Chapter 166: Fatal Injury!

    Huo Yuhao stood still, dazed momentarily. He shook his head and laughed uncontrollably. Forget it, it wasn't really a bad thing, anyways he could still continue to cultivate with this fourth soul skill.

    Huo Yuhao's condition had been almost fully restored by this point, and his second mental sea could once again unleash the immense power of the Destiny Soul Gaze.

    He wondered how Ju Zi and Ke Ke were doing. He had to meet up with them soon.

    Huo Yuhao looked at the sky while thinking. He wanted to proceed towards the outside of these branching mountains. He could tell that this branching trail wasn't the same one they'd passed when they entered the main trail. It should be a neighboring trail.

    A loud boom suddenly sounded and Huo Yuhao stopped in his tracks as he heard it.

    He looked in the direction the sound came from with a puzzled expression. It seemed to be from the main trail, but the loud boom wasn't unleashed by a soul beast's soul skill. The explosive, metallic smell seemed to be reminiscent of a soul engineer.

    Were they...?

    Huo Yuhao immediately changed directions without thinking. He didn't even use a flying-type soul tool, instead running in the direction of the sound. As he burst forward, he pointed his finger outwards, and a golden figure caught up to him. Huo Yuhao lifted his hand to pat the necromantic golden wolf. Huo Yuhao extinguished its preserved soul, and put its corpse away in his storage-type soul tool.

    Ju Zi and Ke Ke were in a very awkward situation right now. Since they lost contact with Huo Yuhao, they hadn't been doing too well.

    When Huo Yuhao threw the mechanical legs of the all-terrain exploration soul tool, Ju Zi already knew that she didn't have a choice. Huo Yuhao was bound to turn the soul tool over. Hence she could only passively control the soul tool to ensure their safety.

    The golden wolves were not as quick as the soul tool when it rolled down the mountain. When it finally stopped rolling, there were no longer any golden wolves chasing after them.

    Ju Zi and Ke Ke rushed out of the all-terrain exploration soul tool at the first possible moment to vomit. How could they feel good after rolling almost a kilometer down a mountain in five minutes?

    Then they passed out, they didn't even crawl back into the all-terrain exploration soul tool

    They were in rather good luck though. No soul beasts found them while they were unconscious. They regained consciousness slowly on the second morning as the sun shone upon them. Next the two of them decided to return to find Huo Yuhao, just after resting for a moment.

    The two of them were in different states of mind, but they remained silent, and didn't interact with one another. This was especially so for Ju Zi, who experienced the large spectrum of emotions. At times, she was panicked and anxious, at others, she was sad and hot-tempered.

    This was Ke Ke's first time seeing her display so many emotions in one go.

    Ke Ke was more straightforward compared to her. She only thought of Huo Yuhao's resolute expression and confidence when they were separating.

    Ke Ke could still recall a reverberating sound from the top of the mountain when they were rolling down. Without a doubt, this sound came from the pack of golden wolves Huo Yuhao had attracted! At that moment, she knew that she would never forget Huo Yuhao. They might have only been friends, or she could have developed feelings for him. Regardless, Huo Yuhao left a deep impression on her young heart.

    Although they didn't interact with each other much, they still silently acknowledged that they had to rescue Huo Yuhao!

    Which was why they rested for only a short while. After their bodies recovered, they immediately controlled the battered all-terrain exploration soul tool to venture deep back into the Jing Yang Mountain Range. They tried to find Huo Yuhao, and had spent the last two days doing so.

    They met many soul beasts over the last two days. However, they were never in real danger since they were Class 5 soul engineers, and even had the all-terrain exploration soul tool to protect them.

    But, when they reached the top of the mountain, all they could find was traces of his battle, they couldn't find Huo Yuhao.

    They also tried to search for him in the nearby mountains. They refused to believe that Huo Yuhao was dead. Despite this, they didn't make any progress.

    When they were finally prepared to leave and proceed towards the old rendezvous point, they were attacked by some powerful soul beasts.

    Enemies often crossed each other's path. They met the same pack of golden wolves that Huo Yuhao shook off the other day.

    Through the death of the Silvermoon Wolf King the three golden wolves were dealt a vicious blow. The Silvermoon Wolf King had been extremely sensitive to the raw materials most suitable for the metal-type wolves' cultivation. Under its guidance the abilities of the entire wolf pack increased by about twenty percent. This was a staggering figure! This meant that a golden wolf could have a hundred and twenty years of cultivation even if it had only cultivated for a hundred years.

