Chapter 177: The Tang Sect Completely Dominates Throughout All Eternity

    Chapter 177.1: The Tang Sect Completely Dominates Throughout All Eternity

    Huo Yuhao nodded and said, "Teacher, don't worry. I won't lose Shrek's face. I believe that I'll leave a black mark in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy's history in the next three days."

    Fan Yu laughed as he admonished him, "Don't be too complacent either. With the current stakes, we won't be able to pay our debts if you lose within ten rounds. We'll need to request a large amount directly from the academy."

    Huo Yuhao laughed. "Teacher, you've given so much effort to nurture me. Aren't you confident in me?"

    Fan Yu smiled and replied, "It's not that. I'm just warning you not to be careless. A lion only beats the rabbit by using all his strength."

    "Yes." Huo Yuhao looked at Fan Yu seriously and acknowledged his words.

    The Soul Tool Experimentation Area was the largest building in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, and could hold more than ten thousand people. It had a similar architectural to the Shrek Academy's Beast Dueling Arena. There was a huge arena in the building, and was surrounded by seats that extended nearly all the way to back of the building. It was normally used by the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy's students for their tests, competitions, and experimenting on large soul tools. Between the spectators' seats and the central arena, there was a linked defense system that was made up of many defensive soul tools. This linked defense system demonstrated how advanced the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy was in terms of their soul tools. They just needed a sufficiently strong soul master to control the entire defense system. The only prerequisite for the soul master was that his soul power had to be at a certain standard.

    Although it was only morning, the entire Soul Tool Experimentation Area was full. There were close to twelve thousand teachers and students present, including some from the Illustrious Virtue Hall.

    It wasn't just the students who wanted to see the differences between how soul masters and soul engineers fought; even the teachers were curious. The academy had suspended lessons for three days for the sake of this sparring competition.

    Jing Hongchen hadn't attended, as there were too many things that he needed to see to. Lin Jiayi, on the other hand, was responsible for hosting the competition. To Jing Hongchen, it didn't matter how long Huo Yuhao managed to last in the competition. No matter what, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy was bound to benefit from it. The camaraderie between their students would increase, and they would also learn more about the differences between soul masters and soul engineers. It would be an exciting lesson for the students.

    Due to a lack of seats, the students who arrived late had to sit among the aisles, or stand in-between the rows. Fortunately, the arena was large enough to accommodate everyone.

    As the referee, Lin Jiayi also made a lot of deliberations. He finally chose to invite Xuan Ziwen, firstly because of Xuan Ziwen's teacher-student relationship with Huo Yuhao, and secondly because of Xuan Ziwen's abilities. Initially, Lin Jiayi thought that Xuan Ziwen would decline his offer. However, Xuan Ziwen agreed readily after listening to his proposition. His reasoning was also very simple: He wanted to see how strong his student was in terms of fighting strength as a soul master.

    When Huo Yuhao first came, he'd personally taught a lesson to a few Class 5 soul engineers!

    Xuan Ziwen also knew that the students were making their own private bets. The odds were three to one that he couldn't survive ten rounds, two to one that he couldn't survive twenty rounds, and thirty to a hundred that he couldn't survive fifty rounds.

    Those who offered such odds were clearly confident that Huo Yuhao could win fifty consecutive rounds! Why were Shrek Academy's students so confident? It's important to know that Huo Yuhao only had four rings. Even if he rested between rounds, he still needed to fight for a long period of time.

    The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy wasn't a small academy either. Even if the Illustrious Virtue Hall's students didn't participate, Huo Yuhao was bound to collapse from three days of intense fighting. And once he lost one round, he might not have the ability to carry on further.

    "Alright, please quiet down." Lin Jiayi's imposing voice resonated throughout the entire arena through a sound-amplifying soul tool. The excited students who were engaged in discussions immediately started to quiet down and turn their attention to him.

    Lin Jiayi continued, "For the purpose of strengthening our exchange and interaction, the academy has decided to organize this sparring competition. Shrek is sending out Huo Yuhao, an exchange student who once competed in the Elite Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament. I hope that all of you will do your best to observe this competition, even if you aren't involved in it. Try your best to sense the differences between soul masters and soul engineers, as well as deepen your own understanding of them. The referee for this friendly exchange will be Teacher Xuan Ziwen, and I'll be the host. Let's welcome Shrek Academy's Huo Yuhao onto the stage."

