Chapter 145: Emperor Beast Three-Eyed Golden Lion

    Volume 16, Chapter 145.1: Emperor Beast Three-Eyed Golden Lion

    Huo Yuhao was proud of his knowledge of soul beasts in identifying the Twin Cyclops. He even began wondering what could cause a Twin Cyclops to flee in terror. But his wonder swiftly turned into terror as he realized the Twin Cyclops was only a hundred meters away, and Elder Xuan still had not returned with Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao.

    What kind of luck is this...?

    Huo Yuhao was about to cry; as right now, he couldn't make an escape even if he wanted to. A single step from the Twin Cyclops brought it forwards 50 meters, meaning it would reach Huo Yuhao in just 2 steps. Not only that, but the shockwaves being generated were far more frightening. Even if he didn't die from them, he would definitely lose a layer of skin! Nothing in his arsenal of soul tools or Tang Sect techniques would help him avoid the Twin Cyclops.

    In the end, Huo Yuhao was saved by his quick reaction to the danger, brought about by his rich experiences. The blood-red soul ring with four golden streaks rose, and the Ice Empress' fierce aura was exuded-azure-green radiance shooting into the sky.

    Huo Yuhao fully unleashed the aura of the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion using Imitation. The four hundred thousand year soul beast's frightening aura made even his own aura become dormant.

    Simultaneously covering his entire body in the Diamond Ice Armor, from the Ice Empress' Armor soul skill. He was prepared for battle, in hopes that if he could stall for a short while, Elder Xuan would arrive to save him. .

    Huo Yuhao's Imitation could easily replicate the aura of the Ice Empress, since the Ice Empress was his second martial soul, and its origin was contained in his body. This aura would prove extremely effective against hundred or thousand year soul beasts, making them flee in terror.

    However, his Imitation was not entirely flawless. Because his cultivation was so far off from the likes of the Ice Empress, he could not truly claim to possess its dominant aura-only a cheap imitation aura.

    If the Ice Empress' original body was here in the flesh, its aura would be enough to make any Twin Cyclops below ten thousand years submit without a second thought.

    But, Huo Yuhao's luck didn't run dry just yet. While this Twin Cyclops would at most be shocked by the aura in normal circumstances, but this wasn't the normal condition for the Twin Cyclops. It was in an extreme state of fear, preventing it from making an accurate assessment of the situation. Feeling an aura more ferocious than the one pursuing it-the Twin Cyclops subconsciously shifted directions. In one step, it was only fifty meters away from Huo Yuhao, however after changing directions it went diagonally away from Huo Yuhao on the second step.

    While the powerful shockwaves did send Huo Yuhao flying, he was rather delighted at taking no injuries with the help of the Ice Empress' Armor. He rolled into the forest and struck a tree. Immediately changing his aura to imitate that of the plants around him, after which he didn't even dare to breathe.

    It was now that the figure chasing after the Twin Cyclops made its entrance. It appeared as a beam of flowing golden light, and seem like a small sun dashing through the forest. Huo Yuhao only detected a flash of light with Spiritual Detection, before an animal appeared where was a moment ago, sniffing the air strongly.

    This was a soul beast that Huo Yuhao had never seen or heard of before. It was 3 meters in length, and around 8 feet in width. It was coated in a layer of bright golden fur.

    The Blazefire Monkey's fur that Huo Yuhao had seen earlier was already very beautiful, but was still inferior to this soul beast. This soul beast had golden fur, and its body seemed semi-transparent, it gave off a very special feel. Its body was shaped like a lion, but its claws were that of a dragon. There were even golden flames coming off its dragon claws. Its mouth was longer than that of usual lion-type soul beasts, and there seemed to be golden scales beneath the fur. On top of that, it had a third eye apart from the normal two eyes, which appeared much like Huo Yuhao's Eye of Life-vertical.

    Both its normal eyes flashed gold, while the vertical eye emitted a red light. The red seemed slightly freakish.

