Chapter 185: Purification? Master!

    There was a flag in the Great Holy Ghost's hand. He appeared very fierce as he looked at Huo Yuhao and Na Na. "I shall let you feel what's it like to be devoured by thousands of souls. Your spirits will be torn apart and your bodies will become my puppets. Die."

    Huo Yuhao was horrified. Was this the Myriad Soul Banner that Elder Yi mentioned?

    Elder Yi had once mentioned that a necromancers' control of undead creatures was restricted to a specific domain due to their limited spiritual power. However, they could use tools to enhance their control and transformation of spirits. The Myriad Soul Banner was such a tool. He mentioned that an extremely cultivated Myriad Soul Banner could contain tens of thousands of spirits. Against enemies, the avenging spirits could be commanded to launch large-scale attacks. All living matter affected by these avenging spirits would become carriers of these spirits. They would quickly be roped in as part of their Undead Legion. Once the bodies of these undead creatures were destroyed, their spirits would return to the banner and they would continue to devour the spirits of the living to evolve. It was rumored that they were as resistant as Gods when they evolved to their most highest form.

    However, the Myriad Soul Banner was a tool that offended the heavens. Once a necromancer managed to successfully create it, he would definitely suffer the scourge of the heavens. It was like the negative repercussions of the Light of Destiny-it was only a matter of time before he was jinxed.

    Was this evil soul master so strong that he could possess a Myriad Soul Banner?

    While he was shocked, Huo Yuhao still naturally wouldn't allow these avenging spirits to attack him. A ring of formless spiritual ripples spread; it was Spiritual Interference. The avenging spirits were instantly affected by his spiritual power, and they descended into chaos as they flew like headless flies. Their pathetic cries resonated throughout the underground hall.

    Huo Yuhao's astonishment was soon replaced by composure. Through Spiritual Detection and Spiritual Interference, he realized that there weren't that many of these avenging spirits, at most four or five hundred of them. In addition, each of them was very weak individually. They were completely different from the powerful avenging spirits that Electrolux described, which couldn't be overcome simply with his Spiritual Interference.

    The Great Holy Ghost didn't expect that the Holy Ghost Flag would be rendered ineffective. This flag didn't belong to him, it was the most important treasure of the elder from the Sub-Altar. Not only was it a Class 7 soul tool, but it also had to be used by an evil soul master skilled at controlling spirits. In the Sub-Altar, only he and that elder could control it. It was left in the Sub-Altar as a precaution. The elder once said that the Holy Ghost Flag was sufficient as long as the opponent wasn't an eight-ringed soul douluo. In addition, the Great Holy Ghost was equipped with powerful evil soul skills.

    When he controlled this flag, he didn't use any soul skills. He only burned his six soul rings using a special method that belonged to evil soul masters. This provided him with enough spiritual power to control the flag. He bit the tip of his tongue and spat out fresh blood into the air, which instantly turned into a blood-red avenging spirit in the air.

    The avenging spirit blew apart as it flew into the air, staining a large portion of the other avenging spirits. Suddenly, the powers of the avenging spirits soared, and Huo Yuhao's Spiritual Interference couldn't fend them off any longer.

    However, Huo Yuhao was already muttering an incantation when these amped avenging spirits appeared. His golden eyes turned grey, even his Eye of Destiny. Behind him, an elderly-looking figure subtly appeared, and there seemed to be an ancient voice chanting along with him.

    If he were alone, he wouldn't hesitate to attack and get rid of the Great Holy Ghost before snatching his flag. The crisis would be averted as simple as that. However, Na Na was behind him.

    The avenging spirits had become extremely ferocious under the Great Holy Ghost's command. He couldn't ensure her safety in the slightest if he rushed forward to attack. Dealing with these avenging spirits first was essential.

    Huo Yuhao pointed toward the sky with his right index finger and shouted mightily, "Purify these stained spirits." A ring of white light was released from the Eye of Destiny. His boundless spiritual sea started to surge with waves, and his immense spiritual power was unleashed under the guidance of his incantation. The spiritual power was converted into a purifying force.

    The blood-red lights from the bodies of the avenging spirits disappeared as the white light passed. They were forced to stay still in the air.

    As the white light spread to every corner of the underground hall, all of the vicious avenging spirits were dyed white.

    When that Light of Purification reached the Great Holy Ghost, he let out a pathetic scream. Black smoke rose ceaselessly from his body.