    A tunnel at the side of the arena opened slowly, and students wearing the dark-green uniform of Shrek emerged alongside Teacher Fan Yu.

    There was a huge commotion, because Shrek Academy's ten exchange students had all appeared at this point. Most of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy students had never seen Huo Yuhao before, thus they had to guess who among them was the one who dared to challenge the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy students all by himself.

    Rumors often spread the fastest. For example, news of Huo Yuhao's conflict with the academy's Class 5 soul engineers and his four-ringed cultivation had already spread like wildfire. Based on these rumours, he sounded capable of representing Shrek Academy in the sparring competition.

    Lin Jiayi was also stunned. There weren't too many rules, since this was just a friendly exchange, and was why he hadn't communicated too much with Fan Yu beforehand. After all, it was only Huo Yuhao who was competing. Why had the Shrek Academy exchange students changed into Shrek Academy's uniform? It was clear that they were drawing a line between the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy! Were they deliberately causing trouble?

    Lin Jiayi had never thought of this before the competition began. After all, this was the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy's territory. There were only eleven Shrek Academy personnel here; what trouble could they possibly cause? Would they really dare to cause trouble? However, it was a little late for him to realize that something was amiss.

    Shrek Academy hadn't been provided a sound-amplifying soul tool. All the emceeing was to be done by Lin Jiayi, which was also an arrangement that he'd made. If he sensed that something was amiss, he was prepared to ask the irrelevant personnel to leave the arena and immediately begin the competition.

    However, what he was worried about happened before he even had the chance to open his mouth.

    Fan Yu walked straight over to the resting area, but the other nine students didn't follow suit. The nine of them divided into three groups and then quickly got into team formations.

    There were four to Huo Yuhao's left and four to his right, while He Caitou stood behind him.

    Afterwards, three scrolls drifted into view for all of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering students to see.

    The scroll displayed by the students on Huo Yuhao's left held a string of words that said, "Shrek. Number One! In! The! World! Invincible!"

    The scroll displayed by the students on his right said, "Tang Sect! Complete! Dominance! Throughout! All! Eternity!"

    He Caitou stood behind Huo Yuhao and lifted a horizontal scroll that said, "Come fight us if you're unconvinced!"

    A huge uproar ensued after the three scrolls were presented. The nine students in the formation quickly revolved around Huo Yuhao and allowed the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy to clearly see who Huo Yuhao was.

    A huge uproar erupted, with some students even wanting to fire their soul tools towards the arena. Expletives rang out across the entire place.

    "Silence, silence!" Lin Jiayi roared furiously, "Teachers, please restrain your students. The competition is about to begin. Irrelevant personnel, please remove yourselves from the arena."

    He felt extremely depressed! He hadn't expect the Shrek Academy students to pull such a stunt. Weren't they simply creating a ruckus on purpose? There were only eleven of them, and only Huo Yuhao was competing. Why were they trying to cause such a ruckus? Weren't they creating trouble out of nothing?

    However, things had already happened; the entire atmosphere of the competition was already starting to change. The entire Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy was bursting with emotion now, and the students who'd been seated had all stood up. Things seemed to be going out of control.

    However, Huo Yuhao appeared unbothered. He even lifted his right hand and slowly turned his thumb to point towards the ground.

    Even though he didn't mutter a word, his provocation was clear: He was signaling for the other students to challenge him if they were unconvinced!

    Arrogant; he was too arrogant!

    Fortunately, the teachers managed to control their students well. The students were quickly restrained by the teachers. Furthermore, the entrance of the first Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy's student helped stabilize the situation.

    "Kill him! Send this Shrek country bumpkin back home!"

    "Long live the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, long live the Sun Moon Empire! Humiliation like this can only be washed away with blood!"

    "I'll be the girlfriend of whoever beats him!"

    All the spectators were causing a racket. But there were also those who remained silent, like Ke Ke and Zi Mu.

    Xuan Ziwen had originally had five students. Ke Ke and Zi Mu had entered the Illustrious Virtue Hall when Huo Yuhao did, while Ju Zi had stopped her studies to join the military, and Wang Shaojie had been expelled.

    Thus, there were only three students left out of the original five.

    Since Huo Yuhao was the main character in this competition, Ke Ke and Zi Mu also had to come.

