Chapter 182 – Paracelsus’ Legacy (2)

    Chapter 182 - Paracelsus' Legacy (2)

    The laboratory of the great alchemist of the Age of Mythology, Paracelsus...!

    Theodore's eyes shook at the unexpected proposal. Traces of the Age of Mythology had been almost completely destroyed, except for some ruins. Some were concealed, while others had been damaged over time.

    In this age, there were only a few relics and ruins left intact. A number of magicians would risk their lives to find a laboratory of an alchemist from the Age of Mythology.

    'No, I don't know if the laboratory is still intact. The offer might be a trap.'

    Theodore took a step back and carefully asked Gluttony, 'Hey, Gluttony.'

    -What is it?

    'Judge whether the Yellow Tower Master's words are authentic or not. Paracelsus' laboratory... Is that possible?'

    -Um. Gluttony was silent for a minute before replying, -I can't be sure it exists, but it is possible. Paracelsus didn't settle in one place but traveled around researching. It wouldn't be strange if Paragranum, the grimoire he created, knew about the location of a laboratory. A laboratory made by Paracelsus might last a few thousand years.

    'Is it possible that Paragranum is lying?'

    -For a grimoire, the creator is like a god. It wouldn't bring up the name if it was intending to deceive you. However, what is Paragranum looking for in the laboratory?

    Theodore accepted Gluttony's words. What did Paragranum need in the laboratory? As the old saying went, the bear would play while the owner earned money.

    Additionally, there was a question of what Paragranum would do with the things found in the laboratory. Theodore had already had several encounters with grimoires previously. So, despite the fact that the Yellow Tower Master had contributed to Meltor for hundreds of years, Theodore was wary, well-aware of the dangers of a grimoire.

    That's why he hesitated. However, Paragranum opened her mouth first, "Are you wondering why I want to visit the laboratory?"

    "...Honestly, yes."

    "I know what you are concerned about, but there is no need for it. I just need the Emerald Tablet and a few materials that I can't acquire now."

    'The Emerald Tablet?'

    Before Theodore could ask what it was, Gluttony suddenly raised his voice, -Emerald Tablet?! It still exists?

    "I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to have it, Magic Eater. I need it until the purpose of my existence is achieved."

    -Are you going to waste that treasure on creating a human body? It is so foolish that there is no way to express it!

    "Aren't you a grimoire? What a thing to say."

    Either way, Theodore couldn't understand what was going on at all. He quietly listened to the argument between the two grimoires and carefully interrupted once the quarrel subsided a little bit.

    "So, what is the Emerald Tablet?"

    -I can't tell you at Stage 4.

    "Tch, then it must be something pretty great? Is it dangerous?"

    -It won't cause a lot of human fatalities. It isn't something meant for fighting in the first place.

    "Then it is fine," Theodore cut off the long story and turned toward Para, who was watching him and Gluttony with a strange expression. "What is included in the legacy that you will give me?"

    "Everything else," Paragranum responded immediately without any hesitation. "The golems, artifacts, magic scrolls... Ah, there is also something that Gluttony will enjoy."

    "What is it?"

    "Creator's original book, 'Fairy's Book'. It is useless for alchemy, but won't it be very useful for you who have contracted with an ancient elemental?"

    'An original book from the Age of Mythology!' For a moment, Theodore's eyes filled with greed, and he barely managed to suppress it.

    That said, it was a bit strange that an alchemist would write a book about 'fairies.' Perhaps the original book was written to be passed down to someone? However, that speculation was rejected by Gluttony.

    -User, Paracelsus was an exceptional alchemist, but he was also a rare elementalist. I think that his book will, at a minimum, go beyond the 'Precious' rating.

    'Perhaps even more than that?'

    -That's right. Maybe eating that book will release the 5th seal.

    The values were sufficient. From Gluttony's 5th seal to the bud on Mitra's head, several problems could be resolved at the same time with this request. Although it was hard right now, a grimoire didn't have the limitation of a lifespan, so it didn't feel 'impatience.' It would just fulfill the request as soon as possible.

    Then at that moment...

    'Ah, wait a minute.'

    One fact that Theodore had forgotten popped into his mind: the sand dragon, Desertio, dwelled in the heart of the Meuse Desert. At the epicenter of the drought affecting the Austen Kingdom, the ancient class dragon was waiting to die.

    Paragranum replied to Theodore's unspoken question, "Don't worry. The laboratory is located on the outskirts. Additionally, you are a master, so you can withstand the weathering, even at the center."

    -It is true. However, you can't stay for a long time.

    It was hard to accept even with the two grimoires agreeing, but Theodore finally nodded.

    There was no need to create discord with fussing. Instead, it was necessary to make this relationship as tight as possible. Moreover, this wasn't an absurd request. There was no need for Theodore to feel uncomfortable since the promised price was reasonable.

    Paragranum cheered after writing two contracts, "Good, then should I give you a prepayment?"


    "Just wait a minute!"

    Was the grimoire affected by its girlish appearance? Para cheerfully reached into a chest of drawers, pulling out a dagger and a strangely colored crystal.