    It stopped for awhile, then it started facing in the direction the Twin Cyclops ran in. Its figure flashed, and it became a golden beam of light, in hot pursuit.

    "Skydream, is this that soul beast 'suitable for Huo Yuhao'? Just tell us when you want all of us to die next time." The Ice Empress' cold voice bore a colder fury on the brink of eruption within Huo Yuhao's Spiritual Sea.

    "Err... I only that it was suitable to Yuhao's spiritual undulations from its aura and feel. But I didn't misjudge this fellow's cultivation! It has a cultivation of around fifteen thousand years. Theoretically speaking-ahem, theoretically speaking..." The Skydream Iceworm's attempt to defend himself seemed a little weak.

    The Ice Empress answered furiously, "What theoretically? Do you think that the Star Dou Forest won't flip if you kill it? The significance of the Emperor Beasts are incalculable! Even hundred thousand year soul beasts must give before it. Yuhao couldn't possibly absorb its soul ring, and even if he did, do you think he'd escape from the Star Dou Forest alive?"

    Huo Yuhao was lost as he heard till here, "Brother Skydream, Ice Empress, what do the both of you mean? What is this soul beast exactly? It's such a problem?" A mere fifteen thousand year soul beast caused the four hundred year soul beast to be petrified. Huo Yuhao couldn't wrap his head around it.

    The Ice Empress said in a deep voice, "It's called the Three-Eyed Golden Lion. Don't look down on its fifteen thousand year cultivation; it can fight with ordinary hundred thousand year soul beasts. It holds two extreme elements: Ultimate Fire and Ultimate Light. I can't believe you've bumped into it."

    Huo Yuhao was stunned as he heard the Ice Empress mention the words 'extreme elements'. This Three-Eyed Golden Lion was no longer just a top-ranked soul beast in his mind. How terrifying was its lineage that it could fight hundred thousand year soul beasts from the fifteen thousand years it was at?

    The Ice Empress continued, "Its greatest strengths lay in its innate abilities. The Three-Eyed Golden Lion is an ancient beast. During a time when soul beasts ruled the continent-long ago-such soul beasts would appear occasionally, and they would be crowned Emperors. Which is why they're known as Emperor Beasts. There can't be two of such beasts alive at the same time. Which means that Three-Eyed Golden Lion you saw just now is the only Emperor Beast on the continent. Even the strongest soul beasts must bow down to it and cannot harm it. Soul beasts it chooses as prey can only flee, they can't resist."

    Huo Yuhao was curious as he asked, "Why? Even Transcendent Soul Beasts like the two of you can't win against it? Don't you have the Ultimate Ice too? Your cultivation is superior to it, thus you shouldn't be afraid when you bump into it!"

    The Ice Empress' emotions were a little unstable, "I'm not afraid of it, but I must still pay it due respect should it appear in the Extreme North. What exactly is an Emperor Beast? They beget prosperity. A habitat with an Emperor Beast boasts twice the normal soul beast's cultivation speed. Furthermore, after hundred thousand year beasts reach a bottleneck, their chances of breaking through it will double in the presence of an Emperor Beast. I would not have become your soul ring had this happened to me."

    Huo Yuhao was in a daze as he asked, "Does this mean that soul beasts with five hundred years' cultivation can reach a thousand years' cultivation with it around?"

    The Ice Empress snorted. "That's right. Think about it: how would the soul beasts in the forest react if you dared to touch it? I think there are many savage soul beasts guarding the Three-Eyed Golden Lion. Isn't Skydream just courting death for all of us by targeting it?"

    A pathetic scream rang out from afar, and Huo Yuhao's expression soured. He said softly, "Oh damn..."

    A reverberating boom resonated from afar. The entire Star Dou Forest seemed to shake as roars and howls sounded repeatedly. The intense undulations of soul power turned into a terrifying might that caused Huo Yuhao to be glued to the ground.

    Huo Yuhao could only think of one possibility as he heard that pathetic scream-Elder Xuan had met the Three-Eyed Golden Lion.