    He shouted pathetically, "This, this is a force that destroys spirits! Who, who are you? Only the Holy Emperor possesses such strength! You're also an evil soul master, you're also... but why did you...?"

    He couldn't continue any further as he spoke till here. That was because a huge figure had already arrived in front of him. His neck was grabbed by black, bony claws, and he was lifted up. It was an attack from the converted Second Holy Ghost's skull.

    However, the eyes of the black skull were dancing with dim-golden flames. They were a type of spiritual fire that carried a shred of Huo Yuhao's spiritual awareness. The Second Holy Ghost had been completely purified, and submitted to Huo Yuhao.

    The avenging spirits in mid-air appeared to be very weird. They weren't nearly as ferocious as before, and they slowly formed corporeal faces.

    "Tell me, what kind of organization is the Holy Ghost Church? Where is the Main Altar?" The black skull lifted the Great Holy Ghost in front of Huo Yuhao. After being cleansed by the Light of Purification, the Great Holy Ghost's cultivation had fallen to half its original level.

    The Great Holy Ghost was in a daze as he looked at Huo Yuhao, "Holy Son? Are you the reincarnation of the Holy Son? Holy Son, you should find the Holy Emperor. He'll help us rule this world! Only those with holy powers like us are qualified to rule!"

    Huo Yuhao furrowed his brow. "Answer my question."

    The Great Holy Ghost revealed a weird smile on his face. "Holy Son, the Holy Emperor will find you one day. When that happens, it may be the best opportunity for us Holy Ghosts to rule. Long live the Holy Emperor!" As he spoke, his eyes dimmed, and his entire body turned into ash, which easily escaped the claw's grasp before dispersing into the air. There wasn't even a corpse left. Everything was very strange. The Holy Ghost Flag also fell in front of Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao picked the flag up, but quickly crushed it with his soul power.

    Na Na was dumbfounded. Although she knew that Huo Yuhao was very strong, she had already gone feeble long ago when she heard the cries of the avenging spirits, and couldn't exert any soul power herself. At that point in time, she had thought that everything was over, and despaired. However, she was shocked by what followed.

    He turned the tide right in front of her. She wasn't even clear on how he had managed to pull it off. The crisis was destroyed, the Great Holy Ghost was dead, and the skull converted from the Second Holy Ghost was being controlled by him.

    Everything changed too suddenly.

    "Na Na." Na Na was jolted to her senses after Huo Yuhao shouted her name.

    "Quickly, find your parents. You don't have much time. The evil stains on these avenging spirits have been cleansed under my Purification Spell. Once they're completely cleansed, they will be purified and rise to the heavens. If you have anything to say to them, tell them quickly. I'll be waiting for you outside."

    As he spoke, Huo Yuhao was already headed outside, and quickly escaped. It was very weird, as the Holy Servants didn't react even though the commotion inside the underground hall was quite loud.

    After leaving the underground hall, Huo Yuhao bumped into eight of them. Their abilities were greatly inferior to Na Na's. They collapsed under Huo Yuhao's surprise attack, they didn't stand a chance.

    "The Great Holy Ghost and Second Holy Ghost are both dead, while the Sub-Altar has been destroyed. The spirits of your loved ones are being purified. If all of you still want to see them again, quickly go inside."

    Huo Yuhao stripped off their headgear, revealing young and pale-looking faces.

    Huo Yuhao was enraged as he saw their dazed looks. "If I wanted to harm you, you'd already be dead. Why haven't you gone inside yet? If you miss this opportunity, you'll never see your loved ones again. This is your best, and only, opportunity to leave this evil organization and free yourselves from their restraints." He added some spiritual power into his shouting, which jolted these Holy Servants to their senses. They rushed into the underground hall.

    After letting out a breath, Huo Yuhao slowly walked out of the ordinary-looking room.

    He shut his eyes as he leaned on the wall outside. A wave of weakness encroaching upon his body from his spent spiritual power.

    I didn't expect this Holy Ghost Church to be formed by evil soul masters. No wonder they're so mysterious. Weren't evil soul masters supposed to operate by themselves?

    He suddenly tensed up. He was reminded of what his teacher, the Dragon Douluo Mu En had said to him before. When Ma Xiaotao went missing, Shrek Academy was attacked by a bunch of soul masters of unknown background. There were many evil soul masters among them! Were those people related to the Holy Ghost Church?