    However, the Silvermoon Wolf King was slain by Huo Yuhao just like that. They didn't even know that the Silvermoon Wolf King was dead yet. Over the past two days, the three golden wolves frantically led the rest of the wolf pack to search for the Silvermoon Wolf King. Even when they met other soul beasts, they would kill them mercilessly. Around the main trail, there were no other soul beasts that could compete with this wolf pack.

    The three golden wolves were highly intelligent. Upon seeing the damaged metal ball, they didn't hesitate, and immediately had the whole wolf pack attack. Ju Zi and Ke Ke were quickly embroiled in a tough battle.

    They had many soul tools as they were Class 5 soul engineers, so they still managed to kill many low-level golden wolves.

    However, their soul power was limited! They didn't dare to use flying-type soul tools in broad daylight either. They also didn't possess an Imitation-like soul skill that Huo Yuhao had. If they entered the air, they were bound to be attacked by soul beasts from all directions. Moreover, the three golden wolves could leap more than ten meters high, and they certainly wouldn't give them an opportunity to escape.

    "Boom-" The huge cannon in Ke Ke's hands fired at a leaping golden wolf king, sparks flashed on the golden wolf's king body, and it was sent flying away more than ten meters, temporarily incapacitated.

    This was Ke Ke's Wind Lightning Cannon. Possessing the speed of wind and the crackle of thunder, it was extremely powerful. It was especially useful against these metal-type soul beasts.

    However, it also greatly depleted Ke Ke's soul power. These golden wolves were just too defensively overbearing. Even the ordinary wolves were only critically injured when struck. As for the golden wolf kings, they were only numbed temporarily.

    The more advanced students from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy all had their own specializations in weaponized soul tool research. Like how Ke Ke chose heavy cannons and Ju Zi chose tangerines. They used completely different types of soul tools

    Ju Zi flung countless tangerines at the wolf pack. Intense balls of light would suddenly shine before piercing screams sounded. The lights touched the golden wolves' bodies, and tremendous explosions followed.

    There were many Class 5 soul tools. However, Ju Zi's problem was with her body. She wasn't nearly as physically tough as Huo Yuhao. Even Ke Ke was far inferior to Huo Yuhao. But that's why Ju Zi chased the advantage of quantity over quality.

    The two of them worked in cohesion. One was responsible for resisting the wolf pack, while the other one focused on attacking them. This managed to put them in a relatively comfortable position against the wolf pack. However, they weren't hopeful for their chances.

    This wolf pack was very strong, even without the Silvermoon Wolf King. How did Huo Yuhao manage to resist them? More importantly, how were they going to escape now?

    "Ke Ke, we can't go on like this much longer. Our soul power won't last!" Ju Zi shouted as she resisted the wolf pack. Her eyes still revealed a sense of composure.

    "What should we do?" Ke Ke asked anxiously.

    Ju Zi replied decisively, "We'll break out of this trap. Then we return to the all-terrain exploration soul tool. I'll control it while you'll set up the cannons to open a path for us, and we'll force our way out."

    Ke Ke hesitated. "Can we run faster than the wolf pack?"

    Ju Zi said in a deep voice, "Did you forget how we escaped the last time? We can still use that trick if we make it to the top of the mountain in front of us."

    Ke Ke's eyes brightened. "Alright, let's go." They erupted with force and made the wolf pack retreat. They both looked extremely spent. At this point, Ju Zi's fifth soul ring shone and released two tangerines with purple skins. She threw one towards Ke Ke, and stuffed the other in her mouth. Then they squeezed their way into the all-terrain soul tool.

    Ju Zi scattered may tangerine soul bombs, keeping the golden wolves at bay. Ju Zi had already started controlling the all-terrain exploration soul tool to move at its fastest speeds.

    The six mechanical legs stood up and supported the distorted metal ball. The legs took big steps as they rushed up the closest mountain.

    Ke Ke's heavy cannons were positioned in the front windows. She couldn't be bothered with conserving her soul power now. While the purple tangerine Ju Zi gave her was very sour, it managed to restore her soul power by about thirty percent. It was the strongest ability of Ju Zi's food-type martial soul.