    His thought process was simple and logical. Elder Xuan knew without a doubt that Huo Yuhao had unleashed the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion's aura from earlier, and would rush over. However, upon discovering the sudden disappearance of his aura immediately after that and realizing the Three-Eyed Golden Lion was where he had stood earlier, it stood to reason that Elder Xuan would become very anxious.

    This was indeed what had happened. Elder Xuan knew things had gone downhill when Huo Yuhao suddenly unleashed the Ice Empress' aura. Huo Yuhao shouldn't have met an unresistable opponent, so why did he use a hundred thousand year soul beast's aura to scare off his opponents with his cultivation level? But then his aura disappeared! What could that mean? It meant that Huo Yuhao could have been killed by a powerful soul beast!

    Elder Xuan had grown sensitive when all the academy's official team members were almost killed. But he was even more anxious considering Huo Yuhao's importance to Shrek. When he tried to sense his surroundings, he discovered the Three-Eyed Golden Lion first.

    Elder Xuan had previously instructed Huo Yuhao to use Imitation to conceal himself, which let Elder Xuan find him through his soul power undulations. But Huo Yuhao had ceased any circulation of soul power now, and hadn't been discovered by Elder Xuan, which had lead to the current misunderstanding.

    Before the Three-Eyed Golden Lion could chase down the Twin Cyclops, it managed to provoke the ire of Elder Xuan. Hence all the screams and tremors Huo Yuhao now sensed.

    Volume 16, Chapter 145.2: Emperor Beast Three-Eyed Golden Lion

    Elder Xuan was a Rank 98 Transcendent Douluo, and was only a slight bit away from an Ultimate Douluo. As Shrek Academy's second-in-charge, he was extremely frightening when he unleashed his powers.

    The Twin Cyclops was instantly crushed into the ground. Even though it tried to retreat, it was still struck by the shockwave and was critically injured. It was not even a true hundred thousand year soul beast. Even if it was, how could a hundred thousand year soul beast resist Elder Xuan?

    A screeching howl rang out in the next instant. A dark red figure blocked Elder Xuan from unleashing his next attack on the Three-Eyed Golden Lion.

    Elder Xuan descended amidst a reverberating boom. Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao were also beside him, which meant that he still had to worry about their safety. The figure that blocked Elder Xuan was knocked a hundred meters back by the Godly Taotie Bull's strength, but it still remained in front of the Three-Eyed Golden Lion. Three furious howls were released at the same time.

    It was a soul beast that was more than 5 meters in length, and was extremely burly. It seemed like a lion, but it had three identical heads that were over a meter in diameter. Its terrifying teeth released a scarlet-gold glow. Its three heads roared furiously at the same time and all the soul beasts within a ten square mile radius didn't dare to move.

    The huge noises that came from where they were also affected Mo Feiyun and the others in the distance. Huo Yuhao's sudden disappearance left them extremely displeased. However, a streak of yellow light suddenly flashed by. They didn't even see it clearly before Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao disappeared. At this point, Huo Yuhao's Ice Empress' aura, and the series of furious roars and explosions caused this bunch of soul masters to turn pale. They wondered whether they were in the Core Region rather than the Hybrid Region. Mo Feiyun led everyone as they escaped. They couldn't be bothered to seek soul beasts anymore.

    "Scarlet King?" Elder Xuan's expression turned serious as he looked at the soul beast that roared furiously. He stopped his attack too.

    "You're that fellow from Shrek Academy." The three-headed soul beast that had a lion's form spoke in the human tongue, but its voice was filled with rage.

    Elder Xuan growled, "Scarlet King, I won't make it difficult for you on account of our academy's agreement with the Star Dou Savage Beasts. Give way and hand that golden-furred lion over to me." His fury had already reached its limit. How could he explain things to Elder Mu if Huo Yuhao was dead?

    Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao also turned pale as they stood behind Elder Xuan. This was especially so for Wang Dong, who felt that everything had turned black in front of him. Something seemed to have been crushed in his heart. The intense pain manifested as tears which trickled down his face.

