Sanshi. Only the sword blade that stabbed right through him left him in intense pain.

    Water conducts electricity. Moreover, Xu Sanshi had the Xuanwu Shield. He could suppress his opponent completely using his martial soul. That's why the lightning from the sword was conducted out from his body by his water-type soul power. It wasn't that easy to harm a defense-type soul master.

    Chen An's first reaction to being engulfed by the water ripple was to burst out of it. He wanted to retract his sword, but he couldn't do it anymore. Xu Sanshi tightened his muscles and both his hands grabbed the sword blade very tightly.

    Chen An had no choice but to let go of his sword since strength was not his forte. He subdued with his speed, thus it was imperative for him not to get caught.

    Bolts of lightning shone on his other sword, and an intense boom reverberated from it.

    Impure water conducts electricity, and the radiance from the Xuanwu Shield contained traces of water.

    The viscous fluid prevented Chen An, a Class 5 soul engineer and soul king, from escaping.

    Fresh blood flowed down Xu Sanshi's chest and palms as he pulled the flashing sword from his chest and glared coldly at the entrapped Chen An, who was surrounded by the black radiance converted from the Xuanwu Shield.


    The illusory Xuanwu figure behind Xu Sanshi turned into another Xuanwu Shield as the black radiance flashed. The snake's eyes on the shield then shot out a red light, causing the black radiance trapping Chen An to turn red in an instant.

    "Stop." The Heavenfiend Douluo stepped forward and attempted to stop Xu Sanshi's attack.

    However, the Xuanwu Shield's innate offensive method was too weird . The Heavenfiend Douluo erected a layer of light to segregate the both of them and extended his hand to pull Chen An out. However, he quickly retracted his hand when he extended it into the red fluid, as if he was shocked.

    The Heavenfiend Douluo's expression had changed because of the terrifying feeling he'd experienced.

    His spirit shook from the Xuanwu's aura of desolation. After that, he watched as Chen An disappeared within the red fluid. Or rather, he melted in the fluid.

    This strike was no longer just inflicted with Xu Sanshi's strength. He'd become the intermediary between the Xuanwu that controlled the water and earth elements.

    There were only threee ways of preventing this blow from landing. The first was to avoid being struck by the ball of black light converted from the Xuanwu Shield. The radius of that ball of black light was only 3 meters, and it could only be used once every 3 days, just like Wang Dong and Huo Yuhao's martial soul fusion skill. Furthermore, it had to be unleashed in the awakened Xuanwu form.

    The second way was to take Xu Sanshi down before the Descent of the Xuanwu was fully unleashed. This was the only way to end his ritual of summoning the Descent of the Xuanwu.

    The last way was to suppress the Xuanwu with one's martial soul. However, this was very difficult.

    This was Xu Sanshi's first time using this innate skill, or rather this bloodline skill. Chen An was also the first sacrificial offering towards the Descent of Xuanwu.

    "Ahhh-" Sorrowful moans rang from below the stage. Everyone from the Sun Moon team was about to go crazy. Their teacher was even about to rush up the competition stage.

    This was the third one! This was the third member from their team that had perished in the tournament! How could this be? Their teacher was absolutely flustered now. There was no way he could account to the dean after three of the academy's outstanding talents had been killed!

    Xu Sanshi didn't see all this. Once Chen An was assimilated by the red radiance, he collapsed himself and passed out. The burden on him was even greater this time; he wasn't acting anymore.

    He'd managed to beat two soul kings as a soul ancestor. He'd already contributed a lot to Shrek's glory. Furthermore, he was only a defense-type soul master!

    The defensive barriers on the competition stage were projected inwards. This was to prevent any outflow of powers from the stage, and the barriers only exerted a unidirectional force. That was why it was very easy for everyone from the Sun Moon team to barge up the stage towards Xu Sanshi.

    "Stop!" The Heavenfiend Douluo shouted. Even though he felt gloomy, he still had to restrain the Sun Moon team, as he was the referee.

    The Sun Moon team could no longer hold back as they were too emotional. Countless soul tool rays shot towards Xu Sanshi, who'd collapsed to the ground.

    However, a brazen figure appeared at the center of the stage at this point, and all of the rays of light were instantaneously dispersed.