    Three blasts fired from the Wind Lightning Cannon towards the wolf pack, and a piercing hum loosed from the all-terrain exploration soul tool as Ju Zi filled it with her soul power. Its six mechanical legs began moving rapidly, bursting out towards the front.

    Ju Zi made the right choice. The sudden changes left the Golden Wolves shocked, and unable to react in time. Two of the three Golden Wolf Kings were stunned already, and they managed to brush past them easily.

    However, the last Golden Wolf King was still in peak condition, and its pressure erupted forth.

    The hair on its back stood on end, and flashed with an intense golden glow. It faced the sky and roared furiously then its body swelled, and its muscles bulged in an exaggerated manner. It started to chase after the all-terrain exploration soul tool like a bolt of lightning.

    The all-terrain exploration soul tool was extremely swift with its top speeds engaged. However, it still needed some time to accelerate to full speed.

    The Golden Wolves might have lost their long-range offensive abilities, but their strength, speed and defense were still fearsome.

    The Golden Wolf King hurtled forward. It lowered its head and rammed it into the all-terrain exploration soul tool.

    If Huo Yuhao were around, he could use his Spiritual Detection to sense the changes in their surroundings and react quickly by attacking behind them. However, Ju Zi and Ke Ke weren't Huo Yuhao, let alone the fact that they were exhausted. In addition, Ke Ke had also depleted a lot of her energy trying to carve out an escape route just now. Ju Zi still activated a defensive barrier, but the Golden Wolf King also still crashed against it.

    The all-terrain exploration soul tool could definitely withstand one all-out strike from a Class 6 soul engineer. However, its defensive barrier was only Class 5 right now, since it was dependent on the user's cultivation.

    The Golden Wolf King's fierce attack overcame the Class 5 soul tool barrier instantly. Its claws grazed against the metal ball maniacally, and its head struck the side of the all-terrain exploration soul tool heavily.

    The all-terrain exploration soul tool was indeed durable. Although struck off balance, the Golden Wolf King's attack only left a dent, and couldn't put a hole in the soul tool.

    However, this was still fatal for Ju Zi and Ke Ke.

    The imbalanced all-terrain exploration soul tool fell forward, its forward acceleration dropping significantly. When Ju Zi managed to stabilize it, the wolf pack had already caught up. Their method of attacking was very simple. They followed the Golden Wolf King's example and knocked against the soul tool heavily. However, they were aiming for the six mechanical legs instead.

    The legs of this soul tool were constructed using special materials, and were rather durable. However, they had still been slightly damaged over the past few days, most notably on the day when they rolled down a mountain. Although they could still go without breaking, they couldn't ensure balance anymore!

    The soul tool collapsed and started rolling, much to Ke Ke and Ju Zi's dismay. The Golden Wolves rushed up to claw at the soul tool. Their bodies engulfed the whole soul tool, and their teeth and claws made annoying, scratching noises as they grazed against the metal soul tool. Dents and scratches started appearing all over the surface of the soul tool.

    Although the Golden Wolves were temporarily delayed by the highly resistant metal exterior, Ju Zi and Ke Ke couldn't make the all-terrain exploration soul tool stand anymore.

    "Bang-" A huge claw print suddenly appeared on the all-terrain exploration soul tool, visible even from the inside.

    The frightening strength behind it and reverberating bang revealed that this was the work of the Golden Wolf King. To make matters worse, the other Golden Wolf Kings were also rushing over. It was only a matter of time before the all-terrain exploration soul tool was torn to pieces.

    Ju Zi and Ke Ke looked at one another. They could see the desolation in the other's eyes, and face.

    They no longer had a chance. They didn't dare to open the crystal glass door anymore either, as the Golden Wolves would certainly exploit the opportunity to force their way into the soul tool.

    If death happened instantly, they might perish before they felt afraid. Looking at it like that, it wasn't too scary. The truly frightening thing was waiting for death when they looked at the scene of carnage around them. The scratching sounds made by the sharp claws grazing against the metal surface of the soul tool caused Ju Zi and Ke Ke to shudder in fear.

    "I didn't expect that we'd die here today." Ju Zi sighed. Her eyes weren't filled with fear, but indignation.

    "Daddy, your little Ju Zi can't avenge you anymore. Our plan can never be fulfilled. I've always prided myself on my intelligence, but I'm meeting with such a gruesome end. Daddy, can I still taste your cooking when I reach the other world? Daddy, mommy, I've missed you. I'm coming."