    "In just an instant, Yuhao... Yuhao is already..."

    The Scarlet King was infuriated. "Rascal, do you know who this is? If you dare to touch it, you'll become the common enemy of all the soul beasts in Star Dou Forest."

    Elder Xuan stared at the Scarlet King coldly. "I don't care who it is. I only know that it has killed and even eaten one of Shrek Academy's most important disciples. You should know that you're not my match even though you're ranked 8th among the Ten Great Savage Beasts. I won't mind if you want to die with it. I can't account to the academy anyway. Why not just kill to my heart's content?"

    As he spoke, Elder Xuan had already taken a step forward. His frightening aura resembled a mountain that was crashing towards the Scarlet King.

    "Wait a minute." The Scarlet King was a little worried. Although it had cultivated for more than three hundred thousand years, and was ranked 8th among the Ten Great Savage Beasts, he was indeed not Elder Xuan's match. It was too late for him to signal for help at this point. The top-ranked soul beasts needed time to rush out from the Region of Savage Beasts, but time was not something that Elder Xuan would be willing to offer them.

    "Wait for?" Elder Xuan asked coldly.

    The Scarlet King said, "Human, don't attack. I'm protecting the Star Dou Forest's Emperor Beast, which is also the only one in the continent now. If it dies, the entire Star Dou Forest will go crazy."

    Elder Xuan was shocked. He had heard of Emperor Beasts before, but he thought that it was only a legend.

    "I don't care if all of you go mad. I'm going mad myself now." Elder Xuan didn't back off. Huo Yuhao's 'death' had already caused him to lose his mind.

    "Hear me out first." The Scarlet King said anxiously, "The Emperor Beast is called the Three-Eyed Golden Lion. It won't attack humans unless it's attacked first. It only feeds on the brain matter of light-type soul beasts. Let me ask if it really killed your student."

    Even in such a crisis, and especially one that concerned the Three-Eyed Golden Lion's life, the Scarlet King still had to remain respectful towards Elder Xuan although it was a savage beast.

    Elder Xuan calmed down after hearing his words. Was Huo Yuhao really dead?

    At this point, a powerful and frightening aura was released not far from where they were. That brutal will came from the aura of another savage beast.

    Elder Xuan and the Scarlet King were both stunned as they sensed this aura. The Scarlet King was perplexed. That aura came from a Transcendent Soul Beast just like it, but why did the ice-cold aura seem so familiar? It seemed to have appeared once just now, but the aura disappeared before he could look for it.

    Elder Xuan was delighted after he was in a daze for a moment. Huo Yuhao was imitating the aura of a hundred thousand year soul beast! He wasn't dead!

    Huo Yuhao was obviously alive. He was slow to react because he couldn't just interfere when two powerful figures were at odds with one another. He only imitated the Ice Empress' aura under the Ice Empress' advice as he stood where he was being repressed to send the message that he was still alive.

    Elder Xuan knew what was going on, but the Scarlet King didn't! However, it believed that it was a good thing for him and the Three-Eyed Golden Lion that a savage beast had rushed over. A soul beast with a cultivation over a hundred thousand years possessed an intelligence that was superior to ordinary humans. It wouldn't start conflicts easily too. Moreover, the Scarlet King knew that this savage beast that came would help it in protecting the Emperor Beast. It wasn't afraid of Elder Xuan anymore with another savage beast around. It was confident of protecting the Three-Eyed Golden Lion even if it couldn't beat Elder Xuan.

    A deep and low roar came from the Scarlet King's three heads. An intense dark red radiance also spewed out from its body, and its three heads seemed to balloon in size. A deathly sense enveloped Elder Xuan, as the Scarlet King's roar called for all soul beasts to rush over to protect the Emperor Beast. Since he possessed enough strength to resist the enemy, why would a three-headed Scarlet King who was also one of the Ten Great Savage Beasts and the king of the Canidae-type soul beasts compromise with a human?

