Chapter 169: The Crown Prince

    "Kacha, kacha." Golden handcuffs closed around Huo Yuhao's wrists. A strong restraining force came from the handcuffs. It was obvious that the handcuffs were also a soul tool, and Huo Yuhao immediately felt that his soul power had been sealed.

    Wang Shaojie walked in front of Huo Yuhao, his eyes held a blatant viciousness. He grabbed Huo Yuhao's head and punched his stomach hard.

    Huo Yuhao bent at the waist. The intense pain combined with cramps caused him to furrow his brows. A cold light flashed in his eyes.

    If he wasn't considering the bigger picture he would've turned violent. Did they really think these Class 6 handcuffs could stop him?

    "Aren't you great at fighting? I'll let you taste the pleasure of Sun Moon's Ten Great Tortures. Take him away." Wang Shaojie revealed a delighted look on his face. He finally got his revenge.

    He awakened only three days prior, but he still vividly recalled the pain that Huo Yuhao had inflicted on him. Fortunately, he didn't sustain heavy injuries apart from an occasional trance that he would fall into.

    After recuperating for two days, he felt much better. Only now he heard that Huo Yuhao, Ju Zi and Ke Ke had returned.

    Xuan Ziwen had settled this matter already, and the imperial family willingly dropped the matter. They didn't care much since Wang Shaojie wasn't critically injured. However, Xuan Ziwen didn't expect Wang Shaojie himself to be so vengeful, and not heed his advice. He still summoned the Royal Stewards over. They didn't dare to make a move in his dormitory, instead waiting for Huo Yuhao to leave the room before capturing him.

    Wang Shaojie hoped that Huo Yuhao would resist, because if he dared to attack the Royal Stewards no one would say anything if they killed him. However, Huo Yuhao didn't act rashly. His wise choice left Wang Shaojie greatly disappointed.

    Their leader stopped Wang Shaojie from hitting Huo Yuhao further. He said in a deep voice, "You can't do this here. I'll bring him back and deal with him. Don't forget where we are."

    Wang Shaojie rubbed his palms together as he said, "Yes, elder cousin. You must be harsh on him, allow me to accompany you in this."

    The leader shook his head and replied, "No, you can't. It's better if you remain in the academy. In this way, you can deny any involvement in this matter. You're not young anymore, why can't you use your brain? Xuan Ziwen already pleaded for this guy's case, and the matter was settled. Do you really want to get in trouble for getting involved? Just act like you don't know what's going on. We know what to do."

    "Alright." Wang Shaojie was a little unconvinced, but he still agreed. After all, he wasn't actually that dumb. After scanning his surroundings and ascertaining that no one was around, he scurried off.

    Their leader came in front of Huo Yuhao and said, "I'm sorry, you can only blame your bad luck. You dared to touch a member of the imperial family? You're from Shrek, aren't you? We'll have a nice little talk when we get back."

    Huo Yuhao could clearly sense his ill intentions from the tone of his voice. He knew that this person was much more powerful than Wang Shaojie. In his hands, he would probably suffer. But he had no urge to resist what may come.

    "I just hope that you won't regret doing this."

    One of the soul kings slapped Huo Yuhao's face and said coldly, "You dare to be rude in front of the Royal Stewards? I guess you're sick of living. Captain, you can just hand him to me when we get back."

    The leader waved him off and said, "Let's go. We'll talk when we get back."

    Two soul kings roughly pushed Huo Yuhao forward, and he cooperated with them, following along obediently. While he appeared indifferent, he wasn't panicked at all.

    The Royal Stewards were primarily in charge of supervising the members of the imperial family, and everything that happened in the imperial palace. Normally they didn't interfere with matters outside of the imperial affairs. They were directly accountable to the Sun Moon Empire's imperial clan after all. This captain of the Royal Stewards was called Xu Mochen. His father was a prince that controlled part of the imperial clan. Xu Mochen possessed a great deal of authority, and was also a direct descendant of the imperial family. Wang Shaojie was from a branch family of the imperial family, and he was only able to invite Xu Mochen to handle this, because he had ties with him.

    Xu Mochen didn't just become the captain of the Royal Stewards with his family connections, as his cultivation was rather good. Furthermore, he was a soul master who specialized in soul tools, but he wasn't a soul engineer. His cultivation was strong because he possessed a very powerful martial soul inherited through the bloodline of direct descendants to the imperial family. He was one of the best among the Royal Stewards.

    Xu Mochen was cautious when he realized that Huo Yuhao was very calm. After all, Huo Yuhao came from Shrek Academy.