    A layer of formless yellow seemed to spread in the air. Everyone on the stage, including the Heavenfiend Douluo, seemed to have been frozen in place, and all of their actions stopped.

    The figure on the stage held onto his wine gourd and calmly downed a mouthful of wine. He peacefully looked at everyone from the Sun Moon team peacefully.

    "Trying to revolt?"

    These simple words of his seemed to heavily strike the minds of everyone from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy. None of them could speak at this moment.

    Without a doubt, the person that had appeared onstage and caused everyone to be petrified was the Taotie Douluo, Elder Xuan.

    Elder Xuan said indifferently, "The history of the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament can be traced back more than 10,000 years. Even when the Martial Soul Hall controlled all the soul masters on the continent, the tournament has never been disrupted before. Please find the referee if someone has been killed and you want to get even. According to the rules, all competing members have to give their all in order to display their true abilities. Who can hold back after they've given their all? Furthermore, the referee is in charge of monitoring the competition. If someone dies, the referee is the one at fault. What has that got to do with our team member? If anyone intends to break this ten thousand year-old rule, they can come find me."

    He turned around and walked towards Xu Sanshi as he spoke, then bent down and lifted Xu Sanshi up. A gentle yellow radiance was injected into Xu Sanshi's body, which immediately sorted him out. It also sealed the veins where his wounds were located.

    The Heavenfiend Douluo Huang Jinxu was extremely depressed after hearing this. Subtle streaks of black seemed to droop from his forehead.

    Why was this old fellow still alive? However, he didn't say anything in response.

    Elder Xuan turned around once again as he reached the edge of the stage, "The tournament must continue, unless you want to be the butt of all jokes. Oh yes, I don't care if the others die, but if these little fellows die, I can't guarantee that I won't go crazy. I don't think there's anyone here who can stop me if I go crazy."

    This was an obvious threat! However, no one dared to open their mouth.

    Only after Elder Xuan had carried Xu Sanshi off the stage did everyone from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy manage to move again.

    The students still wanted to protest, but their teacher reached out his hand and stopped them.

    "Teacher, we're just going to leave things like this? We..." Ma Rulong protested indignantly.

    "Shut up!" Their teacher bellowed, "Do you know who that is? He's the strongest in Shrek Academy, and he's also one of the top 5 on the continent. His title is Taotie, and he's a Rank 98 Transcendent Douluo. He has frightening power close to that of an Ultimate Douluo. If he goes crazy, he could lay waste to this city. Even the Hallmaster wouldn't dare to challenge him if he were here. No one expected him to appear in today's finals."

    After he spoke, it was as if everyone from the Sun Moon team had been splashed with a basin of ice water. They all felt a chill in their hearts.

    As soul engineers, they believed that soul engineers would surpass soul masters in the future. But Rank 98 was too high of a figure for them; it was beyond their knowledge. In the Sun Moon Empire, there wasn't a single Transcendent Douluo! Rank 98 was even more ridiculous.

    "Are we really going to leave it just like that?" Xiao Hongchen asked indignantly.

    Their teacher was pale as he said, "Taotie may be very strong, but he cares about his own face. So long as we don't annoy him, he won't do anything to us. He won't disrupt the tournament as long as things go according to the rules either. Let's all leave the stage. He's also right in that that it's largely the referee's fault that our team members were killed. The academy will seek redress for this matter."

    It had been proven that a Transcendent Douluo was enough to suppress everyone. Even the Star Luo Emperor and White Tiger Duke didn't comment, instead only watching from afar. The Star Luo Emperor, Xu Jiawei, revealed a pensive look, whereas the White Tiger Duke furrowed his brows and seemed to be thinking of something.

    The Heavenfiend Douluo was very proud and withdrawn. If it were someone else, he would have retaliated even though it was in front of 100,000 spectators. However, he didn't dare do so in front of Elder Xuan. That was because he had sparred with Elder Xuan 20 years ago, and hadn't fared much better than a certain Protector Douluo from the Star Luo Empire's royal family...

    Huang Jinxu took a deep breath, and tried his best to calm himself down. There was nothing embarrassing about being humiliated by Elder Xuan. Although Elder Xuan had shifted the blame to him, he didn't argue back and bore the humiliation.