    The elder from the Holy Ghost Church's Sub-Altar wasn't here today, or Huo Yuhao might be the one fleeing. However, it was a pity that Huo Yuhao was unable to obtain anything very useful from the Great Holy Ghost. The man's spirit was destroyed as he committed suicide.

    However, he managed to fulfil Na Na's wish. At least he did something good. He had to report what he had learned regarding the Holy Ghost Church to the academy later. If this church was helmed by evil soul masters, they might be even more dangerous than the Body Sect.

    The two six-ringed Soul Emperors he had met were stronger than the Envoy of the Death God that he had fought before. If he hadn't gained the upper hand right from the beginning, and used the Eye of Destiny to destroy the spirit of the Second Holy Ghost, he would've been in huge trouble. If these two evil soul masters were placed in the outside world, they were bound to cause great harm without anyone repressing them. The hundreds of avenging spirits were a testament to that, they represented hundreds of stolen lives! This was even under the circumstance that the Holy Ghost Church was trying to remain mysterious and low-profile, and thus they didn't go too far with their actions. The harm that evil soul masters could bring was too terrifying. Shrek's Guardians had to do something about this.

    A crying howl could be heard from the tunnel leading out of the room. Evidently, the Holy Servants had found the spirits of their loved ones.

    After thinking for a moment, Huo Yuhao left the courtyard quietly before sneaking back a few minutes later. He returned to his original position to wait.

    Na Na was the first to exit the tunnel. Her headgear was already off, and her eyes were red and swollen from the crying. She approached Huo Yuhao before kneeling down. Fortunately, Huo Yuhao was already prepared to lift her back up.

    "Na Na, don't be like this. My condolences. I guess your parents' spirits have attained salvation and found peace."

    Na Na nodded her head slightly, "Thank you, Master. You have fulfilled my greatest wish."

    "What master?" Huo Yuhao was in a daze.

    Na Na looked at him with a resolute look in her eyes. "I mentioned that I'd serve you if you managed to save my parents' spirits. You did so, and you even purified their spirits. I have no more worries. I can only repay this gratitude with my life. If you're going to reject my offer, I won't have any further yearnings in this world. I can only choose to leave this world forever."

    Huo Yuhao was stunned. He wanted to rebut her, but nothing came out of his mouth when he saw her determined look.

    More and more figures with pale faces and swollen, red eyes also started to appear behind Na Na. They kneeled down at the same time, "We don't know how to repay you. We're willing to follow you for life and serve you with our spirits."

    Their predicaments were similar to Na Na's. After seeing that the spirits of their loved ones were finally free from the restraints of the Holy Ghost Church, they had the same feeling towards him as Na Na did, even though they didn't know him.


    Na Na laughed bitterly. "Master, I didn't want it to be like this either. However, we've been enslaved for too long. In addition, almost all of us are orphans. We no longer have any relatives in this world. If you don't want to accept us, we won't know what to do. I can't return to the academy. Master, give us instructions, even if it's just pointing out a path for us. There are four Soul Ancestors and four Soul Kings among the eight of us. Four of us are even soul engineers. If you won't accept us, we're unlikely to escape the pursuit of the Holy Ghost Church."

    Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly. "What makes all of you think that I can accept all of you? I'm just a student!"

    "Because you're from Shrek," Na Na said with determination.

    Huo Yuhao spoke after considering his options for a moment. "Let's do it this way. I won't decline your requests. If you're willing, you can follow me. In that case, I shall issue all of you a token. Leave Radiant City and go directly to Shrek Academy to find someone called Bei Bei. He'll make the arrangements. However, all of you can't enroll into Shrek Academy. If you're willing, you can join my sect, which is called the Tang Sect. The headquarters of the sect is currently located in Shrek City. If you can reach there safely, I can guarantee your safety. You don't have to be loyal to me. Once you join my sect, we'll be fellow sect members."

    Na Na was delighted, but she continued to address him in the same way. Her body turned slightly illusory, and she escaped Huo Yuhao's control. She was adamant on kneeling. "Thank you, Master."

    The other eight were also delighted as they bowed respectfully. "Thank you, Master."

    By saving their family members' spirits, Huo Yuhao had also released them from the Holy Ghost Church. In addition, he had pointed out a path for them to take. For people like them who had pitiful backgrounds, they were immensely grateful towards him. They called him 'Master' with sincerity, and many of them were even tearing up. They could finally start anew!

