Chapter 55 – Zero Library Delicacy #1

    Zero Library Delicacy #1

    'A book from the Zero Library?' Kurt III and Blundell's expression changed at the same time.

    Of course, they knew how valuable the books from the Zero Library were to magicians. The books could raise the person's learning ability or even give a magical protection. These were treasures which even Superior magicians found difficult to borrow.

    However, were the treasures amazing enough when the person could get any wish they wanted?

    Kurt III understood Theodore's words first and opened his mouth, "A book from the Zero Library... It isn't difficult to rent, but it seems like you are asking for something else."

    "Yes, that's right."

    "Do you want ownership of the book?"

    Like this, the context was right. Obtaining ownership of one book from the Zero Library was worthy of a wish, even if it wasn't a national treasure.

    Those who understood the meaning of Theo's wish showed different responses. Blundell made a perplexed expression as he fidgeted with his beard, while Veronica squinted at Theo with interested eyes. Whereas Sylvia wriggled uncomfortably, and Vince nodded knowingly as he was the only one who understood the situation fully.

    As the owner of Gluttony, Theodore could transform reading the book directly into proficiency, so it was hard to find a better reward. If he obtained a book from the Zero Library, then he could learn an ability like Alfred's Magic Bullet and the ancient elemental.

    Kurt III worried for a moment but made a decision within minutes. "...Okay."

    Fortunately, his answer was positive. Kurt III looked down at Theo with a serious expression. "I will give you a book from the Zero Library. However, if you ever fail to properly fulfill your obligations, then you, Theodore Miller, will return the book to the Zero Library."

    "Thank you for Your Majesty's generosity."

    The king spoke in a roundabout manner, but he was basically just giving it to Theo. The obligation to pass on the accumulated knowledge to later generations was a matter of course for any magician, and the book could be retrieved after his death.

    In any case, Kurt III determined that Theodore's achievement deserved such a reward.


    "Yes? Why did you call me Your Majesty?" The Red Tower Master asked from where she occupied one of the armchairs.

    "I want you to accompany Theodore Miller and assist in the screening of the books from the Zero Library. And you should be aware of this, but you can't take anything out from it."

    "Well... okay! It has been a long time since I've smelled a book."

    "Then that will be all." Kurt looked around before raising his body.

    As he stood up, the people in the room naturally bent their knees. Blundell and Veronica were the only ones still standing. The two tower masters simply bowed their heads as goodbye to the master of Meltor.

    "Thank you once again for your merits. I hope that you enjoy your duties and responsibilities for the Meltor Kingdom in the future. I can't believe that it has been a fortnight, and I've already seen your faces twice."

    At the unexpected words, Theodore and Sylvia shouted in unison, "As Your Majesty commands!"

    Finally, their second encounter with the king came to an end.


    "Now, shall we go to the Zero Library?" Veronica clung to Theo again as Kurt left.

    Veronica might be powerful, but her distinctive scent and soft touch were dangerous to Theo's senses. Sylvia had left with Blundell. So, it was fortunate that Vince was accompanying Theo.

    "Tower Master, Theo is uncomfortable."

    "Huh? Is that so?"

    As Theo met Veronica's golden eyes, he couldn't help stammering, "A-A bit..."

    "Ah, that reminds me, I emit a lot of heat. I don't feel it, so I forget sometimes. I've been doing it since I was born." She pulled away the arm which was around Theo's neck.

    As soon as the contact surface was reduced, Theo's hot body immediately became cold again. That said, this heat wasn't due to her magical accomplishment but had been present since birth?

    "Well, people already know this story." Veronica noticed his curiosity and said cheerfully, "I have the blood of a red dragon."

    She spoke casually like she was just revealing she had soup with white bread for breakfast. Theo unconsciously stopped walking, but Vince already knew the story and walked on with a blasé face.

    As Theo regained his spirit and quickly caught up with her, Veronica shrugged it off. "It isn't such a great thing. It isn't even half but a quarter. I just live a little longer than ordinary people, and my hair and eyes are vivid."

    Nevertheless, Veronica had inherited the blood of the dragon which was considered the toughest species on this earth, so she could never be ordinary. The limitless magic power and the sensitivity capable of dominating nature wasn't a realm which could be touched by humans. Her lineage must have contributed to the fact that she had reached Blundell's level at a younger age.

    Veronica brushed back her hair and muttered, "I can push down consciously to reduce the heat... but it is hard to walk around normally. I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable. I was too insensitive."

    "It's okay." Maybe it was due to her embarrassed expression but Theo answered reflexively, "It was just a little warmer."

    To be honest, it was pretty hot, but he wasn't an idiot who couldn't figure out the atmosphere. It was likely she must've only had idiots around her.

    "...You have a good mouth for a kid." Veronica tried to look casual, but her stride widened in response. Indeed, her reactions were really honest. It was a different feeling from the cute Sylvia. Their arrival at the destination was 10 minutes earlier than expected because Theodore and Vince had to hurry to catch up with Veronica's lengthened stride.

    The door of the Zero Library was impressive in many ways. When Theo saw the door carved from opaque ice, he muttered, "No, that is adamantium alloy."