    "Both teams, please send your next competing members up to the stage. From Shrek Academy, we have Bei Bei. From the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, we have Michael. Both members, please ascend the stage."

    Shrek Academy held the advantage now that the individual round had reached this stage. They'd even laid a solid foundation for the upcoming 2-2-3 fight.

    Shrek Academy had only sent out a soul ancestor, Xu Sanshi, yet he'd been able to overcome 2 Class 5 soul engineers. His contributions were immense. Furthermore, one of his opponent had died, while the other had been gravely injured. They couldn't compete in the 2-2-3 fight. This meant that Shrek Academy had already won 1 round out of the 3 rounds in the 2-2-3 fight. And they just had to win 2 rounds out of 3 in the 2-2-3 fight!

    Even though Shrek Academy had lost Xu Sanshi, their 2 soul emperors had yet to compete. Their advantage in the individual round was obvious.

    Team Sun Moon's teacher squinted his eyes, and his expression turned ghastly. However, he also knew that he couldn't panic at this point. If they made a false move, they could lose the entire tournament. It wasn't as if Shrek's advantage would last forever, even though they had the upper hand right now. After all, the individual round had only just begun.

    He summoned Meng Hongchen over.

    "Little Meng, everything will depend on you later. You'll be up next. For the academy's glory, give it your all." The teacher said in a deep voice.

    A weird radiance flashed across Meng Hongchen's eyes as she nodded her head slightly. "Don't worry, Teacher. I might not be able to determine the outcome, but I can definitely change the situation. I won't let Shrek Academy have it easy."

    "Yes, we're counting on you." The teacher bowed slightly towards Meng Hongchen.

    Xiao Hongchen pursed his lips from the other side. He was dejected, as he believed that he should be the one to turn the tables around. While his sister's capabilities were special, and could lead to unprecedented effects, she was likely to be greatly restricted under certain conditions. Her abilities weren't as balanced as his! However, he really was seriously injured. Even though he might be able to participate in the 2-2-3 fight, he would be useless in the individual round. Besides feeling dejected, there was nothing he could do.

    Bei Bei and Michael retreated to the edges of the competition stage. The Heavenfiend Douluo didn't reveal any expression on his face as gestured and shouted, "Match, start!"

    Michael was an official team member, thus his powers were superior to the other 2 members before him. His abilities weren't as simple as they'd seemed when he'd faced Jiang Peng from the Imperial Profound Academy.

    He immediately displayed his true capabilities the moment the competition began. A series of metallic clanking sounds rang out as several soul tools attached themselves to his body.

    However, he was different from his other team members. There weren't many barrels on his body, but they were all located around his legs and back.

    A pair of blue, metal boots had appeared around his feet and legs. At the same time, 2 metal barrels had appeared behind his back. These 2 metal barrels were only 3 inches long, but they were more than 6 inches in diameter. The backs of these barrels were shaped like balls, which allowed them to change directions easily.

    Huo Yuhao would find it difficult to control such an advanced soul tool, as his soul power was insufficient, but Michael could easily control this soul tool, as he was a Class 5 soul engineer.

    Other than these 2 soul tools, 4 metal wings extended from Michael's ribs. But they were not flying-type soul tools. Rather, they were there to help him adjust his aim and maintain his balance.

    In addition, Michal there was a thick barrel on each of his arms, as well as another huge, circular, ball-like object that seemed similar to a concentrated soul tool on his chest.

    Bei Bei fought in a similar style to most soul masters: As soon as the start of the competition was announced, he burst forward towards his opponent as fast as possible.

    Closing the gap between them was the best way that one could resist a long-distance soul engineer.

    Michael also made his move, the long boots on his leg flashing with light, causing him to immediately move a few meters laterally at a frightening speed. While he wasn't comparable to Chen An, he was not that much slower either. The soul thruster behind his back also shot out a little light as he moved laterally, although their radiance wasn't intense. However, it still managed to increase his speed significantly, while the wings on his back automatically adjusted to maintain his balance as he moved. Huo Yuhao and He Caitou were both awed when they saw these soul tools in action. Michael truly lived up to his name as a disciple that came from the best soul engineering academy on the continent! Michael's immaculate control of these soul tools had left them extremely amazed.