    Chapter 177.2: The Tang Sect Completely Dominates Throughout All Eternity

    Ke Ke was worried, an she said, "Huo Yuhao is too arrogant. Just what does he aim to accomplish? He's really made things serious, won't he have a tough time in the academy when this is all over?"

    Zi Mu said softly, "Keep your voice down. We'll get into trouble if the others hear this. I think Yuhao is doing this on purpose. He just wants to study in the Illustrious Virtue Hall normally. The ordinary students won't get chances to see him. Not to mention, he's also an exchange student. If anything happens to him when he's in the academy, the academy can't account for it either. He's doing this to humiliate the academy, and I don't know why Hallmaster agreed to allow this."

    Ke Ke glanced at him and asked, "Did you register too?"

    Zi Mu shook his head and answered, "I won't humiliate myself."

    Ke Ke twisted her lips and commented, "I didn't know that you were so self-aware! Didn't you work very hard over the past half year? Why aren't you confident in yourself?"

    Zi Mu laughed and replied, "Confidence rises with one's abilities. While I don't want to expose too much of mine right now... I'll beat him one day. But I can admit that I'm not his match at present. Although my improvement over the past half year has been significant, didn't he increase his number of rings from three to four? While I don't understand why a twin martial soul, soul master, is so strong, I know that I'm not his match. I simply need to work harder from now on. Is there news from Ju Zi?"

    Ke Ke shook her head and said, "No! Don't think about her anymore. Didn't she reject you before leaving?"

    Zi Mu chortled. "It's not that easy to forget someone you love. Moreover, you'll always have a chance if you work hard enough."

    Ke Ke's attention was drawn to the arena, and she said, "The competition is about to begin."

    The commotion in the spectators' stand didn't seem to affect Huo Yuhao's concentration. He didn't even take a look at Xuan Ziwen's displeased expression before moving to one side of the arena. He closed his eyes and waited.

    As a soul master, he greatly desired to fight. When he was immersed in soul tool creation every day and was under a lot of pressure in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, he had a strong urge to vent this built-up pressure. Today was the best opportunity for him to let loose.

    He wanted to win this competition and reap the great rewards to prepare for his future research in soul tools. The future of Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect was his greatest motivation.

    He was only fifteen years old, but he was shouldering a lot of responsibilities. He needed to vent his emotions. He also had another intention-help the Tang Sect gain momentum. Bei Bei had discussed this with Huo Yuhao a couple of times. They reckoned that the Tang Sect's future development couldn't be separated from soul tools. But, relying on Huo Yuhao and He Caitou wasn't going to be enough.

    Where could one find plenty of talented soul engineers? The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering academy. Huo Yuhao wanted to leave a deep impression through this competition. At the very least, he wanted all the students to know about him, whether they liked him or not. Rather than being ignorant to his existence, their knowledge of him would be for the best. Furthermore, his arrogance actually contained a deeper meaning behind it.

    "The first round is about to begin. Everyone, please remain silent and give both parties a peaceful competition's atmosphere. Whoever makes noises will be punished according to the school's rules and regulations." Lin Jiayi's stern voice reverberated all throughout the surroundings. This would help to contain the slightly messy situation.

    Huo Yuhao's opponent was a youth, one who looked to be eighteen or nineteen years old. The badge on his chest revealed that he was a Class 5 soul engineer. However, he definitely seemed a little nervous now.

    While Huo Yuhao's previous actions had provoked the students from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, they also put a lot of pressure on the competing students. If they won, they would be treated as the heroes of the academy. But if they lost, they would become sinners! This was even more evident so for the first student to spar with Huo Yuhao.

    "Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy's Class 5 soul engineer, Xia Xuanchen." The nervous youth reported his name as he looked at Huo Yuhao. The entire arena was now silent. Everyone's attention was focused on them.

    "Shrek. Tang Sect. Huo Yuhao." Huo Yuhao said indifferently.

    Xuan Ziwen was unhappy when he looked at Huo Yuhao. He said in a deep voice, "This is just for sparring, a friendly competition. Both parties must try to avoid severely hurting each other during the process."

    Huo Yuhao could sense Teacher Xuan staring at him and understood his intention. He nodded and replied, "Noted."