    When Wang Shaojie had found him, he had said that he was ambushed by a youth from Shrek Academy. He claimed that the youth was a spiritual-type soul master, and that he couldn't unleash his powers since he was ambushed. He also mentioned that Huo Yuhao only had three soul rings.

    Shrek Academy's reputation was very influential in every empire. Xu Mochen had merely been curious when he made this trip. He wanted to see how outstanding a Shrek Academy student was. If not, he wouldn't have bothered with Wang Shaojie's matter.

    Huo Yuhao appeared very young indeed. However, Xu Mochen could sense that he wasn't that simple. He didn't panic, not even in front of so many people. Although he did make some threats, he didn't curse after he was hit by Wang Shaojie. He was very calm and composed. This surely meant that he had some form of backer.

    As he thought till here, he developed another idea. He instructed one of his subordinates, "Go and inform the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy that we have a student called Huo Yuhao assisting us with an investigation."

    His subordinate was a little puzzled. However, he didn't dare to question his orders, and went about doing what he was told.

    Huo Yuhao smiled and said, "It's always nice to make friends with intellectuals. How should I address you?"

    Xu Mochen laughed. "Young man, it seems like you're not anxious at all! However, you don't belong to the Sun Moon Empire. No matter who your backer is, I can't return empty-handed this time. You touched a member of the imperial family, and I must teach you a lesson for doing so. Let's see whether your backer will get here quickly enough. If your backer arrives late though, don't blame me if things get out of hand."

    Huo Yuhao continued to wear a smile on his face. "I can tell that you're not that close to Wang Shaojie. It seems he's not that important to the imperial family either. Why should you seek trouble for yourself? I'm not from the Sun Moon Empire, but I'm a very hot potato. It's not too late to turn back."

    Xu Mochen's expression turned abyssmal, and a vicious look flashed in his eyes. "I don't need you to tell me what to do. Take him away. I want to see what kind of trouble I'll get into."

    Huo Yuhao didn't speak out further, and listened to Xu Mochen. He walked out of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy and got onto a luxurious horse-drawn cart. Then they proceeded towards the city center.

    "What? Huo Yuhao was taken by the Royal Stewards?" Lin Jiayi was anxious when he heard the news.

    "Bang!" He smashed his table. "Nonsense! The Royal Stewards dare to make an arrest in the academy without consulting us? What nonsense is this?"

    The member of the Royal Stewards was unbothered by Lin Jiayi's rage, like Wang Shaojie or Xu Mochen he was also a direct descendant or from a branch family of the imperial family. He snorted, "If you dare, you can talk to our captain. Anyway, I've already consulted with you, as ordered." After he finished speaking, he turned around and left.

    Lin Jiayi didn't stop him. Huo Yuhao had already been captured; thus, there there was no point in messing with the messenger. He stood behind his desk and pondered for a brief moment. After that, he walked out of his office.

    Jing Hongchen had once told him how important Huo Yuhao was. Informing him not to allow Huo Yuhao to suffer from any indignation or harm, apart from preventing him to learn anything substantial in the academy. It hasn't been easy for him. He was a little enraged when he found out that Xuan Ziwen had sent Huo Yuhao out for training without informing him. Fortunately, Huo Yuhao returned safely.

    But who knew that he would be captured the day after he returned? Wang Shaojie must be fooling around!

    Lin Jiayi was a Class 8 soul engineer, but he couldn't offend the Royal Stewards. After all, the Royal Stewards members all had complicated backgrounds. That was why he quickly rushed to the Illustrious Virtue Hall. He had to report this to Jing Hongchen right away. He knew that Jing Hongchen's precious grandchildren were involved in this exchange.

    "What? Huo Yuhao has been captured by the Royal Stewards?" Ju Zi exclaimed.

    Ke Ke nodded and revealed a fearful expression. "It must be Wang Shaojie's doing. I heard about it from an imperial family member in a lower grade. It's true. Ju Zi, what do we do?"

    Ju Zi's eyes flashed with a cold light, "Royal Stewards? It would be Xu Mochen. Hmph, just a Xu Mochen. I'm going to make a trip." As she spoke, she had already rushed out like a gust of wind. She immediately unleashed her flying-type soul tool and flew into the sky, leaving the dormitory. She flew towards the central area of the academy.

    Illustrious Virtue Hall.