    He couldn't just dodge throughout the entire fight though. He lifted his hand while he was moving, and the barrel on his right hand fired towards Bei Bei. An scarlet, oval-shaped ball of light quickly shot out into the air and flew without any rhythm. Despite its erraticness, Bei Bei remained its target. What was strange was that it didn't let out any sound as it appeared.

    Bei Bei expression became serious and he stopped in his tracks. He waved his right hand and unleashed his Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, his first soul ring shining brightly. He then used his Thunderous Dragon Claw to grab the ball of light.

    It was imperative for Bei Bei to understand what the offensive capabilities of his opponent were, based off of the 2 soul cannons on his opponent's arms.

    He managed to precisely grab the orange-red light ball, but a strange scene appeared.

    The lightning from the Thunderous Dragon Claw was extinguished as soon as it made contact with the orange-red light ball. The ball of light stopped in mid-air, then began to shine even more brightly than before.

    He Caitou had already stood up below the stage. He said in horror, "That's an automatic soul cannon! To think they actually had something like this..."

    Huo Yuhao had once heard Fan Yu's description of such a soul tool. It was a powerful soul tool that Shrek Academy didn't possess.

    Once an automatic soul cannon was fired, the cannon shell would absorb all surrounding energy, then become explosive once it struck its opponent or was blocked. The scariest thing was that it could be also be detonated at any time.

    This meant that Michael could make it so that the cannon shell only detonated a few seconds after it was touched. Generally speaking, it would explode between one and five seconds after contact. After all, a cannon shell was a high-energy entity compressed from soul power; it couldn't be controlled for too long.

    But many things could still be decided within this period of time!

    This was the case now. When he saw the sudden increase in the intensity of the light, Bei Bei had no choice but to stop and leap to the side.

    The scarlet ball of light exploded after a second, its frighteningly explosive force creating a burning, scarlet circle of light with a diameter of more than one and a half meters, and an even greater explosive strength, to appear. The light caused the air within a 3 meter radius to distort wherever it passed.

    Bei Bei turned pale and wanted to curse. This soul tool was too powerful. He was likely to be critically injured if he was struck head-on even once!

    Fortunately, the automatic soul cannon fired at a rather slow speed due to its great power, as a huge amount of soul power had to be gathered before the cannon could be fired.

    By the time the first cannon shell exploded, Michael's second cannon shell had only just been fired from the barrel on his other hand.

    This type of soul tool was very useful, but the heat that it generated could easily cause the barrel to crack, and couldn't be fired repeatedly. As such, Michael chose to fire with the other barrel. Ma Rulong had mentioned before that close-combat wasn't his forte. These automatic soul cannons that had appeared in this tournament for the first time were his true trump cards. Of course, there was also the scarlet ball that started to light up in front of his chest; it was bound to be something powerful too!

    Michael's body moved rapidly as he attacked in a constant attempt to maintain the furthest distance he could from Bei Bei.

    This second cannon shell crossed in front of the path that Bei Bei would have to follow if he wanted to get to him.

    A cold radiance flashed in Bei Bei's eyes. This time he actively moved to collide with the cannon shell, rather than use a soul skill to intercept it.

    A cold smile was revealed on Michael's face. He thought to himself, "Are you trying to dodge my attack? My cannon shell has locked onto you; you can't escape it. Once you're hit by it, you'll be stuck, and I'll be able to exact revenge for my brothers."

    When the cannon shell reached in front of Bei Bei, he lifted his left hand and grabbed it.

    Why did he grab hold of the cannon shell? This was what every spectator wondered. In the Sun Moon team's eyes, his arm was bound to be crippled, even if he didn't die.

    Bei Bei's movements were sequential. The moment he grabbed the cannon shell, his footsteps became slightly faster. As he slid towards the cannon shell, his body became slightly illusory. He let go of the cannon shell, but the cannon shell came sticking back towards him as it tracked him.

    But Bei Bei also wrenched his left hand downwards at this point. The cannon shell, which was a less than a foot away, seemed to be guided by his palm, and was slammed into the ground. It was completely smashed by the impact.

    Bei Bei then burst forward with increased speed as he propelled himself off the ground with the tips of his toes, increasing the gap between the cannon shell and him to over 3 meters.