    While he muttered in a soft voice, Veronica banged on the door several times.

    Kwang! The blows were powerful enough to cause a loud sound, but the door didn't move. Rather, her white fist became red as it bounced from the impact.

    Veronica went on to explain, "If I want to destroy it, I need to use a full day to gather all my strength. It's the same for a sword master. This place is equal to the secret warehouse of the royal palace. It is impossible to pass through with space movement because this wall surrounds the entire room."

    There still wasn't a consensus on what the best metal was, but it was clear what the strongest metal was; Adamantium was the king of metals. Once refined, it was a metal which would block all physical and magical attacks. It couldn't be used to make a weapon like a sword, but it was absolutely effective as a wall that protected something.

    Veronica turned to Vince before opening the door of the Zero Library. "Vince, you wait here. I'm sorry, but you aren't eligible to enter this library. Theodore was the only one who received permission from His Majesty."

    "Of course. Go ahead."

    As Vince stepped away from Theodore, Veronica stretched out her hand toward the door.

    Huuuuuuong! As soon as her palm touched the surface, a powerful wave of magic power spread everywhere.

    The scale of the magic was at least that of a 6th Circle magician. It might even have reached the 7th Circle. This meant that the keyhole wouldn't appear if a person didn't have this much magic power!

    Veronica charged the magic power at once and placed the key which she'd pulled out into the center of the magic circle on the door.

    Simultaneously, the two people suddenly disappeared.


    Flash! Veronica and Theodore disappeared with a brilliant light and appeared inside. The space movement magic was triggered through the temporarily opened gap and accepted the two people. It was a short distance, so he wasn't affected like last time.

    Theo immediately looked around. 'This... it is the Zero Library?'

    It was a space which was lacking realism. The room was bright despite being a fully enclosed space. This was due to the light tool on the ceiling. The light magic functioned semi-permanently, and books were kept in glass boxes.

    There were sometimes empty glasses boxes, and Veronica explained these to him, "People borrowed or lost these books. The boxes are left in the hope they will return one day. However, I have yet to see a book returned to the Zero Library."

    "How do they get lost?"

    "Let's see...? All the lost ones so far has been when someone died and the book was stolen. How can we punish a dead person?"

    Indeed, there was no magician who would neglect a book from the Zero Library. It was more realistic for the book to be stolen than for it to be lost through the carelessness of the owner.

    Theodore was convinced by the answer and started to look at the books surrounding him without saying anything more. The glass boxes were opened without the need for a separate procedure.


    A reddish book giving off magic power attracted his interest.

    [Hell Fire]

    [This book contains the method to summon a flame which exists in the Demon World, a flame which burns all matter. Once called, the flames of hell can't be turned off in a normal method but only when the user's power is exhausted or his life force is cut off. This is magic that is difficult to heal. The author of this book has hidden their refinement method.

    * The rating of this magic book is 'Treasure.'

    * Acquisition Conditions: 7 circles, affinity for fire magic is required.

    * When consumed, 'Hell Fire' will be learned.

    * When consumed, your ability in fire magic will increase greatly.

    * This is the original copy which was written directly by the author. There is a very low probability of absorbing some of the author's proficiency.]

    It was the 7th Circle Magic, Hell Fire! Apart from the Red Tower Master, it was one of the highest ranked magic which no one could handle freely. Even a sword master would be suicidal if they moved into the path of that magic.

    The power of Hell Fire was famous for burning down any aura which tried to defend against it.

    However, Theo saw the conditions to acquire it and returned the book to its place without making a fuss. It would take a few years or even decades to reach the 7th Circle.

    The discovery of a 'Treasure' ranked book at the start had excited him, but that feeling didn't last long.

    Theodore looked at the books around him with bitterness and complained inwardly, 'This book is too sophisticated, and the condition to acquire this one... I need to gouge out one eyeball? There is magic for a one-eyed person? Is it similar to the magic that can only be learned if the person is a female or if they are bald?'

    As the level of the books went up, the conditions to eat them seemed to get harder. He needed to be of the 6th or 7th Circle to eat some books. He didn't even consider the ones which demanded a loss or impairment of the body.

    Since normally only Prime magicians entered this place, there were few magic spells which could be mastered by Theo, who was a 5th Circle magician. However, at this moment...

    "Eh...?" A leather cover with a gold leaf on it caught Theo's attention.

    His sensory perception tickled his neck. The instinctive desire to grab that book caused Theo to stretch out his hand.


    The information from Appraisal stretched out in front of him.

    [Battle Song]

    [This book contains various ways to strengthen your body in order to fight in close combat. As it was designed by a child from a high ranking family who couldn't use aura, Battle Song greatly strengthens the body using magic power. The efficiency is superior to any secondary magic, so it is difficult to find an analogy. However, there is one drawback to using this magic.

    * The rating of this magic book is 'Treasure.'

    * Acquisition Conditions: At least the 5th Circle.

    * When consumed, 'Battle Song' will be learned.

    * When consumed, your ability in close combat is greatly enhanced.

    * This is the original copy which was directly written by the author. When consumed, some of the author's abilities will be handed down according to your fitness level.]
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