Chapter 164: Silvermoon Wolf King

    Huo Yuhao put his soul power into the all-terrain exploration vehicle, and its six mechanical legs began moving. It followed this branch of the trail, until they passed a narrow downslope finally entering the main trail of the Jing Yang Mountain Range.

    Huo Yuhao currently was observing the geography of the Jing Yang Mountain Range from above. The main trail of the Jing Yang Mountain Range was ovular. Although it was his first time here, he could roughly discern the distribution of soul beasts, referencing his experiences with the Great Star Dou Forest.

    The weaker and smaller soul beasts lived near the outermost perimeter of the mountain range, while the stronger ones lived somewhat deeper in. As long as they didn't venture in too deep, they shouldn't be in much trouble.

    After all, the Silverwolf's scent could only spread outwards a certain distance, and shouldn't be able to reach all the way to the core of the mountain range.

    The Silverwolf's profuse bleeding hadn't caused any trouble for them, or at least not yet. Most soul beasts would flee after detecting the scent of the Silverwolf's blood. This was very evident when Huo Yuhao used his Spiritual Detection. He discovered that even some of the thousand year soul beasts would escape after catching a whiff of the Silverwolf's blood. Just like this, they were advancing faster and faster along the path.

    Huo Yuhao quickly controlled the all-terrain exploration vehicle to ascend a nearby mountain peak within the outer boundaries of the Jing Yang Mountain Range.

    He didn't dare expend too much of his soul power as they ventured into the habitats of these soul beasts. After restoring part of his abilities from the mountain peak, he looked into the distance.

    Like most mountain ranges, the Jing Yang Mountain Range's mountain peaks were higher the closer to the center you got.  However, not all of them were steep inclines, and there were some with quite gentle inclines.

    The quantity of soul beasts near the main trail was much greater. They were easily comparable to the soul beasts at the edge of the Great Star Dou Forest. However, they didn't reveal themselves because of the Silverwolf's blood.

    Huo Yuhao sat cross-legged on the ground and allowed the wind to blow against him softly. He wasn't being adventurous, when he leaned on the all-terrain exploration vehicle, the two ladies couldn't see his face. A streak of golden light flashed across his forehead, and the Eye of Destiny quietly opened.

    Huo Yuhao's spiritual world had experienced earth-shaking changes after he had received the Eye of Destiny. Neither the Skydream Iceworm, the Ice Empress nor Electrolux could control his body anymore because of the Eye of Destiny, unless he allowed it. Even so, he could instantly regain control of his own body with his will even if he invited them to control his body.

    Him using the Eye of Destiny right now wasn't to enhance his Spirit Eyes' visual acuity. When he opened them, the aura of destiny appeared in Huo Yuhao's mind. His sensitivity also increased greatly, allowing him to predict the future to a certain extent, and be warned of trouble or anything good that was about to happen.

    "Oh?" The Eye of Destiny shut. But even when Huo Yuhao opened his normal eyes, he was shocked. He didn't expect to come across something like this when he used the Eye of Destiny to search for the paths of destiny.

    Danger! Opportunity!

    It was a little unclear, but he could definitely sense the presence of both danger and opportunity. This was new, surprising him.

    What was going on? Huo Yuhao tensed up. Although the Eye of Destiny only gave unclear answers, he did sense that the dangers came before the opportunities. It seemed as if some countless dangers were waiting for him in the mountains faraway. This was a very ominous sign.

    However, he wouldn't back off when he was already here. Moreover, the Eye of Destiny didn't give him any sense of fatal danger.

    Proceed with caution. Huo Yuhao set himself this careful strategy.

    Huo Yuhao slowed down as they continued once more. He stopped almost every fifteen minutes to make adjustments, while they offered, the two ladies were rejected by him to take control the all-terrain exploration vehicle. He only required them to be at their optimal fighting conditions at all time.

    Them seeing Huo Yuhao so cautious, they didn't dare to say anything. It was always good to be more cautious. Even Ke Ke didn't appear to be annoyed anymore.