    A boom resonated from behind him; it was as if the sun seemed was shining brightly at his back.

    "I have to return your favor. Since you've given me two eggs, I'll give one to you in return." Bei Bei's right wrist jerked as he flung a pitch-black, ball-like entity towards Michael.

    This ball-like entity was oval-shaped, and its trajectory was as unrhythmic as the automatic soul cannon shell. It drew an arc in the air as it flew towards Michael.

    Michael had just fired his third cannon at this point, and was shocked by how his second cannon shell was smashed onto the ground by Bei Bei. However, he immediately adjusted his third cannon so that its cannon shell would blow apart instantaneously. If Bei Bei dared to use the same method again, the cannon shell would explode the instant he made contact with it. However, it was a pity that he couldn't absorb any further energy from Bei Bei's soul skills, as it was unlikely that Bei Bei would use them again.

    The 2 ball-like objects seemed to interlace as the scarlet ball of light reached Bei Bei almost instantly. Bei Bei performed an unexpected limbo-like action as he burst forward. He continued to advance, but his upper body was bent backwards. He flung both of his hands backwards too, causing the scarlet ball of light to be pushed backwards by a special force. Despite this, it remained locked onto Bei Bei, and continued chasing him after flying 3 meters away.

    A loaded arrow concealed in Bei Bei's sleeve suddenly flew out and struck the ball of light at this moment.

    Once Michael's automatic soul cannon shell was struck, it would blow up. In other words, it wouldn't continue to chase its target anymore. It wasn't so intelligent after all!

    A deafening explosion that generated immense heat reverberated from behind Bei Bei, but Bei Bei wasn't struck by the shockwave as he continued to advance forwards.

    "Well done!" Even Elder Xuan couldn't help but say when he saw this scene. He was immensely amazed. Bei Bei had dealt with his opponent's soul tools extremely brilliantly.

    Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong looked at each other and saw the amazement in each other's eyes.

    Bei Bei hadn't resisted the automatic soul cannon with his Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, but with a secret weapon from the Tang Sect! As the Tang Sect's eldest disciple, he'd finally revealed the true ability that he'd concealed for so long in the tournament. He'd used the Tang Sect's secret techniques!

    While Bei Bei handled the third automatic soul cannon, the metal ball that he thrown reached Michael.

    Michael wasn't careless, but he was still extremely scornful subconsciously. As an outstanding student from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, he was acquainted with the history of soul tools. Thrown soul tools had existed for a long time, but he couldn't think of any powerful ones amongst those this size.

    It wasn't just arrogance for Bei Bei to fling a thrown soul tool towards a Class 5 soul engineer like him-it was much worse than arrogance.

    However, he didn't react to it carelessly despite having such an opinion. He lifted his right hand and the Thunderous Soul Sword that he'd once used against Jiang Peng appeared.

    A bolt of lightning shot out and turned into a lightning whip that he swung towards the metal ball.

    Lightning was naturally attracted to metal. He wouldn't let the metal ball get close to him. A simple explosion wouldn't affect him with the distance he maintained from the metal ball. Furthermore, he was rapidly retreating backwards as he wielded the sword, while also preparing to fire his fourth cannon. Bei Bei might be very agile at dodging, but Michael wasn't scared of Bei Bei getting close to him. In addition to this, he could tell that Bei Bei had exhausted all of his power dodging his previous 3 cannon shells. He fired this fourth cannon towards the ground in front of Bei Bei; delaying his opponent was imperative.

    A sequence of strategies formed in Michael's mind. The only thing that didn't cross his mind was the potential problem that the metal ball could pose to him.

    "Boom-" The metal ball blew apart the moment it was struck by the lightning.

    Compared to Michael's cannon shells, this explosion seemed very mild; it was as if a watermelon had been smashed. It didn't even catch many people's attention.

    However, a gust of fog rose the moment it exploded. This fog carried a sweet scent that diffused in the air. As lightning flashed through it, the gust of fog surged slightly.


    This was Michael's first thought. He was called an elite talent from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy for a reason, as a barrier immediately shone around his body.

    As he was a Class 5 soul engineer, this barrier was naturally a Class 5 barrier as well. Although this barrier couldn't withstand Ma Xiaotao's attacks or Xu Sanshi's Descent of Xuanwu, it was still resistant against most soul king-level attacks.