    This was also a good thing for Huo Yuhao. After Bei Bei's attempts to find Tang Ya were futile, he decided to rebuild the Tang Sect in Shrek City.

    After all, that was within Shrek Academy's territory, and they were still studying in the academy. It was much easier for them to take care of matters. Right now, the sect lacked manpower. However, it was very difficult to recruit anyone in Shrek City. After all, the graduates from Shrek Academy didn't join any sect easily. The Tang Sect also didn't have many resources.

    However, Bei Bei was given a huge privilege by the academy, as he was Elder Mu's descendant, and also one of Shrek's Seven Monsters that had entered the Tang Sect. They were given a small plot of land in Shrek City, as well as financial help to rebuild the Tang Sect. Although the location was a little isolated, it was also very peaceful. Most importantly, it was in Shrek City!

    These people in front of Huo Yuhao had rather good cultivations. There were even soul engineers, which the Tang Sect sorely lacked. They were a big reason Huo Yuhao didn't decline their requests.

    He said, "Time is tight. Strip and dump your clothes here before leaving immediately. In about an hour, this place will become nothing more than flat ground. Try your best not to leave any traces behind. The faster you go, the better you'll be. Do all of you have flying-type soul tools?"

    Including Na Na, five of them had flying-type soul tools. After thinking for a moment, Huo Yuhao said, "In this case, those with flying-type soul tools will rush after leaving Radiant City. After flying a certain distance, Na Na will gather the flying-type soul tools and bring them back to fetch the rest. This will hasten your escape. After all, the Holy Ghost Church isn't God. It won't be easy for them to chase all of you." As he spoke, he retrieved a token and gave it to Na Na.

    "Yes, Master." Na Na stood up with the other eight. Her sorrow had diminished slightly by now. There was a glow on her face that revealed her determination to start her life over. Everything was a new beginning from now on.

    She wouldn't have returned to the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy regardless of whether she succeeded or failed in this matter. She had brought all her stuff in her storage-type soul tool. After bowing once towards Huo Yuhao, she stripped off the Holy Ghost Church uniform, as did the other eight, before leaving quickly.

    Huo Yuhao had used his Imitation to imitate the Great Holy Ghost when he had left earlier. Now, he imitated the look of the Second Holy Ghost to sneak out of the courtyard before escaping quickly.


    An hour later, he met He Caitou at a secluded corner hundreds of meters away from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy.

    "Second senior, how is it?" Huo Yuhao asked softly.

    He Caitou chortled, "Don't worry. It's settled. Nothing will go wrong, since we have the accurate location established by your Spiritual Detection. In two hours, dazzling fireworks will be seen above Radiant City. I controlled the impact by choosing a penetrative stationary soul cannon shell. It won't affect the surroundings. What about your girl?"

    Huo Yuhao replied, "She's left. The matter has been settled, but she won't stay in the academy. I asked her to take some of the Holy Disciples I freed and find eldest senior. I think I managed to get some manpower for the Tang Sect."

    He Caitou asked, "Then how do we return? We're not going to climb walls, are we? There are soul tools everywhere. The security is rather tight."

    Huo Yuhao chortled and said, "Second senior, it seems like you haven't fully comprehended the magical effect of my Imitation! I will imitate Na Na's appearance, and you'll be my shadow. As long as you don't deviate more than ten meters from me, no one will be able to tell. We'll just walk through the front door."

    "What the... it can even work like this? I don't recall it being so strong!"

    Huo Yuhao said, "It is the benefit of being a spiritual-type soul master. Our soul skills will be enhanced along with our spiritual power." Although it wasn't the whole truth, he wasn't wrong, either. Without the backing of the Skydream Iceworm's spiritual power that had fused with him, his Imitation wouldn't have reached such a high level. He Caitou was only witnessing a small portion of Huo Yuhao's enhanced soul skill now.

    After a minute, Huo Yuhao Imitated Na Na before openly entering the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy.

    The guards were not suspicious at all. Furthermore, it now seemed that Na Na had returned to the academy! In this way, it would be even more difficult for the Holy Ghost Church to track Na Na down, giving her and the others more time to escape.

    After returning to his dorm room, Huo Yuhao immediately recorded everything that he had experienced today, before passing the report to Fan Yu.

    Fan Yu was also shocked by the appearance of the Holy Ghost Church. He immediately thought of a way to get word of this out. If Illustrious Virtue Hall and Holy Ghost Church were colluding, it meant that the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy was working with with an organization formed by evil soul masters!

