Chapter 226.3: Dazzling Golden True Body (Teaser)

    Wu Ming was initially astonished as she listened to Wang Yan's analysis, but this quickly transformed into admiration and respect. She had felt that it wasn't worth it when Han Ruoruo walked away with Wang Yan that day. Wang Yan was a teacher, but he only had six rings, and he was more than forty years old. It was hard to say whether he could become a Titled Douluo in his lifetime. In contrast, Han Ruoruo had already become a powerful Soul Douluo at the age of a little more than thirty, so she was bound to become a Titled Douluo in the future. There was an immense distance between their power and potential.

    But she had to admit that Wang Yan's observation skills, his perception of people, and his ability to judge abilities were exceptional as she continued listening to his analysis. He was almost able to describe her exact mentality and thoughts.

    Wang Yan turned towards Shrek's Seven Monsters after he was done with the three of them. "You guys did alright just now, and your teamwork was a lot better in comparison. However, there were many problems as well. Bei Bei, Sanshi, have you guys tried your best?"

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