    After two hours, they were on the way to the top of the third mountain. This was the final destination set by Huo Yuhao for the day. They would be spending their night on the mountain peak.

    They finally ran into some problems earlier. Two golden tigers with three thousand years of cultivation had stopped them from advancing.

    The golden tigers in the Jing Yang Mountain Range were very strong. Huo Yuhao had only been able to penetrate an inch into their tough skulls, even when using the Darkgolden Terrorclaws. They still died, but a lot of time had been wasted killing them. It wasn't simple to best their resilient bodies.

    After a day's worth of observation, Huo Yuhao discovered that the metal-type soul beasts in the Jing Yang Mountain Range were stronger than average soul beasts. However, the other types of soul beasts weren't much weaker. They'd ran into a wind-type Noble Roc with ten thousand years of cultivation as well, which was also the strongest soul beast they saw today. But it was still scared off by the two golden tigers! This showed how dominant the metal-type soul beasts were in the Jing Yang Mountain Range.

    However, Huo Yuhao couldn't hear a peep from the soul beasts that he really wanted to meet. No more spiritual-type soul beasts appeared. Spiritual-type soul beasts were indeed very rare, no matter which part of the continent you look for them. Fortunately, this was only the first day, Huo Yuhao still had patience to spare.

    He decided to venture inwards up to the fifth mountain peak as the limit based on his Eye of Destiny's prediction. He wouldn't venture any further in past that. He would then proceed to move perpendicularly to conduct his search. If he didn't make progress in the next five days, he would retreat. After all, his safety was paramount.

    They finally reached the top of the mountain.

    There was an important reason for choosing to rest at the top of the mountain-the all-terrain exploration vehicle was most adept at escaping from a high ground. As a ball-shaped entity, it could roll down a moderately low slope. It wouldn't be easy for a soul beast to chase them down. Of course, the soul masters inside the all-terrain exploration vehicle wouldn't find it very comfortable.

    Huo Yuhao didn't start up a fire, but he still whipped up a delicious meal for the ladies. Earlier Huo Yuhao had retrieved the tastiest loin from the golden tiger, then, using the White Tiger Dagger, he cut out thin strips of meat.

    Tiger meat was generally a tinge sour. Usually speaking, it wouldn't taste nice without appropriate cooking methods. Fresh tiger meat tasted better than normal meats, but how many people had a chance to eat it?

    Before Huo Yuhao cut the fresh tiger meat into pieces, he had already prepared a condiment. It was a new slightly spicy sauce, but it was very refreshing. After the tiger's meat was marinated, it became very tender. Not only did the sour and fishy taste disappear, somehow it developed a wild taste.

    However, Huo Yuhao didn't let them eat too much of it. He knew it wasn't easy to digest raw tiger meat, even though it's very nutritious. He came up with another sauce and used it to make a salad. He added some dried foods to the salad, which tasted pretty addictive themselves.

    Ke Ke and Ju Zi discovered that their sisterly affections for Huo Yuhao increased every time they tasted his cooking.

    "What will we do at night?" After having dinner, the three of them formed a circle. The mountain breeze was chilly at night, and gusts of mist floated by, causing their outerwear to be wet.

    However, it wasn't a good idea to pitch a tent here, because they might meet a soul beast anytime.

    Huo Yuhao pointed at the metal ball behind him and said, "We can only sleep in it. The two of you can rest. I'll stand guard outside. If there's any movement, I'll inform you immediately."

    Ju Zi said, "Let me relieve you at midnight."

    Ke Ke added, "Let's make it four hours per person."

    Huo Yuhao smiled and replied, "Alright, don't worry and go to sleep. I'll call for you when your time comes."

    The ladies returned to the all-terrain exploration vehicle and shut the crystal door, completely isolating themselves from the chill outside.

    Huo Yuhao leaned against the metal ball and sat down. Although the mountain breeze was very chilly, it meant nothing to him. He was someone with Ultimate Ice, this was a suitable place for him to cultivate, rather than harmful.

    He shut his eyes and sat cross-legged. His Spiritual Detection spread out, and his soul power circulated in his meditative state.