    Jing Hongchen was admiring the hundred thousand year soul embryo quietly. He already had nine rings, and didn't need it for himself, but his grandson needed it! Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen were extremely precious to him. He had evem organized the exchange so that they could learn something from Shrek Academy. After all, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy couldn't compare to Shrek Academy in terms of nurturing soul masters.

    "Hallmaster." Lin Jiayi rushed in hurriedly.

    "Rascal! Why didn't you knock!?" Jing Hongchen was furious.

    Lin Jiayi knelt down on one knee frantically. "Hallmaster, Huo Yuhao has been captured by the Royal Stewards."

    "What?" Jing Hongchen's eyes widened in shock. "Royal Stewards? What's going on?"

    Lin Jiayi was aware of the conflict between Huo Yuhao and Wang Shaojie. He was aware that Huo Yuhao had knocked Wang Shaojie out for several days with his spiritual-type soul skill. Xuan Ziwen had approached him regarding this matter.

    Lin Jiayi recounted everything to Jing Hongchen immediately.

    Jing Hongchen's expression turned extremely dismal after hearing his words. "Are the Royal Stewards trying to rebel? How dare they arrest someone in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy! Who's backing them? I will deal with them on behalf of His Majesty. Let's go!" He walked out of the room as he finished speaking..

    Lin Jiayi warned him, "Hallmaster, I'm afraid that you must hurry. The Royal Stewards have resorted to underhanded methods. I fear that Huo Yuhao might already..."

    "Alright." A cold light flashed in Jing Hongchen's eyes. He was obviously furious. He wasn't concerned about Huo Yuhao's life, but it was imperative that nothing happen to a Shrek exchange student in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy. This would most certainly get his grandchildren into trouble. He didn't think that Huo Yuhao was a brilliant soul engineer. He only insisted that Huo Yuhao join the exchange because he needed someone as collateral against his grandchildren here in the academy.

    At the same time, he was well-aware of Huo Yuhao's significance to Shrek Academy. He had an Ultimate martial soul, and twin martial souls on top of that! Jing Hongchen coveted him. However, he had learned that he couldn't buy Huo Yuhao when he first met Huo Yuhao beside Elder Mu.

    "If something really happens to Huo Yuhao..." Jing Hongchen was afraid to imagine any further. It wasn't just a matter of whether his grandchildren would return. He was afraid that all of Shrek Academy might turn violent and clash with the Sun Moon Empire. They might even attack the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy!

    He had been to Shrek Academy before. There was an abundance of powerful individuals there! Even the Body Sect had been forced to retreat, and he had been forced to leave a Class 9 soul tool behind before he was allowed to return.

    On the surface, he wasn't willing to admit his fear of Shrek Academy. However, he was truly terrified of them. Shrek Academy had a long history! They didn't earn their name as the top academy on the continent for nothing. Shrek Academy possessed great sway within the three empires of the Douluo Continent, and even the Sun Moon Empire didn't dare to act recklessly when it came to them.


    Sun Moon Empire's Imperial Palace..

    Ju Zi retracted her wings and descended around a thousand meters away from the imperial palace. She had no choice but to do so, as flying above the Radiant City was prohibited, especially in the central region. The Soul Engineer Guards stopped her in the air and demanded that she land immediately.

    Ju Zi retrieved a dark gold writ. There was a flaming dragon carved onto it.

    The Soul Engineer Guards immediately knelt when they saw this writ and bowed respectfully.

    Ju Zi ignored them, and quickly ran towards the imperial palace.

    "Nothing must happen to him. Nothing must happen to him."

    She was well-aware of the Royal Stewards' underhanded tactics. Even though he had just been arrested, Huo Yuhao was unlikely to come out unharmed.

    She held the flaming dragon writ in her hand as she ran. When she reached the gates of the imperial palace, no one dared to stop her. All the guards knelt and bowed to her, showing how powerful her writ was.

    This eight-clawed flaming dragon writ had great significance. She was allowed free access to practically the entire imperial palace.

    She passed the main pavilion of the imperial palace and started to run towards the internal regions of the imperial palace with the speed of great familiarity. She kept on holding the writ so that she wouldn't be stopped or questioned, moving as fast as possible.

    She reached a certain pavilion after running for almost ten minutes. Her pace only slowed when she reached this pavilion.

    The guards at the door didn't kneel upon seeing her. One of them smiled as he approached her, saying, "Miss Ju Zi, you're here. His Highness is reading in the study room."

    "Okay, thanks. I need to see His Highness."

    "Alright, follow me." The guard didn't dare to delay her, and immediately guided Ju Zi inside. Ju Zi also put the eight-clawed flaming dragon writ away.