    As she spoke, Ju Zi shut her eyes. Two streams of tears rolling down her cheeks.

    She was different from Ke Ke. Ke Ke didn't despair, and instead revealed her unyielding spirit. Many soul tools rapidly appeared in front of her. She took their formation arrays apart before connecting them in a special way.

    "Come at me bastards! I'll risk it all to fight it out with you. If you want to eat my flesh, I'll blow you apart!" She connected the formation arrays, and used an energy-gathering formation at the core. She slowly formed a special structure that may have looked messy, but still released a frightening aura.

    Ju Zi heard Ke Ke's words and knew what she was doing right now, but she didn't stop her. At the end of their lives, perishing alongside the Golden Wolves wasn't such a bad ending after all.

    However, the situation outside the all-terrain exploration soul tool seemed to change instantly. A Golden Wolf leapt towards the soul tool, but its eyes were blank, and its body rigid. Unfortunately, none of the Golden Wolves noticed it, they were all too busy frantically attacking the all-terrain exploration soul tool.

    "Bang." The stiff Golden Wolf struck another Golden Wolf, which in turn made that wolf roar in fury. Before it could react further, a terrifying explosion occurred.

    The booming explosion made ice scatter, and at least twenty Golden Wolves were caught in the crossfire. The six or seven closest to the epicenter Golden Wolves were completely blown apart. Those struck by the ensuing shockwave were also critically injured.

    A figure exploited this opportunity to strike. This figure moved briskly. As it flashed, it moved behind a Golden Wolf that had been caught in the explosion and stabbed his dark golden claws into the wolf's neck. Then it flung the Golden Wolf to its left hand.

    Four soul rings-one white, one purple and two black-shone. The last black soul ring in particular shone extremely brightly.

    This figure was none other than Huo Yuhao, who rushed over and managed to reach them at this most critical moment.

    His eyes had turned bright silver. His fourth soul ring flashed, and in his eyes a seven-colored whirlpool seemed to appear. He levelled his gaze at one of the three Golden Wolf Kings.

    That Golden Wolf King lowered its head subconsciously and stared at him. A weird scene suddenly came about.

    A one foot high, seven-colored whirlpool surfaced above the Golden Wolf King. It revolved in an awkward manner before penetrating through the Golden Wolf's skull into its body. The Golden Wolf King's body stiffened up instantly, becoming motionless. Its blood-red eyes turned a silver shade like Huo Yuhao's, so too did the whirlpool-like radiance coming from its body.

    Huo Yuhao's eyes became normal again a moment later. A strong killing aura exuding from his body. Huo Yuhao carried a deep enmity with this pack of Golden Wolves that had threatened his life earlier. Now they were even threatening Ke Ke and Ju Zi's lives.

    His Eye of Destiny opened, and a purplish-golden light flashed before disappearing. Another Golden Wolf King's body stiffened up instantly. It didn't nearly possess the same spiritual powers the Silvermoon Wolf King did. It couldn't even resist when faced against the might of the Destiny Soul Gaze. It blew apart after its body turned rigid, and fresh blood scattered everywhere. It was killed instantaneously.

    One Golden Wolf King was controlled by Huo Yuhao's fourth soul skill, and another Golden Wolf King was killed by the Destiny Soul Gaze. Apart from them, one Golden Wolf King remained. The remainder of the Golden Wolves were mostly blown away during the previous explosion.

    Huo Yuhao threw the Golden Wolf's corpse in his hand away, and the Ice Explosion Technique revealed its might. Once more a terrifying explosive force shook the entire area.

    The previous Golden Wolf's corpse was maintained by Huo Yuhao. Generally speaking, a soul beast's soul power would dissipate within an hour after death, past that it wouldn't be a good bomb for the Ice Explosion Technique. However, Huo Yuhao used necromancy to control that Golden Wolf corpse, and thus retained its soul power. This soul power was only released after Huo Yuhao extinguished its soul, which made it useful in the present situation.

    There were only forty Golden Wolves still capable of fighting now. The last of the Golden Wolf Kings howled, bearing a hateful look in its eyes. It leapt towards Huo Yuhao.

    Unexpectedly, a pair of wolf claws forcefully struck its body as it leapt forward. These frightening wolf claws stabbed into its body through its flanks before they eventually pulled back. The front of the Golden Wolf King was torn to shreds. Its internal organs and fresh blood scattered everywhere.