    This was a major benefit of using Huo Yuhao's second mental sea. He could leave a shred of consciousness in his second mental sea and adjust his soul power to use his Spiritual Detection to sense the conditions around him. He could also rest part of his mind in primary Spiritual Sea. It was like sleeping with one eye open. If he discovered something, his mind could be activated quickly. Which was why he had no intention of asking them to relieve him.

    The sky was getting darker, and the starlight dimmed. Gusts of thick fog blew past, and visibility became very poor.

    The chill had no effect on Huo Yuhao though. His body temperature was even lower than the temperature outside. The Ultimate Ice caused his soul power cultivation to proceed at a snail's pace, but his foundation was very solid. No soul master at the same level could compare with him in this aspect.

    Water was the foundation of ice. The water element in the air was very beneficial to Huo Yuhao's cultivation. Furthermore, the natural qi of heaven and earth was providing nourishment amidst the mountains of the outside world. His cultivation would accelerate here.

    There was a great feeling to cultivating deep in the mountains. Huo Yuhao could sense everything that changed within a 500 meter radius, and he sighed to himself. No wonder soul beasts would rather live in the deep mountains, swamps or a forest. The spiritual energy was just so very nourishing.

    "Oh?" Huo Yuhao shivered. Although he hadn't discovered anything with his Spiritual Detection, his hairs still stood on end.

    What's going on? Huo Yuhao stopped meditating, stunned. He trusted in his own instincts, these sudden warnings and his intense reactions signified that the impending danger was terrifying.

    He knocked on the crystal door twice. It wasn't loud, but the ladies were jolted awake.

    "We may be in trouble. Don't come out, but be prepared to attack. Ju Zi, remain in the main control pod. If things get out of hand, don't bother with me and just roll down the mountain. I'll find a way to escape." Huo Yuhao said softly. The composure and tension in his voice completely woke Ju Zi and Ke Ke up.

    "What did you discover?" Ju Zi opened a glass window and asked softly. As she spoke, some metal clanging sounds could already be heard from her and Ke Ke's body. They were preparing their offensive soul tools for battle.

    Huo Yuhao shook his head slightly and said, "I'm still unsure. But I'm far more sensitive than most people. I believe that a huge problem is coming."

    Huo Yuhao took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. Although he had made significant improvements over the last two years, he was still only at Rank 40 at the moment. He couldn't compare with truly powerful figures.

    His Spiritual Detection changed from an radial detection to a one-directional detection as Huo Yuhao scanned his surroundings.

    The one-directional detection could stretch out to a kilometer if he didn't use the Eye of Destiny. This wasn't the time to conserve soul power, so he initiated his Spiritual Detection to the fullest and scanned downslope.

    The two windows of the all-terrain exploration vehicle were open, two black cannons poking out from them. Each cannons' caliber was greater than 100 millimeters, both operated by Ke Ke, who was carrying a cannon on each shoulder. Ju Zi sat in the main control pod, ready to move the all-terrain exploration vehicle at a moment's notice.

    Huo Yuhao didn't unleash any soul tools, but he watched his surroundings very sharply. When his entire body made a full revolution, his expression was extremely dismal before he finished.

    Silent figures were already gathering towards the top of the mountain from all directions. They didn't make a sound, but the invisible threats clenched at Huo Yuhao's heart.

    "A pack of wolves. It's a pack of golden wolves. We're surrounded. There are at least three ten thousand year golden wolves leading more than one hundred hundred year to a thousand year wolves. They'll be here in less than three minutes. Be prepared to escape. I believe they won't be able to resist the all-terrain exploration vehicle if it rolls over them."

    Ju Zi and Ke Ke were stunned. These golden wolves were in fact metal-type wolves. They were actually soul beasts under the metal element. Although they weren't as powerful as the golden lion, tiger, panther or bear metal-type soul beasts, they were much quicker, and they moved in packs. In the Jing Yang Mountain Range, all metal-type soul beasts show more ability in fighting than the other soul beasts by at least thirty percent. In addition, there were even three ten thousand year soul beasts leading this pack. This spelled trouble. Even if Huo Yuhao and the girls couldn't be killed so easily, their energy would be depleted rapidly.