    He believed that his defense was already very stable. While Bei Bei was quite intelligent to use poisonous gas, he was only delaying Michael's attack by a bit. Poisonous gas wasn't of much use against him.

    But was it really just poisonous gas?

    A soft crackling sound rang out. There was insufficient sunlight bearing down amidst the gloomy weather, thus Michael only briefly saw a black figure flash through the air. The crackling sound had originated from the barrier on his body.

    Afterwards, he felt his body turning numb. It was as if he had been stabbed, and his body became stiff. The most tragic thing was that the cannon shell he'd just fired had stopped in front of him.

    How could this have happened? Was it a dud?

    Two thoughts popped up in Michael's mind at the same time. He hadn't expect to face something like this. Furthermore, he didn't know what trick Bei Bei had employed.

    However, a beam of light descended from the sky engulfed his body at this point. This beam of light shielded him when the cannon shell blew up.

    Everything had turned scarlet in front of Michael, and his gaze stiffened. His hair stood on end, and cold sweat ran down his back. If the beam of light had come even a second later, he wouldn't have been able to react in time. If he'd been engulfed entirely by that scarlet radiance, he would've followed in the footsteps of his compatriots. There truly was a thin line between life and death.

    The Heavenfiend Douluo had been the one to save him.

    The things that had happened before had left this Titled Douluo on his toes. He'd already readied his only defense-type skill in his palm. Once he realized that something was amiss, he'd immediately protected Michael.

    Bei Bei seemed regretful as he muttered, "It seems like I'm better. He used so many eggs, but they were all inferior to mine!"

    As the scarlet radiance slowly faded away, the muffled sound thunder could be heard from the sky. The weather became even more gloomy.

    But this gloominess couldn't compare to the Sun Moon team's mood.

    Since the Heavenfiend Douluo had intervened, it meant that Michael had lost. What they couldn't comprehend was how Michael had lost.

    What was that metal ball that Bei Bei had thrown? Even most of those from Shrek Academy were confused.

    Secret weapon; it was definitely a secret weapon from the Tang Sect. Huo Yuhao clenched his fist and watched the lofty Bei Bei in awe.

    The Tang's Sect secret technique had finally appeared after many years of disappearance. However, how many still knew about the Tang's Sect secret techniques now?

    It was a powerful secret weapon from the Tang Sect known as the Clustered Soulchasing Balls. The black figure that had appeared was the metal ball. After the Clustered Soulchasing Balls blew apart, countless Oxhair Needles had flown out. While these needles were poisonous, the poisonous fog had appeared in order to mask their presence.

    The Clustered Soulchasing Balls were among the top 10 secret weapons in the Tang Sect, and specialized in breaking down all sorts of defensive barriers. Even a Class 5 defense barrier could only slow these needles down. In the end, the barrier was eventually penetrated by the needles, and the automatic soul cannon shell was detonated. Bei Bei hadn't intend to do the last part, however; that was just a coincidence.

    Michael collapsed just like that at the center of the stage. The Heavenfiend Douluo's facial muscles twitched, and he burst towards Michael to prop him up. He quickly examined Michael's body.

    "Poison?" The Heavenfiend Douluo was shocked and turned to look at Bei Bei.

    Bei Bei shrugged and said, "Don't worry, it's not lethal. I'll give him the antidote once today's competition ends. It's not like I can give it to him now, right?"

    The 2-2-3 fight had yet to begin. Giving his opponent the antidote now would mean that he'd have another opponent to deal with in the 2-2-3 fight.

    What else could Huang Jinxu say? He could only personally escort Michael down from the stage.

    Shrek Academy had won yet again.

    Up until now, only 1 out of the 7 Shrek Academy members had been eliminated, whereas the Sun Moon team had already lost a total of 3 members. The conclusion seemed forgone in this individual round.

    The healing-type soul masters were also helpless against the poison; they were only able to treat injuries. Furthermore, it wasn't easy to remove poison from the Tang Sect.

    As the team leader of the preparatory squad, Bei Bei's move was very intelligent. Now that one of them had been poisoned, the Sun Moon team would be more cautious in the later stages. If they went all-out, who would be able to provide them with the antidote after the competition ended?
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