    Elder Xuan was relieved when he learned that Huo Yuhao was still alive. He immediately developed a plan in his mind and roared furiously too. He revealed his Godly Taotie Bull, and the two of them clashed.

    A situation that left the Scarlet King extremely depressed occurred. The aura of the savage beast that had appeared earlier disappeared, and there was no more movement.

    It wanted to give in to Elder Xuan now, but Elder Xuan wouldn't entertain the notion.

    The Scarlet King could only try to protect itself as he faced Elder Xuan. It was slowly losing ground as it protected itself.

    However, Elder Xuan and the Scarlet King didn't go all-out apart from Elder Xuan's first, formidable blow. If they did so, it would be a catastrophe for the entire Star Dou Forest. This was something that neither of them wanted to see.

    An intense yellow radiance appeared like a sticky fluid, and a cage formed by the powers of the earth rose up, trapping the Scarlet King.

    The Scarlet King's three heads roared, and its dark red fur surged with streaks of black patterns. It was like a volcano that had erupted, trying to break free from its restraints.

    At this point, the Godly Taotie Bull's figure flashed and came in front of the Three-Eyed Golden Lion. A bright yellow radiance shot out from its horns and engulfed the Three-Eyed Golden Lion.

    The Scarlet King depleted his origin power to break free from the cage, but it didn't dare to attack any further.

    The Three-Eyed Golden Lion appeared very weary as it was trapped in the yellow light. The Scarlet King knew that Elder Xuan could take the Three-Eyed Golden Lion's life with his dominant, earth-type power if he wanted to.

    The Scarlet King appeared very fearful, and he raged, "I dare you! If you kill the Emperor Beast, we'll destroy the humans."

    Elder Xuan turned back to his human form and said, "Who says I'm going to kill it?"

    The Scarlet King became much more composed after Elder Xuan said that he wouldn't kill the Three-Eyed Golden Lion. He was also highly intelligent, and he asked, "Then what're you going to do?"

    Elder Xuan said, "Nothing. Find me a spiritual-type soul beast that has a cultivation of around fifteen thousand years and is of top quality to exchange for it."

    The Scarlet King was stunned. What condition was that? A fifteen thousand year spiritual-type soul beast was nothing compared to the Emperor Beast! He even suspected that he had heard wrongly. If Elder Xuan had demanded a hundred thousand year soul beast, he wouldn't be so surprised.

    Elder Xuan said coldly, "Why? Don't you understand what I'm saying? I'm giving you 4 hours. After the deadline, I will make this Three-Eyed Golden Lion my disciple's soul ring if you can't find me a replacement."

    "You must not do that," The Scarlet King said anxiously, "The Three-Eyed Golden Lion is the current Emperor Beast. Its strength can't be absorbed by humans, and it won't be useful to you. Okay, I will accede to your request. But how can you ensure the safety of the Emperor Beast? How can I believe you?"

    Volume 16, Chapter 145.3: Emperor Beast Three-Eyed Golden Lion

    Elder Xuan mounted the Three-Eyed Golden Lion, and his yellow radiance became even brighter. "Scarlet King, you should know that you have no choice, and you've no right to bargain with me. I'll wait for you in the northern direction outside of the forest. Remember, you only have 4 hours. I can only tell you that the Great Star Dou Forest is very close to Shrek City. I'm unwilling for a full-blown conflict to happen unless it's unnecessary. But this doesn't mean that I'm fearful of war."

    The expressions on the Scarlet King's three heads changed repeatedly. Its teeth moved a little as it stared at the indifferent Elder Xuan, "Alright, I'll believe you this time." After it finished speaking, it didn't delay any further. Its figure flashed and it changed into a streak of dark red light before disappearing instantly.

    Elder Xuan rode the Three-Eyed Golden Lion, while Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao's anxiety had disappeared by now. They wanted to search for Huo Yuhao in the direction he had unleashed his aura, but were stopped by Elder Xuan. Elder Xuan shook his head slightly at them. His eyes moved slightly, and he nodded his head after a brief moment.

    Huo Yuhao had already snuck over before Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao went to find him.

