Chapter 160 – Delicacy from the East (1)

    Chapter 160 - Delicacy from the East (1)

    The so-called shamanism was an eastern magic which could be called a subspecies and variant of the magic that had developed independently on the continent. Unlike the publicly known magicians, shamans rarely showed their appearance and were called the shadows of the civilized world.

    For that reason, it had a mysterious image. However, Theodore knew of its essence.

    'It is only an average ability.'

    The data was scarce compared to other systems, but there were countless records in Meltor of magicians who studied shamanism.

    Someone had said, 'It isn't magic or aura.'

    Someone else had said, 'It is neither one nor the other.'

    Someone else had also said, 'It's a mutation of primitive magic.'

    Theodore Miller, a magician of later generations, shared those assessments.

    "Young Master Baek, I heard that shamans build magic in the three dantians, rather than the heart like magicians.  Is that right?"

    "Yes, it is called the three-way loop."

    Theodore groaned at the cool answer. 'Urgh, only the name sounds good...'

    He knew the basic theories of shamanism, but what he heard from Baek Dongil was more shocking than that.

    Shamanism was different from the western magic which had perfected the system of circles a long time ago. The three-way loop was nothing more than a modification of the aura method, which was the foundation of the eastern continent.

    In other words, they had been putting together the wrong puzzle pieces from the very beginning. It was obvious that the efficiency of magic was bad when the training method was meant for aura users. As a comparison, it was like using a sword instead of a shovel to dig up the earth.

    Additionally, the shamans acted independently in the shadows without appearing in society, so there was no one who could find out and share their error. They never knew they were going in the wrong direction.

    Theodore had a sudden thought and asked Baek Jongmyung, "Master Baek, how are shamans received in the east? Not in the eyes of ordinary people, but from the viewpoint of warriors."

    Baek Jongmyung frowned while a thick cloud of darkness appeared on Baek Dongil's face. Theo could guess just by looking at their expressions. Unsurprisingly, Baek Jongmyung coughed and shook his head. "Uhh, I can't say that they are very good."

    "As I expected."

    In retrospect, it was a question which Theo didn't even need to ask. Magic was something which explored the truth of the natural world, not something which people trained within themselves. However, shamans practiced magic in the form of martial arts. The possibilities of humans who could live for 100 years was finite, so it was inefficient to chase after both.

    It was no wonder that in the east, the position of those with magic was falling.

    "Excuse me, I can't help but ask."

    Rather, Theodore couldn't understand why Baek Dongil learned shamanism when he was the descendant of a famous warrior family.

    He had to wonder about the desperate situation which would cause Baek Dongil to ask to learn from a foreigner he didn't even have a proper relationship with. Moreover, why did Theodore see his past self in Baek Dongil?

    After seeing Theo's questioning, Baek Dongil raised his gaze with a determined expression. Then he revealed the wound that he had suffered for decades. "Sir, I can't learn aura with this body."

    Normally, people thought that magic was an ability which depended on talent. However, in actuality, there was no system which didn't depend on what people were born with.

    If one's muscle density and bone density weren't high, it was difficult to endure the pressure from aura. Additionally, the strength of the blood vessels which aura flowed through was a problem which couldn't be overcome. Moreover, there was also the issue of a person's talent in swordsmanship.

    Given the fact that Theodore, with his minimal magic sensitivity, had been able to reach the 2nd Circle, then aura could be called a wall of harsh talent. For some people, it was impossible for them to use it.

    "It is called pulmonary vasculitis."

    It was a constitution Baek Dongil had been born with, in which parts of his blood vessels were blocked. It wouldn't kill him, but it was a fatal flaw for someone who had been born as a descendant of a warrior.

    He had decided to go on the path of a shaman to get rid of the stigma, but it was hard to even find magic books, let alone a proper mentor. When Baek Dongil felt like he was swimming on the ground, a light shone in front of him.

    "Then one day, I was able to see a path."

    Seeing a magician whom his father praised...

    This person had a strength which allowed a magician to face a sword master. It was a youthful and dignified appearance from someone who was only a few years older than him. That had been the moment when his notion that a shaman could never surpass a warrior had shattered.

    Baek Dongil's heart beat wildly as he recalled the scene. He tried to regain his voice as he bowed to Theodore again.

    "Sir! I don't dare hope to become your disciple. Please give me one lesson!"

    "...I would also like to ask that of you." Baek Jongmyung walked next to his son and bowed respectfully. Baek Dongil looked at his father with puzzled eyes.

    However, Baek Jongmyung continued in a heartfelt voice, "He might be a foolish son, but he has a good head. It is fine while you stay in this country. In the name of the Baek Family, I will be sure to repay Sir Ted."


    A sword master, who was treated like a noble in any country, was bowing like this to Theodore.