    The guard brought her to a study room in a side pavilion to the left, immediately reporting news of her arrival.

    Ju Zi took in a deep breath and tried her best to calm down. She knew that she was about to meet someone as intelligent as herself. If she wasn't prudent, she was bound to give herself away.

    "Ju Zi is here? Ask her to come in. Didn't I instruct you to let her in when she comes? There's no need to inform me at all."

    The gate of the side pavilion opened, and an attendant rushed out frantically. He bowed towards Ju Zi respectfully, and gestured for her to enter the pavilion.

    Ju Zi took small steps into this side pavilion.

    The pavilion was elegantly decorated, but didn't lose its sense of simplicity. There were many eight-clawed flaming dragon patterns on the decorations and furniture. There was a young man in white seated behind the study table. He looked at her with a gentle gaze.

    This young man seemed to be in his late twenties.

    His attire was very simple, and his eyes were full of energy. Although he wasn't very handsome, he had the aura of an authoritative figure. His tanned skin revealed a healthy glow.

    "Greetings to Your Highness." Ju Zi hurried a few steps forward and knelt.

    The youth in white waved her off, and a gentle strand of soul power lifted her. "Alright, you don't have to be so formal in front of me. Your heartbeat is irregular. Did something happen?"

    Ju Zi had been anxious before she entered, but was much calmer now. She said in a deep voice, "Your Highness, an opportunity has arisen. We need to seize it."

    "Oh?" The youth in white was curious as he asked, "What opportunity?"

    Ju Zi answered, "It's like this: one of my fellow students under Teacher Xuan is Wang Shaojie, a young man from a branch family of the imperial family. He was involved in a fight with a Shrek Academy exchange student several days ago.. Not long ago, Teacher Xuan sent me and Ke Ke to experiment on the all-terrain exploration soul tool with this exchange student. From my observations, this Shrek student is extraordinary."

    The prince appeared to be interested. "What do you mean?"

    Ju Zi answered, "This person has twin martial souls. There's never been anyone with twin martial souls in the Sun Moon Empire."

    "Interesting." The young man in white gestured for Ju Zi to continue.

    Ju Zi said, "From what I know, Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen are also involved in the exchange of students with Shrek. You should know their importance to the Hallmaster. This exchange student also holds a similarly important position in Shrek. Wang Shaojie called for the Royal Stewards this morning, and arrested this exchange student. If the Hallmaster is to learn of this..."

    The prince immediately comprehended what she was saying. "It's not a simple matter if the Hallmaster is involved. And your idea is?"

    Ju Zi replied, "The Hallmaster holds an important position in the Sun Moon Empire. Many imperial family members want to get close to him, but His Majesty once ordered that no imperial family member should have any contact with the Illustrious Virtue Hall. No one dares to go against this edict."

    The princenodded and said, "I am under the same restrictions."

    Ju Zi continued to speak, "The Royal Stewards have been too brazen over these past few years. Regardless of the fact that a Shrek Academy exchange student is involved, they should've informed us before making an arrest. The Hallmaster should be enraged. While it's not convenient for you to pay a visit to the Hallmaster, I believe that the Hallmaster will remember you if you can settle this matter before it blows up."

    The prince revealed a look of approval. "Very good, Ju Zi. You're getting smarter and smarter. Your observation is very keen this time around. Come on, follow me to find the Royal Stewards. Their captain is Xu Mochen, am I right? This rascal is getting too arrogant. It's time to deal with him."

    Ju Zi quickly walked behind the prince. The sound of wheels rotating could be heard, and the young man was pushed out.

    Yes, this young man was seated in a wheelchair. He had practically no legs at all.

    While he might be a cripple, he was the Sun Moon Empire's Crown Prince, the heir apparent of the Sun Moon Empire.

    Ju Zi met Xu Tianran after her parents died and she became a vagabond. Xu Tianran wasn't crippled back then. He adopted her and sent her to the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy to study.

    Ju Zi didn't let Xu Tianran down. Her cultivation grew quickly as she cultivated tirelessly. Xu Tianran trusted her a lot due to their special relationship, while Ju Zi was also very loyal towards him.

    When Xu Tianran was ambushed, Ju Zi took two stabs in her back to protect him, and was almost killed. Although it was a huge blow to Xu Tianran, Ju Zi became his confidante. He trusted Ju Zi completely, and was also aware of Ju Zi's deep hatred towards the Star Luo Empire. He had always admired Ju Zi's composure and decisiveness.