    Xia Xuanchen also nodded. By now, he'd calmed down slightly, and slowly became excited. If he could defeat Huo Yuhao, would his class belle treat him nicer? Maybe he could even enter the Illustrious Virtue Hall directly. This was a great opportunity for him!

    Xuan Ziwen heaved a sigh of relief after receiving Huo Yuhao's acknowledgement. He was afraid that Huo Yuhao would harm the academy's students in this  competition. A huge problem would arise if that happened. But, for now, it seemed like he had no such intentions.

    "Both competitors, please approach the waiting areas." Xuan Ziwen said loudly. The Soul Tool Experimentation Area had already been marked out yesterday. The waiting areas on both sides were separated by about a hundred and fifty meters. It was also a way for soul engineers to fully unleash their long-range capabilities. But, from what they'd agreed on earlier, Huo Yuhao wouldn't use any soul tools apart from the Milk Bottle.

    Xia Xuanchen turned around and walked away. He only felt his surging blood rushing through his veins. He couldn't wait.

    Huo Yuhao was different from him. He walked backwards and revealed a smirk of contempt. His first opponent really didn't seem too impressive! Although they were just sparring, he was careless enough to show his opponent his back. He didn't have any wariness towards his opponent. It seemed like Jing Hongchen was right, and organizing a sparring competition was necessary for these ordinary students from the academy.

    Xuan Ziwen also noticed this problem. That was why when both parties reached their waiting areas, he immediately shouted, "Begin!"

    Xia Xuanchen turned around frantically when he heard Xuan Ziwen's sudden shout.

    This was anyone's natural reaction. However, he wasted two seconds before he could fully turn around and ready his attack. Huo Yuhao burst forth like a panther in these two seconds. He leapt up, and seemed to be flying. When Xia Xuanchen finally reacted, the distance between the two of them had been reduced to a hundred meters already.

    Xia Xuanchen displayed his abilities as an elite student of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy even though he was shocked. He lifted his arms and two metal barrels appeared, with metal clanging sounds ringing out. His metal barrels were different from ordinary soul tool cannons and soul rays. They completely covered his arms, giving off the feeling that he had lost his arms and grown soul cannons in their place.

    Two different balls of light suddenly shot out. The left soul tool cannon fired a ball of yellow light, while the right fired a ball of red light. The speeds of the lights were also different, with the yellow light being markedly faster than the red. Before the lights were fired, a beep was heard from Xia Xuanchen's body.

    Huo Yuhao's spiritual detection had already been activated back when they were preparing for the match. His greatest advantage in this sparring competition was that he was also a soul engineer, even though he was competing as a soul master. Thus, he was very familiar with them. However, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy's soul engineers knew nothing about his fighting strategies.

    Hence Huo Yuhao could immediately recognized the different effects of the balls of light. The yellow light came from a Class 5 shock cannon; a domain-type offensive soul tool. When their shots exploded at a high velocity, they would cause intense shockwaves. Opponents who weren't skilled enough could easily be torn apart by the shockwaves. Even if the opponent could resist them, his movements would be greatly stalled. It was a rather effective Class 5 soul tool, although it was very difficult to create.

    The red light, on the other hand, came from the high-powered soul cannon on his other arm. It only had one effect-destroying the opponent. It would lock onto an opponent through the opponent's soul power, allowing the cannon to track one's opponent.

    The combination of the shock cannon and high-powered soul cannon was effective and powerful. Evidently, Xia Xuanchen had prepared well.

    While this combination was effective, Huo Yuhao had expected it. When the soul cannons were fired, Huo Yuhao suddenly changed directions. He moved in a diagonal direction now. It was impressive, and when the shock cannon fired out the ball of yellow light, Huo Yuhao was no longer within the area covered by it.

    The ball of red light that came shortly after that. However, it also changed directions quickly, and was in hot pursuit of Huo Yuhao.

    But Huo Yuhao didn't even look at it. He changed directions again and burst towards Xia Xuanchen. They were only fifty meters apart now.

    Wasn't he scared of the high-powered soul cannon? At this point, everyone was puzzled with Huo Yuhao's intentions.

    Chapter 177.3: The Tang Sect Completely Dominates Throughout All Eternity

    Even Soul Emperors would find it uncomfortable to deal with high-powered soul cannons. Even a Class 5 protective soul barrier couldn't resist the elevated temperatures from a high-powered soul cannon.