    Then she returned to Theodore and held out the two items. While gazing at him with her red eyes, she said, "Don't you have the appraisal ability? Pick one of these items. The other one will be given after the task is done."

    "What is this?"

    "SInce I am the tower master, I can't just speak with words. Take it."

    Theodore couldn't refuse.

    'Just one time...'

    He stretched out a hand, and Gluttony responded by pushing out its tongue. The items were a dagger made of a mysterious material and a crystal which shone with unknown colors. Almost simultaneously, two information windows popped up.

    [+20 Azoth Sword (Magic Tool)]

    [-A dagger that the great alchemist, Paracelsus, always carried around with him. The blade is of an unknown origin, with A Z O T H written on it. It symbolizes the beginning and the end. There is an empty place for a philosopher's stone to be mounted. In its complete form, Azoth forms the shape of a long sword, not a dagger. In that state, even a demon would submit to the power of the Azoth Sword.

    * The rating of this magic tool is 'Treasure'.

    -Once the philosopher's stone is installed, it will be promoted to 'Legend.'

    * When used, all alchemy processes can be omitted.

    * (Can't be grasped with the 4th stage Appraisal ability.)

    * (Can't be grasped with the 4th stage Appraisal ability.)

    * Can't be destroyed by any means in the material world. Can't be consumed with the 4th stage predation ability.]

    [+? Foolish Philosopher's Stone (Catalyst)]

    [-This catalyst was created from records and is a near-perfect imitation of the 'Philosopher's Stone' from the Age of Mythology. It has the same shape and effect as the Philosopher's Stone, but unlike the stone which boasts a semi-permanent durability, this one is close to a consumable material. It is a catalyst which can convert all materials to a different material, depending on the standards. It is a treasure which Paragranum has completed after decades of trial and error.

    * The rating of this catalyst is 'Treasure'.

    * When consumed, a large amount of magic power will be absorbed.

    * When used, you can make the material that you want.]

    "Wow..." Theodore's mouth dropped open when he saw the dazzling information windows.

    'A legendary artifact could emerge?' He couldn't directly use the god-sword which Hyde had carried around, but it would be completely different if it was the tool used by Paracelsus.

    The 4th stage Gluttony couldn't figure out half of the dagger's functions, but once the Philosopher's Stone was mounted on it, even a demon would submit. Demons were a species that once ruled this material world. They were transcendent beings, and the dagger called Azoth was a treasure which could make them submit.

    Yet Theodore was going to be given this treasure as prepayment...?

    The Yellow Tower Master giggled at Theodore's baffled expression. "It isn't something that is really useful to me, but it is a great motivation for you."

    "...One of the two, yes."

    "I see?" A playful smile appeared on her face.

    Theodore smiled wryly at Paragranum's scheming.

    The true value of the treasures could only be revealed when both the Azoth Sword and the Philosopher's Stone were joined together. Of course, the Philosopher's Stone could transform a material into any other material, but it wasn't something that would appeal to Theodore, who had low skills in alchemy.

    It was a blatant but effective scheme. Theodore impatiently held out his hand toward the dagger which Para was holding. Between the Philosopher's Stone and the Azoth Sword, Theodore's choice was right.

    "The Azoth Sword first."


    As if she had been expecting it, the Yellow Tower Master handed the Azoth Sword over to Theodore, while the Philosopher's Stone was returned to the drawer. Then the Yellow Tower Master spoke to Theodore, "Okay, our deal has been established. Now, it is my turn to do what Kurt asked."


    "Why do you look so stupid? You should've heard that I would give you a reward."

    "Ah." Theodore regained his sense of reality and nodded.

    'Then the Yellow Tower Master will guide you.'

    It had been a while ago when Theodore had found out he was the captain of 'Quattro' and introduced to the members. In fact, it was hard for him to return to reality after talking about an alchemist from the Age of Mythology.

    Theodore was reminded that the girl before him was the Yellow Tower Master, and he once again felt nervous.

    Regardless of whether she knew his feelings or not, Para continued talking, "What do you want? You can take a book from the Zero Library or a royal treasure. You can choose what you want."

    "Umm..." Theodore struggled for a bit before asking, "Not a national treasure?"

    "You can, but I wouldn't recommend it. Your body already has several large powers coexisting. They seem stable right now, but it would be dangerous if more power is added."

    Indeed, Theodore was convinced. If he hadn't accidentally got his hands on Artificial Yin and Yang from the 'Art of Onmyōdō', the two powers might've exploded one day.

    'Ring of Muspelheim,' 'Aquilo's Blood Mark', 'Umbra'... Additionally, Theodore had the ability to summon an elemental. Increasing his powers might be good in the short term, but it might have an adverse effect on creating his Sorcery.

    It was literally just like the saying, 'too much is as bad as not enough.' Too many treasures would be difficult for Theodore to digest.

    For a moment, he worried about choosing a national treasure, then he made a decision.

    "Let's go to the Zero Library."
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