    "Yuhao, get in."

    "Let's roll them down together." Ju Zi called anxiously.

    Huo Yuhao shook his head in refusal. "No, I can't leave. These golden wolves were sent by a Silverwolf. I can sense the Silverwolf's aura. If I'm not wrong, this Silverwolf's soul ring should be suitable for my fourth soul ring. Leave first. Don't worry about me. I'll find a way out."

    "No, it's too dangerous. There's more than a hundred golden wolves out there!" Ju Zi wanted to come out as she spoke.

    Huo Yuhao pressed against the door and said, "I know how I can get out. But if I'm really stuck, I can just use a flying-type soul tool to escape. Be careful now. I'm sending the both of you off." As he spoke, his palms were covered in diamond crystals. His arms exerted an immense force, and the Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon fully unleashed the Mysterious Heaven Technique, in cohesion with Huo Yuhao's physical strength. He lifted two of the metal ball's legs and pushed them forward.

    At the same time, the heavy all-terrain exploration vehicle shifted backwards. Ju Zi and Ke Ke cried out in exclamation simultaneously. Huo Yuhao's voice rang in their ears, "Don't bother worrying about me. Let's meet at our rendezvous point later. I'll be fine. Don't turn back. Just keep rolling."

    The top of this mountain wasn't very wide, so the all-terrain exploration vehicle immediately lost its balance and nearly rolled off the side.

    Ju Zi's decisiveness was displayed at this moment. While Ke Ke was still very displeased with Huo Yuhao and wanted to question his decisions, Ju Zi had already shut the two open windows. The six mechanical legs shrank, and a huge amount of rubber spewed out of the all-terrain exploration vehicle. This caused the surface of the all-terrain exploration vehicle to become very springy, its scent was concealed by the rubber as well. The all-terrain exploration vehicle rolled down the mountain, and the two ladies inside rolled around interior of the all-terrain exploration vehicle. The protective mechanism in the all-terrain exploration vehicle finally took effect. The internal area was separated from the outer surface layer, which let the central springs rapidly reduce its bouncing, and increased the stability inside the soul tool.

    Huo Yuhao was relieved as he watched the metal ball roll down the mountain. He couldn't let them see some of his abilities. It was less strenuous on him if they were around yes, but he also couldn't unleash his full power. He wasn't lying when he said he had felt a ten thousand year Silverwolf's presence earlier. As a spiritual-type soul master, Huo Yuhao knew the importance of a suitable spiritual-type soul ring, and he couldn't let go of such a great opportunity. Otherwise, it would prove to be very difficult to find this ten thousand year Silverwolf later, given its ingenuity.

    Ever since he started training for the Ultimate Soldier Plan, he'd never once burst forth with his full abilities. Even he himself didn't know the limit of his current cultivation's might. However, today was as good an opportunity as any to test out his abilities. Only in the face of a true threat could his potential truly be unlocked. He wasn't afraid of a ten thousand year soul beast, even if it was of the metal element, he already specialized in fighting many opponents. Moreover, he thrived in situations where he was outnumbered! Otherwise, what was the point of the Ultimate Soldier Plan?

    His hands drooped down beside his body, and Huo Yuhao's eyes emitted a dim golden glow. The gentle gold contained a thick aura of austerity.

    "Come." Huo Yuhao's mind and energy were at their peak.

    His Spiritual Detection told him that the all-terrain exploration vehicle had attracted a few golden wolves as it rolled down, they had chased after it. This was also a small part of his plan. Right now, his plan was to distract these wolves. Making the wolves run around was bound to cause confusion and mess up their formation.

    Huo Yuhao threw a silver figure into the air. Following that, a reverberating boom resounded in mid-air. A subtle azure-blue radiance appeared on Huo Yuhao's left arm, which was a trace of his Ice Explosion Technique.