    However, Huo Yuhao acted like it was air. He continued to dash forward and didn't bother with the assault coming from the high-powered soul cannon. He quickly closed the gap between him and Xia Xuanchen.

    The homing red light finally arrived, but Huo Yuhao stopped in the air just as it was about to hit him. Huo Yuhao's figure turned blurry in that instant, and in the next, the high-powered soul cannon's attack brushed past Huo Yuhao's body.

    How was that possible? Xia Xuanchen had clearly locked onto him! He was perplexed. A moment later, a loud boom was heard as an orange-red light engulfed the area behind Huo Yuhao. The tremendous explosive force catalyzed the formation of a mushroom cloud in the Soul Tool Experimentation Area.

    Huo Yuhao's body was covered in a layer of diamond crystals. The Ice Empress' Armor. Intense shockwaves generated by the explosion propelled his body forward at a faster speed. His speed instantly soared, and he quickly arrived in front of Xia Xuanchen.

    Everything came too abruptly for Xia Xuanchen. He could only unleash his Class 5 protective soul barrier and frantically retreat.

    However, a Class 5 protective soul barrier was completely useless against the Darkgolden Terrorclaws. It was instantly torn apart, and Huo Yuhao destroyed his two soul cannons. Even so, Xia Xuanchen was not physically hurt in the process. The blades of the terrorclaws touched Xia Xuanchen's shoulders slightly, and their cold aura caused goosebumps to rise.

    "You've lost." Huo Yuhao's Ice Empress' Armor disappeared. Even so, his calm and emotionless voice caused Xia Xuanchen to feel an extreme chill through his entire body.

    Xia Xuanchen was indignant as he exclaimed, "I haven't unleashed all my soul tools...!"

    Piak­- Huo Yuhao retracted his terrorclaws and slapped Xia Xuanchen, who spun twice and fell to the floor.

    Huo Yuhao said coldly, "If this were a battlefield, you'd already be a corpse. Will your enemies care whether you've used all your soul tools?"

    Xia Xuanchen was dumbfounded as he sat on the floor. One of his hands was on his cheeks that were just slapped. He seemed to lose his awareness.

    Huo Yuhao lifted his right hand and pointed his index finger at the spectators. Following that, he made one revolution before placing his finger on his lips. He was asking everyone to remain quiet. After that, he shouted, "Next!"

    It was only at this point that the academy's teachers and students reacted. A commotion ensued once more.

    The first round ended not long after it starting. Approximately ten seconds had passed... It seemed like Huo Yuhao didn't even do anything. He only burst forward and slapped before he emerged victorious. He didn't use any dazzling soul skills, and the spectators didn't even see his soul rings. But, he had won! He won cleanly.

    Did he really win that easily? It might appear very simple or easy, but was that really the case?

    Only Xuan Ziwen witnessed everything clearly as the referee. Firstly, Huo Yuhao hadn't wasted any time. When Xuan Ziwen signaled the start of the competition, he was dissatisfied with Xia Xuanchen, and thus didn't wait for him to turn around or prepare. However, Huo Yuhao burst forward like a fired cannon shell. Undoubtedly, Huo Yuhao was ready.

    Xuan Ziwen wasn't too surprised when Huo Yuhao used the Darkgolden Terrorclaws to tear apart the protective soul barrier and overcome Xia Xuanchen. It was Huo Yuhao's reaction when the shock cannon was fired that shocked him. His direction changed immediately when the yellow light appeared, allowing him to dodge it effectively. How did he predict it like that? Furthermore, he had even managed to prevent the high-powered soul cannon from locking him onto him properly, and exploited the shockwave to increase his speed. If all of that was within his calculations, he was indeed to be feared.

    "Do you need to rest?" Xuan Ziwen asked Huo Yuhao.

    Huo Yuhao shook his head and replied, "No, let's continue."

    Their gazes met, and Huo Yuhao could tell that Xuan Ziwen was deep in thought. Xuan Ziwen could see Huo Yuhao's stubbornness in his Spirit Eyes, and sensed the strong competitive will in his body.

    "Silence!" A voice that sounded like rumbling thunder resonated through the Soul Tool Experimentation Arena. This voice greatly eclipsed the commotion that had ensued from Xia Xuanchen's defeat. Even Huo Yuhao couldn't help but look into the air.