    The Scarlet King and Elder Xuan's confrontation was over, thus he didn't need to restrict his movement anymore. He snuck over since there was no longer any tension over here. In addition, the Skydream Iceworm also told him that the powerful savage beast had left.

    "Elder Xuan." Huo Yuhao was delighted as he saw Elder Xuan on the Three-Eyed Golden Lion. He even initiated his soul tool thruster to rush over.

    "Don't talk to me," Elder Xuan snapped, "You almost scared me to death. What happened just now? Why did you disappear after unleashing your hundred thousand year soul beast aura?"

    Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly as he recounted how he had to unleash the aura against the Twin Cyclops to preserve his own life, as well as his encounter with the Three-Eyed Golden Lion.

    Elder Xuan's expression turned weird after hearing his words. He took a look at the Three-Eyed Golden Lion that he sat on and patted its head. He said, "It's been tough for you."

    The Three-Eyed Golden Lion seemed to recover a little and looked at Elder Xuan coldly. It started to speak in the human tongue, and it even sounded like a lady with a moving voice, "Despicable humans. If you dare to harm me, I'll make sure you regret it, and that misfortune will befall you."

    Elder Xuan chuckled and slapped his palm on the Three-Eyed Golden Lion's head. This caused the lion to be pressed onto the ground. Elder Xuan even exerted more force to make it kiss the soil.

    "Threatening me? Don't think that I don't know about Emperor Beasts like you even though it's my first time seeing one. You carry a special blood lineage from ancient times, and you can use this blood lineage's aura to influence the undulations of spiritual air in the heavens and earth. It's nonsense when they say that you beget prosperity. And you still dare to threaten me with misfortune? Do you believe that I can torture you till the brink of death? The soul beasts treat you as a treasure. If I kill you, they may really attack the humans out of rage. But don't think that you're noble. No matter how well those hundred thousand year soul beasts treat you, you're only a treasure to them. You're not their emperor. Your title as an Emperor Beast only sounds nice. Regardless of whether you're human or a soul beast, it's best if you know your place."

    "You, you're spouting nonsense." The Three-Eyed Golden Lion sounded more agitated.

    Elder Xuan laughed coldly. "Spouting nonsense? I'm already being very kind here. How do you think they'll treat you if you're useless to them, or if they believe that your meat gives them immortality? Yuhao, come over."

    "Yes." Huo Yuhao rushed over.

    Elder Xuan said, "Press your forehead against this Three-Eyed Golden Lion's third eye. Don't worry, I will stop it from resisting."

    "No! Don't you dare do it!" The Three-Eyed Golden Lion was furious and roared furiously. It tried to struggle, which caused golden-red blood to ooze from its mouth due to an internal injury it had sustained earlier.

    Huo Yuhao was stunned, and said, "Elder Xuan, this..."

    Elder Xuan chortled and said, "There's a record in an ancient collection that Shrek Academy obtained from ancient times which propagates the Emperor Beasts' dominance. They beget prosperity and possess unlimited potential. This also means that Emperor Beasts can protect soul beasts and enhance their speed of cultivation. Different Emperor Beasts are different elementally. Just like this Three-Eyed Golden Lion here. It has many elements. When I attacked it just now, I could sense the light and fire elements in its body. However, they aren't its main element, although they are close to the level of an ultimate element. Its main element is its spiritual power. If not for its spiritual power, I would have already killed it. Elemental transfusion refers to its ability to enhance your element using its own element. This is very beneficial for your future cultivation. But it's a little vague when we refer to its ability to beget prosperity and its possession of unlimited potential. We aren't sure what benefits it can bring, and it can only be comprehended through one's own self. Hurry up. Stop moving."

    His last sentence was directed at the Three-Eyed Golden Lion. The Three-Eyed Golden Lion wanted to speak, but it couldn't as Elder Xuan pressed its head into the ground.

    Huo Yuhao naturally believed Elder Xuan's words. He slowly pressed his forehead against the Three-Eyed Golden Lion's vertical eye as he looked into its fiery-looking eyes.