    In the meantime, Baek Jongmyung had only been a strict father. Therefore, Baek Dongil's eyes couldn't help turning red. To Baek Jongmyung, Dongil was a precious child, so he couldn't help feeling sick at his pain.

    Theodore raised his hands like it couldn't be helped. "Phew... Please sit comfortably."

    Shortly after that, he looked at Baek Dongil and said, "Young Master Baek."


    "From now on, I will treat you as a magician and not a member of the Baek Family. Will you accept that?"

    Theodore's voice was firm, causing Baek Dongil to respond in a trembling voice, "S-Sir! Does this mean..."

    "It is too early to be pleased. There are many different parts between shamanism and magic. I will teach you a few things that you need to know."

    "I will do whatever you tell me!" Baek Dongil's eyes shone as he responded. Now, he thought he could be one of the pillars of the family, even if he couldn't use aura. Of course, such a pillar was useless to Theodore.

    "I want you to bring all the books about shamanism that you have collected so far. If you have anything related to shamanism in your luggage, bring it to my room. The sooner the better."

    "I understand, Sir!"

    "And one more thing," Theodore sighed like it was burdensome and decided to correct the title, "Stop calling me 'Sir.' I'm not used to it, and it is burdensome."

    "Yes, then what should I call you?"

    "Speak to me comfortably."

    Baek Dongil pondered for close to five minutes before the honorific emerged from his mouth, "Then what about Big Brother?"

    "...Why don't you think about it some more?" Theodore sighed as he once again realized the thick wall of different cultures.

    *     *     *

    That evening, a few wagons headed to the annex where Theodore was staying. They contained goods brought from the east. The wagons with an unusual appearance were filled with musty books, scrolls, and unknown objects. Theodore grinned at the sight.

    'Okay. Isn't this just as much as the materials piled up in the warehouses of the magic towers?'

    As expected from the Baek Family. They had once been a prestigious member of their country. The rich family had fallen, but they had tried to save as many things as possible.

    Even if more than half of these items were garbage, the other half would be sufficient profit. Most of the magic tower's books on shamanism were basic books or were interpreted from the view of a magician. There were no opportunities to touch original books about shamanism.

    "Brother, I've brought everything you told me to!" Baek Dongil dragged the last wagon and approached Theodore.

    Although Baek Dongil couldn't use aura, he was a descendant of a warrior, so he had trained his physical abilities. He had pulled the wagon quite a distance, but there was no rough breathing.

    Theodore nodded, smiling at Baek Dongil's puppy-like attitude which sought his praise. "Yes, well... Where should I start?"

    Thus far, it was okay. Theodore was nervous as he picked up a book from the wagon.

    It was an old-fashioned silk-bound book. The faded letters on the covers showed how much time had passed and how many hands it had passed through. First, after making sure that the contents could be read, Theodore took a deep breath.

    He concentrated on his left hand which was holding the book.


    Theodore looked to the front as he felt the tongue emerge from his palm. He waited for the usual information window while hoping that Gluttony's ability would work. His expectations were rewarded.

    [Nine Rulers Magic Book]

    [-This is a book about the spells recorded in the grimoire, 'Pobakja.' It explains the concept of nine laws. This law is a guideline which exerts its power by making nine types of markings, enhancing the power of shamanism, and exerting great power on the body. It is sometimes referred to as 'Hexagonal Stockpile,' and the efficacy can be different depending on the order in which it is made.

    * You have no understanding. (0%)

    * This magic book is rated 'Rare.'

    * When consumed, the proficiency of 'Nine Laws' will increase greatly.

    * It is an original book written by the author, but the soul has become weathered after many years. It can't be a target of Overwrite, and the fragment of the soul can be absorbed without 'Transmission.'


    Theodore couldn't suppress the exclamation. The magic book he'd picked up without any thought turned out to be an original book. It was also of the 'Rare' grade, which he had only been able to find a few over the past year. The author's soul was too weathered, but it was still a good profit.

    At that moment, a thunderbolt flashed through Theodore's mind.


    "Yes, Brother."

    "How are books reprinted on the continent? Apart from ordinary books... things like books on shamanism."

    Then Baek Dongil answered with a curious expression, "Reprinted?"


    "Isn't it usually the case that such books are kept hidden from others? It can't be helped if it is a desperate situation, but there is usually only one copy."

    Theodore reflexively covered his mouth as he got the answer he'd wanted.

    Duplication magic didn't exist in the eastern continent. Moreover, it was a closed structure where knowledge was only shared with one's disciple and blood relatives. Unlike the western continent where simple magic could be learned, the magic of the East was hidden.

    Perhaps all the books in these wagons were-

    "...Original books."

    After one year, there was the emergence of a variable which might knock down that thick wall.
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