    Jing Hongchen floated in mid-air without using any flying-type soul tools. He was also looking at Huo Yuhao.

    Lin Jiayi had sent someone to report to Jing Hongchen when he realized that the situation was getting out of control. After all, the teachers in the audience were all very strong, and he couldn't really control those from the Illustrious Virtue Hall either.

    Jing Hongchen placed his hands behind his back, and his awe-inspiring gaze swept the place. He said coldly, "Are all of you only this good? Besides cursing, what else can you do? It's better to prove yourself using your abilities, not your mouth. If you're capable, beat him. If you're not, then shut up. The purpose of this sparring contest is to show the gap between him and all of you. Don't think you're invincible just because you've learned how to use some advanced soul tools. This brat from Shrek Academy is only fifteen years old. Failure isn't scary. The scary thing is inability to accept one's defeat and remaining ignorant of your failure. If all of you can only whine, when will the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy ever beat Shrek Academy in the Elite Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament?"

    Jing Hongchen's reputation was extremely prominent in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy. His appearance silenced crowd instantly.

    Huo Yuhao furrowed his brow. Jing Hongchen was indeed a hero of his generation. He used him to motivate these students, which was something that he didn't want. However, he couldn't stop him. Jing Hongchen had come much earlier than  expected!

    Jing Hongchen looked at Huo Yuhao and said, "The competition shall continue." As he spoke, his figure flashed, and he flew towards the main spectators' stand.

    Huo Yuhao sighed in his heart. Forget it, he couldn't realize his wish. The real reason why he'd been so arrogant and provoked the crowd, was because he wanted to leave the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy.

    He had learned enough theoretical knowledge over the past half year. Although Xuan Ziwen never brought him out for any practical experiments, he was now extremely well-versed theoretically. Huo Yuhao combined his own practice and the path that he'd discovered to make significant progress in his study of soul tools.

    Don't misunderstand, Huo Yuhao didn't intend to leave the academy quickly because he thought that there was nothing left for him to learn. It was because of the Iron Man, which was like a time bomb! He was certain that it was the core essence of the Illustrious Virtue Hall's research. With his current theoretical knowledge, he could easily become a top-ranked soul engineer if he could comprehend the Iron Man completely. It wouldn't be a problem even if he had to learn on his own. It wasn't meaningless to remain in the academy-it was  dangerous.

    That was why Huo Yuhao pretended to be very arrogant. On the surface, it seemed as if he was trying to obtain more rare metals as he invited more opponents to challenge him. But in truth, he wanted to incur everyone's wrath and end this exchange as soon as possible.

    However, Jing Hongchen's appearance forced him to change his plans. After all, he couldn't make it too obvious. Otherwise, it would attract the suspicions of others.

    The second student sparring with Huo Yuhao entered the arena after being signaled by Xuan Ziwen. Compared to the previous competitor, this student looked much more stable. After he entered the arena, he stopped in his waiting area and watched Huo Yuhao with a vibrant look in his eyes. He seemed like a volcano that could erupt any time.

    Huo Yuhao acknowledged him mentally. This fight was highly unlikely to be as easy as the previous one. However, the stronger his opponent, the greater his fighting spirit.

    He squinted his eyes and looked at this opponent before returning to his waiting area.

    Xuan Ziwen observed both parties and calmed himself down.

    "Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, Grade 6 student, Wan Yijun. Please advise me!" The youth who looked older than twenty years shouted. His voice rumbled, and was full of a vigorous aura. His figure wasn't exactly huge, but he looked very sturdy.

    Huo Yuhao also lifted his hand and shouted, "Shrek Academy. Huo Yuhao. Please advise me!"

    "Begin!" Xuan Zimen gestured suddenly and retreated rapidly.

    Huo Yuhao burst forth just like before. The only difference was that a golden light now shone from him as he leapt up. Four white soul rings rose from his feet, one was especially bright.

    Wan Yijun had already made sufficient preparations. When Xuan Ziwen signaled the start of the fight, he backed away quickly and two streaks of light shot out from beneath his feet. The lights pushed his body off the ground. More than ten soul tools appeared on his arms, shoulders, chest and other areas.

    However, he was stunned when he saw Huo Yuhao's white soul rings. This was weird... White soul rings? What was going on?
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