    The Three-Eyed Golden Lion's powers were completely repressed by Elder Xuan. Elder Xuan didn't know that the Three-Eyed Golden Lion would kill itself without any hesitation if it still possessed a shred of strength. Elder Xuan also didn't know what elemental transfusion entailed for Emperor Beasts. Even the Skydream Iceworm and Ice Jade Empress Scorpion didn't know. It was the Emperor Beasts' biggest secret.

    No soul beasts dared to unravel this secret in the world of soul beasts. The title of the Three-Eyed Golden Lion as an Emperor Beast wasn't as lowly as Elder Xuan described it to be. No soul beasts dared to get close to it. The Three-Eyed Golden Lion was very violent. Whoever dared to get close to it would be ferociously and maniacally attacked by it.

    Both Huo Yuhao's body and the Three-Eyed Golden Lion's body trembled violently when Huo Yuhao's forehead pressed against the Three-Eyed Golden Lion's vertical eye.

    Huo Yuhao's Eye of Life opened as it was initiated by the magical powers contained within the Three-Eyed Golden Lion's vertical eye. However, Elder Xuan, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao couldn't see this, because his forehead was pressed against the Three-Eyed Golden Lion's vertical eye.

    Huo Yuhao felt that his mind had gone empty after trembling for a while. Even his Spiritual Sea seemed to disappear. The Skydream Iceworm, Ice Empress and Electrolux decided to shrink their powers at this moment and hide in one corner.

    Rings of weird, distorted light engulfed Huo Yuhao and the Three-Eyed Golden Lion's body. Their bodies seemed to become transparent as a subtle radiance flashed. Every time the radiance changed, Huo Yuhao and the Three-Eyed Golden Lion's bodies would tremble slightly.

    The immense life aura contained within his Eye of Life rapidly flowed out and entered the Three-Eyed Golden Lion's body.

    The injury that the Three-Eyed Golden Lion sustained earlier healed at an alarming speed. The entire Great Star Dou Forest started to shake tremendously, with Huo Yuhao and the Three-Eyed Golden Lion at the center of this tremor. An intense life aura surged towards them and into their bodies.

    The distorted radiance became stronger and stronger, engulfing the both of them within. A special force prevented even Elder Xuan from breaching this radiance.

    Elder Xuan was a little discomforted as he witnessed this amazing change. He muttered to himself, "Did we escalate the situation? This Three-Eyed Golden Lion was still struggling earlier. Don't tell me this transfusion will take its life away? That'll be disastrous. Will the Star Dou's soul beasts go all-out against Shrek? That will cause many deaths! Why is there such a huge reaction?"

    Wang Dong furrowed his brows, and golden light flashed in his eyes. He felt something weird as he looked at the distorted radiance. It was as if something that belonged to him had been taken away. But the feeling was very mild, and he couldn't sense it clearly.

    Huo Yuhao's consciousness was gradually restored, while his Spiritual Sea became active again. He was stunned to realize that there was something more in his Spiritual Sea. The size of his Spiritual Sea had even seemed to double. A subtle aura appeared to be within his Spiritual Sea too. His Eye of Life had also transformed.

    The Eye of Life usually emitted green light. To him, it was only a place that Electrolux temporarily stayed in. It also helped him preserve a shred of spiritual power. The Life Guardian Blade was also there, and it could be used by him at any time.

    But it was different now. Huo Yuhao could clearly feel that he really owned a third eye now. His Eye of Life had turned bright gold under his control. The Life Guardian Blade had also been extracted, and landed on the ground. The Life's Gold life aura was still on the Life Guardian Blade. Electrolux's awareness had also return into his own Spiritual Sea.

    This also meant that the Eye of Life had become his third eye, and was now fully under his control. He could also clearly feel that there was another magical force within his third eye. He couldn't tell what this force was, but he could sense that it was a force that was beyond what he was capable of. Even the Ice Empress and Skydream Iceworm didn't dare to resist this force.
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