    The Silverwolf's corpse turned into powder in mid-air and scattered. A thick, bloody scent diffused across the mountain top.

    If one wasn't merciless enough in the world of soul beasts, where survival of the fittest was the rule, one wouldn't be able to survive. At this point, Huo Yuhao had retracted the little hint of compassion hiding in his heart and made himself more cold-blooded.

    Pathetic wolf howls could be heard from the midway point up the mountain. The pack of wolves evidently realized that Huo Yuhao already discovered them. The all-terrain exploration vehicle that rolled off the mountain lost the Silverwolf's scent and no longer captured their attention. The pack of wolves didn't bother with concealing themselves anymore, and burst forth with the fastest speeds they had towards the peak.

    Crisp, clanging sounds rang on Huo Yuhao's body, and metal cases started appearing. They emitted an eerie, dark golden color.

    The metal cases were stacked on his shoulders, arms, chest and back, the sides of his legs, his waist etc. There were eighteen of them. Every metal case seemed to be rather heavy, and made Huo Yuhao's person seem to tower high.

    The first golden wolf finally drifted into Huo Yuhao's view. It was indeed different from the golden wolves found in other places. Its muscles protruded underneath glowing fur, and made it seem very burly. A bloodthirsty gaze from it was instantly fixed on Huo Yuhao's body.

    It roared furiously and leapt towards Huo Yuhao. It lifted its blade sharp front claws and slashed towards Huo Yuhao.

    Huo Yuhao estimated that this golden wolf should be among the strongest for its cultivation.

    Huo Yuhao took half a step back, only a series of clanging noises resonating could be heard. A layer of white flashed on one of the metal cases on his left wrist before disappearing. That golden wolf's figure froze in the air. Although it was still in a leaping stance, it started to howl pathetically.

    Sixteen transparent holes appeared in its fur, which was supposed to be defensively sound.

    This was part of the frightening penetrative ability belonging to the Zhuge Divine Crossbow. Which instantly pierced through the golden wolf's body.

    The crossbows on Huo Yuhao's body were completely charged beforehand. They had to be recharged once every three days. Huo Yuhao had already prepared them long before he'd entered the Jing Yang Mountain Range. This golden wolf became the first victim of his Zhuge Divine Crossbow.

    Huo Yuhao reached out with his left hand and grabbed the golden wolf's corpse. He sealed its wounds with ice and then threw the corpse to one side with a flick of his wrist as he opted not to use the Ice Explosion Technique on its body

    The Zhuge Divine Crossbows he was currently using were different from the ones that he'd created in front of Xuan Ziwen. They were made from better materials, and more meticulous craftsmanship. They could be fired three times, and were top-grade Class 5 soul tools. This meant that the eighteen slots in the Zhuge Divine Crossbow could fire fifty-four times in total, which was the reason that Huo Yuhao was so confident. It's pertinent to note that the Zhuge Divine Crossbow could also be fired extremely easily-he only needed to use a tinge of his soul power to initiate the cumulative formation arrays within them. The rest of the firing mechanism was completed by the soul tool itself, the end result being that the charged power would fire the arrows. Their destructive ability was also extremely great.

    Another seven golden wolves had already reached the mountaintop by the time the first golden wolf was thrown to the side. All of them rushed towards Huo Yuhao. Their cultivations varied from three hundred to two thousand years, which was evident from their size and muscle density.

    Huo Yuhao initiated his Spiritual Detection and moved extremely quickly. He used the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track to burst towards the smallest golden wolf, and then lifted both of his arms, causing a crisp, clanging sound to resonate. He'd fired the Zhuge Divine Crossbows, causing several sharp arrows to pierce into the golden wolves' flesh and for them to howl in pain. He didn't even need to use his Spiritual Detection to know that two of the golden wolves had collapsed.

    Huo Yuhao had reached the smallest golden wolf at this point, his figure flashing to the side as he dodged its attack. At the same time, he used his Darkgolden Terrorclaws to sever the wolf's spinal cord through its neck, instantly killing it.