    It was the Golden Wolf King controlled by Huo Yuhao's fourth soul skill that unleashed the attack. Appearing to have gone mad, it attacked the rest of the Golden Wolves after it killed this Golden Wolf King.

    Yes! This was the soul skill Huo Yuhao had obtained from the Silvermoon Wolf King, Spiritual Confusion.

    This was an ability that the Silvermoon Wolf King didn't even possess. Huo Yuhao was a spiritual-type soul master, but the Silvermoon Wolf King wasn't exactly considered a spirit-type soul beast. It only used its spiritual power to control different elements for its own purposes. It was more of a multi-elemental soul beast that couldn't use too powerful soul skills.

    That was why its soul ring transformed when it combined with Huo Yuhao's Spirit Eyes. The eventual result of that transformation was this soul skill. Huo Yuhao had named it Spiritual Confusion.

    It could only be used on one target at a time, but as long as the target's spiritual power wasn't at least a third of the user, it was guaranteed to descend into confusion. While confused, it would go mad and attack everything around it. However, if its spiritual power was greater than a third of Huo Yuhao's spiritual power then the target would be spiritually attacked. The effectiveness would vary according to the target's spiritual cultivation, but its spiritual power would undoubtedly fall, and it would be struck by vertigo for while.

    If Mass Enfeeblement was Huo Yuhao's crowd control soul skill, then this Spiritual Confusion could be considered a single target spiritual control skill.

    This was his first time using Spiritual Confusion, and it achieved unparalleled effects immediately.

    The last remaining Golden Wolf King went crazy and started killing its own species. This diminished the fighting will and morale of the remaining Golden Wolves, hence they all fled in fear.

    Huo Yuhao couldn't be bothered to deal with the insane Golden Wolf King. He turned around and dashed towards the all-terrain exploration soul tool. He was unsure how Ju Zi and Ke Ke were holding up.

    At this point, the door of the all-terrain exploration soul tool opened, and the ladies crawled out in fear and confusion.

    Ju Zi shouted, "Yuhao, run! Ke Ke used all her soul tools to create a self-detonation device."

    Huo Yuhao's Spiritual Detection covered the scene. He clearly sensed an internal, terrifying force within the all-terrain exploration soul tool, rising quickly.

    At this terrifying prospect, he only showed his manliness even further. He didn't turn to escape, but rushed towards Ju Zi and Ke Ke. He could tell that they were completely spent in terms of soul power and couldn't escape the imminent blast radius.

    Seeing them all the way out here, Huo Yuhao knew they came to find him. How could he leave them in danger when they hadn't given up on him?

    He burst towards them, uncaring of any repercussions. He huddled them in his embrace before activating his Class 5 soul thruster. Then, he picked a direction and charged.

    Less than two seconds after he charged out, the all-terrain exploration soul tool behind him turned scarlet-red. Following this change, a reverberating explosion boomed within the Jing Yang Mountain Range.

    "Boom boom boom..."

    Huo Yuhao still had the help of his Spiritual Detection, with it he could manage to grasp the exact timing of the explosion. He tugged his arms inwards and pulled Ju Zi and Ke Ke towards his body, sheltering them. Hongchen's Blessing was activated, and the Ice Empress' Armor was unleashed, instantly increasing his defensive ability to the greatest level.

    Huo Yuhao only felt a wave of heat sweeping him up from behind. He felt his body and everything else seemed to flip suddenly. A sweet and fishy taste rose up from his throat as the Hongchen's Blessing and Ice Empress' Armor were crushed.

    Everything before his eyes turned black, and he lost consciousness.

    The frightening explosion Ke Ke created was too powerful. She had used all the formation arrays in her soul tool arsenal. She truly wanted to drag as many Golden Wolves to the grave along with them.

    It was too late to reverse the explosion when she and Ju Zi figured out that the situation outside changed.

    Everyone thirsted for survival. When they realized that the danger outside was vanquished, they frantically tried to escape.

    Ke Ke and Ju Zi weren't struck directly by the explosive force, and thus they could still see what was going on. They could tell that the surrounding air had been visibly distorted. Next, a stifling force swept past them. However, it was nothing compared to the shockwave that Huo Yuhao protected them from.

    The Golden Wolf King still in a confused state was instantly obliterated by the explosive force, even its corpse ceased to exist.