    The strength of evil soul masters was something that had long been established on the continent. Furthermore, these evil soul masters were certain to cause widespread civilian deaths the moment they acted.

    Just as Huo Yuhao and Fan Yu were discussing this matter, a muffled thump came from afar. It was the sound of He Caitou's stationary soul tool going off. No traces of the 'dirty' Holy Ghost Church's Sub-Altar would be left over.

    Huo Yuhao had benefited greatly from this experience. Besides earning the loyalty of Na Na and the Holy Servants, he had also managed to obtain the black skull from the Second Holy Ghost. This black skull would be pretty useful in fights.

    The undead aura from the black skull had been completely purified by Huo Yuhao after he returned. He preserved the Second Holy Ghost's resolute defense and controlled it through his spirit after purification. Huo Yuhao even made it seem a little divine. Huo Yuhao left a shred of his spiritual aura within the black skull's spiritual fire so he could control it with his thoughts. Although it couldn't unleash any skills, it was still a powerful assistive force that could match up to a Soul Emperor in a fight.

    The Second Holy Ghost was completely under Huo Yuhao's control now. Huo Yuhao didn't feel bad at all using him as a secret weapon, considering the evil acts that the Holy Ghost Church had committed. He had used others, and was now being used heartlessly himself!


    When news about the Holy Ghost Church reached Shrek Academy, there was quite a huge uproar. Shrek's Guardians acted immediately. They started to seek out the Holy Ghost Church throughout the continent, especially in the Sun Moon Empire.

    However, the Church hid well. No trace of them could be found. This Church didn't seem to even exist at all, as if they had vanished into thin air.

    The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy was very peaceful after the destruction of the Holy Ghost Church's Sub-Altar, or at least that was what it seemed like on the surface. Huo Yuhao and He Caitou observed things around them, but didn't notice anything amiss.

    Bei Bei passed them news that Na Na and the rest had arrived safely, and had joined the Tang Sect. They became the first batch of disciples of the Tang Sect, apart from the Shrek's Seven Monsters.


    Half a year passed very quickly. Huo Yuhao was now almost at the end of his second academic year in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy. More accurately speaking, he had been here for more than a year and nine months.

    There was one thing that was similar between the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy and Shrek Academy. Vacation time! They started a little later here compared to Shrek Academy, but it also lasted for a month.

    Huo Yuhao was in deep meditation during this last break. He finally had some time off this academic year. Of course, he didn't plan on resting. He came here to learn; he didn't want to waste any time. There were very few in the academy who had the same mindset as him.

    He had raised his profile extremely high during the sparring competition, but his studies continued smoothly after he went through half a year of deep meditation,  and kept a low-profile afterward. Huo Yuhao worked hard to learn about soul tools. As he cultivated, he researched the profundity of soul tools. He spent his days fruitfully, even though they were mundane.

    As the days passed, Huo Yuhao also matured physically. He was now seventeen years old, and his body was very developed now. He wasn't especially burly, but he had a build that was filled with vigor and vitality.

    It was very difficult to imagine a seventeen-year-old youth possessing a demeanor as calm and composed demeanor as him. This was greatly connected to his cultivation of the Sovereign's Descent. He also tried to keep the look in his eyes moderated under normal circumstances.

    His cultivation speed had increased after his spiritual power nourished his body in deep meditation. He managed to reach Rank 43, and his cultivation speed seemed to increase along with his abilities. This was extremely good news for Huo Yuhao!

    However, he didn't manage to become a five-ringed Soul King. Jing Hongchen was relieved after hearing this. After all, the three years between the ages of fifteen and eighteen were very important for a genius soul master. These three years were critical in establishing his foundation. Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen had relayed news that their cultivations had reached Rank 60, becoming Soul Emperors. They were also Class 6 soul engineers.

    Jing Hongchen admired Huo Yuhao's fighting capabilities. He had even beaten a six-ringed Soul Emperor, even though he only had four rings. However, a Soul Emperor was a Soul Emperor. If everyone had the same talent, a six-ringed Soul Emperor would completely dominate a four-ringed Soul Ancestor. Jing Hongchen didn't believe that Huo Yuhao could challenge his grandchildren. The potential of a genius would fall as time passed. If Huo Yuhao couldn't reach Rank 60 before he was twenty years old, Jing Hongchen wouldn't call him a genius anymore.