    Huo Yuhao lifted his toes off the ground, but his entire body froze in place for a moment. He transferred the golden wolf's corpse to his left hand and then made a turned the upper half of his body as he threw the corpse towards three golden wolves who'd just reached the top of the mountain.

    The Zhuge Divine Crossbow was unleashed once again when he turned around instantly taking down the golden wolves that had intended to attack him from behind.


    The Ice Explosion Technique was initiated, causing the three hundred year golden wolf's corpse to became an incredibly effective bomb that flipped the three golden wolves leaping towards Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao quickly turned and grabbed another golden wolf corpse with his left hand. He injected the Ice Explosion Technique into it, then flung the corpse out as he lifted his right foot off the ground.

    The advantage his Spiritual Detection gave him was clearly demonstrated at this point: The corpse he'd thrown landed at the edge of the mountain at the same time as when the majority of the pack of golden wolves reached the top of the mountain.

    Blood and flesh scattered amidst an explosion; several golden wolves had been blown apart.

    Huo Yuhao continued to grab wolf corpses with his left hand, causing the golden wolves that perished under his crossbows to continuously be turned into bombs from his Ice Explosion Technique one by one, then be flung out. As explosions continued to resound, it soon felt like the entire Jing Yang Mountain Range was shaking. Sonorous echoes could be heard from between the mountains.

    Over thirty golden wolves had been killed, just like that. Huo Yuhao had only wasted half of his Zhuge Divine Crossbow's arrows, while the majority of the golden wolves had been killed with his Ice Explosion Technique.

    Huo Yuhao's Ice Explosion Technique achieved an effect similar to the Envoy of the Death God's corpse explosion. The difference was that the Envoy of the Death God's corpse explosion was a soul skill similar to a lethal poison, in that it needed some time to transform a corpse. On the other hand, Huo Yuhao couldn't use his technique on a large group of corpses at the same time, but his Ice Explosion Technique could be unleashed faster. The only problem was that he needed to manually inject the Ice Explosion Technique into the corpse. However, the benefit lay in that it had a negligible impact on Huo Yuhao's soul power.

    A Class 6 Milk Bottle appeared in Huo Yuhao's hands, and he quickly restored his depleted soul power. Meanwhile, the pack of golden wolves had stopped rushing to the top of the mountain; the string of deaths had evidently left them fearful. They were all waiting for their leader to appear.

    Huo Yuhao was also waiting; it would be a good idea for him to escape right now, as the golden wolves wouldn't be able to stop him. However, his target wasn't this pack of golden wolves. He was still waiting for his target to appear.

    He put the Zhuge Divine Crossbows on his arms away, as they'd been completely expended. This freed up his arms, after which he lightly flexed his Darkgolden Terrorclaws, causing dark golden light to ripple through the air. They weren't stained with blood even though Huo Yuhao had used them to kill a golden wolf earlier.

    Huo Yuhao's eyes suddenly brightened, and he turned to face a certain direction. Three figures jumped up and lined themselves up in front of him.

    They were three unusually large golden wolves, each of which was more than four meters long. Their thick bodies resembled huge bears, and they stood on their hind limbs, which were especially developed. Their four claws also looked just as sharp and ferocious as Huo Yuhao's Darkgolden Terrorclaws.

    Their eyes were also blood-red rather from the common brown. Bloodthirsty auras were continuously released from their bodies.

    They were ten thousand year golden wolves and were the leaders of the pack. Based on their auras and soul power undulations, their cultivations lay somewhere between ten thousand and twenty thousand years. However, their practical fighting strength should be beyond twenty thousand years. This was the first time that Huo Yuhao had seen such strong soul beasts. Although he was confident in himself, he wasn't completely confident that could deal with these golden wolves. However, he didn't have a choice, as a slim silver figure had also appeared behind the wolves when they revealed themselves.

    This Silverwolf was three meters long, and wasn't as developed as the golden wolves. However, it was more slender and still well-built, and a crescent shaped patch of silverish-white fur lay on its forehead. Its silver eyes looked as if they were about to spurt fire as they stared at Huo Yuhao. They were filled with hatred and resentment.