    The Class 5 soul thruster had propelled Huo Yuhao and the girls more than a hundred meters in two seconds. That was why they were only struck by a shockwave from the explosion.

    Huo Yuhao vomited blood all over the two ladies.

    Just after, the three of them collapsed to the ground together.

    Ju Zi and Ke Ke almost fainted from this, but they hung on and opened their eyes wide.

    They were certain that Huo Yuhao would have escaped unscathed if he had only just listened to Ju Zi's words and fled immediately.

    Ju Zi was still fine mentally. She was only worried and concerned for Huo Yuhao's safety. However, Ke Ke was filled with regret. If she wasn't so impulsive and observed the situation outside, none of this would've happened! The Golden Wolves did nothing to her, but she was almost killed by her own bomb in the end...

    As she thought this, Ke Ke felt like her heart had been stabbed with a blade.

    Fresh blood flowed from Huo Yuhao's nose. He'd turned extremely pale.

    Ju Zi and Ke Ke struggled as they climbed out of his embrace. When they looked back into the distance, they were stunned.

    Nothing was left of the all-terrain exploration soul tool. It was the ground-zero of an explosion more than five hundred meters in diameter. A huge hole fifteen meters deep had formed where it used to be. Even the corpses of the Golden Wolves had all disappeared. A mist of soil and flesh descended, carrying a bloody smell, landing only tens of meters away from the center of the explosion.

    After a momentary daze, they turned their attention to Huo Yuhao-unconscious on the ground.

    They were distraught at the sight.

    Huo Yuhao was completely covered in blood. His back, thighs and calves were gushing blood. There was shrapnel stuck in his muscles everywhere.

    "Oh no! How did it end up like this, why did it end up this way...?" Ke Ke exclaimed, completely frantic.

    Ju Zi raged at her. "Calm down and shut up! We need to calm ourselves." As she spoke, she quickly squatted beside Huo Yuhao to check his breathing and whether or not he was alive. After that, she went to measure his pulse.

    While Huo Yuhao's pulse was very weak, it was still rhythmic.

    Ju Zi took in a deep breath. She knew she had to be cool headed now to save Huo Yuhao's life.

    "Ke Ke, protect us. I'll save him." While she spoke, she had already retrieved her storage-type soul tool-an orange-red bracelet-and gave it to Ke Ke. Inside this bracelet were many soul tools, all of which were created by Ju Zi herself.

    "Alright." Ke Ke had also finally calmed down by now, and received the bracelet from Ju Zi. Then she took out a Milk Bottle, and restored her soul power. She also took out the soul tools from Ju Zi's storage-type soul tool and set up a defensive formation.

    Ju Zi had no energy to bother with Ke Ke or her surroundings. Although Huo Yuhao was still alive, his life power was diminishing quickly. He could be in fatal peril any second now.

    She didn't care about all the shrapnel still in his body. They couldn't be pulled out yet, because that would lead to greater blood loss. She had to stabilize Huo Yuhao's condition first.

    As she thought of what to do, Ju Zi took out a needle and string from another storage bracelet on her other hand. She couldn't be bothered with anything else, only Huo Yuhao's life mattered now.

    Ju Zi's hands were trembling as she attempted to thread the needle. Her mental energy and soul power were greatly exhausted, also adding her anxiety to the mix, and she could conclude she was unstable.

    She suddenly lifted her left hand and bit down on her own wrist forcefully. She left a deep wound, and used the intense pain to stabilize her mindset before quickly threading the needle successfully this time. After that, she started to stitch up Huo Yuhao's wounds.

    Her stitching started from his ruptured capillaries before she proceeded to his muscles and skin. To reduce Huo Yuhao's blood loss, she could only keep pressure on his wounds with her body-weight. Her clothes were quickly stained with Huo Yuhao's blood.

    Stitching up wounds required meticulous care. For someone like Ju Zi whose forte was carving detailed formations, this wasn't hard to pull off. Huo Yuhao's blood loss was finally being stoppered.

    Even so, he still looked very weak and pale.

    Ju Zi felt heat coming from the places stained with Huo Yuhao's blood. Concentrated bursts of warmth entered her body, and left her feeling very comfortable. This also let her restore her energy quickly.

    Ju Zi immediately recognized this as a problem. She couldn't let him waste his blood's power because of her. Just... what power does he have in his blood?
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