    Xu Tianran's position in the Sun Moon Empire's imperial family was very stable. It was almost a certainty that he would succeed the throne. However, he became a cripple after that surprise ambush, which caused his status in the imperial family to fall. After all, such a thing would have a great impact on any ruler of an empire.

    However, Xu Tianran remained resolute and bore the pain, using all sorts of methods to dispel everyone's doubts. He even tracked down the mastermind behind the ambush, who turned out to be one of his brothers.

    No one knew how Xu Tianran managed to track him down, but this brother of his was cut to pieces in his own palace. That entire palace was washed with blood.

    From then on, no one dared to doubt him because of his condition. He managed to preserve his position of Crown Prince.

    Over the past few years, the emperor's physical condition had been deteriorating, and he was often bedridden. The brothers of Xu Tianran who were qualified to become the Sun Moon Emperor's successor started to make their moves. They even brought up the issue of his disability.

    However, Xu Tianran was very calm, and never acted against them. No one dared to underestimate him, however. He was still the favorite to succeed the throne.

    Ju Zi wheeled Xu Tianran out of his pavilion, and his guards quickly followed.

    The Royal Stewards' headquarters was in the imperial palace. Although it was merely in a corner of the palace, the location demonstrated its pertinence to the imperial family.

    "Ju Zi, how's your cultivation?" Xu Tianran asked gently.

    Ju Zi replied, "My progress has been slow. After I became a Class 5 soul engineer, my mastery seems to have reached a bottleneck. My soul power increases very slowly, and taking medicine doesn't seem to help. Although my research of soul tools continues to see improvements, my soul power has stagnated. I'm confident of making it into the Illustrious Virtue Hall, but I'm afraid I'll need three to five years before I can become a Class 6 soul engineer. It will take even longer as I progress."

    Xu Tianran smiled and said, "It's okay, Ju Zi. Do you know something? I like your honesty. There's hardly anyone who's as honest as you around me, no matter how close they are to me."

    Ju Zi lowered her head and said, "You gave me my life, and everything that I have. I..."

    Xu Tianran shrugged and said, "Let's not bring that up. You repaid the favor when you took two knives meant me. Ju Zi, my father's condition has been deteriorating. I don't think he has much longer to live. If you think that your development as a soul engineer is too slow, I hope that you can consider leaving the academy to help me. Didn't you always want revenge? I'll let you join the military. I'll slowly transfer the trump card I have in the military to you and let you strut your stuff."

    "What? You can't do that. Your Highness, I'm... I'm not up to it," Ju Zi said hurriedly. An anxious look appeared in her eyes. However, a tinge of happiness also flashed through the depths of her eyes in that instant.

    Xu Tianran patted the hand that she had placed on the wheelchair and sighed. "How can I lead the military in this condition? The military is a force that every emperor must be able to control. You're the person I trust the most. I'd be relieved to hand the military to you."

    "Your Highness..."

    Xu Tianran said, "You're only lacking in terms of your aura. But your intelligence and military knowledge are great. You're also well-versed in soul tools. I trust you completely. I'll gradually let you enter the core circle of my military forces. I'll tell them that you'll be my wife, the wife of the Crown Prince, as well as the future Empress."

    "Your Highness!" Ju Zi exclaimed and stopped pushing the wheelchair. Although she was anxious to save Huo Yuhao, she couldn't reveal her intention.

    She knelt down in front of the wheelchair."Your Highness, I'm not worthy!"

    Xu Tianran smiled and caressed her head. He said, "How are you not fit? In my heart, this has nothing to do with the bigger picture or to enable me to succeed the throne. I need to have a wife. But this person must be someone I can trust. You are aware of my condition, and you're also the only person I trust completely. I'll give you a proper status and authority. Your only role is to help me stabilize my throne. I'll give you the strength to seek your vengeance, and the encouragement to go ahead with your revenge. I've no intentions other than to rule the entire continent. I'll make the Sun Moon Empire glorious, and the continent will depend on us once again." As he spoke these words, his calm gaze became passionate.

    Ju Zi bit her lower lip lightly. She was probably the only one who understood Xu Tianran in this world. The injuries he had sustained hadn't just effected his legs; his manly capabilities were affected too. Ju Zi had waited for a long time for this day. Without Xu Tianran, how could she exact revenge? However, she was truly loyal to Xu Tianran, too.

    It was just that Xu Tianran didn't know that someone else had appeared in Ju Zi's heart over the past half month.