    Both parties appeared very restrained and quiet at this point. Normal strategy dictated that the three golden wolves should've surrounded Huo Yuhao in a triangular formation. However, they hadn't adopted this formation. Instead, they were facing him from one direction. It was obvious that the Silverwolf's safety was a higher priority to them.

    The Silverwolf was a Silvermoon Wolf King-a ten thousand year soul beast, and the same soul beast that Huo Yuhao was looking for. Huo Yuhao wasn't afraid at all now. Instead, he was a little excited. Fear had completely vanished from his head, and had been replaced with composure.

    He didn't need to clash with the golden wolves; his only objective was to kill the Silvermoon Wolf King behind them and bring its soul ring away successfully. However, this would be a difficult task.

    The rest of the golden wolves didn't attempt to rush to the top of the mountain. As the top of the mountain wasn't very large, if too many of them were to gather, it wouldn't be advantageous for their leaders. Huo Yuhao's use of the wolves' corpses to unleash his Ice Explosion Technique was also another important reason for them being afraid of coming to the top of the mountain.

    Huo Yuhao suddenly made his move: He leapt forwards like an arrow, actively launching an attack. The moment his body moved, a golden vertical eye opened on his forehead. A mighty aura that seemed to be in control of destiny was suddenly released.

    The three golden wolves and the Silvermoon Wolf King that had already prepared their own strategy were stunned by this, and an indescribable fear filled their hearts.

    At that point, a streak of purplish light shot out from the Eye of Destiny, its target being the Silvermoon Wolf King.

    Yes! This was the strongest spiritual-type strike that Huo Yuhao could currently unleash-the Staring Soul of Destiny.

    The Silvermoon Wolf King was a soul beast with with extremely great amount of spiritual power, but its body began to shake tremendously, and it screamed ferociously when its gaze met Huo Yuhao's Eye of Destiny.

    A light suddenly shot out from its head as it tried to resist destiny, and Huo Yuhao's Staring Soul of Destiny!

    This light was blue, red, yellow, green, gold, black, and purple. When it appeared, the air around the Silvermoon Wolf King began to distort. It distorted so greatly that even the Silvermoon Wolf King's body began to become indistinguishable.

    When the purplish-golden light that was filled with the might of destiny struck the seven-colored light, it caused it to distort furiously. It turned into a huge whirlpool that wanted to crush Huo Yuhao's Staring Soul of Destiny!

    A white projection appeared behind Huo Yuhao. This projection had a swollen, extremely plump body, but ten golden patterns surfaced on its body. The entire projection flashed once before disappearing. However, the Staring Soul of Destiny's radiance became even brighter.

    The seven-colored whirlpool was then crushed, and the Silvermoon Wolf King roared pitifully. Its silver eyes burst, and fresh blood flowed out of them. Its body also rolled across the ground before it managed to stop itself and force itself to stand back up.

    It was extremely powerful! Huo Yuhao wasn't excited now; he was shocked.

    The Staring Soul of Destiny was his strongest spiritual attack. He was capable of threatening a seven-ringed soul sage with it. When he'd unleashed his attack, the Eye of Destiny had already increased the intensity of his attack to its highest point, and had sucked out almost all of the spiritual power in his second mental sea. It had even borrowed the Skydream Iceworm's spiritual power to complete the attack. It was an attack that he could only use once a day.

    Huo Yuhao had once unleashed this strike against a two thousand year soul beast during a test in the Ultimate Soldier Plan. That soul beast had instantly died, its head exploding.

    The Silvermoon Wolf King should've only just reached the ten thousand year level. However, it had still managed to withstand Huo Yuhao's attack. Huo Yuhao had even borrowed the Skydream Iceworm's strength and spiritual power to increase his own power in order to make it unbearable for the Silvermoon Wolf King. Yet the Silvermoon Wolf King hadn't died, even though its eyes had burst. This had put a little dent in Huo Yuhao's plan.

    Everything seemed to have happened very slowly, but all of this actually occurred extremely quickly.
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