    "Little junior!" a rough voice sounded from outside his room.

    "Second senior, why are you here?" Huo Yuhao opened the door and looked at the excited He Caitou standing outside.

    He Caitou wore a mysterious look on his face. "Little junior, I have a surprise for you."

    "Surprise? For me? What new stationary soul tool have you successfully researched?" Huo Yuhao looked back at him in surprise.

    He Caitou snapped, "Oh no, oh no! You're getting dumb. Your life is only about the dormitory and Illustrious Virtue Hall. Aren't you tired? You should relax when it's time to do so. You'll feel better then. You're always so tense, which is not a good thing."

    Huo Yuhao was slightly moved, as he had heard something similar from someone else before. It wasn't his first time. As he thought of that person, there was a slight change in the look in his eyes. Ever since he came to the Sun Moon Empire, he had received letters from eldest senior and others of his compatriots. However, the person who was supposed to be sending him letters didn't write any for him.

    Wang Dong, how are you? Huo Yuhao was a little down as he thought of Wang Dong. Surely he hasn't forgotten me after so long?

    "Hey, little junior, I'm talking to you. Focus." He Caitou was displeased as he shook Huo Yuhao's shoulder.

    Huo Yuhao hurriedly invited him in. He softly said, "Have you made progress on the Holy Ghost Church's matter?"

    He Caitou rolled his eyes and didn't even bother entering the room. He stood at the door, and his towering figure made him seem like some sort of guardian.

    "That bull** organization has gone missing. I wonder if you were hallucinating. Otherwise, they're covering themselves very well. Alright, follow me. Let's go to the gate for a moment."

    "I'll skip that. I'm busy with my formation array, and I'm at a critical point. I'm about to finish." Huo Yuhao declined He Caitou's proposition.

    He Caitou was furious. "Have my words fallen on deaf ears? Quick, you'll regret it if you don't go."

    As he spoke, He Caitou dragged Huo Yuhao out and forcefully ran him away.

    Huo Yuhao was slightly annoyed, but he couldn't bear to reject He Caitou's good intentions. He naturally believed that his second senior wouldn't harm him. However, he wasn't in any sort of mood to receive any surprise.

    He didn't reckon that there would be any surprises for him, apart from achieving a breakthrough in his cultivation. This was the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, not Shrek Academy.

    Very soon, Huo Yuhao was dragged to a vast field by He Caitou.

    "Second senior, you don't have to drag me. I'll follow you." Huo Yuhao had no choice but to compromise.

    He Caitou stopped and looked at him with a weird expression. He said, "Don't force it, either. I think it's better if you don't go. If you regret it, don't blame me." As he spoke, he released Huo Yuhao's hand and turned away.

    Huo Yuhao quickly rushed over and tried to placate him, "Second senior, don't be angry! I'll follow you. You're right, I should change my brain. Otherwise, it'll become a formation array."

    He Caitou laughed and replied, "Rascal, do you think I'm angry with you? I just find it regretful for someone else."

    Just as they were conversing, they bumped into two familiar faces.

    "Aiyo, what are the two of you doing?" a middle-aged and harmless-looking Jing Ziyan asked as she smiled at Huo Yuhao and He Caitou. Ji Juechen was beside her.

    Huo Yuhao's facial expression was a little stiff as he saw the both of them. He glanced at He Caitou and seemed to be asking him something. Second senior, surely this isn't the surprise you have for me?

    If there was someone that Huo Yuhao feared the most in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, it wasn't Jing Hongchen, but the two of them.

    Ever since Huo Yuhao awoke from his deep meditation, he was targeted by Ji Juechen and Jing Ziyan, who were indignant after losing to him. The two of them were always together. When they had nothing to do, they would come and approach Huo Yuhao to spar.

    It was fine if it happened only once or twice. However, they went overboard. How could Huo Yuhao not be vexed? Neither of them cared about where they were. There were a few occasions when they disrupted him just as he had some inspiration on figuring out how to create formation arrays.

    On one occasion, Huo Yuhao had used the Sovereign's Descent a little too strongly, as he was enraged. He gave Ji Juechen and Jing Ziyan a good whacking, as they didn't use any other soul skills or tap into their soul power to repress him.

    After that incident, the two of them stopped for a few days. However, they returned not long after. Ji Juechen even told Huo Yuhao that his understanding of sword intent became deeper after he was whacked by him!
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