    "Alright, let's rush over. Otherwise, the Royal Stewards will really cause a huge headache for everyone." Xu Tianran extended his hand to lift Ju Zi up. Ju Zi was grateful, and moved behind him again. She pushed his wheelchair along quickly.


    The Royal Stewards' office was in the imperial city. Although it was in a corner, it was quite large.

    Those who could become Royal Stewards were basically related to the imperial family. However, not many of them were direct descendants of the imperial family. Direct descendants usually had better options, especially the sons of the current emperor. Besides Xu Tianran, the rest were also given titles as princes. Even those who didn't qualify to fight for the throne had their own land, and those who were qualified had their private mansions in the Radiant City.

    Xu Mochen's background was one of the best of the Royal Stewards. He controlled the entire organization.


    "Go in." One of the Soul Kings pushed Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao stumbled and almost fell, but he managed to enter the office.

    The place was nicely and elegantly decorated. It was constructed like a palace hall.

    Xu Mochen shot some looks at his subordinates and said, "Bring him to the interrogation room. Grill him about how he harmed a member of the imperial family."

    One of Xu Mochen's subordinates rubbed his palms together and said, "Captain, leave it to me." He dragged Huo Yuhao to the back, accompanied by the others.

    Huo Yuhao was still handcuffed, and didn't resist. He didn't utter a word, and let them push him.

    The interrogation room naturally wasn't a good place to be. It was in the backyard and, appeared to be a simple room. But when the door opened, a bloody smell wafted out.

    Huo Yuhao was pushed into this room. There were all types of torture equipment in the interrogation room. Huo Yuhao didn't even recognize many of them.

    "Tie him to the Dragoncarving Pillar." One of the soul emperors gestured, and two soul kings immediately brought Huo Yuhao in front of a steel rack.

    This steel rack looked a little weird. It had the shape of a cross, with many holes in it. Huo Yuhao's handcuffs were separated, but this didn't affect the restraint on his soul power. The two Soul Kings tied him to the cross directly.

    The rack was extremely cold, and reeked of blood.

    Huo Yuhao's pupils started to shrink.

    Although the handcuffs could restrain his soul power, they couldn't restrain his spiritual power. His Spiritual Detection might be more difficult to use without the support of his soul power, but he was still able to detect up to a certain range.

    He instantly understood what this rack was supposed to do. There were metal spikes in each of the holes. These spikes were three inches long, and were positioned at very precise spots. These spots weren't located at a person's vital areas. It meant that the person controlling this rack could nail Huo Yuhao's entire body to the rack without killing him instantly.

    "Young fellow, I suggest that you be honest. Tell us everything you need to tell us." The soul emperor who had issued the order sat behind a table and looked at Huo Yuhao apathetically. The rest also stood to the side. Someone took a pen and paper and was about to record the details of the interrogation. Xu Mochen didn't enter the interrogation room. No one knew where he had gone.

    Huo Yuhao answered, "I don't know what you're talking about."

    The soul emperor said coldly, "You don't know? Tell us how you harmed Wang Shaojie and caused him to sustain critical injuries. If you deny it, don't blame us for torturing you."

    Huo Yuhao laughed, and wore a mocking look on his face. "If I tell you what you demand just like this, wouldn't that just give you a better reason to torture me? Since you're going to torture me anyway, why do I have to give you a better reason to do so? I'm going to give you a suggestion: don't touch me. Otherwise, you'll suffer."

    Huo Yuhao wasn't anxious or afraid of these people. He just didn't want to make things any worse. He had heard Xu Mochen instructing his subordinate to inform the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy of his arrest. He believed that the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy and Illustrious Virtue Hall had to protect him. Otherwise, they couldn't bear the results.

    "It seems like you won't open your mouth unless we show you what we're capable of. Number Four, show him the might of the Dragoncarving Pillar. Let him feel what it's like to have your skin torn and repeatedly cut."

    The youngest soul king came up to the Dragoncarving Pillar and laughed creepily.

    "Second brother, is it time to start? I've not heard someone screaming on this rack for a long time. The splattering of blood is a beautiful sight, indeed. Eighty-one spikes piercing different parts of the body before turning and moving in place. It's beautiful."

    Huo Yuhao clenched his fists tightly and said coldly, "Have you really considered it carefully?"

    The soul king was hostile. "Young fellow, you still dare to threaten us in the interrogation room?

    Number four laughed viciously, and his right hand grabbed hold of the switch behind him. He pressed it down, and a piercing, rumbling sound filled the room. The spikes started to extend from the holes on the Dragoncarving Pillar.
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